Rumor: BlackBerry Onyx II (delta) - A BlackBerry Bold 9700 refresh just around the corner?

By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2010 12:16 am EDT
Rumor: BlackBerry Onyx Delta - A BlackBerry Bold 9700 refresh?

There have been plenty of news floating around over the past two days regarding the BlackBerry Onyx II (delta). Some of hits on points relating it to the BlackBerry 9700a we saw the UAProf doc on previously, though that document showed the resolution as 360x480 (not 480x360) which previously linked the 9700a to the slider before it took the more official bump to 9800. But we're not exactly positive of the relation there so we won't speak about it but, rather stick to what we do know.

Judging by the rumors that are going around and things that we've been hearing as well, what we should be expecting Onyx II to be essentially a BlackBerry Bold 9700 with 512mb of RAM, a 5MP camera and of course the ability to run the fancy new BlackBerry 6 with Webkit baked in. The bigger addition to the rumors that we've been hearing on our end is that the device will also run a new updated processor and that can run OpenGL. If that is indeed the case and turns out to be true, it could be the first GSM device with OpenGL support (we're still not sure where the 9800 slider weighs in on the Open GL side of things... we're hoping it will get it first/too). If you tuned in to The Cell Phone Junkie Podcast last week where Kevin was a guest, he actually referenced the Onyx II and Onyx III (Onyx II has no touchscreen, Onyx III -- likely coming next year -- would add it). Lots of rumors floating around in BlackBerry land, that's for sure.

After hearing this news I began to really think about it and where exactly the Bold 9700 is going to fit in here. If it really is just a refresh of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 what does that mean for the current 9700 and its ability to run BlackBerry 6? Seems kind of strange to have a refresh of a fairly new device already in the works and it may not please a few people to know their device just got outdated so quickly, if all turns out to be more then a rumor.

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Rumor: BlackBerry Onyx II (delta) - A BlackBerry Bold 9700 refresh just around the corner?


I am Loyal to RIM, lol (dogs are very loyal),
I am logical.....

Its not about new phones...
Its about same hardware....
"OMG, I have just freed 1 mb after doing X things, I am so happy,
Ummmuh ummmmuh.. I love my BB so much",
This is not 80's or 90's...
CPU's are in Ghz now....
RAM's are in GB now....
NOKIA N95,N82,N95-8GB (released in 2005/6) has dedicated openGL hardware support.

RIM always sings same old song wearing different outfit.

Apple is greedy....
RIM is dumb and greedy both.

People wouldn't mind upgrading or feeling "out of date" if the new version was something worth buying.

Instead of focusing on software to fix current problems, they announce new device 3 months down the line, unaware that most people sign 2-year contracts.

Does anyone REALLY believe RIM couldn't have made the 9700 with 512MB, a bigger camera, and OS 6 functionality? This new "Onyx II" doesn't wow anybody.

Watch if it doesn't have OpenGL...A "Bold 9900" will be released in September and guess what, if you were the sucker to buy this one you don't get OpenGL.

That's not being innovative, or that "eventually your phone will be obsolete anyway"'s RIM making a half-assed effort every 3 months as they continue to fall behind Google. EVERY current BB (Curve 85XX, Storm 95XX, Tour, Bold 96XX+) should have the webkit browser. It's not a stretch. But they will force us all to buy a new phone.

Many people still walking with an old 9000, or 8900.
There contract will end soon. If RIM does it correctly they can make more profit out of the 9700II.

I definetly want to upgrade to this 9700II, i still have the 9000. 9700 is not worth 400€. 9700II will be if it will come.!

Because RIM knows people will eat up whatever they feed them. I mean just read some of these comments. Why spend money developing new hardware when you can cut expenses by releasing the same hardware and sell just as much? It's simple business and it's working. I don't blame RIM, I blame the people who blindly buy their products.

There's nothing wrong with improving devices and adding features to bring them up with the times. Most people who complain are most likely disgruntled owners who feel slighted that new tech is coming after they just bought theirs.

What has Apple done in the past few years? Added 1-2 more features that competitors have had for years and they charge hundreds more and people buy them up the yin-yang.

Also, improving a device that is the same in size to have a better camera, screen, RAM, addded touch support, new OS is called developing new hardware.

I'm just wondering why no love for the Bold 9000 refresh? The original BOLD was a beast of a device. It still has the biggest screen and keyboard for a non-touch screen blackberry and because it is the biggest, I'm sure they can put in at least 1 gb ram, 5 MP camera or above, bump the resolution up, add a bigger battery, add wireless-n and a front facing camera.

And I don't say that because I use one. Most blogs, polls, consistently rate it as one of the best looking BB's ever released. Also, a recent poll showed nearly 75% would prefer a 9000 refresh. Just imagine, having an even bigger screen with better resolution, room for a 5 MP camera or even 7 Megapixel camera, an 1850 MaH battery, wireless-N, possibly 512 mb or even 1 gb ram, trackpad, micro-usb etc...

