Rumored BlackBerry Z10 pricing emerges

BlackBerry Z10
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jan 2013 10:24 am EST

No better way to start a week than with a fresh set of BlackBerry 10 images and rumors! BGR put live a whack load of screen caps this morning which are reported to come via the gold candidate build of the BlackBerry 10 software that will be on the Z10 at launch. Nothing too new to be seen in there -- from our previous walk-throughs and leaks it's all pretty much been covered.

More interesting to me though was the rumored pricing of the BlackBerry Z10 that was suggested in the post. BGR is hearing that the BlackBerry Z10 will hit the market below the standard $199 / 2 year contract pricing that most flagship phones bear at launch. His thinking is $149 or maybe even less at launch.

With the BlackBery 10 launch event now less than 10 days away, we won't have to wait long to find out what the deal is here. I think for much of CrackBerry Nation the price doesn't even matter. We've been waiting so long for BlackBerry 10 that we'll be buying it regardless of price. That said, an aggressive price point would definitely be good for getting the Z10 into as many hands as possible, which is something we'd love to see!


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Rumored BlackBerry Z10 pricing emerges


I already reserved I dont care how much it costs. I live in Kitchener, love the phone and RIM contributions to the city. We need to support them.

Mike k

They need to keep the market share up, and they understand that the price point will be a big thing among consumers. The new CEO understands that not a lot of profit will be made on these phones above the cost to produce. That the trust, integrity, and ability to perform is more important, among consumers, and even among the corporate users. Some that have left, and others that were about to.

the device companies (RIM, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, etc) sell the phone hardware at a fixed cost to the carrier (Telus, Verizon, etc.). This cost is translated by the carrier to their own selling cost and price plan. The hardware companies to not just give the phone to the carrier for free.

for example: Apple sells the phone to the carrier for about $600. Those costs are absorbed by the carrier and then recovered by the flat rate + pricing plan. It takes most Canadian carriers 23(!) months to break even on the iPhone5 when offered at $150 plus a basic $50 package to the customer. But if Apple offered the iPhone at a lower cost (lets say $200) to the carrier, then the cost is more easily recoverable, therefore lower priced to the customer.

RIM will have plenty of say in the matter of costing to the companies that carry their devices, and will likely go in the $500-600 range in order to have similar or lower pricing plans to the iPhone.

If you want the new BB10 model with no contract, you can expect to pay at least $500.

Why sell them unlocked, when it costs $10 to get unlocked. Blackberry's in the past were always very easy to unlock, unlike other phones which have specific firmwares, and specific ways of booting the phone just to keep the unlock. I'd rather buy it carrier specific and have all the features of my provider, or unlock another's when I need it oversea's

If RIM don't sell them unlocked, you'd have to commit to a 2-3 year contract, in some cases pay an upgrade fee, or drop your current plan and get a new one (but you'd have to pay penalties and you credit score goes down..), etc. To avoid all these, RIM has to sell them unlocked.. That's my opinion at least

Your credit score goes down? Thats the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Your credit score is only affected by not paying your bills and being sent to collections.

I know this is a bit old but i just stumbled on it....

Your credit score is ALSO affected by canceling credit cards, having too many inquiries in a given month, aaand simply not USING your credit card as well... Changing phone plans will not affect your credit least not in the U.S. anyway.

1. RIM doesn't sell unlocked phones. The CARRIERS do.
2. The credit score thing IS HOGWASH!! Stop spreading BS.

I'd say because most of the cell phone consumers are not so smart, and they will go buy an unlocked phone for 200 even though like you said, you could get a phone unlocked for 10 bucks.

Agreed. I'm in Hamilton but I still want to support RIM and love the direction BB10 is taking them. I'm only partway through my 3 year with Rogers so I probably won't resign so I would love to see it under $600 but at this point I don't care. I want the phone, they want the support :D lets make it happen! haha

+10.. I don't live in Kitchener, but not far away.. We need our Canadian Tech companies to stay strong if we don't want to be left behind..

I was also happy to see what appears to be a samba sharing feature like on the playbook! Such a great feature to have baked in. Even better would be for an smb client to be baked in as well.

