Rumored BlackBerry 10 2013 roadmap - Tablets, Phablets and more?!

By Bla1ze on 29 Mar 2013 04:40 pm EDT

Now that the BlackBerry Z10 has rolled out to the masses, there are plenty of folks out there wondering what's next for BlackBerry 10 and further future devices. We've heard plenty of rumors in the past about updated tablets, high-end flagships, QWERTY sliders and low-end Curves and now we're getting yet another "look" at some rumored BlackBerry devices. No doubt, you'll have to take the image above with a massive grain of salt given its source is a random Twitter account that has popped up, but if nothing else, it's a great talking point to see what everyone would like to see in the future from BlackBerry.

Looking at the image above there isn't much one can really draw from it other then to say there are some possible code names in there along with some possible timelines at best. The Z10 and the Q10 are already lined up, so those can be pretty much ignored. The B10 L is an interesting image that looks like a landscape device or possibly even a tablet. Don't forget, we've heard rumors that Sprint may get a touchscreen other than the Z10 which they passed by on.

The U10 looks a bit more like a 'phablet' then an average sized device. In the past we've heard rumors about a device codenamed "aristo", which was said to feature a 4.65" display. We heard since then that the 4.65" was off the table in favor of something bigger, so maybe something with a phablet territory 5" or bigger display is in the cards.

And then we have the R10. The R10 could be assumed to be a Curve-like device, possibly on the mid-range price spectrum as we've already heard plenty about the 'R-Series' devices in the past and CEO Thorsten Heins mentioned that we will see a BB10 hit mid-range this fiscal year.

Ultimately, a lot of what we're seeing in the image has already been discussed one way or another. Thorsten Heins has mentioned the tablet market numerous times already and that they don't want just another PlayBook - given the success of the iPad it's a hard market to break into.

When it comes to the phablet area, having a device like that would likely mess up things from a developer perspective when it comes to device resolutions. We already know BlackBerry wants to reduce the amount of different devices they offer -- they've been down that road before and from here on out, it's about simplicity for developers. A phablet wouldn't help that in any way, though given the way consumers seem to like big displays, it would be silly to dismiss it too.

Honestly, this image doesn't really mean much to me. It could be real, it could be fake. In any case, I'm more interested in what you all want to see from future BlackBerry devices. Would you like to see a BlackBerry 10 phablet? How about a revamped BlackBerry PlayBook running BlackBerry 10? And what do you all think about BlackBerry returning to the Curve days? Should they offer a mid/low end BlackBerry 10 device as soon as possible or is that idea better left in the dark so that they can focus on hitting the high-end markets harder?

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Rumored BlackBerry 10 2013 roadmap - Tablets, Phablets and more?!


My guess is that the Z10 "L" is the Limited Edition which is color Red, the U10 "C" I don't know but here's all the colors that starts with letter C

Camouflage Green
Caput Mortuum
Carrot orange
Cherry Blossom Pink

Phablet? I definitely won't regret getting the Z10 then. But i'm glad nonetheless that they're (possibly) heading this way. As that's what the consumers want nowadays...

Sweet. Makes me feel better about purchasing a Z10 and nothing extremely better coming out later in the year in the same category.

More / better / improved BlackBerry tablets have a better chance at success as the app catalog for BlackBerry 10 continues to grow. The downfall of the PlayBook was lack of native apps, not device quality (though the OS took some time to get right)

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Will definitely be getting the next BB tablet (if it is bb10).
I don't like apple and think android is an old OS with the stupid back, home and menu/search buttons.

Would love to see a new PlayBook on a 10 Os. Since mine is now kinda old and packed with stuff. I would most definitely be down with a 64 gig. I mean 128 gig. My Z10 wants to have company. My pearl, storm 2 and 9850 all seem to bore it. Lol. As for mid level devices. Most definitely. Line them up and sell like he'll.

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I love the 4.2" display size of the Z10. Efficient for two thumb typing yet still nice and big. As you go bigger (unless you have giant hands), you become less efficient as you're just moving your thumbs further to tap the same letters. Wasted motion. You want the keyboard as tight as possible without being too tight.  I find the S3 is already a lot less efficient for typing than the Z10 (S4 will be even worse).

That said, people seem to like going bigger in mobile. It's like with TV sets.. people always tend to buy a bigger tv than what is the ideal for the size of the room they're putting it in, so it could be really smart of BB to head into that BIG display category, even if theoretically it's a step away from the ideal BB communication experience. BB10 would definitely be hot on a big display. Awesome for gaming. Just a little less efficient for hardcore communicators. Though a bigger display is great for a lot of productivity stuff - spreadsheets, etc. Everything is a trade off one way or another. 

BB just needs to be really smart in managing fragmentation for developers, whatever they do. 

Exciting times!!

Why does Android succeed with having phone screens below 4 inches to ones well above 5 inches, with resolutions all over the place, and no significant app compatibility issues? I can load apps on a friend's 4 inch Incredible 2 and on my 4.8 S3, one with standard resolution and one at 720p, and they all run perfectly on both. Fragmentation for developers?

Just because you don't notice it doesn't mean it's not there. 800x600 and 720p are very popular resolutions. That's why you don't see any problems from two phones. Especially if it's a somewhat popular/decent quality app.

There's also qhd, 1080p, etc. Again, 99% of apps work seamlessly between them, with very few exceptions. BB shouldn't limit itself because of a "fear" of fragmentation. Keep the same aspect ratio and resolution, and make some compelling hardware.

"Keep the same aspect ratio and resolution, and make some compelling hardware." That *is* their plan. I'm assuming you meant something else?

Yes, good point - I meant different screen sizes. My point is that developers are apparently able to handle Android's significant diversity, so BB should be able to do the same without worrying about an "app meltdown".

Keeping the same resolution, no, I hope they don't....