Nothing could touch it save for the 9800 with its touchscreen. Fact is, the BOLD 9000 still has the largest non-touch screen, the loudest speakers, etc... The larger size should allow them to achieve all this.

Like I stated below I have an upgrade coming and am going with the 9800 which is why I'm not too upset about the quick release of the new 9700. If they were to "refresh" the 9000 with adding what you spoke of it would be a tough decision for me weather to go with my favorite Berry ever or go touchscreen 9800.

Apple actually makes huge improvements and only has one model. RIM makes minor improvements on all of there models. Its a joke what they do. Release a phone with no wifi or 3g then 6mons later release the same phone with wifi/3g... its like they're buying themselves time to just sit around doing nothing. So RIM will release 9700II with 512mb wtf why not more space. They increase the space just enough to handle there new OS. Its a BUSINESS PHONE thats needs F'N space. Truncated emails and lack of space on a business phone come on now. Thats a joke and there is no excuse for that.

I have an upgrade and am going for the 9800 but if I didn't and had to deal with a new device that was getting a "refresher" I wouldn't be happy to say the least.

WOW! I really wanna jump to the 9800, but with all the rumors, I'm scared to use my upgrade now and not wait for the bigger and better! What to do? The Onyx III sounds awesome!

I know the feeling man ! lol at least you don't have to look at them everyday ... temptation is a B****!

I don't think a refresh will necessarily "outdate" the current 9700.
People cry that RIM isn't moving ahead fast enough, but bemoan the day their current device gets "outdated".

What numbers do you mean? The numbers that show RIM is still the top smartphone producer?
And they are coming out with something different. The 9700 was new & different. The 9800 will be new & different, and they'll also be releasing an improved 9700.
This isn't Apple. RIM can make more than one device at a time.

RIM is losing customers, people are waiting for their contracts to be over and jump over. People are getting tired of the same old crap. All their phones look alike, and none can match Androids or even the new 4g iPhone. The 9800 looks like crap, its thick not sexy, has low memory, and no dual cameras, did I mention no Skype or even hotspot capability. Yeah they got tethering but a hot spot is alot better.

RIM is losing customers you say. What do you base that on? Do you have data? Is it just a feeling? The 9800 looks like crap? To whom? You? Again, based on what? Is Skype something that most BlackBerry users want? Demand? All their phones look alike? So how many variations of the I Phone are there? How about Droid? Do they all look "different?" Why do so many people get in such a tizzy about RIM. It's real simple: If you don't like the product, don't buy it. Is this some sort of contest to see who can out complain the next guy?

This is what i HATE about RIM. they keep releasing same stuff and screw customers. Im done. When the new iphone comes out, bye bye RIM. i really hope they bleed out customer like crazy

the only difference between RIM and Apple is that RIM releases updates for multiple devices each year and Apple updates one device. Either way you look at it you're getting a new device every year

@BluCheze and all the eloquent "+1" posters:
How are customers being screwed?
I can't follow the logic when people say this kind of stuff.
So, if they never came out with an Onyx2, then everyone with a 9700 is treated well and not screwed, but if they come out with an improved version all of a sudden those same customers have been screwed?
They still have the same phone: a great 9700.

Newer, improved models don't magically make the old models worse somehow!

If you want an iPhone, go get an iPhone. Getting one as revenge for RIM "screwing" their customers is silly.
Either you prefer the iPhone or you don't.
And oh boy you're gonna be mad when the next iPhone comes out. Then you'll have to boycott Apple too.

Anyway, have fun. We'll miss you.

They're most likely upset because they not longer have the latest and greatest device. Some people hate to be outdone. If they're on top they're OK. If not, then they tend to point blame.

they only used to make a flagship model once a year. i waited months for the 9700, so now that they're making a new successor so soon after i feel cheated and it doesn't stop at that. since there's a new flagship model coming out app devs are gonna stop focusing on my phone as well as rim focusing less on os updates for my phone. it doesn't bother me too much tho since this blackbrick was only usful to me for bbm, which i will keep my 9700 for and use another phone primary

I am soon ready for an upgrade to my trusty 9000, but was hoping for a larger keyboard than the 9700. This will be sweet though for an upgrade if it really does come out in a couple months!! :)

Wow, you people must have a ton of money to drop every time RIM announces a "new" phone. I wish I had that much money to waste...I mean spend.

Get it right the first time, Jeeezz

Who is really wanting to defend the fact that they are doing this yet again, not like a new model or anything, same form factor just with Specs that should have been on the first

IE: 9630 and the "bold/tour" whatever re-do crap

DROIIIDD does...RIM doesn't and yea Google/Android and even apple have new phones popping out but they make major changes not tweaks and charge you all over SMH...

How do they expect to have loyal customers, if they are not loyal to the existing customers anyways?.

