Rovio launching new RPG called Angry Birds Epic, mum's the word on a BlackBerry 10 release though

By Bla1ze on 17 Mar 2014 08:23 pm EDT

The folks at Rovio have been busy it seems working on the next game for their insanely profitable Angry Birds franchise. This time around it's not a racing game but instead it's going to be a brand new RPG game dubbed Angry Birds Epic.

Angry Birds Epic is an adventure role-playing game set in a fantasy version of Piggy Island. It offers an awesome storyline, turn-based combat, a gripping campaign with a challenging end game, a rich system of crafting weapons, armour and potions with resources the players can collect or purchase, and much more.

Rather than rolling out the game globally, Rovio has decided to first do soft launch of sorts on iOS in Australia, New Zealand and Canada before a wider launch in late Spring. There's no official word on whether or not it will be released for BlackBerry 10 but at the same time there's no release date for Android either. Guess we'll have to wait and see if it arrives on BlackBerry 10 like all their other releases in the franchise.

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Rovio launching new RPG called Angry Birds Epic, mum's the word on a BlackBerry 10 release though


I'm wondering if as an RPG this is aimed at a slightly older crowd. Like kids with double-digit ages at least!

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I think they should kill the angry bird line. They are now milking it for everything it's worth.

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Maybe they should do an adult version "angry turd" you flush it and you have to navigate it through the pipes to the sewer.

Posted by the Crackberry Pirate

I could never understand the hype over this game, much better games out there in my opinion

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I'm not sure what you're referring to.....this particular game or the Angry Bird franchise in general. Flinging birds doesn’t do it for me either but Bad Piggies has been addictive and I've thoroughly enjoyed it.

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I didn't mean this game but the typical Angry Birds Catapult style games

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I like Angry Birds but... 'Go' was fun for a bit. I am a huge fan of the Mario Kart franchise and for me, Go it didn't make it on the playability side in my opinion.
I expect better for this epic adventure. (with less in app purchases) hopefully.

C0015B221 All about making Wine kits.

I agree. Haven't played Go since a week or two after release. I'll likely delete it whenever I'm short on storage space.

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Rovio nickels and dimes so much on its games, this one probably will be the same. They're good games but it's annoying having to pay to advance them.


They're denying themselves some easy money. If the iPhone has shown us one thing is that the grey CEOs craving for simple-to-use-devices need their games...

"Snap" is the best stop-gap solution for Android apps while we wait for BlackBerry to get its act together...

So there is going to be a soft launch on iOS and no idea if it will be on BlackBerry 10? This is news?

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Don't worry its coming to bb10
In the meanwhile let's get more people over to blackberry 10

BlackBerry 10 - Built to keep you moving

I wonder why iOS first? Do they feel like it's easier to develop for? Maybe they think Apple's customer base will be quicker to make loads of in app purchases than those on other platforms. *shrugs* I'll be on the lookout to see what they come up with.

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What's the point of a game that you can do the same thing twice, but get two different results. Seems to me more of a battle in frustration to get you to keep paying to play.

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Hey, don't get mad because they keep capitalizing on their popularity. They found something that works for them and they're milking it until it dries up. Better get it while the getting is good. I take my hat off to them. Maybe BlackBerry can learn a thing or two from Rovio.

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Agreed! but their in app purchases are causing some.. including me to think twice before getting my hopes up on new games. I was really excited about "Go' but the progress is slow and the upgrades are not cheap.

Some where they have to realize or there needs to be a limit....I hope.

C0015B221 All about making Wine kits.

That in-app purchase stuff on Go! Is making them a lot more money than selling the game outright.

I just don't buy, some stuff is priced beyond ridiculous.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Time to hit up the Rovio social media accounts to tell them to bring it to BB10 as well.

Hey Crackberry, can you post the Rovio links to help us out?


Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

I think that rovio uses a cross platform development suite that includes bb10.

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I think Robin has a tough crowd when it comes to BlackBerry users. If they are willing to compromise our privacy, and security through their bugged apps, who would want to download them? These apps totally defeat what BlackBerry stands for.

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I like how Australia has becomes sort of a beta test location for some software. Surprised though that Canada got included like that. I have seen that before. They must be pretty confident that the program is ready. But obviously not ready enough to risk launching in the US.

Someone asked why iOS? Because apps make most of their money of iOS users. So companies almost always program for iOS first. Then they port to Android. And if we are lucky to BlackBerry.

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Tried it on my ipad. Requires Wifi connection. Crashes frequently. Kind of an Angry Birds meets D and D. Truth told, without an offline option, not really impressed

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