Ive seen the universal search B4 in a leak, haven’t seen the DLNA settings though. Not that everyone didn’t know that DLNA was coming. That’s been known since like May.

I haven't reserved either, but feel the same way you do. I will support the underdog here and buy as soon as I can. Don't care what it costs. Gotta support the Canadian company that saved my bacon many times in the past. Also love to see Canadians making a comeback. Competition is good for the consumer.

I feel the same way and have out my iPhone 5 up for sale, as iOS will be down one user and blackberry 10 with will +another one. Cost doesn't matter I will support canadian innovation.

I think this price point is good. Get it in the hands of the people and let them show others what BB10 is all about!


This isn't really RIM' Premium Device, that is yet to come. But IF the Z10 is priced at $199 on contract, it will be right up there with the iPhone5 and the SIII. Both are proven and are known devices with ecosystems to support them.

I know that FANS here will PAY whatever, and that any Business and Government's that are planning on going ahead adopting BB10 will pay.

But the average consumer.... not sure that they will. And THEY are the ones that RIM has GOT to win over in order to increase marketshare.

But there is sell price, and then there are the incentive that RIM or the Carriers could do to lower that sell price.

why are you talking about 199 when the article clearly says the rumour is sub 199 so most likely 149?

either way its arumour at this point, so not worth getting that wound up about it.

"This isn't really RIM' Premium Device, that is yet to come... the Z10... will be right up there with the iPhone5 and the SIII."

Damn, that's scary - the best device on the market not even being the one to lead the pack of planned BB 10 devices, is just insane. In this case, overkill is OK, so long as BlackBerry can secure the crucial patents of the fruits of their in-house innovation, so that others aren't free to just copy it and threaten us in the future. I see a triumvirate brewing, and at the very least, I know that Apple and BlackBerry can/are produce.

The X10 and Z10 are designed to lure existing customers, and the other four ?10s are designed to gouge Apple/Google of their otherwise devoted customers.


Where I am the SG3 is always $99 and deals on the iphone 5 for $99 are popping up everyday. I know that these are old devices now but RIM need to price the z10 competitively with those phones. Since thats its main competition.

I wonder what that will make the full retail then?! I have NO desire to be on contract ever again after this. No real incentive to stay on one. This is very good news and smart moves on behalf of RIM's marketing department if these numbers end up right! GO RIMPIRE!

$799 was a value Bell placed on the prize to avoid being caught in a legit gambling web (Canadian regulations claim that a value must be provided as well as a skill testing question that takes the bind away from gambling laws). This value isn't reflective of sales. Carriers will have come to an agreement with RIM on price setting with and without contract. If the pricing is $149-$199/ 2 years we could expect outright sales pricing to be ~$549. ~$149-$199 is based on US, not Canada btw. $299/ 2 years sounds ideal where $199 / 3 years makes sense (in Canada).

$699-799 is a reasonable range for pricing, since the i5 goes for that depending on model (no contract/canada)

Price does not matter to me... I'll be going on contract with mine, but I have a funny feeling the price points outright will be $550-650CAD

I wonder if this is any indication of the cost to the carrier being lower than the others? I won't have an upgrade but if the outright pricing is as aggressive as the above is, I would consider going to the Z at launch. 6 or 700 I would wait on my upgrade but if the phone was 450-500 I might consider just buying it outright. Don't think that would happen considering where RIM are financially and that they will need to reverse hardware momentum, but it would be sweet if it happened and would allow me to be in an AT&T store at launch for the 5 straight time.

"a few photos of the final gold master version of the operating system running on a BlackBerry Z10 handset."

So did I miss where they actually say or show what that "gold master version" number actually is??

I don't care about the price either. I am buying 2 blackberry. My wife still using the Torch 9800 and Z10 will be awesome for valentine.

I really hope that this price point is right, I have been saving my upgrade for BB10 for about 8 months. I will get the phone regardless of the cost, but more money in my pocket means I can get more sweet accessories!

Seems silly but where can i find the stock price right now. Everywhere i am looking it still says 15.84...
Thanks !

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

Ok but the stock is not the same as the stock ?

