Rumor: BlackBerry Slider to be Released Next Month?! (We'd like to believe.. but...)

BlackBerry Slider
By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Mar 2010 09:19 am EDT

Some BlackBerry Slider excitement is going around the net this morning based on a quote given by the CEO of  Korean-based parts supplier used by Research in Motion. According to the translation, the CEO of Woojeon & Handan said:

"The Canadian company RIM famous for BlackBerry smartphones is releasing a new model next month. Known as the "T," The new model is an ambitious product aimed at competing against iPhone's storm of success. Rim will present it ("T") as its flagship model to compete in global markets such as the U.S. and Europe." 

We've said in the blogs and podcasts lots of times now that the BlackBerry originally codenamed "talledaga" or "mr. t" for short is RIM's vertical slider device, so there's no doubt in our minds here that the slider is the device here. As for getting released next month, well.... I'd love to believe it, but think that's a bit optimistic.  Though I guess it always depends on the definititions used in the smartphone game with words like released / announced / launched, etc., but I have my doubts you'll be able to walk into a store and buy a BlackBerry slider by the end of April. 

If you think about it, RIM still needs to announce/release their new 3G BlackBerry Pearl and the essex (was a Bold 9650 apparently) has to hit the market one of these days too. With these two devices more likely to launch with 5.0 software than the new 6.0 software expected to be unveiled on the slider (which we have yet to see a peep of leak out), it seems more likely slider will appear later in the year rather than this coming month. CTIA happens in Las Vegas next week, and we're not expecting to see any big device announcements at this event at least. WES is at the end of April this year though, and RIM does have a habit of announcing devices shortly before that event takes place. We'll keep our fingers crossed for the slider, but we won't get our expectations to far along just yet. If it were to be released next month though, that would be the quickest turn around time of seeing leaked images of a new BlackBerry and then being able to buy it since I've been around the BlackBerry space. It seems things always take longer than you'd expect.

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Rumor: BlackBerry Slider to be Released Next Month?! (We'd like to believe.. but...)


The question is: If it were available by the end of the April, would you actually buy it? I might actually drop my bold 9000 for it. But I am still on the fence really.

I would absolutely trade in my 9000 with its stupid trackball for that phone... And because I have had this 9000 for a year and that's record breaker for me!

Really?? Your talking about a Bold here not a curve with that little silver ring that is set to fall off at any second. I have never had a trackball problem with my Bold 9000 or my 8900.

I'm shocked to see 6.0 emerge so quickly. It's completely out of left field. 5.0 is still crawling out (Tour on Verizon?), and now we're already talking about 6.0 before the year is over? It makes me think RIM is rushing it and there really won't be much if any changes besides a simple UI reconfiguration, which is very minor considering what RIM really needs to get done with their OS.

P.S. You forgot the "i" in "images" in your third to last sentence.


The word gangster

I'm wondering if OS 6.0 is what OS 5.0 was supposed to be, only 5.0 was rushed (even though it took forever to come out itself) - they were the same OS update initially, but then they were like "OH NO WE ARE TAKING TOO LONG, LET'S JUST STAMP THIS AS OS 5.0 AND WHEN WE ACTUALLY FINISH IT FOR REAL, WE'LL RELEASE 6.0 WITH A DIFFERENT DEVICE!" - probably not true, but, you know, would be kind of funny. You have to admit, as others have, OS 5.0 has just small, incremental updates compared to 4.6...I mean, they are nice updates in UI, but, nothing groundbreaking or amazing or anything. Nothing that would ever hope to compete with Android.

For the everyday consumer, 5.0 brings practically nothing new to the platform. Only us advanced users can really notice changes. And even so, those changes are still very minor. The only reason I even bothered loading a leaked 5.0 OS on my device is because I wanted to get rid of the 552 errors that came along with 4.7. So technically you can make the case that 5.0 isn't bringing new features, but rather it's just fixing problems that shouldn't haven't been there in the first place. And I know everyone goes crazy about threaded SMS, but in my opinion that is incredibly overrated.

