Rumor: BlackBerry 9000 Details Emerging from CeBIT Exhibitors Floor

By James Falconer on 10 Mar 2008 06:16 pm EDT

BlackBerry 9000 Details from CeBITLooks like more details are starting to emerge regarding the highly anticipated BlackBerry 9000... Thanks to the CeBIT Fair over in Hannover, Germany this past week.

The RIM booth had some very juicy details to share with the crowds on the exhibition floor. It has been reported that all devices at the show were running OS 4.5 and all were running smooth with the exception of the 8700.

Also worthy of noting is the upcoming BlackBerry 9000 was spotted (apparently). This current 'rumor' tells us that the 9000 is exactly like what we had reported months ago. The new device runs OS 4.6 and features WiFi, EDGE and HSDPA... The screen also appears to be brighter, and it comes with a huge battery.

Keep in mind this information is coming from a third party source, so I can't confirm or deny this information at the moment. As goes with all of these rumors, I'll believe it when I see it. No official pictures have been made available of the 9000... Until then we'll plop this one into the ever-growing we-hope-it's-true rumor file.

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Rumor: BlackBerry 9000 Details Emerging from CeBIT Exhibitors Floor


I've been wanting to update to the Curve but for the price that T-Mobile is charging for them, I might just wait for the 9000. I wish could see a real one.

that got me at the store i was walking by and i step into the
tmo store to look at it and i walked out with a brand new curve in hand