Rumored BlackBerry Z10 in Canada release date emerges

February 5th
By Adam Zeis on 24 Jan 2013 10:09 am EST

So there have been some rumors flying around over Twitter, Facebook, the CrackBerry forums, two-way pagers, chain letters and telegraph the last few days about a rumored release date for the BlackBerry Z10 here in Canada (yes I can say "here in Canada" since I'm actually in Canada for once). It's being said that the BlackBerry Z10 will arrive at Telus and Bell on February 5th in both black and white models.

While we can't say either way if this is true, we aren't ruling anything out just yet. No word on Rogers yet in most of the rumors that are floating around, but given Roger's long standing support for BlackBerry over the years we have to believe they'd be right there at the front of the line to launch BB10 as well.

Given the timelime we've had in the past, it's quite possible we could see devices hit carriers as early as early February. We still don't have any official dates for the US, Canada or any other region, but just six days from now we'll be overloaded with BlackBery 10 info and know for sure when and where the devices will hit. The January 30th launch event will lend us plenty of details including carrier partners, app announcements and official release dates across the globe.

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Rumored BlackBerry Z10 in Canada release date emerges


The leaked photo of a Mar 27th release and no other detail coming from T-Mobile US directly or indirectly(leaks) is what has tempered my enthusiasm for BlackBerry 10. *sigh*

Excited all the same

good idea- same story here. tmobile better get their act together.. i might just jump on the first us carrier who offers it

I'Ve been seriously considering that since I heard that March 27 was the release date. It is much too late, and no earthly reason for it. However, I have a great plan with TMo, and that alone may keep me with them. But their attitude is surprising. I called them up, and got nowhere.

They may have to accelerate the dates because of demand. Demand will be higher than anticipated. T-mo has to take a time out from testing junky Android phones and come to bat with BlackBerry :)Most of the Android devices are crap. Samsung, Moto, Sony and LG makes some decent devices, but they also make some junky phones too. This is why I wonder why RIM would consider having poorly built BlackBerrys phones from some cheap manufacturer destroying their good name!

Blackberry does have a model of Curve 9360 that does not have a camera because military in Singapore does not allow its personnel use a phone with camera.

Because people like me work at a huge shipyard (over 30,000 employees) working on US Naval Ships and are not allowed to have camera phones, so it is in high demand in this heavily military region of Virginia! I hope they come out with it!

All BB10 phones will have cameras, however there is a security feature in the parental controls that turns the camera off.

Correction: all the *initial* release of BB10 phones will have cameras. There will certainly be later options for customers who are highly security-sensitive for phones without cameras. As RIM has always done.

Wasn't RIM just awarded a patent for some sort of camera blocker? So they don't need to manufacture camera-less phones? I can't remember exactly how it works, anyone else remember this? A month or so ago I think...

It was something like you could not take a picture from a certain distance unless you had the phone focused for a couple seconds, which would prevent taking a quick picture that you wasn'te suposed to take. Something of that sort.

How does it make sense to not have a camera but have a feature that makes it not work? Example being if my job is to keep people from having any camera device in to Boeing's weapons dev building and I don't know who you are but your phone has a camera on it, would you really expect me to trust you when you say, "oh yeah, don't worry man, the camera doesn't work!". Does that make sense? Because I wouldn't let you in. Either you check your phone in or it doesn't have a camera. Or you can walk the half mile trek back to the parking lot leave it then walk back

I'm going to say that the partnership between Rogers and RIM will continue and Rogers will release by the 31st or 1st of February

I agree with QuicksIIV3r Rogers is going to be first out the gate and im going to say on Jan 31st. Then Telus and Bell will be tied for second on the 4th or 5th of Feb.

I'm crossing my fingers that that's the way it will work. Traditionally speaking, Rogers gets a 1-5 week head start on Bell/Telus for selling new BB's.

I remember the Bold 9000 and the Torch 9800 and Bold 9900 selling on Rogers before anyone else.

My Rogers connections have hinted at 'end of January'. I was skeptical, but these Rogers comments above seem to concur. Cool! Better than March or July!

ah crap

now i gotta hermit for the next 2 weeks, i didnt plan it to launch that fast.... cant spend any money.... must... hermit....


