Rove Mobile Releases Updated Mobile Admin Professional 5.0 and New Mobile Admin Basics

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Nov 2009 03:56 pm EST

Contest: Leave your best IT disaster story and how Mobile Admin would have helped and win 1 of 5 free Mobile Admin Basics licenses!

It was back in April of 2008 that Rove Mobile introduced their popular Mobile Admin 4.0 software for IT administrators. Fast forward to today and Rove has improved upon their solution with the release of Mobile Admin 5.0 Professional and a new product, Mobile Admin Basics, which trims down on some of the features (but cuts down on the price) found in the pro version, but should get it into the hands of more IT administrators at a great price point. The pro version has also undergone a price reduction. For more information you can read the press release below and jump over to to compare the two offerings.

Contest: We often do contests around here for the BlackBerry end consumers, so it seems about time we do one for the admins! Rove Mobile wants to hear your IT horror story. Let us know in the comments how having Mobile Admin could have helped you and you coul win a free copy! Contest ends Sunday at midnight.  

Press Release

Rove Announces Breakthrough for Mobile IT Management on Smartphones

Rove launches updated flagship product and introduces Mobile Admin Basics

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - November 3, 2009 - Rove Inc, the leader in IT infrastructure management from smartphones, today announced the introduction of two versions of Rove Mobile: Mobile Admin Professional and Mobile Admin Basics, in order to bring mobile IT administration to even more organizations worldwide.

Rove Mobile Admin Professional, Rove's flagship product, delivers advanced mobile IT administration capability for IT staff that need comprehensive, secure access to a wide range of servers and platforms, including IT infrastructure monitoring, virtualization and incident management. It provides full functionality that enables IT staff to accelerate the incident resolution cycle for reduced downtime and better customer service. With this latest release, Rove Mobile Admin 5.0, the product now supports Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft's virtualization tool, BMC Remedy Service Desk and RIM BES 5 functionality.

Rove Mobile Admin Basics provides secure mobile remote access functionality for busy IT admin staff. It offers essential functionality that helps IT administrators respond faster to basic service requests.

Rove Mobile Admin Professional is now priced at $595 per client access license and Rove Mobile Admin Basics is priced at $295 per client access license. Both are available for download and purchase at

Adam Alag of Crane Composites Inc., a subsidiary of Crane Co. (CR - NYSE), and the world's leading provider of fiber-reinforced composite materials, uses Rove Mobile Admin to help manage IT operations. "Rove Mobile Admin already helps me to work on the go and leave my laptop at home. With the addition of the Hyper-V module, I can now manage my virtual environment from just about anywhere as well. I can view the status of my VMs, change the allocation of host resources, or take snapshots all from my BlackBerry smartphone!"

"Since 2001 Rove has provided customers with the ability to reduce downtime and more effectively manage IT networks using smartphones,' said Rob Woodbridge, President and CEO of Rove Inc. "We are the only company in the world offering the ability to administer the entire System Administration workflow natively from a smartphone and with these new releases we hope to put the power of the device to better use by getting it into the hands of even more IT professionals."

Rove Mobile Admin features a client-server architecture that is engineered to scale to any size enterprise, with a fully integrated security model. The Rove Mobile Admin Client provides secure access to over 500 different monitoring and management functions through an intuitive interface designed specifically for smartphones such as BlackBerry, Windows Mobile devices and Symbian phones. The Rove Mobile Admin Server is installed behind the corporate firewall and connects to dozens of different types of servers, platforms, devices and monitoring systems, automatically discovering the services that are running on them. To date, over 2500 customers worldwide, including more than 75 Fortune 500 companies and five of the world's 15 largest banks have deployed Rove Mobile Admin to help busy staff manage their IT infrastructures.

Rove Mobile Admin augments current network administration and support practices with mobile IT management capabilities, integrating with existing monitoring and ticketing systems to provide companies with the following benefits:

  • Reduced Network Downtime
  • Better Customer Service
  • Dramatic Cost Savings
  • Great Productivity
  • Faster Incident Resolution
  • Improved IT Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Rove Mobile Admin is available for free trial at

About Rove
Rove is the leader in software for IT infrastructure management from smartphones. Our award-winning solution, Rove Mobile Admin, lets IT staff take action anytime, anywhere for faster incident resolution, reduced downtime, improved customer service and increased IT efficiency. Rove partners with leading IT system providers including Microsoft, Research In Motion, Nagios, VMware, BMC, HP and IBM. Rove is a BlackBerry Elite Alliance Program member.