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

And remember, today is a US Holiday, Martin Luther King Day, so the US stock market is closed today, that's why it's not updating the price. I see that now.

that's what i tought , but now is my question : if is rising with 8 procent today , does this has something to do with the us stock also?

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

Generally speaking, yes, they go up and down together. Usually a variance of a few points either way. But generally around the same price for stocks

When the NASDAQ opens tomorrow, the price for RIMM should match the price for RIM, accounting for currency exchange. If the price on one exchange does not match the price on the other, then the potential for traders to earn arbitrage profits simply by buying on the cheaper exchange and selling on the expensive exchange.

Given the ability of computers to constantly monitor for these differences and to make near-instantaneous trades, these differentials do not exist for very long!

Also big thx ! I do own shares. So i was curious if i may expect this stock rise on my shares to !
I'll keep in mind ! Thx for the efford

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

Same stock, different stock exchange. The prices all equalize, based on US Fund conversion.

all i see in my eyes are these things $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

Bloomberg is reporting the stock price spiked after Heins made a comment in Germany that RIM will consider selling its hardware division.

The story does not say when the comment was made so it is not clear if this something new or a rehash of the comments made a few months back that was brought up today.

I also tought they mentioned this a while ago . But then bb was in the dark zone ... So maybe right now , just repeating this gives our shares a nice push.
When things go well , it goes by nothing and its all fine.
When things go bad , they don't see the good...

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

They do not say they will. But they will look at the option after bb10 launch

Blackberry by choice , bold 9900 & BB playbook

This possible news and the stock price sky rocketing on the TSE has made my day thus far especially as its a holiday here in the US

I'm not so sure about that. Maybe $149 on a 3-year contract in Canada but can't see it at $149 on a 2-year contract, even in the US.

I'm sure it'll be between $149-$199 in the US. Especially on Sprint. The Bold 9930 is $199 on a 2-year contract with Sprint. Other places like Best Buy may even have them for less. I'm hoping Best Buy has them for $99-$159 like they usually do. :D

My contract's up for renewal in August. It would be great to know the outright price sans would also help their numbers if they partner with carriers to offer an early upgrade option...that would help convert quite a few people....

I've read somewhere, and I think Thor said it, that carriers have agreed to "volume commitments". Perhaps RIM and carriers worked out the contract price to $99 so the phone could be sold in the volumes?

I looked through all of the screen shots and am disappointed that Sarah Symonds' contact info is not pre-programmed into the phone. I was hoping to video chat with her! All this false advertising leading up to the launch! lol

My regret tracker...I should have purchased stock back in Sept when it was just under $7/share when the article came out stating that was likely the best time to buy. On the other hand, I see this definitely blowing past the $18.50 peak some "genius analyst" wrote online today. Still a good time to BUY BUY BUY.

I will be buying either way, but if those prices are even close I will be picking up some pretty sweet cases.

I am lining up my finances: First born child listed on Ebay, check. House already sold, check. Trading car for bike, check. Whatever it takes ...

The Z10 priced at $149 seems a bit low given benchmark pricing of comparable devices. Makes me wonder if this is the flagship touchscreen device from RIM. I usually go for their flagship, one exception being my 9850 so if the Z10 is not their flagship I will wait on their later releases.

Its obviously going to be their flagship phone.... why for the most important launch of the existence of RIM would they not introduce their flagship!

I don't think the Z10 is going to be top of the line and that you'll see a higher priced model in Q3. Depends how long you want to wait.

Personally I think that $149 might be just right though. $50 cheaper then comparable Android phone and the iPhone might be enough incentive for people to give it a shot over the more mature ecosystems.

I wouldn't want to see it launch any lower or drop any lower within the first 3 months on the market as the device still has to be considered a high end aspirational device and if the price drops fast every media outlet in the USA will immediately write 10 speculative stories that it's not selling and RIM is doomed.

I hope it commands a decent price and holds it.

I heard the Aristo would be a Q4 device, November in fact. I believe that the Z10 is the current flagship.