Keeping the same aspect resolution, no problem. Currently, the standard is set at 720p, they could either jump up to 1080p or double the resolution and still keep the same aspect ratio. Current apps could scale up, similar to when the iPhone bumped up it's screen resolution

1080p is wasted with anything under 5 inches. It just looks good on spec sheets. All it does is drain the battery. Just look at 720 screens like the iPhone 5 or HTC One X. The eye can't perceive anything "better". These aren't 60 inch tv's after all.

Indeed, there is also no certainty that their first oversized phone won't also be a 720p display, while those chasing specs will complain about it not being 1080p you would be trading that spec sheet tick for a display that would still look really good and had much better battery life.

Thanks for the question, but I'd challenge the premise. App compatibility issues stemming from different screen sizes and different devices are fairly common on Android. If you search around in Google's Play long enough you are bound to see app review comments with people reporting incompatibility on different devices. Developers try to be as fluid and responsive as possible, but...

Hmm....I'm thinking more of an all-in-one convergence device myself but in "phablet" territory. In particular in the 7" or 8" range. I have a Nexus7 Wifi+3G which does data but not voice so I use VoiP. Of course there is the 4G Playbook but I'm looking at the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as well. I've always been interested in the ASUS PadFone form factor as well, especially with a Keyboard Dock. Playing with my GF's OG Note and Note 2 has acclimatized me to larger form factors.

Yup, same here. I use my 64 GB PlayBook and my iPad Mini as all-in-one devices. I use WiFi and my tablet's data plan to make calls using VOIP. I agree with you, the Galaxy Note 8 is intriguing. I'm thinking that I'm going to stay with my current setup for a while though. I can't wait for BB10 to come to the PlayBook. If BlackBerry makes a phablet, I'm in. :-)

I'm also interested in a phablet, but 7 inches is a bit too big. Something slightly larger than the Galaxy, but with better specs.

Good point Kevin, which is why there are different sizes for your choice. Not everyone wants a Z10. I'm excited to see what devices from BB hits the market later this year. Heck the Z10 may not even be the best out there. There seems to be a Panoramic version that looks like an all touch.

Its nice to to know Blackberry makes different devices for different users. As for Apple, they only have one version :) Again. I'm glad I didnt get the Z10 just yet as 5 more devices are still yet to be launched! :)

Staring hard at the X-Ray like photo...The B10 and U10 look well to be VERY interesting devices.

Cannot wait! #BB4LIFE homieeeee

That mention of 6 devices was never really announced nor did it even specify that all 6 would be bb10 devices, not to mention that it predates the delay of the z10 to january and the downplaying of a new tablet so who knows if there is anything to that number by now.

Kevin-now that I've tried the Z10 I have to agree it's about the perfect size for communication. But I've become quite a fan of the huge displays. I'm currently using a Note 2 and I love it. It's a PITA to text one handed on it but I use SwiftKey Flow which helps tremendously.

I remember a time when the idea was to carry the SMALLEST phone possible... my how times change...!! :)

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I know eh. I remember those phones from eons ago that resembled car batteries. Next year we'll have phones that resemble lap tops.

Hardcore communicators are going to have more Q10-like devices anyway. So to appease the full touchscreen crowd, yes, by all means, bring in some bigger screens as well.

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I agree with you Kevin. The size of the Z10 just feels right. I have tried typing on my friend's S3 and it feels too uncomfortable.

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Unlike the Z10 (just playing devil's advocate), you can download several different top-rated keyboards on the S3. Swype, Swiftkey and SlideIT to name a few. That level of customization helps make any size smartphone "work".

Those other keyboards still don't make an S3 work one-handed very well nor are they that big a deal when the best of them is still worse than the keyboard on the z10, but that is simply the trade-off people are choosing to make for the increased screen real estate and is something that BB need to recognise by producing a large display all-touch that can be sold alongside the smaller z10 rather than being directly a replacement for it.

The U10 and R10 dont have borders on the sides of the screen... OCTA glass?? Why boring LCD's on the Z10.... Led screens are much more energy efficient. even the Q10 is getting one..

R10 looks to be the next 10in PlayBook. The u 10 looks to the next replacement to the Z10.

I want them all. Need money.

This is my first post.

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I know this guy... works down the street in the alley behind the dumpster. doesn't charge much but does an Ok job. Don't bug him about his lazy eye or that nervous twitch coming from his right elbow. If he stops drinking he'll almost be able to stand up.... oops. cops. Gotta go..

A stronger PlayBook running OS 10 would easily appeal to BlackBerry fans but not sure about the masses, especially if the app support was missing. A phablet may entice the android market but a richer hardware z10 would make more waves.

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So will the Z10 be around for a while, or will the U10 be a replacement for it? I'm hoping not, since its becoming increasingly harder these days to find a 4/4.2 inch phone. Not everyone wants a 5 inch screen that you can barely fit in your pocket lol

It would be like typing on the PlayBook in portrait mode. Haha. Imagine then answering a call with PlayBook up to your ear. People are ridiculous in the giant phone category. The Z10 keyboard is already thinking for me and it's only been 36 hours in use. So choice.

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You're looking at sometime in the summer. Wow, it will soon be time for BlackBerry Live, only one month away. We will get more definitive info on where BlackBerry is headed. I hope to see demos of the new stuff then. BlackBerry will have to excite developers with cool new stuff waiting in the wings!

Definitely high end. BlackBerry has geared the new platform to compete with the other high end devices. BlackBerry doesn't want to be king of the lightweight division. Focusing on lower end devises is what got them into trouble to begin with.

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This just seems fake.

The Z10 and Q10 would be called by their code names of L-Series and N-Series

the phablet resolution may not be an issue if they simply keep the 16:9 ratio and scale the pixels to a 1280x720 equivalent

If they are releasing a phablet, it (obviously) has to be a 1080p screen device, with a minimal 1920 x 1080 resolution. I see the possibility of a 1920 x 1152 resolution, if we upscale the Z10 (so, slight letterboxing of 36 pixels each on the top and bottom). Maybe this was their plan all along? If they do this and produce a 5" phablet, it'll have industry-leading 448 ppi, slightly outstaging the S4.