Come on, I would like to know what would you feel if you get that new 9700a Onyx II, and a couple of months later, they release 9700ab Onyx III at the same price or lower...


WTF is your problem? What does RIM owe you? Loyalty? Please... You wanted a good device, RIM offered it (9700), you bought it. Done deal.

Go to your local car dealer or wherever you got your car and start complaining the minute the new model year is released. Clearly your car company isn't loyal by releasing a new model every year. Clearly your car is now obsolete. Release the fury man.

Good for them I guess. I wouldn't upgrade just because a new device came out.
I still have my 9530 until Feb. and I only upgraded because my girl went to VZW and it was bogo free and I was due for an upgrade and all the good stuff I was able to get and I got the S2 for $80 with a free Tour. If she didn't go to VZW, I would still be on my 9530.

I'm getting the 'refresh' as soon as it hits... With T-Mo reducing the 9700 to $0 ie FREE with new plan... The sign of EOL... Would seem plausible this updated 9700 could be legit!

That tells e that the current 9700 either won't handle the new OS or it won't run very good on it, why else redo a fairly new phone. Poor ass planning by Rim since they have been working on this new OS for a very long time. That is what happens when everyone else is overbuilding their phones and Rim still puts 5yr old parts in their devices. I never understood building a phone with such small memory capability, and a processor that is so small it is sickening. I guess this will force all crazy ass BB nuts into updating their phones once again. Just what Rim wants I guess.

I hear ya. I have never figured out why BB's have lacked in memory and processors. It seems like it should be easy for them. They make wonderful devices they just need to make them top end. And not just
Satisfactory. Cuz just satisfactory doesn't cut it in this industry anymore. But I do love my BB. And if I can get a refreshed model of what I have I think I would love then more. And if they wanna up the processor, they should slap in that new dual 1.2ghz ( and then make a new beast of a phone.

rediculous if true. not for new users im sure but for people who just recently had to resign a 2 year contract to get the bb 9700 this is BS! they should atleast give us bold 9700 users an option like to trade in our phone and 50bucks more for the updated one. cmon RIM or TMOBILE!

after owning and using it for a while looking back... not really worth the money / contract extension. After loading all the apps you want and seeing all the limitations you start to think wtf was RIM thinking. And yes the BB does have more than a few WTF was RIM thinking limitations.

Just got my Bold 9700 a few months ago with new 2yr contract, if this comes out soon with the expected memory, camera, and whatever upgrade I'm gonna be pissed. And by pissed I mean b*tch about it on Crackberry pissed, not actually going to do anything or call up RIM and cry, I love my 9700, just would have loved the upgrades. Alright and breathe, no overreacting lol

What you can do is unlock your 9700 and sell it on craigslist then have enough to buy 9800 or what ever you like just a tip !

this is always my upgrade strategy. find out the new phone is coming out, call t-mobile and complain about the bugs in current phone. wait. repeat in 2 weeks. when new phone comes out, complain again and request upgrade. purchase phone at upgrade discount price and sell old phone on craigslist to cover the cost. sure I never reach that 2yr legit upgrade, but I always have the latest and greatest. If at some point they refuse, switch carriers to someone who'll sell me a phone for cheap or free for signing, and sell my old BB to cover the early termination fees. I'd love a refresh for my 9700, but if that doesn't work, switch to ATT for tha 9800, either way I'll be happy to have OS6 soon!

I got my 9700 a few months ago but if RIM needs to make a change then so be it. I hate when people here bitch about small changes or their device being out dated. Deal with it - things change, and change quickly. You buy a device for its present use not your future expectations.

This isn't a "small change" its not like 4.0 to 5.0 this has all kinds of new stuff. And its not like this thing without the web kit will save me money. I have wi-fi and still use over 200mbs per month this is a dumb move at a time where RIM is getting complaints from there customers. who wants a phone that's junk in 2 months that's what RIM is showing its doing. The Iphone and Driod don't do this stuff the Mytouch and Hero are still great the 3G can still do most of the things the new ones can but with apple you at least have a year to get your money up and an early upgrade this is a horrible dession. I still think the 9700 will be able to run the OS fine but and here's the but it won't have room for a lot of these "super apps" on the 64mbs of hard drive it will have left. All this could be sloved with letting apps go on micro sd cards. But this is stupid droping 2 new devices that run OS 6 and droping a lot that don't the 9700, 9100, 8500's and soon 9300 its crazy

Well said bro...
Changing handheld for small changes is total dumb decision


This is RIM's problem...
They can't do gigantic changes and come up with BB to die for..
Small changes and new device,..

"Hey we have 3G now.. With a BB logo with it...
How cute", totally bullshit...

"BB 9700-A with 512 MB memory", is it a change worth looking...