This whole "flagship" deal may very well be a thing of the past. If I was product manager at RIM I would make every device as good or as better then the last. That goes for qwerty, slider, 5" phablet, and whatever else they come up with. Only acception being a low end curve style device always available for that portion of the market

I'm reworking the budget to buy one possibly 2 of these (if I can convince my bride to finally ditch Android). I have a lingering question that even Crackberry has ignored for months now: Will I be able to bridge my phone and my playbook? I bought my wife a playbook for Christmas, and bridge functionality would probably seal the deal for her switch to BB10.

So I ask you, Crackberry, why the silence on this issue?

YES, it has been mentioned a few times. BB10 phones and The PlayBook will play nice like the current ones do now.

I don't care how much it cost. If I have to sell every gadget that I have (iphone 5 lumia 920, ipad, pre 3, etc) i will sell them all and just end up with this device in all its excellence and glory.

:( I wish I can get it when it's launched,but I don't think the full price here where I live will be under $500. That's a five million rupiah lol. Oh well I'll get it anyway, after few months or more XD

Z10 x 2

Price point for me doesn't matter since I have been “saving” for the last 1 ½ years. :)

So this should mean a retail price of between $449 (Lumia) to $499. Perfect as I'm getting off contract. I think that given what we know about the phone specs and RIM needing to rebuild US market and mind share that this is a great price point to be in.

As long as the stock keep going up, I got no problem getting a phone at whatever price. Heck! I might even able to afford one of those white Porche phone and spend $200 on a use less app. LOL!

Price is NOT a factor, no matter the cost, I've gotta have one. I just hope the growing pains are not as extreme as with the PlayBook, but the end (almost) result was indeed worth it

If this pricing is correct, then it is great news. People will be buying the Z10 outright and screw the contract nonsense. It is a brilliant move by RIM. Put a premium device into the hands of many at a moderate price. As noted in a previous post, RIM can pull this off because BB10 is so efficiently designed from a software perspective. You don't need a 8 core beast of a phone when you can design software to efficiently use a 2 core processor. Whamoo, huge hardware savings that can be passed onto the consumer. You can bet Android is sweating bullets at the moment because they will, over the long term, have trouble competing at all price ranges. As to Apple, its a different kettle of fish but I would say at a minimum, their prices are going to drop substantially. Say good bye to those price margins. Make it true RIM.

I totally agree. If pricing is correct for mass distribution and competitive marketing RIM will have the market and stay profitable. Go RIM. Rock the world!!!!

Just wondering are the price for Canadian or US carriers?
In Canada you would never get a 2 yr contract for $199 or even $149.
Rogers doesn't give phones away.

I think it's funny that BGR will only get half the hits and a quarter the comments from this "Exclusive" post. Currently CB has over 50 something posts and BGR has 11.. lol

BGR's Facebook Forum plugin does not count responses as new comments. It only count top-level comments.

I will buy irrespective of what RIM prices it in india. Even if its priced at 1000 USD i will buy for the sake of my love towards blackberry !!!! I wish them very best of Good Luck !!!! RIM will definitely shine.

What about the UK? By the looks of these comments I think we have slightly different contracts here.

A last gasp at a quickly dying platform. The phone isn't bad (though the hardware is behind Android in several areas) but it is 10 to midnight on the death watch.

I will always have fond memories of what they were and regrets on what they could have been.

I believe an android is an evil robot designed by the American Googlenians then practically taken over by Korean agents that abduct Iphones and re use their DNA in the androids :O

First of all, before you troll at least have the courtesy to do your homework.
This isn't a quickly dying platform. There are millions upon millions that use BlackBerry globally and RIM has done the job right under the right care. Hardware is nothing unless you have software that has been tailored to it which is the case with BlackBerry 10. Unlike Android, the clumsy OS doesn't properly manage its quad cores nor does it take full advantage of its high capacity battery mAh's. Time to change that sauce on your pizza, dude your brain is mush if you can't see the potential that exist.

Can't cure stupid. You're proof. Your mental defect makes retarded people normal (no offense to the mentally challenged). Get a life moron.

Get a life and go back home to your basement, ignorance and poo sticking to your butt really smells up the place.

That was my question also does any have some sort of an idea of what UK prices will be not sure whether to do an early upgrade or purchase handset outright?!

cougar boost ? your growling drink intrigues me !

