Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook 2 details and specs

BlackBerry PlayBook Colors?
By Bla1ze on 31 May 2011 05:51 pm EDT

If you've been reading up on all things PlayBook then it'll come as no surprise to hear that it's been suggested a 10" BlackBerry PlayBook is in development cycles already. In fact, we've noted it on more then one occassion in the past and have always held the firm belief that the next generation of PlayBooks will offer more choice when it comes to size. Details for the device however have been sketchy at best and now some new rumors have popped up for consideration. According to the rumors suggested now, the BlackBerry PlayBook 2 will be rocking:

  • Black & white colored models
  • SIM card slot
  • 4G/WiFi only, no 3G version
  • Thinner frame around screen
  • Able to connect to BES without BlackBerry Bridge

The black and white options are pretty much a no brainer, we've already seen colored versions but have yet to see them come to market. The rest, well -- we'll leave those rumors with you all. Sound off in the comments.

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Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook 2 details and specs


Giving consumers a choice is certainly a good thing but i'm sticking with the 7 inch form factor

I like the portability of a 7 inch a well. Can't fit a 10 inch tablet in my pocket.
I guess it may attract some iPad people.

YES!!!! about time i need this thing on LTE malibu is on fire with LTE i would take a 10" just because its blackberry i dont mind holding the extra weight even though the two blackberries i hold everyday is a lot of weight with all the technology under the hood

At this point, I don't care about the size as long as i have an expansion slot for memory cards. I know that it doesn't say that but, how can it be blackberry if it doesn't!!

RIM needs to make a vote on that good point but remember we dont get to vote on features so i guess we just have to wait and see just glad they bringing the full blitz to the ipad2

it all about money, how much do you think 16GB or even 32GB of ram can cost them at the quantity they buy? by not putting the SD slot they force people who want more space to buy a higher model for a premium that increases their revenue overall... this kind of pisses me off, but hey, thats life and business...

Apple tried the same approach but we all know how that went down the drain on they iphone line when they fist started i think it might be cheaper its up to the carriers thats the ones who makes the money off us with all them fees and state taxes thats ludicrous

NO NO NO NO!!!!! don't get rid of the big bezel around the screen i love swyping thru the os it's one of the coolest features of the tablet OS

Awesome, I love the 7" playbook size and I don't think I would buy a bigger one, but RIM is definately losing a big market share by not having a 10" version, I know several people that would buy a 10" version if it exists...

BTW, what is so important about black and white versions that you consider a no brainer? I think the current PB design / color is beautiful as it is...

In peoples minds today if its not like android or iOS its not competing so i guess RIM decided to piss GOD JOBS off this time and throw a white one on deck but if im not mistaken i've seen a blue one and green one before it was released

It's not important..but the fact colored versions have already been seen makes it a no brainer.. Of course they're gonna have colored versions. They already exist.

They better add a lot more than this if they want to put a '2' after the name, even apple did more with the iPad 2.

Well honestly Apple didn't do that much, the IPAD 2 just got the cameras (which they could have left out considering how poor they are) doubled the RAM to 512MB, (a far cry from the playbook's 1GB), the processor was a no brainer to stay competitive and finally they beveled the edges to make it appear thinner. Those 4 things..well 3 excluding the cameras are all that apple did.

I wouldnt be surprised if sprint gets this thing first they were the first ones advertising it on they website little over a year now so we all knew a 4G version was coming but only thing im not understanding is how big is the 4G antenna inside that thing for the screen size to go up and the bezel to get smaller? RIM you confuse me sumtimes

I love my 7" Playbook because it is easy to pack with me, which is the biggest reason I bought a tablet. I need something that has more capability to browse than a phone, but is more portable than a laptop. If I was going to take a 10" tablet with me, I might as well bring my laptop instead.
That said, for business and in a retail environment where we want to work with clients, the 10" will be the bomb. The day it comes out, we're getting two of them for inside business with clients. When I am on the road, I'll be taking the 7" for sure.

Those are some rather weak rumours. If a PlayBook has a cellular radio it can connect to BES or BIS like any other RIM device. And since RIM already announced a solution for WiFi tablets, it's not really a new feature.

I'm REALLY a blackberry fan! But after seeing that, I get a bit angry... RIM (I know that one is a rumor) always shows great new things what is coming up - but all I have seen the past few years was a kind of disappointment... Remember the the high-end device Torch? I was so excited, then they put in the old Bold 9000 processor. But it was running with the new 6.0, which "only" turned out as a 5.0 upgrade, so RIM announced that there will be a revolutionary update to 6.1 - which now is named OS 7 and only will run on upcoming devices. So no 6.1 for 9780 and Torch users. No more "real" support for devices that a younger than a year. Slap in the face Or: First official announcement of the playbook? I was excited, but then it took over(!) a half year to see the real thing, which started unfinished in stores with a lots of failures. Even today the first playbook does not run as it should - and now there are rumors about the second version of it?! Come on, a thing that still is not finished shall not give you the feeling to be outdated soon... :( Please, don't get me wrong, I still stay with BB - but those things me shake my head.