The 9700 was released in what, October of 2009? 7 months ago? RIM was already well underway on thier OS 6 development. so, if the Bold 9700 is incapable of running OS 6 becuase of its 256mb of RAM then RIM knowingly sold a product that they new would be unable to be upgraded within a year. Apple hasnt done that. Only now, THREE YEARS later is the original IPhone not being upgraded to a new OS.

SO GET AN IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeezus H Christ people.... Sorry some of you are feeling SO SLIGHTED... OMG, RIM should all send you a personal letter of apology and give you free BB's for life... Get a LIFE!!!!!!! It's called progress.... Who the hell are you to assume what RIM had going on when the 9700 released? OS 6 was FAR from ready back then anyways...

I don't see any Pearl 3G (9100) people getting upset that their BRAND NEW, even NEWER than your 9700, doesn't have 256MB...

suck it up man... your whining is pathetic...

Whining? Thats rediculous. Your blind loyalty is pathetic. I dont own an Iphone, I dont plan on owning an Iphone. Jeez, if just the mention of it makes you fly off the handle perhaps some proffesional help should be in your future.

you're the one moaning about obsolescence and dragging the iphone in as an example. Loyalty? please. I buy what I buy, and don't cry the minute the new model supersedes it.

If you bought the 9700 seven months ago to learn that it would not be upgradable to the mythical webkit browser and you werent upset you are a sucker. But hey, to each his own. Some people enjoy being abused.

Mi Canuck,

I think the folks that responded to your reply missed the point in what you said. When I bought my 9700 last year, I knew it was on borrowed time that it would be the king on the mountain. That's the way good business works!

I am not standing at attention over a WeBKit that none of my BB's have ever had, but I'm sure I will love it once I get it. I am just happy to see RIM moving in the right direction and maybe we'll be fortunate enough to enjoy BB's 5,10, or 20 years from now.

I may have to wait now; I was going to get the 9650, but the onyx III sounds like everything I've ever wanted.


Wait for more 10 years
And you will get. Onyx-XV
With 900 mb memory.

This will be ideal for you.

man there sure are a ton of new blackberry's coming out, too bad they're all identical and running the same OS with no new features for the last 3 years...oh well..

What planet have you been on? Same BlackBerry's over the past 3 years with no change? Are you kidding?

83xx Curve series started off with OS 4.3 Eventually got OS 4.5 where we could finally use Docs To Go and save documents to our SD Card. OS 4.5 was the best thing that happened since sliced bread.

Storm 1 & 2 RIM steps into the touchscreen market. Support for OS 5.0

96xx & 97xx Series Support for OS 5.0. Eventually adds Wi-Fi and Trackpads, and now additional memory.

I got it by putting out CRAPPY DEVICES they are going to lower stock prices to get more investors.. I think they better wise up and creat a new line of BB soon. They need to get off At&T's nuts get with the BB XL sounds right to me. Can somebody B*tch slap an android for me? BRing Back the Tour 3!

My English must be poor because i could barely understand what you were trying to say.

1. a lower stock doesn't mean more investors and more cash for the company (the money was given to RIM the day the shares were issued).

2. There is only a certain amount you can do with hardware. Personally, I think their current line up is pretty good and will only get better.

If it's a 9700 refresh with just more memory than my guess is that it'll be a quiet refresh. Meaning, it'll just start circulating in T-Mobile's and AT&T's inventory, but there won't be any formal announcement. Computer companies do this all the time (especially Apple with their MacBook line) and quietly bump the specs to make them more compatible with future software updates.

If it is just a 9700 refresh with 512mb memory though that sort of confirms that OS 6.0 will need 512mb and anything less more than likely isn't on the tab.

Soon I will qualify for an upgrade. Bold 9000 has been good to me. Decisions decisions. Liking the 9800 slider but this might cause me to wait. We'll see.

I highly doubt that we will have problems running os 6 on the current 9700. The 9700a upgrades are probably due to the low memory available after you install os 6. You probably won't have too much left for apps. This will be a problem for their flagship device. So this update will be silent to put the 9700 up to par with the os 6 requirements.

Anyway, I don't think ill be purchasing the 9700a for the extra ram and opengl and better camera. Too minor.

however they should go beyond the specs you listed

they need at least 1GB flash memory
5.0 MP cam
and an updated processor

The downside is that CDMA customers would once again feel behind

If my less-than-five-month-old 9700 becomes outdated and defunct right after I bought it, I'll be so sad. :-( If they don't give the current 9700 OS 6 support, I'm gone. It will be iPhone time.

defunct (adj.)
1. no longer living; dead or extinct
2. no longer operative or valid

Are you just using words that you don't know the meaning of? Or maybe you are just a troll.
Hmm, hard to say...

Yup, your 9700 will BURST into FLAMES the second the 9700a is officially released... it's a feature developed by RIM... for guys just like you...