This is mobile computing at its finest - The future of BB10 isn't just smartphones. We could even have a BlackBerry "PC" by 2016, if this plan works as good as/better than expected. Smartphone apps could play on computers; I'm thinking HDMI goes wireless before the decade is over.

I agree. I am hoping for a phone docking station for now. Plug in monitor, mouse, keyboard, tetragig portable hardrive and run most my home computing needs from my z10. Would be awesome if QNX came in computer form, but you would require main stream program support like autodesk. That's a tall order.

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I'm no developer, nor do I understand much about fragmentation or resolutions, etc. But I really think Blackberry should and will step into the phablet category and really excel at it. Maybe it won't be the best for a communication device but there is a market for that and bottom line developers need/want a robust user base that would spend money on their apps. The bigger the user go could be a sign of a more app oriented / media consuming customer?

Why obviously? There is no need for BlackBerry to outstage any device in the resolution category as it never will. I think BlackBerry is merely going to focus on apps and usability for the next year or so and then if it wants to participate in the spec race it will.

Besides, according to all smartphones in the platform will either be 720p or 720x720. Seeing as the Z10 was not 720p, we know by this statement that they are going to at least release another device (probably within the next year or so) that is 720p.

I'm perfectly fine with a bigger phone than the Z10 there is a large market! And a bigger tablet would be a Definitely buy for me!

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"And what do you all think about BlackBerry returning to the Curve days?"

Yes please! I am more inclined to purchase 2 'C10s' than 1 Z10 because of cost and usage. My current Curve fits that win-win scenario nicely while still being a BlackBerry.

Definitely a spot for Curve10s - think Mom and Dad with Z10/Q10, kids with C10s. Buy one Z10 or Q10 and get a C10 for free ... Developing nations - China - just lower priced overall is good!

There is definitely a segment, but I have seen situations in which everyone in the family (incl parents) purchases Curves because of its cost effectiveness instead of considering the Bold. This decision is made knowing the phone is still a BlackBerry.

I wish people would stop coming out with this comment about curve models being just aimed at developing nations as that overlooks vast amounts of the developed world that simply have a wider and more flexible range of options than the standard $100-$250 for a device on a 2 year contract approach of america e.g. in the uk you have more tariff options so the cheaper bb10 device would be free on prepaid or a lower monthly contract, whereas you would need to be on a more expensive one to get a z10/q10 for free.

Well, right now I can't afford a Z10. I can see the Z10 getting the free with 2 years contract on a data plan very soon. There are so many high end devices at that price already. When you invest on a Z10 you invest on an amazing, outstanding product but also you take a leap of faith if you come from another platform. I can't see a lower end BB10 right now other than a less expensive Q10. Bb10 is about smoothness you can't risk that for a lower end device with a not so good user experience.

If it's true its a very good road map just enough to satisfy almost everyone's phone preference; not to many and not to little. I notice they are following the nexus product line which is kinda cool, options but not to many that it's over saturated. A good market approach for a different 'current' market. Go team blackberry! Proud supporter here.

U guys can take this with a grain of salt but I live in kitchener/waterloo and I have 5 friends that work in different departments at (Rimm) or now blackberry as they have finally replaced all the signs, he's told me to look forward to a bb10 phone to replace the current Curve line and a galaxy note sized 5" model and a larger playbook 10"
(Hope I don't get in crap for posting this) He knows this cause he is delevoping stress test equipment for all those devices

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From a strategic perspective, it makes sense to come out with a pair that fall in the Curve category. If you tag an all touch and Qwerty model then that adds two models. Then it's a matter if you think that new tablets (two sizes??) or higher end models (touch and qwerty) make up the last two. I recall the forecast of six new models for 2013.

Personally, I would not mind a larger tablet. A pallet could be quite workable if you used a bluetooth headset. Who says you have to hold the phone to your head?

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I don't think we will see an exact match at each price level right now, they could not readily keep a 720p display on an all-touch device while making it cheaper, but they do have room to save costs on the q10 to produce a bb10 qwerty curve and similarly at the higher end there would be clear benefits in screensize for an all-touch model, but a qwerty would get much less benefit and would lose out on battery life to the q10.

Well at least you narrowed it down to a small department! Let us know how he makes out next kidding!

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This list makes sense to me.

At some point they need to introduce a "Curve" type BB10, whether for developing countries or for Western markets.

A larger Playbook makes sense. Since the 7" didn't take off, they need to try something different.

And there is certainly good interest in a phablet. It could be their new flagship device with a larger battery and better specs.

Personally, I'm waiting for the phablet.

Good post Doughtt, but edit out the department your friend works in!

This picture is obviously fake. Thorsten has said that there will only be 2 display sizes for the BlackBerry phones so a phablet of 5" could not be possible. Also, he said the you should not see it as phones but as computing devices. So the devices that will come out later this year will not be just phones, it could very well some kind of advanced docking station or something else.

And he has also said that the Playbook is not one of the 6 devices. So it will be something else.

As Apple and Samsung releases their new flagship phone within a year, BB should do the same with the Z10. Before the end of this year there should be a Z10-S or something, or maybe it will be the Aristo.

Did he say sizes, or just resolution? You can have two different resolutions with 10 different screen sizes.

That is exactly what BlackBerry needs. They have been very BlackBerry bashers in the past. Everyone on CBC and especially Amanda Lang just cannot accept that BlackBerry has produced an awesome product. Now finally someone close to her has seen and he is challenging her. She says ya it doesn't show in the numbers! It will. This phone is just too good. I swear everyone wanted BlackBerry dead because they new what BlackBerry was working on with QNX and they couldn't match it with their current OS platforms.

