Rubik's Cube for BlackBerry now available

By Adam Zeis on 16 Sep 2010 02:41 pm EDT
Rubik's Cube for BlackBerry

Growing up I used to sit down with my Rubik's cube every night and try to make my way through it. I never quite had the mental capacity for it and I honestly don't think I've ever actually completed the cube. Mine has since been tossed or ended up in a garage sale somewhere, but thanks to bPlay I can once again fail at the challenge. Their newest game is an officially licensed Rubik's Cube that is ready for conquerors everywhere.

Play the classic cube anywhere, anytime! Test your skills against the familiar 3x3x3 cube, or tackle other sizes, up to 5x5x5! Haven't figured out how to solve the cube yet? The included solution guide will help! Track your performance as you learn to solve the cube more quickly and in fewer moves! Go global and compare your times with the best in the world! It's all made possible in the only officially licensed Rubik's® Cube game! 

With multiple cube sizes and stat tracking, you can take Rubik's with you no matter where you are, right on your BlackBerry. It does ring in quite high for a BlackBerry game at $6.99, but if you're a big fan of the classics it may be worth checking out.

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Reader comments

Rubik's Cube for BlackBerry now available


$6.99.....Are you freakin kidding me..

No sale. At $.99 I would have possibly jumped at it. But $6.99.......

I would love to have a cube app on my BB. But not if said cube is going to cost $6.99. That's a little absurd, the other platforms have free cube apps that do as much as this app but will also do 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 9x9, and 10x10.

I enjoy solving cubes, not just playing around with them I can actually solve them and this app not doing at least a 7x7 kind of sucks on it's own, But when you add in the price it really sucks. Seriously make this $1.99 and I'll buy it. Other wise I'll stick to GabbaSoft on the PC and forget about cubing on my BB.

Look like a great game but this is too expensive,I pass or maybe we could have a discount for CB users.
I had the same story with IM+ I would have buy it but i see the price difference between Iphone or android and BB and I send a mail asking why 20 bucks differences(if I remember well); the answer was "because BB apps a always more expensive" so I replied "Ok I will use Nimbuzz that is free"
End of the story.

Man bb just need a developer 2 set the tone. 6.99 is bs. Oi bet if a developer made the same thing it would not be 6.99. I'm looking at getting in on this development. Knowing my ideas I'll shut down all this high price bs on site lol

Like others, I find this game interesting but absolutely not worth $6.99, especially when the iPhone version sells on iTune for $2.99. By the way, I read a review of this game on another BlackBerry blog and, of course, they started the review by saying that the BlackBerry version of the app lacks some of the features of the iPhone version. In other words, they're charging well over twice the price for an inferior product.

I looked on the bplay web site and there's no way to contact them without creating an account. If anyone has an email for customer service, I suggest we all let them know that we would have bought the app if it was priced like the iPhone app but that at the asking price we're going to pass.

LOL. This is the reason why the Rubik game for the Atari 2600 was never released decades ago. Why buy a simulation when you can buy the real thing for the same price or less?!

Bad part is the official Rubik's brand ones suck. Like the ones you buy from Walmart, they are horrible. It's one case where the knock offs are much better.

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I was prepared to pay $6.99, but never again. The download link doesn’t work (times out continuously) and all I get out of their support seven days after buying this item is assurances that everything is working well but the software is extremely large and the buyer might need to try several times times before the download will work. In my my book, trying morning noon and night for a week adds up to a hell of a lot more than several.

To add insult to injury, they had the gall to send me a “new” link to try which was not new at all.

In one word – unimpressed.