Should have released like this, but what ever. Its not like the current 9700 is terrible by any means

The 9800 is probably my next phone when i replace my 9700, so no 9700 II for me thanks lol

RIM has run out of ideas for making new phones...therefore just doing tid n bits on old devices and getting out them as new

Are they REQUIRED to? Just an example: Look at Ford trucks. Basically has been the same thing since conception, but they've managed to do PRETTY well just updating the same model.

Its crazy people keep saying you will need a new device anyway well they just went ahead and made a new group (9700,9100,and 9300) all with are nice functional, fast, "old style", web savers. And the new (9650, 9800,and I'm assuming a storm 3) new OS, power full, nice, fun, app friendly, user friendly, web/battery eaters. Its crazy this is a junk move and I bet when the "tablet" come's it will only work with OS 6. This is an outrage so many people are gonna try and sell there 9700's that they'er gonna be worth like 100 bucks

i'll be really upset the 9700 wont be able to run Blackberry 6 and if they even come out with this so soon...UGH!

Sounds great to me... but what sort of time scale are we looking at here??

With the new iPhone and iPhone OS coming on Monday (if the news is true), how long can RIM wait to release their new OS and a handset with processor, camera etc upgrades to compete?

Next, they're gonna say no Storm3. They'll just take the S2 and add more memory and a better camera (maybe) and ship it out.
I feel bad for all the 9700 owners who feel screwed.

Being a Blackberry Bold 9700 user, having just bought the handheld 5 months before(before its official launch here in India), i am definitely not happy with this piece of news

Hells yea ppl are gonna feel screwed when your few month old device is updated with features that the first one couldve and shouldve came with in the first place. Let's be real, we all buy the "latest and greatest" devices thinking that they put everything they've got into this latest device so that we will be able to take advantage of any of the new features that RIM may introduce. I want the best for my money, don't we all? And then a big ol greasy slap in the face like this. Poor planning indeed. Or slick marketing tactics. We just all got tricked onto funding this upgrade. Either way, I shouldve went with another company, this is ridiculous. Rim your killing me here!!

Thanks God I don't upgrade my blackberry to 9700 or storm2.. If I did for sure I'm going to feel screwed.. This is the part I hate about RIM! What I miss is the secure feeling when buying a new device.. That knowing the device I buy is the latest and I'm not wasting money or make a bad decision. #FML

Its too easy to get caught up in the newest devices. I believe that a device isn't outdated until your needs change. As long as my current device does the job the way I want it, its not outdated. I will upgrade when I deem it necessary. The new 9700 sounds like a great phone, but there isn't a need to jump at it unless you are in need of a new device. Whatever is coming around the corner now will be there when my upgrade comes or there may be something better. Its just better to wait.

B1aze. 512MB of ROM. NOT RAM. If you're going to post on a site at least KNOW what you're talking about. The 9700 has 128MB of RAM, and from the looks of it the 9650 and upcoming devices will too. Took RIM 6 years to go to 128MB.

Buy whatever phone you want to buy. With electronics they will always keep improving. Once a new phone comes out that you are desperate for. Use a service such as (not at all advertising or suggesting this service but just mentioning this as an example) or any other similar service send in your phone get cash for it. Use that cash to break your contract and get a new phone...

I'm also eligible for an upgrade right now and was going to get the Bold2 9700 next week. But I think I'll hold onto my Pearl for a little while longer to see what happens with this. 512MB would be nice (although 256MB would probably be ok) and the 6.0 OS would be great along with the Webkit.

may go ahead and jump ship if my 9700 is already outdated!! rim needs to pull together and end their bipolar marketing and management style

On one hand I'd love an updated 9700 just to see what RIM would do. On the other hand...I JUST upgraded to the 9700 so there's go my Free Upgrade if a new phone is released. Hmm I hope its a rumor....for now at least.

anyone else should be pissed, doesn't mean we don't have the right to be.

Clearly RIM have been working on OS6 for some time and have, you would imagine, known for that same amount of time that 256 is not going to be enough memory to run the new OS. Yet the have been pushing out their latest and greatest phones available knowing full well they will not be able to upgrade to the new OS.

Given that I have known for some time that OS6 is coming but not knowing about the memory issue, I have in the last two weeks picked up a new 9700.

Given the cost of the thing I think I have every right to be pissed when I find out it will not be easily or well able to upgrade when I know for a very marginal increase in cost they could have doubled the memory.

I for one am in the pissed off at RIM and not at all happy camp.

the htc dream was released in october 2008 and actually runs better on the latest version of android 2.2 aka froyo

I think this "onyx II" should have been the original 9700 in the first place! I understand people will eat up ever new device and RIM want to make more money by releasing the same device with new specs, but honestly RIM should have thought of the customer first! the 9700 should have already had 512mb of RAM, a 5mp camera, OS 6 and OpenGL ready... why? cause they already knew it was coming when they released the 9700!