Can't find anything from my carrier "Videotron" about the new BB10 phones!!! I'm calling them today and if they have no info then I'll be jumping ship! I'm in my 3rd year of my contracts but I'll just have to buy out what's left. My Cure 3G has served me well with my Playbook but I want to upgrade to BB10 on both. Sighhhhh

Got in touch with Videotron, they have no info at all about BB10!!! Holy crap how sad for them. I advised I will be jumping ship. I have 4 cell phones with them, land line and high speed internet. I wrote back to them already and advised them they have dropped the ball real bad. All other major carriers are taking pre-orders but not them and their reps are clueless.

I think in the UK will depend on where you get the phone eg branded phone ie Orange or from Phones 4u eg.What ever i think the saying Rip off Britain will play its part in this.if going by a $149/ £95 which i can never see the phone being that on contract and if it was would make it about £15 or less over 24months.They probably will charge OTTprice though
Im most likley get mine from Phones 4u or CPW as it will be unlocked and i can choose the carrier with none of the branded software on the phone.

I don't have a blackberry anymore but I really hope the new one is great. Any company that has this kind of following deserves it. Good luck!

Price absolutely matters, I dropped $1300US on 2 PlayBooks and got burned by a device with few usable apps and a following that only exists in this forum. I've held out this long cause I'm a true fan of blackberry but my patience is wearing very thin with RIM. I went ahead and paid full price for the Bold 9900 (cause I'm with terrible T-Mobile ) and it constantly runs low on usable memory and shuts down if I don't catch it in time and use quick pull. So if RIM screws this up and price this phone higher than the Galaxy S what ever or the iphone then I'm done with them. My resolution this year is not to continue wasting money on over priced BB products. With all that said I sure hope BGR is correct on the competitive pricing.

$1300US?!? We all knew ahead of time that the PlayBook lacked apps big time. So if you were thinking app-minded, 16-32GB versions would have worked well. $650x2 sounds like the 64GB version which is great for loading videos! Your fault :)
As for your Bold - you need to update the software, OS7.1.0.825. The latest OS's have ARM, Application Resource Monitor - it monitors apps in the background and prompts the user to OK the next action. You need to Exit your apps and not just hit the Return/Back key so you may have a number of running apps killing your resources. Adjust and fine tune your settings backlighting and LED blinking! Battery pulls aren't fully needed to resolve issues as a Soft boot works just as well. Hold down Alt+R.Shift+Del!
If you take proper care of your device it will work for you. Again, this really is your fault and not RIM's. The Bold 9900 - worth every damn penny!

Needs to be $200 unless RIM has another device they plan to sell for $200. They don't want to appear as a budget or "cheap" device.

UK contracts seem to work differently, wonder how much they would be. Im buying outright anyway, dont have the money to constantly pay every month (job is part time, im in education)

$149 on-contract and $549 off-contract is not budget-price or cheap at all. It's "sweet spot". It's not so high that people will compare it to iPhone and Android. It's not so low that people will call it "cheap".

After first couple of quarters, RIM is free to release more devices priced higher and priced lower (both segments). But for launch devices (Z10 and X10), $549 (full retail price) will prove to be a sweet-spot.

Absolutely correct. Take me for example, I have 5 more months on contract. If it was 800 bucks for the Z10, I would wait and do the 3 year contract thing. But if it is hovering around $550, I will upgrade immediately (pay the penalty) or just buy it outright. Brilliant move if this is correct.

I think price is MORE important than you think.

Great part of RIM's income comes from 3rd world countries. So if they have a high price could mean problems to the much needed growth of RIM.

buying regardless of the price??? are we so un reasonable here kevin???? Maybe you can..but most of us will look into the price for sure.

I'm in no mood whatsoever to wait till the devices hit our lame carriers here in Brasil.

I wonder if I could get Kevin to ship me one after they are released...

Props where deserved. The images on BGR are stellar.

*Edit* Slide #46 shows 16GB of device storage and 30GB on the media card. That's monsterous!

If this ends up being true, then i called it 2 weeks ago without a crystal ball! that price and with clever advertising rim will definitely make people take notice... I haven't upgraded in 4 yrs (still on a bold 9700) so i expect an even better deal from t-mobile, otherwise i'm walking to verizon.

