RoundRobin: CrackBerry Goes Frenemy # 1 - iPhone 3G

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Dec 2008 08:03 pm EST

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The iPhone 3G. It is without a doubt my favorite smartphone frenemy. Whether you like, dislike, love or hate the iPhone 3G, you certainly can't deny it. You can't deny the sales figures Apple has quickly achieved with the device and you can't deny all those things the iPhone 3G does well. At the same time, you also can't deny all of the iPhone 3G's many faults. Remember our Top 10 Reasons Why the iPhone is No BlackBerry and Top 10 Reasons Why the Iphone 3G is STILL No BlackBerry articles??

iPhone and BlackBerry enthusiasts will always disagree on these points, as many of the gripes go beyond the device itself and into the realm of smartphone philosophy, and both Apple and RIM have different ideas on that (think on the go vs. stop and use). If you missed last year's Smartphone Round Robin, be sure to check out my iPhone Initial Impressions and iPhone Final Review. Despite the iPhone 3G being an improved device over the original iPhone my overall opinion hasn't really changed - it still lacks the Crack.

Take a look at the slightly too long video above (my apologies - waiting on all those dang iPhone screen to screen transitions soaks up the time). I give the iPhone 3G some love and some hate, in the way that only best frenemies could. Enjoy the show!

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RoundRobin: CrackBerry Goes Frenemy # 1 - iPhone 3G



Yes the Storm lags but it has MMS and a camera and pushed emails iPHONE we coming for you !!! lol Nicely done Kevin!

Haha, this review gave me a good chuckle: "it may kill the chi or feng shui or whatever" hilarious.

Iphone crawled away in a dark corner as soon as you pulled out the 8900...ziiing!

Video! How low will Kevin's score go?
Oh, no! He called it "Ah-[redacted]" phone!

Once again back is the incredible,
the berry-animal
the tic-tactile C. Public Frenemy Number One.
Kevin said "Jeez" this iPhone is really dumb.
Could we tell him that it's really just a lot of fun?
It's childlike wonder that Steve Jobs spun.

Took me a second....and then it hit me and I started singing along. Now we just need to get Chuck D to do it. LOL

Nothing will every beat a blackberry, with working in the IT world, the Iphone has it's plus and minus but really when you think "smart phone" vs "toy" any blackberry device wins hands down...... Just my .02

When the Iphone first came out a while back, I wanted one more then anything...

But I have been following the 8900 for the past few months now, and I wouldnt even think about buying an iphone over the 8900. (:

Both phones do things well, but it is that digital keyboard on the iphone that kills me. If it had haptic feedback it would be a possibilty, but as it is right now, I can't type on thing worth crap..

The phone is very slick looking however it just would not meet my needs for a more work oriented uses. I think the BB storm is a good middle ground for my uses. The menu transitions are very sharp with the Iphone and i wish thet BB would have been able to borrow a bit from them. Just my opinion.

Yes, email is "pretty" but s dog to slog through. It's mediocre as a telephone, only half a messaging solution (no MMS), 3/5ths of a syncing device, GREAT video/music device.

I am like many others in the fact that I have been torn between BlackBerrys and the iPhone. I absolutely LOVE my Curve and swore that I would never go to any other type of phone besides a BlackBerry. However, after playing with the iPhone for a while I have become thoroughly impressed with the device. It's completely different than anything out there and just so sleek. With my contract coming to an end soon, I'm torn between another BlackBerry or the iPhone. I am a completely CrackBerry Addict, but the iPhone starts to look better and better every day...

...and I don't regret it one bit! Don't get me wrong, I still have my Curve as my back-up phone and I love BlackBerrys as well. However, when it's time to upgrade (in 1.5 years) I think that BlackBerrys will be the tired gadget and the iPhone and Google Android will be battling it out. Unless, of course, RIM starts kicking it up a notch. I'm all for competition. It just helps us get a better product in the long run.

I couldn't handle this Kool-Aid drinker spewing his nonsense for more than two minutes. He must use his phones as hockey pucks to be so concerned with changing a battery that'll never NEED to be changed. He's just another angry and bitter Apple-hater who'd rather remain miserable and go down with his fast-sinking ship than admit defeat.

Have fun with your Forrest Gump phones! :lol:

Wow. Nice response there buddy. You're obviously new to this site. Try watching the whole video or better yet, reading my articles from last year's round robin. I'm pretty even handed when it comes to these things.