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Reader comments

Rove Mobile Releases Updated Mobile Admin Professional 5.0 and New Mobile Admin Basics


A while back I had mobile ssh from Rove Mobile. I used it a lot and relied on it daily. One day I updated by blackberry from 4.2 to 4.5. for the rest of the day I managed to not notice that mobile ssh didn't get installed on 4.5. later that night while out I had an emergency at work and pulled out my trusty blackberry, no mobile ssh. No problem, I'll just go download it from their website. wait, what?!?! It's been discontinued! I can't even download the last version they released. It ruined my night as I then had to go all the way home to ssh to our colo.

Thanks for nothing Rove Mobile.

I was in Mexico for my best friends wedding when our company started having problems with VPN (Windows 2003 server with Exchange on it as well). I am the head IT guy and my assistant has little to no experience with Windows 2003 server.

After my assistant messed with it for 30 minutes he managed to block all incoming traffic to our VPN/Exchange server. I had to take a taxi and spend 4 hours before my best friends wedding on a computer at an internet cafe in 95 degree heat trying to fix the problem remotely with no luck. I could barely do most of the things because it was an international keyboard and the people working the cafe spoke very little English. I had to give up and leave our email server and VPN down till I flew back to Ohio 3 days later.

If I would have had the Rove Mobile Admin I could have sat at the all inclusive resort, drank my Miami Vice's, logged onto my server from my Blackberry and I would have seen that my assistant deleted our original VPN configuation and went through the wizard for a new configuration and turned on the firewall in the VPN configuration that effectively blocked traffic.

I would love this program as since my friends wedding my wife and I visit Mexico quite frequently and before each trip I am always fearing this same thing happening to me while I'm out of the country.

Man this would have helped me countless times. Some of my biggest problems are when I'm at home, or out on remote locations. My biggest issues when I'm away is when people loose/forget their passwords and I have to reset them - or unlock them in the active directory - something I usually can't do while inbetween locations where I'm at least an hour away from the servers.

I think the time that it could have helped me the most in recent past was when our virtual server host system (running Win2K3R2) ran out of diskspace because a script had failed to transfer the VM backups off server causing vmware server to lock up the client OS. This of course happened while I was almost 2 hours away, and since no one was onsite that could find out what was wrong (all they could tell me was that the servers weren't responding) - I had to rush back to find the issue, remove the files filling the storage and restart the vmserver. It would have been wonderful if I could have done that with remote desktop on my phone - which is something this tool can apparently do.

Any kind of remote access that would help administer servers and potentially workstations without having to have a laptop with me is a huge plus (at the time I didn't have my laptop with me due to the meeting I was going to, and even if I did I had no internet access availability)

my 9530 does not work on new 5.0 seems their is a bug. This software is for any admin on the go. Mobile Admin has been a lifesaver. When oweb servers crash or termination of users this software has always done the job. Eating lunch one day and our website went down and I was able to restart IIS and eat my lunch. What is great is that I can do this from anywhere! Mobile admin gave me my life back as I can actually manage all my servers switches and even terminal server into machines. I am a little disapointed in the new release and that it does not work on the storm. The new icon is ugly as well but I can live with that.

Hi ntborg, I've submitted a bug with our QA group. Can you give us some more details about the issue(s) you are having? Logo aside, hopefully we can resolve the problems you are experiencing!

So this one weekend we had a huge and important event at work were the entire sales force were supposed to be offering one of our services (as a weekend special) to all our existing customers (as upgrades) and prospects. We all know how everyone takes IT and IT infrastructure for granted, so obviously no one told anything to IT, since systems auto-magically ;-) work 24x7 it crossed nobody's mind to tell IT to keep someone near a computer / on-call for the weekend. And guess what... Murphy's law...
Saturday 4pm, just as I am on my way to the beach (did I mention it was a wonderful summer day at the NJ shore?) I see a few missed calls on my BlackBerry. I park, take the family to the beach, settle down and listen to my voicemails (multiple...!) and OMG. I was almost ready to head into deep water and just stay there for good. The database that holds all our customer relationship management application decided to act up and die, on this very important weekend. No customer data for over 40 sales people, sitting waiting to make customer calls!