I don't care how much it costs! I'm buying one out of contract so I can finally get rid of this horrible iphone5!!

I haven't owned a BlackBerry since 2010. I was one of those that was saying RIM is dead and After looking at the slides, I am more excited about BlackBerry 10 more than ever! I think Research in Motion has a real winner here. I commend +Microsoft for finally getting it together, But I wasn't that impressed with Windows Phone and after using Windows 8 on my HP Laptop, the Live Tiles are annoying.

After the iPhone launched, people complained that BB menus were text heavy. Now Win 8 is new and refreshing uses lots of text.
RIM needs to reclaim their territory.

YOU, and those like you, are the wild card that negative analysts, who insist on comparing RIM to Palm, are not taking into account. Yes, the following analysis is anecdotal, yet factual as well.
There was a time when RIM was the ONLY smartphone provider....the sentimental portion of the American public who fondly remember their crackberry addiction, perhaps even while they reluctantly laughed and joked about BB with their iPhone "friends," have waited for years for an excuse to be reunited with their first love....these numbers, I think, will be legion....and they will shock the world when the "numbers" are crunched.

Really excited about the next few days and just checked the Globe and Mail sayers
and reports are very positive finally. Doesn't hurt that the stock is also on a tear...
up over 16pc since am. Go RIM.

Are we still going to have to pay the $10 or $20 per month for Business Enterprise? I don't like paying that when iPhone and Android you don't have to. That would be the only reason I don't switch to the Z10 although I really dig it.

You're paying for the security that RIM has to offer. No other platform comes close to offering the same levels of security.

I get that, but $240 a year that I don't get reimbursed for? We have a 400 employee company and they don't recommend BB and think it's ok for the other phones to use.

I guess if your tech department condones it, so be it. Hope they don't get hacked, like what happened a short time ago in Europe and the Middle East.

I live Ecuador and Im flying to the US once I know ATT is starting to sell it to get me one of those babys!!!!
Does anyone know anything about ATT carring BB10?????

Giovanni Cedeño
La Concordia - Ecuador

Uau, so many comentarii. What can I say. I have a 9900 and a playbook. No contract. So if the price of BB10 devices will be very high and I mean higher than 500€, even if we are talking about BB10, I will have to say PASS. I will stay on with my 9900.
Love BlackBerry but if I want a cheap phone I will buy an iPhone.
I choose BlackBerry because its OS and price is Bold.

I think you are getting the MRSP price carriers pay RIM.

It'll be a bit less on 1/2/3 year terms. Don't drop your blackberry. Wipe, reload selectively. if you're trolling, GTFO.

before worrying about the price, let's worry about:
-app support and I don't mean Angry Farm or paid apps that are free in other ecosystems. I mean, Google Drive, Maps, Yelp, Google +, gTalk, banking,, evernote...things like that.
-availability for sale (BBOS7 was announced in April/May if I'm not mistaken and was available in August)
-OS stability and hardware quality (we all know the BBOS 7 launch with the hardware issues reported by so many users). in most of the reviews I watched the touch screen took a few attempts before registering a swipe.
-wishful thinking: easy transfer of data from a iOS or Android device to BB10: passwords, notes, most of user data.

To succeed, BB10 needs to play nice with google apps (maps, g+, gTalk, Drive) and have commonly used apps available (note taking, mass transit maps and schedule , banking, dining and entertaining , shopping apps , social media etc.

Well, I this seems to be a mid level device since they will be launching 6 devices. $149 is a great price, if it turns out to be true. I really hope there is a high end device also...

Just saying....

I reserved mine today. I've always supported RIM since I first got my BB 8100. Subsidized by carrier or not i'd be willing to shell out some cash. I'd still be keeping my 9900 just in case.

Curious, how many non-BB users will be buying this thing when it comes out. I'd like to see a few jump ship and move to BB.

I would consider going back to blackberry but I will have to see a few things first. I'm heavily invested in Google apps. Also what kind of browser experience the phones have. Will definitely need a 4.7 - 5 inch screen. I also don't want to go through blackberries servers for my Internet. All of this might have already been covered I just haven't researched much. I truly hope RIM releases the best phone out there. The excitement and devotion I read here is just extraordinary.