Would be cool to see OS6 but we really haven't gone through the months of leaked screenshots to believe this. The slider looks unpolished as well.

Maybe they should double check that to see here! BTW - They RELLY think THIS thing is going to compete with the iPhone!?!?! I really hope that this phone is much more than it looks....

I could see it getting announced by the end of next month, but not available until June/July, something like that...which if the Sprint rumors are true, I would pick it up in a heartbeat..thank you being a Sprint Premier customer and upgrades every year at the 2 year price!

I was thinking the same thing. It may be announced sometimes next month, but it won't go on sale until sometimes in July, maybe even August.

Would actually be very interesting to see RIM put this phone out by next month.
Considering all other devices have been pushed back on their release dates before this.
Either way will it be interesting to see what happens hopefully it will come out and we'll all be stunned,
I was originally going to get the dakota but after seeing this and if they do come out with it soon I will be grabbing this one up.

Definitely would have to mess around with this phone first before even considering buying. Is the weight dispersed does the touch screen it awkard using the trackpad when the phone is slid shut, etc. Of course since I'm on verizon, its a moot point for me. It will be funny though if this comes out before the Tour 2/Bold. Been waiting to swap out my Tour with a tour2 now for a few months.

So we can't even get the Tour2/Bold released and rumors are already surfacing of the slider being released in April? VERY VERY doubtful.

I hope they come out with the slider blackberry soon....I wanna get my hands on one so I can test it out and really see what it is capable of. Cmon and get it released already!!

This really seems sudden... I would like to get my hands on that phone before making any decisions, although Touch Screen - Track Pad - Slider... and all that on a BlackBerry? To me that's like every little boy's dream! Then again, this is too quick, I need time to savor it! I'm not ready yet!

I live in Waterloo and usually my friends who work at RIM will tell me about stuff like this shortly before its release. Haven't heard a damn thing yet about this one. So this is hard to believe. A few of them have 9100 pearls now though so I imagine that is not too far off...

Don't really like the style of it, I'll be sticking with my 9700. I know one of my friends is switching to this one when it comes out so I'll probably just toy around with his for a bit and then make my final decision.

Would love to see it come out next month, but there's no way that will happen. Has there ever been a BB released this quickly? We just found out about it a couple of months ago and now they are saying release??? Doubt it . . .

On the slim chance that it does come out so soon I feel a lot of us will be caught with our pants down. Me personally this is for the reason of not knowing what other PREMIUM models will be offered in the near future. The main point being we need to know if DAKOTA still exists so we can decide if we should hold off for it. I feel the reception of the idea of the dakota was more warmly welcomed then the slider idea so I imagine many are in this boat...KEVIN,do we truly feel Dakota still exists? If so is there any new (even minor) development news?

i second that comment. i've been waiting for the Dakota, but all news about it died down.

i also have a sneaking suspicion that the slide IS dakota. dakota was probably a prototype that eventually turned into the slider.

The blackberry "T" model has no comparison to the iphone. Think about it, a slide out keyboard?! If the touch screen is similar to the blackberry storm, I wouldn't waste my money. Ill stick with my bold 9700.

Why couldn't this have been designed with a horizontal slide or flip feature? That would make the keyboard a full QWERTY and allow for the keys to be bigger.

That's what I said! I'd buy it if it was a horizontal slider but the vertical thing...BLAH!

Personally, I know every company is in the business to make money, but I think RIM is pushing it a little too far with the release of all these new devices, especially when the devices old and new have issues that people are constantly trying to get addressed (IE: Tour1 and Storm2). Yet on top of that, no 5.0OS release yet for the Tour1, the Bold/Tour2 isn't out, and you're already pushing OS 6.0 and a slider? I mean, come on?!?!

Quit the bullsnit and fix what's broke! Don't come out with more stuff that'll break (probably) and say to heck with the hold! Cheese n Rice!