Needless to say, this wonderful summer day at the beach turned into a hot an sweaty run back to the car and from there to the office 45 miles away. 4 hours later, the database deadlocks were released and the system was up and running again.

If I only had a copy of Rove Mobile Admin I could have gotten into our SQL server remotely, run some queries, clear some queues and restart the services while still having fun with the family! Not to mention keep the sales people happier much faster.

Winning a copy of Rove Mobile Admin would be awesome, and can potentially help me next summer ;-)

Thank you Rove and CB.

I am the IT Director for a municipality including the Police Department. On-call duties are shared between myself and a senior member of my staff. Since uptime and availability are of the utmost importance, the time when I am on-call I am essentially tied to my house or office and cannot leave. This means less time with the family and less freedom to enjoy myself and time with my kids. Rove Mobile Admin would allow me to continue to provide the support that the Police and residents deserve and help save lives with the 9-1-1 system and still enjoy the beautiful outdoors with my family. Thanks.

Flashback: Friday, December 19, 2008

If you were in Southern Ontario that day, there's a good chance you were affected by the freak snowstorm that started early in the morning. There was about a foot and a half of snow where I lived, and on the radio they were recommending people to stay home.

Now one of the perks of being an IT admin is through the use of VPNs and IP Telephony, you can pretty much do your job anywhere. After looking out the window, I figured it didn't make sense to venture out, and instead do my job at home.

....That was until 8:30am when I got a call from one of our major customers, who wern't able to pull off the reports they needed from our servers. So I try to log into the needed server... no response. Tried to ping.... nope nothing "hmm that's odd". Check our monitoring logs, server went down at 12:30am. CRAP!

Now our IT department is fairly small. There's three of us, and one was on vacation that week and the other had to stay at home with their kids because of the snow.

So it was all up to me to venture into the office, through the piles of snow and all the slipping and sliding (my car is RWD BTW). Now, work is only 5km away, but it took me 45 MINUTES to fially get there because the office is at the top of a MAJOR hill and I had to drive around.

Once I got there, I was the only one there.... everyone else was smart enough to stay home.

Head to the server room..... Server was dead as a doornail (just great!). Fortunately we have spare servers, got the drives swapped and the system back up and running within 30 minutes and the customer was happy again.

Of course I wasn't, because now had to close up and venture all the way back home again. The catch: If I was notified and able to manage the servers WHEN the problem occured, I could have got in and swapped the equipment before the snowstorm hit us.

That was the reason that caused me to get a Blackberry & BES. That way, when something occurs with the servers, I can be instantly notified. However, taking it that step further with a remote management app that would able to allow me to proactively manage our systems would be a fantastic addition.

For $595 USD, I'll go buy a Dell netbook, load it up with Windows 7 Ultimate (via my MS TechNet subscription), slap a Clear WiMax modem in there and leave it in the car as a spare. Way more functionality for about the same price. Plus, I can install my Sonicwall Global VPN app and have full and secure access to all of my clients.

I had guessed maybe $90 for this app. Can anyone comment on the value here?

A couple of weeks back I was leading a project in our company where the asset management dept. needed to migrate to a new server.

This of course is a huge task and hundreds of client portfolios and stock feeds etc needed moving from one server to another and everything needs to bee co-ordinated so that every calculation of interest and pricing of bonds is 100% accurate.

When working on a project of this size we always set up a test first, and in this case the new server was used for testing in the weeks up until the actual migration.

While in test we had a script that copied every piece of data from the live-environment to the test-environment every night at 23:59 so that the test would be as accurate as possible.

But when the day for the actual server migration came, nobody remembered anything about this script.

We worked on the new server from 6 in the morning to 23 in the evening and when we were done and every test seemed OK we were satisfied and I got on the bus home.

Then it suddenly struck me that 23:59 that night all the changes that we had made on the new server would be overwritten by the same script that had been running for the entire test period(!).

I was about 60 minutes away from home and the clock was 23:45 when I pulled out my BlackBerry, fired up Rove Mobile Admin we had been trying out for a couple of days, did a RDP on to the server and disabled the script that would have ruined 13 hours of work for me and 6 people from the asset management team, not to mention that our asset management dept. would not be able to trade stocks or bonds the next day - this would ofcourse amount in an unimaginable amount of money loss.

Needless to say, I would not even have to bother coming to work the next day if this would have been the case.