Oh how I would love this. If ZAGG makes a max protection shield ill consider white. Maybe go Black anyway. Black looks nice.

My bad. Last time i look at CB while on the can on the 9930. Couldn't see the blackberry logo on the cell phone.

I must think before I type.

I must think before I type.

I thought I heard they were doing away with non camera version. Something about not allowing a picture unless its in focus, plus can't you lock the camera out with IT policy?

What I am hearing is Tmobile will be the first or second week in February. But I also have heard that Tmobile hasn't received any devices yet. So maybe RIM is going to direct ship??

Awesome News...Have to wait for Telus now...

And tell Kevin he can leave the Winnipeg weather with him instead of bringing it here.

I've been wondering who to blame for the frigid temperatures. Now I know the name...Kevin Michaluk. ;)

Great news! Hopefully the X10 won't be too far away from the proposed date so we can compare. Heck - might even have to get both!!?!

I hope Canada's sub carriers follow suit for Feb 5.

Come on Virgin Mobile Canada. Come through for me. Virgin don't fail me now. LOL

Has anyone checked the calendars on some of the pre-release and Dev models? Maybe an Easter egg in the calendar?

Rogers seems to be telling me that they'll be first. If this date is correct, maybe they'll get a Feb 1 launch? Kind of doubt it, but exciting times for sure!

Amazing! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. . . . if I can get it by the 3rd I'll be thrilled! Though, I'm getting married on the 9th. . . . I'm sure my fiancee won't mind my obsessing over my new phone the week before the wedding, right? Right?!?!

Only if you get her a BlackBerry Z10 at the same time. Otherwise, she'll marry you and divorce you just to get sole custody of the coveted BlackBerry smartphone.

With the BB10 Experience Forum in Toronto on February 4th, I wonder if that might be the release (or maybe PRErelease?) date...

So excited... only thing getting me through this miserable cold weather is the BB10 news! Birthday is the 9th... gonna stop feeding the family (KIDDING) as of today so I can have enough put aside to go BB10 right away! Hubby works at RIM and has no details and it's driving me crazy. Want to beat him to the new platform LOL. Hope Rogers has some good deals otherwise I'll be switching to HellCanada.

If I don't get the Limited Edition dev phone (still waiting to hear), I'll be at the closest Telus on the morning of the 5th for a white Z10.

If Thor can get up on stage on the Jan 30th and give his speech and at the end of it say " you can get them in select store tomorrow aka Rogers" that will be off the chain. RIM would have pulled off the amazing. don't quote me on this but even Apple hasn't done that im sure. preorder yes but actually buy.

I have a few contacts at Bell who have been telling me first week of Feb all along, so the 5th makes perfect sense!

I can second this having spoken with buddies from Telus and Bell.

American friends, look for the phones on or very close to this date too. Carrier testing is done (friend from verizon tells me) and the big carriers will launch on the same date.

Rogers is releasing on Feb 5th too in White and Black. This is as per promo material received by Rogers authorized dealers..... We are almost there guys....

Nooooooo! I'm @ a compulsory retreat that week! Oh, the humanity... Over a year I've been free to upgrade. - 3-4 battery pulls/day just to keep going -
Oh, wait, will still have one before my US friends- Okay, I'm good

Curve 8330 CDMA (eww, I know, u/g to BB10 soon!)
Winner of EA Mobile SE Playbook - rockin' it!

Well, I am about to renew my contract with Virgin Mobile here in the UK. I always wanted a Bold 9900. I find it very nice and stylish (I owned now a 9320...that does the job:)...I also have my Playbook all the time).
Anyway, I asked about Blackberry 10, and they confirmed that the first handset will be available with Virgin Mobile UK at the end of February. Unfortunately no price yet. So I think I am going to wait. The Z10 looks very nice, but I love keyboard and the 9900 is very stylish with a great screen.
Regarding the Playbook, any idea we will have the BB10 or it will only be for the Playbook 4G.