Keep upgrading.
You need to upgrade every quarter, or you are not with the times!

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade !

I highly doubt this will be called Playbook 2. They will release it and say " The Playbook, now available in 7' and 10' form factors"...but sounding a little glitzier then that.

call it "Playbook X" and make it cool, fun like a consumer product should. RIM should differentiate the 10" with the 7".

let the Playbook (the 7") be a business product.

SIM card slot
Able to connect to BES without BlackBerry Bridge

I hope this will be available before I go on my trip to Europe in September. This is what I really want. BlackBerry Bridge must also be a option when I am on my home turf. The SIM card must not be locked to a carrier. It must be free to travel the world without be held hostage by my cell phone service provider.

Why does it have to be called the PlayBook "2"... it makes me feel that the first PlayBook is a bit outdated. :P.. But regardless the name, I'd stick with the 7" for now.

The Playbook has only been out for a little more then a month and there are already rumors for the PlayBook 2? I really wanted to get the Playbook this summer, but I am willing to wait for a newer one, as long as they make it 10" and 7" form factor and that the release isn't sometime next year. Of course, if thats not the case, the one that just came out will do, since there really isn't much difference, and I rather use my phone's data plan for the Playbook then get a new one, or pay extra to get a Data Share plan from Rogers.

This is ABSOLUTELY BS RIM. How about putting some resources on a new touch phone for some of us Storm 1 folks!!! You guys suckered us into buying this thing and now you've left us out in the pasture.

1. No one suckered you into buying anything.

2. Did you read the title? RUMOR.....

3. Did you expect to get complete specs on the updated version of a 2 month old device?

That is all.

Yeah they suckered us all right....promising something that never came to fruition. All the hype for the Storm and it never turned out to be the phone it was supposed to be.
I don't care if it's rumor or seems that RIM has forgotten the phone business.
Never said anything about specs!!!
That is all.

Dear RIM, please fix, correct, update, the existing Playbook's myriad of so-called features before you try to produce yet another tablet. Don't treat the existing Playbook like you do your existing phones whereby you release it and then forget that it even exists one month later.

Sometime before I die, I would really love to be able to use what should have been there from day one, i.e., spell check, capitalize sentences, organize bookmarks, organize apps, being able to use the d*** thing for more than 5 minutes at a time without having to touch it over and over and over and over and over and over and over....well you get the point.

I am all for developing new products, but for the love of God, at least support the ones that you already have produced.

Wow....sounds to me like RIM has just shafted everyone that bought the original PlayBook........looks to me like they are concentrating on a new device, to the detriment of the original!

I am SOOOOO happy I returned my PlayBook.

Research in Motion has absolutely no consideration for their customers. Less than two months after the release of a VERY buggy device, and instead of fixing the mess, we are getting rumors of a PlayBook 2.


I fail to understand some of the negative posts here. I embrace this rumor which would be a win if RIM is truly able to launch this device before the holiday season.

It was stated clearly from the beginning by RIM's execs that we could and should expect to see different playbook form factors before the end of the year. I have always been resigned to the fact that I was going to purchased both sizes by the end of the year.

I don't think that this announcement takes away from the current model in anyway. You better believe that the OS is going to be identical on both. I expect the os to have revved a few times by then. To me this spells commitment to the playbook series.

The 7inch is perfect for me but the 10" is going to put the playbook on the map. More developers will do work for the pbook after seeing rim's commitment and an increase in demand.

I have to agree with you; this here is just a rumor and that rumor was already floating around when the 7" PlayBook came out and probably long before that, even.
Different form factors are already such a BlackBerry thing; it would be highly out of character for RIM not to do this with their tablets.

It does indeed signal commitment to this market that RIM continues work for this 10" baby, let them do that to their heart's content. As long as follow-through on the 7" is forthcoming (wouldn't mind updating by now, by the way), just keep it up.

And to those complaining that PB 7" is still not ready: you are so right. But then, it will never really be ready till it's dead five years from now. I don't mind being a sort of BetaTester with my own money, as I don't focus on what it DOESN'T do, but are really happy with what it DOES do; good wifi browsing, acceptable bridge browsing and good bridged email/calendar/bbm/contacts. The HD video cam is an unexpected delight so now I'm doing video where I never did that before...

The 10" is really appealing to me.
7" is just too small for what I do.
I hope it has all the PIMs.
That way I can ditch Outlook.

Good Luck

I personally feel 10" feels too awkward, I like 8.9" better andI really want the next Playbook to have full size USB 3.0, full size SD and HDMI. Also, if it had a Tegra 3 would rock! Lastly, I want to see some wesome games like Call of Duty, MLB 2011, Company of Heroes, Crysis, Grand Theft Auto, etc…oh, and a bit bigger power button.