I'm trying to understand what's so good about a horizontal slider? I have never used a keyboard as well designed and easy to type on as my BlackBerry keyboards. Every horizontal slider I've tried is a disappointment by comparison.
Plus you can't use horizontal sliders one handed. Maybe you guys never use your Berries without both hands, but it comes in real handy sometimes.
Plus, I guess you'd have to eliminate the trackpad too with a horizontal slider.

Maybe it's just me, but I can't see why I'd want a horizontal slider instead of vertical.

Am I missing something? Please help me to understand...

Ipaq had This design way back in 2002/2003. Yucks. Probably to cut costs; RIM is buying over run frames of other brands and loading their stuff in. If that's the case (pun intended); I think this model is not going to be very successful.

Unless, they include breakthrough technology and features in it.

Everyone gets used to a certain cycle and then when something happens out of the norm it blows their mind. Who's to say this is early? I mean this thing is competing in the iphone arena, isn't it possible that RIM played this one very close to the cuff? I mean I could have sworn I read in one of these blogs not to long ago Kevin or Blaize made the comment that this model would never see the light of day and here we are. All I am saying is this could have gone through all of its normal cycles of development but RIM just did a really good job of keeping it hidden from the general public. Just because we haven't seen leaked screen shots of it for the past year people refuse to believe its possible. All I know is I have been waiting for the Tour2/Bold to hit Sprint but if this thing is even remotely possible this year, I am waiting for it! Worse case scenario for me is I get my Tour2/Bold a little late and at a better price off eBay ;-0

I could see an announcement made at WES but a launch? That does seem way too fast. I think this phone will be a big seller and shows that RIM is continuing to cater to the public with several different form features instead of trying to fit everyone into one format.

The line regarding competing against the iPhone is what caught my attention. Short of God having a hand in the making of this phone it's not going to hold a candle to the iPhone. Lackluster browser and touch screen that still has a way to go, based on the Storm series. Maybe BB is really trying to pump up their suppliers.

I find it funny that an individual uses their own perspective as the consensus as the norm, a little narcissistic in my opinion. I have played extensively with my brother in laws iPhone and as a messaging device the iPhone (In my opinion) does not compete with my Tour. I carry my Tour, a MIFI card and a iTouch with me everywhere I go. I use my Tour as my only messaging and work device. I use my iTouch as my toy, listening to music, podcasts and surfing the internet/playing games. When it comes to email, text messages and editing my excel spreadsheets the iTouch cant compete (for me) to my Berry. I need that Blackberry keyboard to be effective (accurate and fast) to get any real work done. When I have time to play or I need to look something up on the internet my iTouch blows away my Berry. I am hoping with the new web browser coming out this new slider gives me my Berry keyboard with the real estate of a full screen and a fast browser. If these combos work well I will still carry my iTouch but it will only be used for listening to my music and podcasts (To save on berry battery life) and my slider for everything else. Then the MIFI bill can go away. Time will tell but when it comes to getting work done for me personally the iTouch and iPhone does not compete with my Berry, not even close. The thing is I understand that is only my opinion and is not shared with everyone.

I call shenanigans also on that supplier. End of the year seems more likely for the slider to release. I would really like to play with one as it looks like a form factor I would be interested in. Until then my 9700 rocks!

If they released it next month, can you imagine how many bugs it would have? Look at how many issues the 9700 has - read through the forums - it's one of the most problemcatic BB's, and it's just a traditional format... with something new like the Slider, it would be a complete disaster if released this early... it's not like there's be any spotted protos out there in the hands of many to do some early debugging... And if so, it would be way too well of a secret for RIM to keep... their not Apple when it comes to secrecy, that is certain.