Just one last thing, I have an online store where I sell accessories for phones, and tablets (included Blackberry of course) and I already have price list for Z10 accessories (original accessories and Top Brands too.). But nothing for the keyboard BB10 device yet!!

I can't wait!

Just spoken with Rogers, girls asked around "they will be first due to agreement with RIM" but no date was given to me. "We are really surprised at the excitement around the BB10, so many people are wanting the device as Apple have offered nothing new in their product (IPHONE).


Well, guess what: T-Mobile Germany have just announced a new Blackberry model coming soon (February): the brand new BlackBerry Curve 9320!!!

Thorsten should give them a call...

I have a Bold 9000, it has been a faithful companion and yes the trackball still works perfectly, I reserved a device with Rogers and can't wait to retire this old bb.. I hope rogers has the phone on the 4th :)

I work at a tech firm in the Kitchener/Waterloo area, and alot of the people who work here are ex-RIM employees, who still have alot of contact with existing RIM employees. I just spoke to 2 people who have contacts at RIM, and they are both saying that their sources within RIM say "Feb 1 and/or Feb 5th" depending on the carrier. These 2 individuals do not know each other within the company, and have their own sources at RIM, and both gave me the exact same info. They have also each played with a BB10 device and they have both said that the device is absolutely INCREDIBLE! Even though they were laid off by RIM and they have hard feelings towards the company for doing that to them, they are both getting their own BB10 device when launched because they said it will be the best smartphone in the market without question.

Berry-cracked-up I to live in Kitchener, I actually work right across from RIM's manufacturing plant on Phillip st. and my girlfriend has been working for RIM for 17 years, unfortunately she hasn't heard about the dates but she keeps telling me I need to get rid of this old one. I also know people who got laid off and they will be getting a new BB10 also

I have no idea how accurate my 2 sources are and how they would know when a carrier would release (may be that they are in the right department at RIM where they would know this info?)....but the fact that they have the same dates as what is showing leads me to believe it may be accurate. I was surprised when they said that they'd still get a BB10, even though they got laid off. They were pissed that they were, but they just kept saying "It's the best OS for mobile out there, without question", and they want the final product.

I know 2 of the big carriers. It's Feb 6th that they will be available.

T and R

You know which ones now.

Given the timing of announce and possible release date the following week - the only thing missing is a series BB10 commercials during the super bowl...the single greatest advertising opportunity with the broadest reach all in one fell swoop!

I've been saying that for almost a year now...that RIM will have their commercials during the Superbowl. It wouldn't get much better then that. Superbowl on February 3rd, then BB10 for sale 2 days later! It's the perfect blackberry storm! They'd get to reach out to over 100 million people worldwide in 1 shot.

I've got my sleeping bag ready to park out front of the closest Telus store on Feb 4.!!

Rockin' the 9900 (and soon the BB10)

since you've got it stamped into your playbook calender i'd say it's pretty solid,,, now show me that calender w/ a NNJ due date... ;-)


Great news, I'm with Rogers and already reserved my Z10 weeks ago. Hoping for Jan 30 availability to pickup! :)

I assume everyone (like myself) who pre-registered with Rogers reserve system gets it before general public sales?... I hope... :) I registered and am in the 140'. went up the ladder from 150's :D

9900 to Z10... looking forward to it.

That gives me even more time to better get to know blackberry 10 once it hits rogers! I'll be testing it in the store, same for the qwerty model once that also comes out. :D

Then getting it on WIND the day they have the qwerty model. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! :D

That's what the guy at my local Toronto Roger's store told me on Sunday (27th). He said that that is what they were told! My pre-ordered Z10 is being shipped there for pick-up! Suddenly I don't have the February blas anymore!

What about the UK??? Most people here don't even care about the Superbowl! Is it possible they relsease it on the 30th? Here's hoping...

RIM is releasing BB10 but no devices will available on release date!?!?!

Isn't that like taking a picture of a marathon runner crossing the finish line with a blackberry 8830. By the time the picture is snapped, the moment is gone.

Take it for what it is worth, but I called Bell about upgrading to the BB10 and they told me I can pick one up at my local Bell store on the 31 Jan!