Rumor: BlackBerry 9630 Headed To Verizon In May?

BlackBerry 9630!
By Bla1ze on 20 Mar 2009 05:19 am EDT

We have been seeing a lot of the BlackBerry 9630 lately, heck we even got one on hand and brought you an up close and personal look at it. But as of now we still have no information on what carriers will be eventually getting the device (but we assume it'll pretty roll out with time to pretty much every CDMA carrier who's selling the 8830).

We recentaly saw the 9630 show up on a Sprint roadmap and now analysts from "The Street" are laying it out that we will see the BlackBerry 9630 on Verizon by May which happens to coincide with WES. Some of the CrackBerry team will be in attendance just in case the news does happen to drop there. Of course, CTIA is only two weeks away, and wouldn't it be even nicer to see it get announced then?! Stay tuned, we'll be bringing you more info soon enough.

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Rumor: BlackBerry 9630 Headed To Verizon In May?


I've been in limbo since November, trying to decide which BB to get as my first. Love the concept of the Storm, but not loving all the negative press it received, and the fact that they are still ironing out the bugs in the OS. My heart says get the Storm, while my head says, Bold is best (but AT&T is lame)...Bottom line is that I'm now pretty certain that the 9630 is the BEST BB for me. All this is a long way of saying 1) THANKS to Bla1ze for the update. 2) At the risk of seeming not so grateful, I'll take issue with your final comment, though: "we'll be bringing you more info soon enough." You posted at 5:19. It's almost 8:00 now, and there's no more information NOT "soon enough", clearly!! ;)

Cheers, D.

I looked at picture too quick and saw the Verizon on the screen and got all excited!!!!
Then a second look showed that it's CLEARLY been added to the picture...the question mark at the end gave it
Thanks for playing with my emotions Kevin!!! j/k

I've been waiting for an 8330 Curve successor for a long time now! I don't like the Storm, I don't like AT&T (or I would've gotten the awesome Bold at launch), and want this 9630 real bad! Hurry up Verizon! I'll even take the launch OS even if its not ready and wait for the upgrade patches! Just give me the hardware already! I'm really interested to find out how the Storm holds up once a newer trackball based BBerry is offered giving the VZW customers a true choice as to which model they would purchase. Before, its been 'latest & greatest' touchscreen model vs 'old & outdated' trackball model. Finally, RIM is taking care of its largest customer base fans and giving them what they've wanted for quite some time now! :)

I'm tired of my storm and I miss my curve. I cannot wait to chug my storm out the window. I've had enough of trying to make my relationship work with the storm. I always have to compromise. The storm is a girlfriend: sexy, yet only there part of the time. The Niagara will be your wife: reliable and always there when you need them.

That's the best analogy I've ever heard! "The Storm is a girlfriend: sexy, yet only there part of the time. The Niagra will be your wife: reliable and ALWAYS there when you need them." I couldn't agree with you more and I can't wait until the Niagra makes its way to a Verizon store near you!

You people are really into your phones eh? While this phone looks pretty cool why or how could anyone go back to such a small screen after using the Storm? My Storm has been perfect, fast and reliable.

Go read up on all the complaints on the storm forum and you will see why some people are ready to toss the storm out over this.

significant other. We have two. 0.75 OS has been robust and error free for us. I am not going to "downgrade" to a smaller screen.

In the pics, it looks like there is an opening above the screen. On my storm it gets filled with crud, do you see this being a design flaw. Why wouldnt they mimic the bold and have a single piece of glass over the screen and cover the top or at least flush with the top?

Ya, it was quick and dirty...but it did fool some people for a min lol. look at the original post and you'll see it as it should be, screen is flush from what I can tell.

Yes this is the replacement for the 8830WE. Looks like I will hold off on a storm if this truly is coming in May. My curve works just fine but man I want the multimedia function of the storm!

Yeah! Let's get a phone with a poopy OS and is inoperable! You would be better off trying to talk into a banana! And if you're willing to buy this crap, I have some excellent swamp land I'd like to sell you.

I am in the exact same dilemma as many other users. My new every 2 is available, but do not want to jump to the Storm due to the bad presss. However, I really would enjoy the multimedia functions of the Storm. I could eliminate my palm pilot and my iPod with one device.

So, I feel that the 9630 will offer the best of both worlds slick device and full multimedia capability. The sooner the better for all Verizon devotees.

A user from HowardForums, who has been 100% correct with past releases for Verizon, is saying July on this one. I wish he were wrong and it WAS May, but he's too credible to discount his word...

I am ashamed to admit I looked into getting an iPhone the other day, but I am waiting on the new storm update and will see what happens with the Niagra before ever going to Cingular.....I just hope VZW and RIM don't let me down.....we are all dying!

Is this the regular black trackball, or are we finally getting the atomic trackball that was supposed to come with the 8900? If not, any updated on the atomic trackball?