I'm with you on the 8.9 inch form factor. and having USB 3.0 and (Full size) sd card integration.

doesn't 10 inch make it another ipad 2? i think so. then why not just carry a laptop/mac around. i like the 7 inch portability instead.

I would buy a 10 inch in addition to the 7 inch I already have. I hope the 10 inch has the same mag charger so you could share accessories. i would also hope you could share apps between devices.

I would probably swap out my wifi version of the 7 inch and go 4G and keep the 10 inch wifi only since it's likely to stay home more.

Bring them all on.

black and white? BORING

give us some of those colourful playbooks you teased us long ago.

still prefer the 7 inch size of the playbook.

4g is backwards compatible no?

RIM has a finite set of resources, just like everyone else. So if this "rumor" is true, I can see the development and updates of the original Playbook being affected. There's only so much developer time to go around. I like the 7" form, its ultra-portable and efficient

But RIM, finish with the current Playbook first! We all know there are serious updates people are wanting. Just have a look at the outstanding issues list we all filled in for you. Get the bugs and tweaks out of the way with the first one, learn your lessons, then go to bigger and better versions.

If you don't, the 10" playbook will be the same dog with different fleas! Writers and "reviewers" will say the same thing...."RIM fails to learn lessons from first Playbook. Unfinished product hits shelves..."

Look, I have some of hope for the PlayBook to be able to hold on to the Business users and to sell decently in the consumer market, but I'd be looking for unserved market segments.

I'd build one that didn't try to be thin, but which used the extra space for professional grade features:

- Hot swappable batteries, to keep running forever without stopping.
- The camera hardware from a Cannon SureShot or other great model.
- Bluetooth headset holder/charger built into the pad so it can work as a phone
- Headset would convert from one ear to two with SRS surround sound
- If it needs pullout antennas for great reception, then do it, don't follow the crowd
- Whatever antenna it takes to eliminate the "GPS Not Available in this Area" messages

Of course it would be either Swiss-Army Knife red or Dewalt yellow and black

why should rim care about the suckers who already gave them $700.00, when they can add spell check & a 4g radio to get you to give them another $700.00. the strange thing is there is somewhat of spell check in the browser.

That's what pisses me off about RIM the most, their development cycles. It seems with almost everything they produce there is a followup manufactured right behind it. Now I know this is common for technology today, but c'mon.

They hype the Sh*t out of their products and then sometimes less than a year later the new once comes out that has EVERYTHING the first one should of had! Take the Storm for instance. I bought a Storm then the Storm 2 came out! It was everything that the first storm should have been. Now the same is happening with the Playbook. People spent $500 plus on these things and now they need to prepare for the sequal to the Playbook to hit stores? This is why after my Storm 2 I am DONE with RIM!!

I hope they keep the 7in... PEOPLE ITS A TABLET NOT A NETBOOK...smaller then a netbook but bigger then your phone. u want 9-10in screens go get a netbook....U really wanna look like an idiot playing games holding up a huge screen... the 7in is perfect. as long as i could c myself watching a movie on the plane with it they had is sold...also keep BBM off the playbook...bbm via bridge is an added advantage to BB owners. I don't want 2 pins I would rather have it forwarded. 2 PINS for 1 person is retarded....I like having it forwarded because its bonus...oh don't got a BB oh to bad the PLAYBOOK is made for BB owners....having 2 PINS would have BB owners in a pickle however no BBM on the Playbook is a Pickle for to non BB owners.....we seem to have a problem... I look at it this if u r surprised that the Playbook does not have BBM then u should be surprised the Playbook does not make calls...BBM is with our phones... if you want in GO BUY A BLACKBERRY then u would have that EXTRA BONUS.....That's jus my opinion I don't want BBM on the Playbook...Native Email yes but not BBM..... and I think we will c this issue when BBM is released with ver 2.0 ...anyway what ever makes RIM strong..GOOOOO RIM....come read my posts and leave some comments 2
Jonathan K

As an iPad owner who uses the device mostly at home and not in bed the screensize is nice! If the Playbook had an option between 7 and 10 inch that would be the best and everyone could decide what screensize he/she prefers.

Including flash support that device would be an iPad killer. There are times when I miss flash on my iPad and I'm definitely getting a Playbook because I like RIMs concept.

An extra SD card slot would be even better!

I just got my bb playbook 3 weeks ago and the reason why I brought it is because of the portability of having it in my pocket at work and being able to use your it on the job without it being noticed by my supervisors. Of course I could have gone with the ipad but I fell in love with the bb playbook. Upgrading to a 10'' is not in plan for me but if RIM recreate the 7" playbook with the same functionalities as the 10"...then I would definitely buy it.

I have a playbook and I love this lil thing and I really hope that dont make it 10" like everyone else like ipad a laptop without its keyboard and be real to the tablet name and keep it small nothing more them 8"
And with a full size SD slot, SIM card slot