*F* BGR! Have they reported anything about BlackBerry in the past year that wasn't negative? I don't trust their reporting whatsoever!

I've check the 2 mobile providers in my area ( I live in Barbados ) . Only Digicel has mentioned that they will support BB 10 .Lime ( Cable and wireless "rebranded" ) mobile makes no mention of Bb10 any where so I'm buying my phone from the USA . RIM please sell phones unlocked to the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
I can't wait or depend on these slow, last to run , IPhone and Android loving clowns .
BB 10 FTW ! !
Every blackberry that I bought has been from private stores all unlocked . Let it remain so !
Go RIM!!!

I don't care how much it cost for BB Z10. I will buy it as long as i can afford it. I'm proud to be a blackberry user.

WHATS THE PRICE TO BUY A UNLOCKED VERSION!!!!!!! GOT TO KNOW!!!!! But the 100-200 dollar price range is not that bad,

ok... it might take some time for the BB10 phones to come to India... But going by the price points of BB phones here... I am expecting this to be priced close to the SGIII which is about 40K... If it is really priced at that point... I am going to keep 2 phones... old 9860 and the L-Series... If the qwerty looks good and I am comfortable... I will be going for the qwerty instead of the L-Series... Damn the confusion... I want both.... so I can shine>wipe>stare again and again and again ;)

$200/2 years would suggest $500 off contract pricing, which I'd find quite acceptable. If they're anticipating less, that could mean $450.

Don't care abt the price... Just dying to get this.. First on Z10 then ll go with bb aristo!!! But worried abt the late shipping here in india... U canadians n americans will surely get this early after the launch::!! Just can't wait for this OS:-(

Good for those who don't care how much the new handset will cost. I do and I think Google has set the bar with the unlocked, contract-free, quadcore CPU/dodecacore GPU/2GB/16GB Nexus 4 at $349. Anything above that will have to be clearly justified. This marked the end of the multiyear plan/contract era. Those who failed to realize it yet will face... um... expected consequences.

I'm number 611 on the wait list within Fido for my local Fido store in Canada with about a week to go before launch date. I remember when a buddy of mine reserved an iPhone5 he was number 30 in the reserve list queue even with 2 days before launch.

This to me shows that BB10 WILL be successful and will be VERY surprising to Wall Street as to the sales and momentum for the remainder of 2013.

Hey, A Colombian User is present. Hehehe
I hope to get one of this mobiles, I'm living in Beijing China right now.
I hope to find here the new BB10, at least, I think here is made it. hehehe
But not sure about the companies service.
Let's see.

I was thinking about going BB10 to supplement my Playbook etc.

But in the end I got a Nexus 4 for £279 instead.

I think I made the right choice price wise as its looking like almost £500 in the UK for the Z10.

i'm a university student living in Jamaica, where bb's are extremely popular among our younger demographic, but unlike foreign nations, 99% of cellphones are purchased outright, as network providers here do not offer subsidies similar to the ones abroad, but at a price of US$760, i doubt the success of bb10 here in Jamaica as android superphones such as the s3 can be purchased for considerably less. I've been following the bb10 coverage for several months now, and visit crackberry regularly, if the price was around US$600, then i would be able to afford it, i'm just hoping that this is false and am eagerly waiting until wednesday to hear the confirmed pricing or its the Android route for me, i've grown tired of bb7 mere months after it was released and the only thing that prevented me from jumping ship was the prospects of bb10 but most importantly bbm as all my friends are on it, but at that leaked price it would be unattainable for me and hindsight i will abandom bb :(

the dumbest thing rim could do is not sell the device UNLOCKED!!! I can bet they can sell millions outright if the phone is unlocked! god RIM reminds of year 2004-2006 are are they still that stupid to not understand that most people DO NOT WANT TO LOCK THEMSELVES with those evil carries who are ripping people off left and right??

if they lock up their devices with carrier only I can guarantee you its over for rim! I wanted to buy 3! if they don't sell unlocked! its over they will never see me again, ffs even apple get it! they sell unlocked!

wake the F*** UP RIM!!!!!