It's funny how everyone wants the latest and greatest, rather than getting a phone for their needs. I hear 97xx users all the time brag on how wonderful their phone is, and that they have the flagship BlackBerry. They walk around proud while everyone is wishing they could have their phone. Everything is cool until a newer device comes out that knocks their phone off the throne. Just the other day your phone was great. Now that you've read that a newer model has come out, RIM is stupid and you're ready to jump ship. I don't understand. How does your phone works wonders for you one day, then it's junk the next day? Phones will continue to come out with new features. If RIM didn't release new phones, we'd be complaining that RIM is sitting back and not doing anything. RIM has made some major steps over the last few years. I remember less than 2 years ago I was rocking OS 4.3 When OS 4.5 it was the best thing to ever happen for us BlackBerry users. We were finally able to save attachments to our SDcard, and we could finally use Docs To Go. They have since added Trackpads and Wi-Fi to their devices, and they've came out with OS 5.0 and soon to be OS 6.0
Those that will be eligible for an upgrade when this new device comes out will be happy. RIM can't help that your upgrade didn't come around the same time of this release. They can't please everyone when they roll out their devices. You just have to hope that when your upgrade comes along, a new device that you really want falls around that same time.
Stop complaining and embrace change.

It doesn't matter if the 9700 came out yesterday or the end of last year. To throw an upgraded model out there is a slap in the face to all of us that shelled out the cheddar to own this model. This was the first and is the last BB I will own.

So...they're never supposed to upgrade their phones then? The 9700 shouldn't exist at all? What about the Storm2?

Sitting here with my outdated P.O.S Storm 1, thinking to myself, wow, all of this sounds familiar. I think I had to do 3 battery pulls just to load up the crackberry site. =) i've seen several people here refer to other examples like Ford trucks staying the same and blah, blah. When I buy or build a computer (which is a much better example BTW) I don't think for a second that it won't be outdated in 1 week's time. But, I built it to last. Barring any hardware failure of course. It was built to run XP pro, but since I ha the foresight, I was able up eventually upgrade to 7 without changing a thing. This is the type of thing I expect when buying a phone. Its obvious that BB can't do that, sooooo, cya!

My main thing is that I was really excited to have the new operating system. Yeah, my 9700 won't be top of the line, especially once the 9800 comes out. I don't care all that much about that. I just wanted that OS 6.0. :-( And to find out there's no way for the current 9700 to get it, well. That sucks. The current OS is outdated and clunky compared to the likes of Android and iPhone. We all know that. That's why OS 6.0 is so exciting. I just think maybe they should have waited and released this "new" 9700 instead of the one they seem to have hurried to market.

Further support for the "hurried" to market idea is the HORRIBLE build quality of the current 9700. I mean, people are having broken trackpads within months. The chrome strips between the keys flake off. The bottom "chin" piece with the carriers logo is commonly found to be loose. Battery doors don't fit right, and there are often light gaps around the keyboard. And this device has only been out for eight months! I'm not saying it's a bad phone. No. I like it. But after a few months of owing it, it does feel like RIM rushed it to market and we got "sloppy seconds" while they were working on other things, like OS 6.0 and the new, revamped devices.

When I bought the Bold 9700 I paid for an efficient communication tool and that's what I'm getting. I don't care if the 9700a is released tomorrow. I don't care if the original 9700 doesn't get OS6. I don't need to have the "latest and greatest" to pretend that I'm cool. I rather have something that works and the 9700 does that and does it really well.

BMW updates it vehicles every year and you don't see consumers holding it against them for listening to customer feedback, taking it to R&D and moving forward. That is called, "business". RIM, Apple, Starbuck, etc and the company that made the computer your currently using does the same thing.

Its about progression and I wouldn't own a BB or other device if that companies maker didn't believe in R&D or product advancement. I remember when the Curve 83XX series was the greatest device in BB Land and then came the 9000! Its the way things work and as a consumer you should want things to work this way. So I have to ditch my 9700 for a 9700a, thats my choice to make or not make. I update my devices yearly not matter what it cost, because I love BB that much and others ride it out until their contract is up, but either way, RIM shouldn't slow production of a new device, just because yours or my feeling get hurt. I'm sorry, but they don't release a new device to mess with "your" schedule.

Sorry for the multiple posts. The site is hanging and ended up submitting more than once. I was unable to delete after it was done.

What exactly are people doing with their Blackberries that they need more then 256mb or even 512mb on the device?

I am running 9700/ and have about 12 apps installed. I am showing 120mb free.

Is bragging about the specs on ones phone the new way to flex your epeen?

I don't consider what your saying as bragging, because I have 21 apps 83 MB of memory left. To be honest 3 or 4 of those apps are not neccesities.

Iphone users get into d*ck measuring contest over apps, we BB folks need not go there. For what? Whats the benefit?

Memory is about having it and not needing it versus needing it and not having it.