Rove Mobile Admin saved my job that day, no two ways about it!

I use this software many times a day. Saves my life all the time. Not sure if it's a horror story, but I had a VP loose the email on his BB when he was tring to pull info together for a customer meeting he was on his way too. Fired up his laptop, and he locked himself out of the VPN. This wouldn't normally be a problem, but I was on vacation, off shore on a jetski. Saw an email come though from my boss asking for help, as my backup was no where to be found. I hopped on Mobile Admin, went to my BES Server, checked for any issues there, popped over to my AD server, unlocked his account, went to the email server and fixed a small issue with his mailbox there, then used Mobile Admin to VNC into his PC and fix the issue on his end with his desktop email. All while sitting on a jetski. The BB issue just required a BP. I've also used it to access the security system to unlock the door for me when I've forgotten my badge. Awsome software.

Also like to toss this in, I think it's worth the price. I have two laptops both with aircards built in, but you don't always have your laptop. I didn't have mine on the water, or when I'm eating dinner in a restaraunt, or many many other times. I always have my phone, and seeing as it's on BES, I'm on the network, so no need for VPN. What if your VPN server/concentrator goes down, how will you remote in then. I've had to fix that before too with Mobile Admin. I couldn't remote in from my laptop, got an email from my DRAC showing a BSoD from my RAS server, telnet from Mobile Admin to my DRAC card and reboot the server. Bam, back up and running. Also, I have the S2 and it works great with the new version. Click selects now so no need to click twice as was the case in the old version.

My prior job was as Director of Finance for a casino. In that role, among many other departments, IT fell under my span of control. I had previously been IT Director for the casino, so this was a natural fit.
The key systems in a casino are online accounting and player management systems. Additionally, a few years back I made the decision to bring our mail in house, as we were having problems with the provider we'd farmed it out to. So on the primary rack are 5 1U servers handling online account and player tracking, a 4U mail server, a 2U file server, and that's about it. Rack 2 is identical and is designed for both backup/redundancy and failover. Oh yeah, there's a snazzy AS/400 in there too.
So anyway, the specific horror story that comes to mind started early one Sunday morning. I got up, checked by BB, and noticed I didn't have any emails from work. Very odd. The cash handling folks always emailed me about mid-shift to advise me on how the prior day's count was looking. I also typically received a handful of late-night emails from other departments. Naturally, I sent a test email to myself from gmail, and one from my work domain. Neither were received by the BB. To top it all off I couldn't just hop online because my internet service had been out for the past couple of days (routine Qwest "maintenance"). I had no IT staff on property (and I was on-call anyway), no way to know wtf was going on with my network... you get the picture. Threw on some clothes and drove the 40 minutes to work, arriving about 20 minutes before opening. When I got to the server room I found that not only had the mail server somehow rebooted and failed to mount the Exchange drive, but that the accounting/player tracking servers had done the equivalent. 10 minutes later I had everything up and running, having wasted the better part of my Sunday.
If I'd had Mobile Admin I could have avoided all of the driving, stress and headaches.

Seems my life is like the Movie "Groundhog Day" being a family oriented guy (tough mix to also be a IT Manager) I find the same horror repeating every day. My family always comes first but, seems every day I am having to take time out of my most beloved time with my family to deal with VPN links down, e-mail issues, routing issues, monitoring systems not working correctly, phone issues, server issues, well you get the point... Always dealing with something. While I have tried the netbook options, it is hard to be active with the family and pull out a netbook. If I had Rove Mobile Admin, I could continue to spend time with the family and participate in activities without pulling myself away from them. My family has grown accustom to me always being on my Blackberry playing games, sending e-mails taking calls. This tool would actually allow me to recoup some of the family time I lose all the while still solving my issues from my Blackberry!

I don't have an IT horror story yet as I am currently living through one.
The company I work for is currently merging with one of our sister companies. Naturally questions/comment/problems come in to play at any time of the day. Integration issues, user accounts, merging applications....ugh.
I've taken to carrying my notebook and a wireless cell modem with me wherever I go.


Hi folks,

Thanks to all of you who offered up your IT nightmares! We are in the process of choosing the 5 best stories, of which the writer will receive a free license of Mobile Admin Basics.

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Hi Kevin,
Sorry about that, never received the email. Please send contact info to rob(at) and we'll get you set up right away!