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Your PlayBook only has 1GB of RAM, don't expect a direct BB10 port to PlayBook. Likely it will be a little scaled back if it comes at all.

Playbook 2 (or whatever they call it) will be the BB10 Tablet.

BB needs to have a Curve equivalent and optimizing for the current PlayBooks would be a good start toward that goal. Make PlayBook owners happy and have an optimized OS for Curves.

haven't they mentioned a port numerous times?
Besides, the dev alpha devices had 1GB of RAM and it ran fine on bb10

would be nice to see something with a slightly larger screen then the Z10, maybe a 4.3".

oh, and USB OTG. It may be a bit of a security hole, but IMO is required to brand thier devices like workstations

R10 looks to be the bigger version of Q10. B10 is the next 10" PlayBook. The U10 looks to be the next bigger version of Z10.

I love this leak and I want them all. Just need to find more money. I already have 7" PlayBook, Bold 9900 and now rocking my Z10. It never hurts to have more BlackBerry.

This is a repost to my first post, found some errors and I can't seem to be able to edit it.

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I'd like the 5 inch screen if they can keep the dimensions of the phone small. Also if they have a 5" display, got dangit it better be 1080p. It won't be hard for developers cause other platforms have it. And 720p and 1080p are both 16:9 aspect ratio. So not too much trouble for developers or for the SDK to scale properly.

The obvious.... Z10 & Q10.

The rumored...

B10 - So, this looks to be a 10 inch widescreen tablet. Doesn't do anything for me personally. I've come the conclusion that right now I don't want a tablet.

U10 - Looks to be a Galaxy Note like device with a 5.5 or even 6 inch screen. Would definitely pull in the phablet people. I like the Note 2 but only for it's battery life. I think there are a good chunk of people out there that would like to get a similar device from BlackBerry for sure.

R10 - This has me crying in tears, would be awesome if true. A physical QWERTY device with a 4.6 inch screen?! This is my unicorn, thus, I believe this is all fake because it's too awesome to be true.

Now before people write this all off as fake, take a moment and look at the Z10 & U10 and then look at the Q10 & R10. The devices slated for 2014-Q1/Q2 might jump in resolution. Remember, BlackBerry said that their standard resolutions going forward would be 720x1280 for full touch & 720x720 for QWERTY devices.

So the U10, the phablet, could jump to 1080 x 1920 which would keep it in the same aspect ratio. While the R10 could jump up to 1080 x 1080.

I am drooling over the R10, excuse me while I go cleanup.

It just seems BlackBerry will only get better! The Z10 is the flagship device! All these other devices are just to complete the whole BB10 experience. Be able to watch all these movies and play games on a nice size tablet. Or be able to communicate efficiently with a physical keyboard. I don't think BlackBerry needs to come out with a bunch of devices as they did before. But just create enough to where most people are satisfied. Leave out the curve style phones because you lose the whole great, fast flow experience with a low end phone. The way carrier plans are set up today, most people can afford a flagship phone! 3 Devices. Z10, Q10 and P10 for Playbook Tablet. And maybe just another device in between. Make every device efficient and up to par with each and every other device on the platform. Just have different qualities about them.

LOVE Blackberry. I hope they only release two phones this year. Perfect these two phones for the next two years before releasing another. Or release s cheaper version for out of North America use so as not to say developers.

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I think they must launch in ;
june : X10 - 4.2 inch screen ,1,5 Ghz and 8MP camera. (old Z10 in budget (make it square)
Z10 DUA - 1,8 Ghz , 4,5 inch screen and 10/13 MP camera ( 2 extra free color covers front / back )
2x color for woman and 2x color for men they can order it free from the site as extra gift.
july/august : U10 Keyboard.
Oktober : ZZ10 2.0 Ghz CPU and 4.5 inch screen with 13 MP, intern 32 Gb (ZZ-TOP promotion BB10)
november : Q10

after playing around with my brother's playbook, I would never buy a BlackBerry tablet. It is so much more inferior compared to my Nexus 7 and iPad. But I will wait it out for that R10 tho!!

Would love to see the PlayBook come out with on BB10. Still thinking about getting one of the old WiFi ones. But maybe the promise of a native BB10 one would get me sold..

Posted via CB10

If you look at the names under devices it has b/w/l

I would guess for black, white and limited. Could be wrong though

Posted via MY BlackBerry Z10

Regardless whether this road map is left or not, Blackberry needs to bit every single market segment in order to persuade people to jump on board BlackBerry.
They need to continue to offer a 7" PlayBook but also a newer 10" too. They need to release another QWERTY based phone and another similar sized full touch screen like the Z10 for mid market buyers.. A 5" or bigger full touch is also a must to compete versus Samsung.
And last but not least release a wider BOLD style QWERTY BB10 phone to finish off 2013.

I think phablet are getting popular and are less crowded. So I like that idea.

Posted from my lovely Z10

I think they should only go mid-to-low end in certain markets. Apple doesn't sell any low-end iphones in the US, and people still buy it as is evidence by the truckloads on dough Apple is sitting on. They should continue to focus on innovating and improving the user experience.

The C might be something as simple as colour indicating an intention for another variant but they haven't finalised it yet.

I love my playbook and use it daily. I would love a faster, higher capacity playbook that runs bb10. The bb10 keyboard would rock on there.

Posted via CB10

IMHO multiple screen aspect ratios are worse than multiple Display Resolutions. If they can stick with 2 aspect ratios no reason why things can't be scaled.

Agree with everything else except the phablet. Z10 is just the right size and making something bigger opens up fragmentation issues.

That's just me

Posted via CB10

I really want a Z10. I'm with Sprint so that is not possible. Love my 9930 but wouldn't mind going all touch. I can't see going to a larger screen as in galaxy3. As a Sprint costumer what does that leave me? A screen that is too big or some low end option?