RIM turning into a real cash cow. Its bad enough that they release "White Bold 9700" less than a year since the original, now they are talking about re-releasing the Bold 9700 *refreshed with biger memory,better camera, etc?

Couldn't they have at least done that to the "White Bold 9700" at least there would be a reason to upgrade to white with all the new fixins. I would be pissed if this rumor is true as I have hsd my Original Bold 9700 for less than a year and not a *refreshed version is coming out? I'd be even more livid if I were one of those people who bought the White 9700....

RIM back on probation in my books!

Hey RIM - if my existing 9700 will not run OS6 I will *not* be buying the updated 9700 - I will get an Android phone instead.

Even though I am not exactly thrilled by ther rumor, I purchased my 9700 knowing what I was getting and also knowing that something new could come out the next day!

The only thing I hope is that the 9700 with 256MB can still run OS6!

Question: does it have to be 512MB RAM or can it go on a memory card? (Maybe a dumb question)

As for the camera, there is a reason why I bought a high MP camera. My phone is just there for spur of the moment stuff and honestly my camera on my phone works great! Stop all the complaining and just enjoy your phone!

When they buy a CAR and there's a body-style change the next year. THAT would piss me off. My phone? Maybe it's just me - it's just not that big a deal. But I do buy many phones - blessed to be able to do so.
Keep in mind there are several BB's still running OS 4.X, with COMPLETELY happy customers. Same for 5.0. The majority of BB users are NOT CB nuts, and could care less about OS 6, or their processor, or their camera megapixels.
Get the phone or don't. I tend to agree that this 'refreshed' 9700 is what the original should have been, but then again that can be said just about every year with every new device.

GSM carriers and their handsets one-upping all of us CDMA guys. Why couldn't they have included the 5MP camera for the 9650?

And I'd be willing to bet that it'll even get Blackberry 6 before the 9650 too.

This definitely looks interesting - it will be interesting to see what the 9800 specs are - I have a 9700 but somehow the upgrade was never recorded by ATT and so I am still eligible.

THe 9700 fits my needs. I will try to be patient and not jump out and buy the 9700a. (it may take a lot of restraint as again, my current 3 months old 9700 FULLY meets my needs)hahahah. But...with RIM working on an LTE version for Verizon early next year, I may just jump to that one when it arrives.

I get it, to some of you RIM can do no wrong. But how can you defend them re-releasing a phone with slightly beefed up specs yet AGAIN? You sound like a bunch of yes men. Just because you like a company doesn't mean you can't be critical and call them out on some of their crap. Ever heard of constructive criticism? Competition is supposed to BENEFIT the customers. Even Apple is changing the form of their device. Sure it only took 3 years (I think Android might have had something to do with it) but one can argue RIM has been releasing tweaked versions of the 9000. And comparing RIM to a car manufacturer is ridiculous. Yes, they release new cars every year but there is a difference. Does Ford release 5 different cars in the same year that look pretty much the same with a few minor differences? No.

Every other site including Noah from Phonedog who is not a bias guy and calls it like he sees it knows RIM is full of shit right now and is gonna have to play catch up

DROOIIDDD does...RIM never did.

I gotta say, i use to stop by and read the newest BB news and when I saw "New Phone Coming Soon" I would get alittle excited and want to see what was new from RiM. Now I am like, "Gee, I wonder if this "New Phone" will be a new color, or new Specs, or a new Trackpad over the Trackball, while still being the same phone as before?"

Gets old after while. How can anyone make excuses for a company calling a memory upgrade from 256MB to 512MB a new phone? when just about everything else is exactly the same, except for the number? BB 1250 being renamed BB 1260. Ohh wait, the 1260 also comes in Red...

Like for real, some of you are here just to hate. No one cares about what you all think. If you want to leave then go ahead we don't give a damn. You effin trolls.

all RIM have to do is support installing apps (or even modules of OS6) to SD cards and more phones might be able to run OS6?

I have a 9700, i love it. And if they come out with a refresh and my 9700 wont run OS 6...oh well. I previously had an 8310 so I'm quite content with my upgrade.

The issue I still see is that with all the different models, RIM seems to have the least amount of lead time between announcing/leaking a new model and the actual release. Yeah, their is just one model of phone that comes out from Apple but we know way way in advance that its coming out so the customer can make a better decision on if they should upgrade. I just got my 9700 a few months ago, but at that point there was no talk about the 9800. And now its planned on being released some time this summer. I mean come on. I want to see upgrades, do it every month for all I care. Just tell us in advance so that we don't buy a model and then regret it. Either way you are going to sell a unit to a customer, but do you really see a lot of people who buy more than 1.5 to 2 BB a year? People will jump ship a lot faster than upgrade at full price.

