RSA SecurID Software Token for BlackBerry 10 now available

By Bla1ze on 15 Aug 2013 02:34 pm EDT

If you're in an environment where you need to make use of RSA SecurID software tokens and have a BlackBerry 10 device, you can now download the official app from BlackBerry World.  The app is of course, offered as a free download and has all the expected features in it, which includes support for multiple tokens.

  • Multiple software token support (up to 10 tokens imported to work space and up to 10 to personal space).
  • Automatic import of tokens by tapping an email attachment or URL link.
  • Device ID button to support device binding. Tapping the Device ID button allows the user to quickly email the device ID to the administrator.
  • Next Code button, which allows a user in Next Token code mode to bypass the next time interval and immediately retrieve the next token code.

The app does require 128-bit AES software tokens as 64-bit SID are not supported. If you're looking for the SHA information, it can be found on the RSA SecurID website. If you're not concerned with that, hit the link below to grab the app from BlackBerry World.

Download RSA SecurID Software Token

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RSA SecurID Software Token for BlackBerry 10 now available


AT&T uses this service to authenticate their sales reps on PDC (posdotcom) and OPUS, both of which are use to provision and make other alterations to user accounts.

I hope you're right! My company switched from RSA to Symantec VIP, but since it's not on BB 10, I occasionally still carry around my 9900 just for the Symantec VIP app.

RSA is designed as a layer of corporate security for remote access. It is not the point of convenience of regular consumer use.

I've been griping about this in some of my previous posts. Glad to see its here. Little by little, BB is making a comeback

Not a consumer level thing...more high security corporate thing wherever 2 step, random authentication is required in addition to user name & password. For example I was one of a couple people authorized to conduct transfers of money on our corporate account. After logging in with my user IDcredentials I would need to validate against the random RSA code that changes every few minutes on the RSA Fob. Others used it for sys admin level access to secure servers in a data center for example. If you didn't have the RSA code you didn't get access, regardless of having the user log-in credentials.

This replaces the need to have the separate Fob can get the current code off your phone. More convenient.

Sure, but this is just BB10 getting back to parity. The RSA Code ID app was available on BBOS and also available on Android & iOS. This has nothing to do the architecture of the OS or any thing special like that. It's just a widely used authentication service that was not yet available on it is. So another "app gap" closed so to speak. :-)

Great news! A beer for Alec and his team!

Now, my basic corporate tools are in BlackBerry 10: webex, skype and RSA token.

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Alec Sawlogs had nothing to do with RSA developing this application for BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Stop attributing to BlackBerry what rightfully is the effort of third-party companies and developers.

This is big news for my company. We're still waiting on the servers, but this means an easier time since we use RSA heavily. If when BES was ready we had to tell people they would lose their soft tokens, they would definitely be going for iphones.

I don't think people realize not having this App was holding back many companies from supporting Blackberry 10.

Now if only Concur would get off their ass and release a Blackberry 10 App ...

About bloody time! Had sideloaded the android port but didn't realize at the time the sdid was device-specific. I'll get a BB10 token tmr! Awesome news.

Posted from my Q10!

Nice to see it finally arrive but this should have been available day 1. As should Citrix Reciever... which we're still waiting for. If Blackberry doesn't push to get these critical apps built soon they are going to lose the very limited opportunity they have to retake foothold in the Enterprise. Balance doesn't do me any good if the business tools aren't available for the work side. I can't convince my users it's awesome for personal use if they can't buy Starbucks or Instagram. So far that's double fail. And have you seen what's coming for IOS7? It might eclipse Balance in a lot of ways (unfortunately).

I don't remember the name but there's a new feature that allows for sandboxing apps into their own space. Similar idea to Balance but different execution. You could, for example, have an app that needs direct corporate communication. With IOS7 you can setup an IPSec tunnel just for that app so the rest of the phone works as normal. I've not tried it yet but that's what I'm told.

well that is weird! i just talked to the company last week inquiring about the availibility of the app and they said late september....

its messed up really...we do business with them and their contact should have been able to give us an exact date. Especially that the app launched a week after he told me it wouldnt be available until late September.
anyway, am just glad we can use it

This is one of the reasons that development and support for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS and BlackBerry Bridge should have continued instead of Heins' stupid comment "tablets will be dead in five years".

For me, as an IT contractor, it would enable me to at least get email from my customer email account on my phone and perhaps look at attachments while on a call.

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Holy sheeb. If you counted the amount t of threads on this app alone and how vibrant and diligent these users are you KNOW their getting high on this news !!!

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We use RSA to access a remote desktop. You put your personal pin then it will generate a random pin that you can use to login to the site.

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Just installed the App, but it will not let me insert a SoftToken.
I can't tap the attachment, just an error message which indicates that there is no view for this attachment.
Can anyone help please.