Based on what the CEO said previously, it is more likely that the U10 and R10 are the lower end devices. He said there will be a Full-Touch and a Querty device for all 3 tiers (High, Mid, Low) and ALL devices will carry the same screen resolutions as the Z10 and Q10 so despite the U10 may appear bigger I don't think it is a phablet, just a full touch version of the R10. If you look at it closely, it IS the same dimensions as the R10, just without a keyboard.

Of course we will see a Phablet but what pops out to me is what isn't there. BlackBerry10 PlayBook upgrade seems to have disappeared all together from the roadmap.

There's no money in the low end. The mid level makes sense to address more consumers but there is far too much margin compression at the low end and they would just be repeating the path that brought them to the position they are in.

Posted via CB10

They are not going to be competing at the lowest end of the market, but they will need to go for a low to mid range offering as that is the kind of thing that will really drive bb10 uptake and increasing the overall market share for bb10 is vital to them as that is what will build and maintain developer interest in the platform.

Here' what I would like to see from BB:
Stay with the high-end line of phones, Z10, Q10, a Z10 based vertical slider or Z10 screen size w/ keyboard (how's that for size?), and/or an "Aristo" wiz-bang end all device.
On the tablet side, it seems the 7" form factor sits well with consumers, so a few upgrades on the PB would be nice. SD card, TV infrared remote (I've do e this on a simpad. The way the PB stands by and the gestures make it a shoe-in), and fine stylus compatibility. They should add a 4:3 ratio screen tablet that is heavily enterprise oriented, for documents, etc. Actually, an A4 paper based ratio would be ideal.
It's MHO that BBRY should stay away from middle and low end offerings if they want to stay away from full circle to 2008.

My interpretation of Heinz is that they will not make entry level level devices. Is that what you guys understood? What would they consider a mid level device I wonder. I'm less interested in the devices but more interested in how they will leverage the OS to move away from the pack.

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I always buy the best thing out there. And the day Blackberry updates the Z10 I will buy it. I dont care if they dropped it today. Id sell this Z10 and grab the new one.

But ill skip on the phablet. Atleast we can rest assured the company is in good hands. The new CEO has managed the books and turned Blackberry profitable really well. And we've heard him talk about tablets being a tough business and basically their being careful not to do something that wont be profitable. I hope the same is with the phablet. Don't build too many, untill there being given away at below cost to empty shelves (playbook)

Actually here's a point to talk about the idea of having a blackberry store to sell unlocked phones. We dont need a phablet in every carrier around the world. And every store. You need to target these specific sections of the market with a sniper rifle, not a cluster bomb with 500,000 stores. Would be perfect opportunity. This would go over fine with carriers I think.

B10 looks to be BlackForrest and it's still in the same time frame as the previous roadmap. I do wonder what the star icon next to it means. BlackBerry10 for PlayBook I'm still experiencing that BlackBerry if you are reading ;) don't disappoint.

What I would like to see from BlackBerry is to have only three types of phones and that would be
1) BlackBerry Z10
2) blackberry Q10
3) BlackBerry with slide physical keyboard and full touch screen,
4) BlackBerry PlayBook 7 inch, with BlackBerry 10 operating system
5) BlackBerry PlayBook 10 inch with BlackBerry 10 operating system.

In my opinion this should be all that BlackBerry should be concentrating on, get few devices with best quality,

I have Z10 and I think is the best device I ever owned, and i had I phones, Samsung, HTC, and Nokia in the past, non of them impressed like BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10

The R10 looks intriguing. I'm almost salivating over the potential. A more refined OS with a larger screen and hopefully an increase in quality and design. Quad core? 1080p and a QWERTY keyboard ::Mother of All Blackberries::

I kind of disagree that the R10 looks like it could be a curve-like device. I think if this roadmap is real, it's only showing the flagship devices coming out, the things like Curve will just be released for those who cannot afford the flagship phones and they probably wouldn't be touted all too much. The R10 looks like a Q10 with an even bigger screen. So that could be their next flagship qwerty device...

Q1 (January to March of 2013) is the Blackberry Z10 in Black/White (L-series) then in Q1/2 (March to June of 2013) will come the Blackberry Q10 being the B10 Qwerty device. Then during Q3 (July to September 2013) will come the Tablet device with a 7" screen to compete against the ipad. After that Q4/1 (October to January 2014) will come B10 device to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with 5.5" screen. And finally Q2 (April to June 2014) will be phone/qwerty device - bascially a Galazy Note 2 with a keyboard on it. If you're holding out for something that's the same size of the Z10 but better then you might be waiting until Q4 of 2014 or Q1 of 2015 more than likely, IMO.

I say keep it simple. Take the current PlayBook and add 2GB of ram or more, add the Z10's time shift camera and movie maker app and all of BlackBerry 10's greatness, and let's not forget to add BBM this time! This one might sound crazy but add a track pad, yes I said track pad! The track pad would be awesome when browsing the web.

I LOVE the playbook..
the size is perfect just wish it had a flash, upgraded camera. and maybe a smaller bezel for more screen size...

The day Blackberry Moves away from its main market which is QWERTY keyboard devices. It would fade out and die. Blackberry is known for there PHYSICAL KEYBOARD Devices and theres a nieshe maybe but a profitable market there blackberry just needs to tap into it.

Harsh but true.

I thought I wanted the Sony P tablet to have phone functions but it would ha been more of a hassle. For me the Playbook comes in handy when needed. For people who have more time on there hands and may not be working a busy job I think a Phablet would work sometimes.

I want to thank BB for the Pic and the leak. I dont think companys should be 100 percent top secret about new things like Aplle and its enough info we need.

Now that I have my Z10 I'm not as concerned as I once was about upcoming BlackBerry devices.

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We already know BlackBerry wants to reduce the amount of different devices they offer -- they've been down that road before and from here on out, it's about simplicity for developers.

I disagree with this.