I believe that is by design not a lack of security. I think RIM puts these leaks out to stir up buzz about upcoming devices. I understand that it is unlikely that this is coming out soon based on past releases but it is just as plausible that it may come out soon. Not saying that it is or isn't coming out soon. I am just saying that if it does I wouldn't be surprised at all and I am looking forward to it VERY much. This is the device I have imagined RIM to come out with but settled in my mind it never would come. Now that I see pictures of exactly what I had dreamed up in my head as a perfect Blackberry device coming to fruition, I personally cant wait for it. I am even willing to deal with the inevitable bugs that will come with it until the slider2/Tour/Bold comes out that fixes all the issues a year later :-)

...I don't get why it has the big screen like the Storms but a trackpad for navigation. The trackpad is ok, but I think that with a screen that big, touch is the way to go. Also, I think I would make it a side-slider. Granted, RIM has always gone with the look of the traditional, hold the phone-verticaly-keyboard. With a side-slider RIM could address the situation of people with big fingers. I suppose it will fit a niche in the retail market. As far as the 6.0 OS, hook us all up with that! I'll stick to my Storm2 for now. ;)

I don't think this phone will be dropped at the end of april for the sheer fact the photos were just leaked.

If it were to be released I would wait until it went on promo for 100 after rebate instead of the 200 right out of the gate.

I heard a rumor from some Verizon manager that there could be an Android'ish project between rim and google. Just reporting what i heard.

The 9100 has been leaked/talked about since last October. It's had a generally overall good response (I want it). Some 5 months later and there's still nothing official about it.

This thing makes it's first appearance just about a week ago with a mixed bag of good and bad responses.

And it's got a release timeframe already?

I could be wrong, but I have to call BS on this. Remember when everyone was thinking that the 9100 was going to be announced at CES? That didn't happen.

Could this be the reward for Sprint because of VZW's recall of the Tour2/Bold9650?! Since sprint had the 5.0 for the 9630 and was ready for a release. If so, go Sprint!

Think about this. Sprint anounced the Nexus one, and another phone, the supersonic I believe.

Sprint also was said to have been testing a touch screen BB. Also, they said that 2010 was goign to see a lot of new BBs.

If this comes out, I would get it. It's not goign to be sure type, or whatever it's called on Verizon, either, becuase i've heard that's an exclusive. And plus if you have a keyboard already, why would you put that in there?

Either way, some interesting things are coming.


People have to remember that the field testers get this phone for at least a month or two before its every released to the public. We still haven't even seen a live model that turns on yet. Just a shell with a different battery thats doesnt work. Someone could figure out how to rig a battery that works in the phone pretty easily if it actually had a OS loaded onto it. Right now its just a dummy phone.

I would think that as the article stated, the new Pearl and Tour/Bold has yet to arrive. Unless RIM has been working on the slider for a very long time, I can't see it arriving anytime soon. The announcement has not been made yet, from anyone. As makaveli28 said, we have not seen a live model yet. It will be some time before we see this BB! Right now it is just pictures of a non operative BlackBerry. UFN (until further notice).

I'm sorry RIM but you can keep this one! Yeah yeah...Don't buy it you say? I won't I assure you! Release the Pearl 9100 RIM! Now that thing is sexy ^_^

If it is released this quick it probably doesn't have the fabled touch screen. It's probably more like a Nokia slider than a Pre. If this is the case then that would also account for it not haveing sure press. If they do leave the touch screen off the device it would be a simple matter of slightly altering the existing OS 5.0. It would also explain the need for the track pad. have there even been any photos released showing a operitive touch screen? still it would be a cool device too have.

It has been my understanding that sliders and flip phones wear out easier. I'm a fan of the brick/candy bar type phones for that reason. No issues so far with my trackball on my Tour from Sprint so I doubt I would invest in a new BB. I'm kind of like some others here and I have owned a lot of phones. My BlackBerry Curve was nice and I wouldn't have upgraded if not for my wife wanting my Curve so she pushed me to the Tour.....WINK,WINK and she said I should upgrade. BlackBerry should maybe concentrate on keeping the quality high and develop more apps that are useful for the everyday BB abuser. A longer lasting battery for all of us seriuos BB addicts would be sweet also.

released just next month it would be another Storm 1 fiasco where the product released seems to be "unfinished" or rushed to market......Not a good thing for a device such as this. They need to fully bake it before releasing it.....

This looks like it would function similar to the palm pre. But also looks like a 9700/storm 2 hybrid in appearance. I would consider getting this depending on the weight and how the touchscreen works, hopefully its multitouch.