I'm so tired of RIM making the same looking and BORING phones! This is so stupid that they're doing this. Why can't they just get up to date with what's out there already? We have the iPhone coming soon with dual cameras (same as EVO) plenty of built in memory, can't they just match the EVO and iPhone 4G specs at least. I'm moving to an Android soon cause I'm tired of they're outdated technology and waiting and hoping they make my dream BB. The ONLY thing I like about BBs is the BBM other than that I can do everything they can and MORE on an Android not to mention more internal memory.

Yea, its all exciting knowing there is going to be a new BB in the market similar to the BB 9700. Buts is utterly unfair to the customers who actually recently signed up for the 9700, I hear all saying 'yea yea you got your 9700 so why you moaning?' reason why we are complaining is because if you want to upgrade, you'd think you are getting the best phone yet from RIM and then couple of months down a new device is does that even work out for the recent buyers? and these networks don't even give you an option to upgrade to the new device!

Users on this thread should seriously lay back on those who claim its being unfair which is totally understandable and yet agree-able!

Lets see it happen to you then you can realise how annoyed you get!

I think the problem with the way BlackBerrys are released is that they kinda leap frog. What I mean by this is that they do not release all new products at the same time. So say they release the 9700 which is their flagship device and then a few months after, they bring out a new Curve which ISN'T their flagship device, which is almost the same spec, meaning they now need to come out with a newer Bold which is better before the Curve catches up. This in turn leaves the Curve outdated on release since they were unwilling to make it better than the Bold in the first place.

Also what I don't understand is the point of some of these models. There's no real reason the Tour, Curve and Bold can't exist as one device is there? They're all pretty much the same form factor and they all do the same thing (what I mean by this is for example, one isn't more geared to web browsing and the other to media experience). I just don't get it, it means outdated devices just for, well, the sake of it?

BTW, before someone ultimately tears into me... I'm very happy with my Bold 9700 (it's my baby!) and everything is does. What I wrote above is really just a general observation.

Aint that some BS. Now I'm gonna be stuck with a 9700 AND os 5 for another 2 years. i piss on mike lazaridis or h/e spell his gayass name.

Many Global banks like Standard Chartered are moving to the Iphone and Android devices. Its only a matter of time before RIM becomes the next Palm..Give it a few years.

I don't mind them innovating or moving to bigger and better devices but a mem upgraded device 3 months down the road is blatant robbery.They knew about OS6 late last year so why not add 512 to the 9700 then.

Gonna sell my 9700 soon..G;lad its unlocked and move to Iphone.

A few points to consider for people spitting their dummies on this post.

- New phones come out all the time.
- You bought your current phone based on what it could do when you bought it or you are an idiot.
- You have no idea at all whether or not this means no os6 for 9700 devices, it is far more likely that it is a s1/s2 on os5 situation where the older device simply isn't as good at running the new os as the newer device.

I still use my bold 9000 i´m waiting for something more advance!!!!
offcorse i don´´t change my blackberry for nothing, but please give me something much more powerfull than the 9700 so i can say as always i have de best phone in market
crackberry rulessss!!!!!!

I can't believe the whining going on around here...I just bought my Bold 9700 5 months ago, and now it's being upgraded...blah, blah blah!!!

Personally, I bought a Bold 9000 and six months later the Bold 9700 came on the what. I like my Bold 9000 and it has done what is was purchased to do. Did I miss out on an improved version, yep. However, I will upgrade to the Bold 9800 when released with the new O/S BlackBerry 6. This is only a BB...upgrades will continue forever.

You gotta pay if you want to play with the new BB's!

Agree with comments that an upgraded phone does not make the last model useless, and also that it is responsibility of the consumer to check what's coming up and make an informed choice, BUT I think it legit that someone who bought 9700 last week could assume that it would run OS6 . I have a Bold 9000 , more than 2 years old , very happily running recent version of OS5. In my view RIM should have made statement on OS6 , so people could make an informed choice

Ok while everyone cries about how much free space they have on their device or how fast the procesor is or isnt.

look at the apps. do u need more free space? do you ever run out of space on your newer device? have you taken your current 9700 down to 12 megs of operating space? get real.
you have an sd slot most programs arent even 1 meg in size
how many apps do you need? would you use them all? Is your device slow? I'm sure you answered no to all those questions. seriously. stop complaining enjoy your device Rim is doing something right? Must be. omg imma cry cuz my device doesnt have gigs of space it doesnt need.. Keeping it simple is great. is there an sd slot on an iphone? just curious cuz ive never seen one. Ive said this every time. I wish kids would stop trying to buy these phones as toys. It is a freaking phone. Jump ship plz, so the rest of us can enjoy our simple yet very useful phones without hearing all the complaints about what other phones have compared to RIM's wow.. Rant ended

Why should people not be upset, when RIM is putting out the EXACT same device, with more memory.. When your old 9700 *might* not be able to handle the new OS?

You're thinking you're getting a good phone, and then out of nowhere RIM produces another clone that will work better than yours

That is unfair and RIM needs to get their big heads out of their asses and start listening to what people want.