Rovio rolls out the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 30 Aug 2013 06:10 pm EDT

Just in case you still have the itch to play through some Angry Birds, Rovio has now brought more of the series over to BlackBerry 10. Aside from the previously available Angry Birds Space and Star Wars you'll now find the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons available for purchase in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Both are priced at $.99 and you can the links below.

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Rovio rolls out the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons for BlackBerry 10


Great Rovio!
You made a new app for Blackberry.

NOW start PROMOTION: "AVAILABLE from Blackberry AppWorld".
Don't keep it a secret!
Aren't we BB owners part of the smart phone community?
There are MORE than iOS and Android app stores.

Not sure about the app gap being closed, but I guess anything new in the store is good news.

Angry Birds was so 2010...what we need are all the apps that are hot NOW not years ago.

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It's supporters like you why BlackBerry is failing it's just never enough...Rome wasn't built in a day.

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Well he's right. I don't think many ppl care about the original angry birds apps anymore. There here cool. What BBW needs is the apps that are in demand like Instagram, Netflix and etc.

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More people care about older angry birds than the cr@p apps people like this are whining about being unavailable.

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I love that more and more are becoming available, but there is really no denying that he's right.

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We all know what we need yea I agree but don't bash on the guys that are bringing over their stuff to us we the fans gotta motivate developers to come to us.

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I think it's more a case of this stuff was always going to come, just people have no patience

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This stuff takes time. Nice job Rovio, and Blackberry. Keep it coming guys!

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I think it's because of Unity 3D release. Many devs were waiting for it. Actually from now on every game developer can release all of their games simultaneously on iOS, Android, BB, Win8.

Good news! Rovio should list BlackBerry 10 as a supported platform on their homepage.

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From the description...
Terms of Use:
Privacy Policy:

This free version of Angry Birds contains third party advertisements. Please see our privacy policy for additional information. This application may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply
I wont pay the $0.99 if this has advertisements and is supposed to be free.

Which is it? If it is the free version as indicated in the description? Or is it a paid version without advertisements?

probably just copy and pasted from the google play store description... good thing i have the free versions sideloaded anyway... $1.98 saved. thanks for mentioning this... although it'd be nice if someone confirmed that there are ads on a paid version.

And guess what?! I bought the original! Would even do it on the PlayBook if they were not charging 10X its worth!

The PlayBook version is the HD derivative. That's why the premium. I purchased them when they first came out and didn't regret it. If you look in the Google Play store you'll see Angry Birds Space is $0.99 and the HD version is $2.99

That came out of nowhere. Nice surprise on a Friday. Hoping we'll be seeing Rio in the future, I rather like that one.

I loved angry birds, but I don't know if I want to buy the original again. I already bought the Nokia version, the iPhone version and the Mac version.
And I got 3 stars on all levels. Hmm. Maybe someday when I am bored.

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Yep, downloaded both, don't care if I've done em before, there's that many versions of the original and seasons it'll do me fine.

Lovely! Now off to broadcast to my new 22 BB10 workmates it's existence!

Cheers Rovio, but please complete the set and give us Rio....

Feel it, Swipe it, Love it. BlackBerry Z10...

Hang on....

BB10 is finished surely according to reports on here?

Why on earth are Rovio bothering?

Get a grip Instagram etc... someone's making money you're not...

Feel it, Swipe it, Love it. BlackBerry Z10...

im confused, I have to pay for instagram?

also rovio had AB star wars at launch and was already on PlayBook, so really we should be asking what took so long lol.

still, im happy to cheer the announcement of a 2010 game, why not.

And people said no one was gonna make apps for BlackBerry 10!!

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Fieldrunners 2, icy tower, icy tower 2, and now this! App selection getting better by the day, I'm hooked on Fieldrunners 2...

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These have been on Playbook for a while. You would think they would have ported them faster.

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I'm glad to know that the option is there for those who want to download the games. More choice is better, right? Personally, I will pass downloading these games again. I already have the original AB on my PlayBook (yes, I paid the high price the first day it was available).

I also have AB Space, AB Star Wars and Bad Piggies on my Nook. Then I have all of those games duplicated on my iPad Mini plus AB Rio. I think I have given Rovio enough money for now. Maybe they'll get a bit more when AB Star Wars 2 comes out :-)

I'm in the same boat. It would've been awesome if they cloud-connected them like Candy Crush so your progress follows you across devices.

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+1 OMG, yes! That would be awesome!

(Of course, as long as there are people like me who download a copy to each device... LOL I guess Rovio has no real in¢entive to do that.)

Still only passed the first page of star wars one that's free!!!

you can tell I don't game much on my phone!!!

Now back to Pikmin 3

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Why does the game seem so small on the screen. You can't seem to make it bigger by zooming in. When is Candy Crush coming?

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I got both in the works. But need rim to do its part and get the missing api calls

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But wait a minute. Why is there advertising in the paid version!?!?

If I pay for an app, No free advertising.


The absolute pinnacle of Angry Birds popularity occurred at exactly the same time that the PlayBook was released and released without that game that now few even care about. One of the greatest knocks against the PlayBook at that time was no AB app.

Even though I love my PlayBook, shortly after I bought it I realized that the void for me was having no Netflix app as well as no Nook app. I bought a new Nook tablet at the time specifically to fill those two app voids.

While great i think they've come to realize their apps have run their course on android and ios. As in these games are old news and most of those people have moved on to things like snap chat and vine to name a few. Again great for the platform but not really that big a deal in the sense that someone will say "wow they have angry birds..ive gpt to make the switch "

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gr8 .. my son was 3 years old when he started playing angry birds now he is 7 and plays candy crush.. he says by the time he is in college blackberry will get candycrush.. blackberry last and always late

Why? There are apps that are $7 in Google play store batman/Spiderman/modern combat that are 99 cents in BlackBerry world. If 99 cents is going to break the bank you have bigger problems.

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It's not the fact that it is only 99cents. It's that if blackberry is trying to get their phones into as many hands as it can, it needs to have a level playing field in regards to apps. If people see a simple game that is free on other platforms, costing money on BB, they will surely think that every "popular" app will cost them and think why be bothered with BB platform.

Really!!!!! Angry Birds!!!! Give us something new like candy crush saga not a 2010 washed up game.

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They took out the boosters! I'm Gonna keep using the Android side-load and deal with the ads ... can I haz me dolla back?

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I thought the PlayBook was slower than the Z10? It takes longer to load Angry Birds levels on my Z10 than it does on the PlayBook.

Maybe the PlayBook can run BB10 after all :p

Where can i go to look at the major apps that are already in BBW?? i might be getting a Z10 soon fingers crossed.
Jcan :)

I'm still trying to figure out why this game us such a big deal. The game isn't that great and does anyone talk about it that much?

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