If you can fulfill a market and it can sell... why not? the only reason BB seemed to have a lot of devices was due to the fact that they had to cover CDMA/GSM. Low end phones, mid range and high -end.

I think making sure you have different form factors are great. You're going to have more devices if they eventually introduce a low end otherwise, forget the developing markets and keep just producing a high end device.

Many of us want a slider and there's the phablet market for those who want bigger. It's inevitable if the market demands it.

having a 5" device with 1280x720 isn't going to be that bad and eventually if a tablet comes into the equation you'll be wanting to push that to 1080p.

I've heard developing apps for the bb10 can allow for dynamic changes in resolution so they don't have to be fixed. that should solve a lot of problems that android/iphone apps have had when moving to tablets etc.

We shouldn't in the end have to buy two separate apps for Tablets/phones in the near future unless there's "pro" version far more suited for tablet use. none of th HD moniker crap that Apple devs seem to tact on.

I think its important for BlackBerry to cover the low end and as such will see more devices. Developers should be pushing their apps to be dynamic anyways!

I think what they mean about reducing the amount of devices is more along the lines of cutting out the overlap where you have things like the 9360 and the 9790 targeting very similar price ranges or putting out a bunch of form factors that are not expanding the audience meaning no slider until bb10 is big enough that it would have its own audience rather than just stealing a few from either z10 or q10.

I think you are probably right about the first 5" device coming with a 720p display, it will still look really good and will have much better battery life than if they went straight to 1080p with it.

If they wander into the tablet space again, i'd like it to be 10 inches with a digitiser. At the moment, the only options for people who want a stylus (i enjoy drawing. I didn't say I'm good... i just enjoy it), is a Surface Pro or the myriad tablets from Asus and Lenovo, and each has relatively poor battery life, compared to an iPad.

I think there's a segment in the tablet space which is geared toward artists as well, which isn't being serviced by the iPad at the moment, due to the rubberised styluses available (and Apple is reportedly looking into styluses - google "Apple patent stylus")

But a 10 inch BB tablet would be a great companion for my Z10: Sketch during my work lunch break, and ink on my Wacom when I got home.

I don't think they would specifically target artists, but taking a slightly less mainstream approach to their next tablet does seem likely, they would want to offer something to businesses that had moved onto bb10 and also something that was not aiming at the zero margin part of the market as they need to make money on their hardware.

Agreed. Their focus is quite corporate although I feel they simply can't just match what's already out there, because the iPad is the "go to" device in that space. Bridge could make it stand out to IT, but there needs to be another function that can't be met by other, more popular products. Handwriting, or noting on PDF documents would be a plus for me. Feels more natural than trying to type notes when in a meeting.

But that's me :)

For upcoming BlackBerry devices, I've been hoping for something bigger than the Q10 in regards to screen size. Something like the R10 on this image, would be fantastic. I would definitely want it to have a beefy battery like the Note 2, for a power user.

Z10, original PlayBook software improved to BB10, and full bridge function again. The PlayBook was my larger screen to my phone when on the fly and required better viewing of emails etc. This was a fantastic pairing that other platforms simply did not match, and non blackberry users couldn't appreciate. I could use my tablet while tending to all my messages that were happening on the phone without removing it from its holster. BlackBerry users who bridge to a PlayBook know what I am talking about and know what I hope BlackBerry returns to us. As for a phablet, not required. As for a 10" not portable enough. Plug your 7" PlayBook into a tv, or projector and use your phone to run it....amazing. turn any tv into a smart tv that is already configured to you. I think that is what most people don't get, and BlackBerry failed educate the masses on. When people are at my place they are blown away on how the PlayBook turns my big screen into a computer and an entertainment center.....come on BlackBerry. Simple, PlayBook on BB10, and the z10!

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As if talking loudly on one cell phone in the public is not obnoxious enough. Now we get to see someone yelling at the ipad size phone. I tell ya, people are asking to be smack with it.

There has to be a z10 update! How can you say you are rebuilding on the platform with this phone as the first to get the company off the ground and then abandon it within the year. It already has last gen processors it is going to look bad if not updated in a year with faster chipset. Keep improving on your successes, don't flood the market with devices so soon. I don't care if the market is going toward bigger phones, be unique, keep improving what you have and make your place in the market. Think about 2007 when iPhone came out. At the time phones looked very different and Apple received a lot of criticism for using a software keyboard, not supporting flash, ... We all know what happened next. Blackberry should make great products no mater what they look like or how different they are from the iPhone or S4. People want BlackBerry for BlackBerry.

Keep the PlayBook name intact. Is a unique name but run it on the BB10 OS. Have BB10 curve like for the youth or low range. This could have a radio, a bigger screen, a full touch screen, higher resolution with interchangeable skin, (brighter colors) I love the size of my PlayBook, it fits into my hand bags. Honestly I love my PlayBook, but I wish it will run the BB10 OS. When people pull their IPhone, S3 or whatever. I pull my PlayBook and people keep looking. I always get a lot of attention with my PlayBook :). I get people saying to me; is that a Mini IPad?, nob, as I always say to them. Is a Blackberry PlayBook. Oh, that is really neat, and portable as they talk back to me. I watch movies, I write my codes, I update my servers all from my little Playbook. Is a great tablet. Yes people want a bigger screen phone, but how do you fit that in your pocket in the case you don't carry a handbag like I do. :) lol. Another great feature of the PlayBook is the Bridge. This is why I love the PlayBook. The first thing I ask the T-Mobile representative was the Bridge feature. The Bridge feature is a blessing to any PlayBook owner. Again just get it running on BB10.

If a better price point is what it will take to gain market share and remind everyone how great the BlackBerry 10 experience is then all the better. What we also need to see is the real power of the BB10/QNX platform and how it will take us where iOS and Android cannot. Something beyond the hundreds of thousands of useless apps that the American media and analysts fixate on.

If you have a "road map", the next thing you must have is a "vehicle"... and that "vehicle" must be well designed and equipped enough to pass those terrains, curves, obstacles, etc...

