Rovio teases 'big adventure' with new Angry Birds

By Adam Zeis on 12 Feb 2014 03:03 pm EST

We're not quite sure just what it is, or when we'll see it go live (the name and other details will be revealed tomorrow) but Rovio is teasing an all-new Angry Birds release on Twitter. Their last offering, Angry Birds Go, landed on BlackBerry 10 the same day as other platforms, so here's to hoping that this one will be the same. We know what a debacle it was to get the original titles on BB10 so hopefully we won't have to endure that process again.

From the looks of it there are new birds, hence new adventures and hopefully no Flappy. We'll do some recon and see what turns up. 

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Rovio teases 'big adventure' with new Angry Birds


Haha, it will die a horrible death.

Adam, there is a typo in the third line of the body: "and" should be "an".

Cheers! :)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

I think Quicksilver is just misunderstood. He's the nicest guy - just has little patience for rubbish.

Nice and patience do not necessarily go together.

For instance, I'm a very nice guy but I have ZERO patience for idiots.


I don't think he's nice at all and comes off as a BULLY! A knowitall that knows nothing about tact. Little patience for rubbish you say? Then He should refrain from his rubbish postings.

oh, look who it is.... a bully himself... You sir, have been just as bad as I have been, so that makes you a bully yourself and no better than what I was

lol no, no burgers with trance yet... firstie postings have been down, so it's been calm and quiet here ;)

Nah, not heard from him, maybe he found some princess to settle down with. Maybe it was time for him to give up his romancing days.

Last I heard, he became a priest and moved to Winnipeg. Maybe he's over at Kevin's house, conducting an exorcism.

Catapulted from my Z10.

That's funny! Some people say I should become a priest or pastor! LOL!

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Hey, Chris's the paper route business?

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Yo!!! I'm here! I was on Vacation in Vegas for a DJ convention. Whats up!?

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A "first" post would only take up a single(1) post in the comment section about an article...yet "Mr. Safety Patrol"continually makes the "first" post half of the discussion...someone needs to "Get a Life".

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Really, someone with that much time on their hands needs to write the sequel to the play..."Zoo Animals On Wheels".

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Hey, Chris Elliott...again I's the paper route business?

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Fully agree, and some of the prices were far from nickels or dimes.

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I haven't played Go that much yet. Got the game while it was free but was finishing other games first. Can you not make much progress without buying stuff or, would it just take that long in order to do so?

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Haha, exactly how I feel except that I'll give it a shot if it's filled with a bunch of in app purchases, or lacks features that are on other operating systems; I'll gladly uninstall the game isn't up to par.

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Hey!!!!!!! Who in crackberry just deleted a sentence from the first posting, where the guy said he was 1st!!!!!

All comments after that look disjointed.

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Took me a while to figure that one out, as "the word" didn't seem to be in the post. The whole sub-thread would have to be deleted, but usually there is also some useful content in there.

First posts, or not, don't really care. What I am DEFINITELY against is censorship. That's no fun. OK, CrackBerry, it's your site, but OUR internet.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Angry Birds is so 3-4yrs ago.... I'm bored of the franchise, mind you, I do generally play for about an hour and then delete

Yep doing same race over and ober...but work on a specific aspect of driving, control or drifting etc each time. racking up those points and cars slowly lol. Btw has anyone figured out what some of these challenges mean? E.g. Slingshot behind another car or something about UPS etc... some if these I get by fluke and not sure what I did.smh.

Don Diego endorses the Zed.

I hope this one is identical to the one on other operating systems because last time we got an ugly version, and lacked something as simple as tilt control.

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I think I am ready for another go with angry birds. Haven't played Any review titles in a long time.

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I agree with Bla1ze. I actually been done with Rovio since they made Angry Birds Star Wars.


I think it may be time for Rovio to lay Angry Birds to rest (at least for awhile) and start work on a new franchise. There's only so many times you can stretch something out with little innovation (see AB: Star Wars and AB Space). Hell, make an RPG. A good, long, satisfying RPG is something I would like to see on the Z10 and Z30 ( not sure if it could work on Q10/Q5).

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I'm glad someone said it, or I was was going to have to be that lone voice in the woods again. Leaky apps sink... ...saps?

Well it actually looks like The Nightmare Before Christmas...which would be a weird throwback...and nowhere near as popular as a Star Wars throwback

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Would love to see Angry Birds Lord of the Rings, like Angry Birds Star Wars only... Lord of the Rings

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That's what I think it is, I see gandalf and legolese But I don't know about the others.

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