Or you can simply change your "road map" in accordance with your "vehicle" capabilities and limitations...

With all previous manufacturing and manpower down scaling done by BlackBerry, I don't think they have a good "vehicle" right now to follow that road map... in case, that is really their supposedly leaked road map...

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Is it possible for BlackBerry to do a "Global Broadcast" via BBM to 80 million of their existing customer base, to promote their BB10?

I know it sounds crazy, but i think its really needed... and yeah, that's spamming.

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I been saying for while that they need to come out with a Q10 XL. Looks like that R10 will be that device. AWESOME. However we know how long BB delays now to put out an good product. So Q2 of 2014 is a bit optimistic.

I'd like to see my PlayBook running the same software. This is something that people like about Apple. Their operating system on there tablet is the same as their phone.

Blackberry bridge working the way it did with bb7 is something I would like to see also.

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I sure hope BBRY does enough research on OPTIMAL screen / keyboard size that people want. The current size is perfect for me right now, as I can type fast with 2-thumb typing, which I never thought was possible on a touchscreen and the Z10 proved me wrong. I don't mind a bigger screen BUT don't compromise on my typing speed AND we can't afford to have it heavier.

I suspect the U10 is "a slider" form of BB10 device. Anyone who owns Torch 8600/8610 is well aware that the area where's the top and bottom part of the slider met is curved and concave. Reason being for the adjoining part shaped that way is to provide better grip for the thumb to flick the top part when sliding it to open the keyboard. If indeed U10 is the "Slider" BB10, it seems like BBY has listened to the input from the Torch 8600/8100 users who ask for a full wide QWERTY keyboard style of BB Bold on the slider form factor. That being said and examining the dimension of the picture, I believe it could possibly be the full QWERTY slider BB10 since the glass part which ends at the bottom is curve, and it could be a very thin slider device since it's wider enough to accommodate internal component and battery.

I think that L means limited, because there are 3 colors for the Z10... So maybe the B10 L is a developer device and the U10 is its consumer version? Anyways, anyone notice the U10 looks like the Z10 (same speakers at the top)? I also think there's another color for the U10, not just black and white. That's what I think.

One thing to consider with the tablet-seeming device due this year, perhaps that is simply when they are targeting bb10 on the existing playbook as they have publicly cast doubt on a new tablet showing up until the time is right for them to do that, which would presumably be when bb10 was established enough that they didn't have to lose money on a new tablet to get people to get one.

The comment was 2 screen resolutions not sizes and even that would not remain the case permanently since they would need to increase eventually.

There is no need to increase. The z10 is on the large side already. There is a huge market for people who hate the galaxy s3 size

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I hope blackberry sticks to releasing high end devices for this first generation of BB10. I think they would easily keep the public's attention for the next year and become the economical BB option once the next cycle of devices debuts. Works for Apple haha!

They need to drive volumes sooner rather than later and need a cheaper option in a number of countries to really do that as boosting the user total for bb10 will keep developers interested.

Looking at the q10 and the z10, neither of those is ideally suited to dropping down to a lower tier, it would probably work out cheaper to replace the z10 with a 4.5" model when it went mid tier since those displays would probably be cheaper than the higher ppi 4.2" display that is less widely used and similarly a lot of the materials in the q10 are not going to get a lot cheaper either.

Hallo guys, I'm new here, and I'm from Indonesia. I just bought my bbz10, and I love it so much. Some local store can't keep up with the pre order so some people (including me) get the bbz10 later than expexted.
Here BlackBerry is only second in smartphone market share after Android, and almost all my friends have blackberry (I have around 450 contacts in my BBM). Between business people, students, young, old, blackberry remain a popular device. But most of them still use the lower end BlackBerry device, and Curve is the most common. So I think Indonesia is a potential market for BlackBerry especially cheaper, lower end device. Based on that, what I want to see from BlackBerry to get most this is mid range products of BlackBerry 10. Maybe one or two kinds of devices would be enough.

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Phablet should be a no. Curve or low end device should now a yes. They'd be turning their back on their loyal users if they forsake a low end device.

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If there are some cool features with a new tablet linking with the bb10 devices I'd definitely buy a BlackBerry tablet and ditch my Android in a heartbeat cause I'm in love with bb10 blackberry did an amazing job just waiting for Netflix that will be another key app it will need for me

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All I need is my amazing Z10 for now :)

I really think they should focus in getting the Q10 out ASAP for the keyboard lovers which I use to be. I didn't think I would like the touchscreen but I don't think I will go back to the keyboard since the typing experience on the Z10 is absolutely AMAZING.
Then get the two bad boys hooked up into more mobile computing... the possibilities are endless, vehicle integration, combine with Bluetooth keyboard/mouse and hook up to large screen for all you desktop needs, integrate with your home network to control just about anything in your home, NFC payments-BlackBerry's accepted everywhere :) .....unleash their mobile computing power!!

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Kevin, I agree with your reasoning regarding the size of keys on a keyboard and the time it takes thumbs to travel and type. In some ways this was the crucial insight of Mike L and the success of BlackBerry design. However, what I don't understand is why screen size must determine keyboard size? Sure, BlackBerry may very well simply scale up apps and most of the OS, but why not hard-code the keyboard to be precisely the size you feel is idea. No reason why you can't have a new keyboard for a new device, right? I mean making the keyboard smaller than screen size is hardly a technical challenge. I imagine it might be an aesthetic challenge, but nothing the folks in Waterloo and Europe couldn't handle.

I love bigger screens for web, multimedia, and message composition and I'd love to see Aristo match the S4 at 5 inches. :)

The squarish shape of the R10 does suggest it might be a format a little like those e-readers with keyboards. If so it's what I would like to see; a giant Q10 (5 inch diagonal)? A practical mini-tablet that could be used for serious work, with 1080 by 1080 resolution (i.e. 720 by 720 upped by a 1.5 factor, making app refactoring easy) and a combination of high typing speed and easy text editing.
Vertical applications, writers and students.

On the high end, I would like to see a U10 ( i.e. a combination of Z10 and Q10) which is a dual screen phone (not sure whether it is related to BB's recently registered dual screen patent) designer world phone for those who can afford them. To be competitive, the U10 should not be larger or heavier than the Z10. Technically it can be achieved by utilizing large scale integration of the electronics and by using super strong titanium light weight material for the casing and with a larger capacity lithium battery.

On the practical side, I would like to see a S10 (Stands for Swiss Army Knife) - a 3.5 inch, all touch, light weight, long battery life, super durable, drop-proof and compact, world frequency phone for the busy people and travellers. To be competitive, the S10 should be physically smaller and lighter than the original 3.5 inch iphone. This can be achieved by utilizing large scale IC integration, titanium or magnesium alloy casing and advance lithium batteries.

For the low end, I would like see a 3.5 inch, all touch, low cost regional phone; data usage and battery life optimized for regional wireless infrastructures.

For service fee generation, I would like to see BB offering a super secure encrypted voice, internet browsing and texting service to the mass population targeting those who want maximum securities over everything else. There would be a huge pending demand for this phone by anyone who wants maximum privacy - such as bankers, stock traders, drug dealers, members of organized gangs, the CIA etc., but at a cost much lower than what the German government has paid for last month with modified Z10.

For the new playbook, I would like to see a fold-able, light weigh, high resolution flexible touch screen to be used as a second monitor to the Z10. All the existing playbook functions should be built into future Z10 software updates.

Yeah...I'll take a revamped and updated Playbook with BB10 on it. I find my Playbook to be incredibly useful and the perfect format for portability...

Assuming the images are all to scale on the timeliness (and why wouldn't they be), he R10 looks a lot bigger than the Q10, and not a budget device. Am I the only one to notice this?

I would like a 7" tablet but 4:3 and very thin. Basically a iPad mini running BB10 but with HDMI out, USB port, MicroSD slot, quad core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, builtin DLNA server and client.

Before any of the above 'planned' events take place, please request Blackberry to provide us Blackberry Playbook users with the BB10 OS first. The rest can take a back seat.

A Blackberry Loyalist.

Really? The R10 looks much wider than that. It's got a square 1:1 screen it seems... which is inline with the Q10 resolution and aspect ratio.

I must say the U 10 has the wrong aspect ratio. It should stick to 16:9. The keyboard phone after it... why would people get a giant phone with a keyboard on it? Do Galaxy note customers want that? Of course the giant "Phablets" will need both hands but won't the centre of gravity make it uncomfortable to hold while typing for a long time? A screen this size is good for the U10, making the R10 pointless. Then again, I type in portrait mode on my PlayBook and I'm just fine for an hour. Hmmm.

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I would not mind seeing a curve type device, I think that will bring a strong customer base back to black berry. I still will love to get a slider running BB10 that would be the best.

looks like everyone ignored my post earlier this month saying there is a q3 FLAGSHIP BB10 DEVICE then, thorstein heines told CBS that....nothing more obvious then that...

oh dear crackberry you do piss me off lately

i think a lower end curve device runnin BB10 would be a good idea. that way even those who arent so rich can get in on the BB10 experiance.

I need the R10 to be a bigger better stronger bold with a bigger screen kind of like the galaxy note!

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Rather than just size and function, I think that they should look at a phone with amazing specs. Specifically, a huge battery that last for days and an amazing camera to replace digital SLRs.

Among other specs, a camera and battery life are talked about the most. Rather than making something something petite, they could just blow the specs race out of the water and then put that one to bed.

Really, a digital SLR with a battery that lasts for days could result in me spending more than $1,000 for a phone.

Idk about that, I don't think the technology exists to make the type of phone you're talking about that will be compact. I do wish though they would add a camera that shot like 60fps video in 1080P and allowed you to zoom as well while recording. I don't think there is a phone out right now that has that ability. I do agree BlackBerry NEEDS to come out with a phone that has a SUPER camera because of all the crap the reviewers have been giving it for years. An awesome Front facing cam would be awesome too because more and more people are taking self portrait pics.

4.65 inches would be perfect for me! I hope the rumored aristo is still coming out, and that they make another PlayBook soon! Gotta stay competitive

Totally agree! I'm tired of how sluggish my PB feels now. They need to release a newer one with external memory, thinner and make the screen bigger. I like the size just not the huge border. I'm talking about quad-core, 2gb RAM etc...the whole cake and then some!

Well all I can say is, if BlackBerry Releases a real live R10 Physical Qwerty keyboard phone stuffed in a GS2 to GNote form factor with a huge battery and all the standard BB10 smartphone bells and whistles, I will be coming to Waterloo to shake mighty Thorsten's hand personally.

I'm taking it all with a massive grain of salt. I doubt any of that is real or factual until we get more information on all that. Think about it people. I know I am.

The R10 is what the Q10 should have had been from the beginning. Also, although I love the Z10, I wish BlackBerry would have included 2 convenience keys. One dedicated for the camera and the other for whatever you wish to make it like they used to do it.

the only thing that I understood is that there will not be a bb10 update for existing playbook users but just a new pb with better specs...after all they said bb10 is coming to the pb bun they did not specify which breed of the pb...I spent my monies on a nearly useless apparatus...disappointed at bb

I hope this is a fake. The one issue I raise with it is that the focus is on devices that already saturate the market. Apple, Samsung and Google have turned their focus to wearable tech (well, rumours say) in the form of smart watches, wrist bands and glasses. Where does that leave BBRY?

I'm not saying Google Glass will be a mega hit, but talk of flexible glass devices is not exactly on the BB10 radar. Even a quad core flagship BBRY device will pale in comparison to a foldable iPhone screen.