There are a lot of things I like about the iPhone, and there are things I dislike. For the way I use a smartphone, CrackBerry is what I need. It's not a what's better necessarily, but moreso what's better for who, which is the point I try to make. These devices don't use themselves, people use them, so every person is going to have a differing opinion on what they like and how they like to use it.

Wow, what a brilliant and intelligent comment! We're a Blackberry and Apple family here and Kevin pretty much nailed it. A person's priorities will dictate what device is better for them.

Sadly I went to the Iphone 3G when it came out as a second phone... took me 13 days before I had to get back to my curve..

Yeah yeah, the iphone is cool and all but I still prefer my blackberry. I have an ipod touch so I don't need an iphone.

You nailed my thinking 100%

Well said, the iTouch as I call it, is an iPhone without the and camera.

A perfect solution since I refuse to use AT&T's crappy service, and love Verizons service. Before anyone jumps on me about oh well AT&T was the first phone company to grace this world and is therefore the best, or "it's better where I am, where the F@!# do you live?!?!", calm down, I live in an area where Verizon is the better and more reliable service!

And, an iPhone is a wonderful toy, if I could own two phones and still afford to do ANYTHING else I would own an iPhone and a Blackberry, but since that won't happen I have become an avid CrackBerry user as a result.

And Kevin, I liked your review. It was very good, and I can't wait till your Final Review!

I agree that it comes down to a philosophy thing. The only difference is, RIM created their device around their philosophy. The iPhone's philosophy comes when you use the device.

My brother got the 3g iPhone and I wouldn't trade my 8330 in for it ever, the touchscreen just doesn't do it for me- personal preference i suppose.

I have had the iphone 3g since its release date. And have been using the bold for just about 2 weeks. Once you go black (berry), you never go back! My son now uses my disactivated iphone as a toy. Sad to say, I wouldn't give a sh*t if you used it in the tub!

I love crack.

I think you gave a nice, even-handed review of the "enemy". And while I wouldn't get an iPhone at this point, you have to admit, it does have a LOT of potential. I love my Curve, but I would love it more if I could customize it more. That, I think, is the real power of the iPhone. The possibilities for easy customization, including apps for business users, could be a very big plus in its favor.

The iPhone has a few things going for it. Media is absolutely brilliant. Proprietary? Yes, but very well done. The touch interface is so well done it seems natural. Almost like it's supposed to be that way. But it is NOT a smart phone. In no way shape or form. It is a gimmick phone. A phone all 13 year old girls dream of. Not a buisiness phone, and I'm tired of the iPhone 3G being compared to Blackberry devices.

Yeah... the calculator back button seems small, but it's stuff like that would drive me nuts. I have used my curve as a calculator on a test before in one of my classes, and it was awesome.

That was by far the harshest comment ive seen on a crackberry comments section. Thats why I come here cause nobody ever bickers and says mean things on here like on all the other sites(BGR). I was actually surprised to see that. I guess im used to Kevin's Canadian hospitality...obviously that guy isn't Canadian(then again neither am I)

While I chuckled at all the iPhone cracks through out the video, I could not believe you pulled a storm into the video.

When you started rotating it you showed how it is a complete piece of crap when the accelerometer got stuck sideways. Heck at the end it was still stuck sideways.

I noted you just avoided this but hay a piece of crap is a piece of crap even if you call it a storm.

Hay is for horses and the Storm wasn't "stuck." Kevin had it rotating in the horizontal position so that's what it was in when it was set down. When it's laying flat it won't change orientations on it's own.

First of all I was a Winmo user for 4yrs went to the blackberry loved it however I have a 3g Iphone as well and love it. Way I look they both have their strengths and weakness. However if I had to give one up permenatly it be my iphone, I would miss it for its media capabilites.

hook me up with that storm or javelin/curve 8900! they look super sexy!

and lol at the no backspace on calculator! but gotta admit iphone has a lot of cool app esp for passing time. and you're totally right that the phone you choose really depends on what you want to do with it. nice review.

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should get an iPhone or Blackberry. The 9am-5pm versus 5pm-9am conundrum is a nice way of looking at things. Thanks Kevin!

I've played with many of them, and I really like it as a device, but not as a phone, or to even say it's a smartphone is ridiculous. I'm a die hard Mac user, and I still can't leave my Blackberrys for an iPhone.

i've always felt a little cheated that AT&T got the iphone but after seeing this review I don't feel so bad. I'm with verizon and it's really my only choice because of coverage, but i've made up my mind to get a storm. I'm waiting till mid jan when my ne2 is up and hoping they will have fixed the software issues mostly by then.

I thought that was a pretty accurate review. I was definitely surprised by some of the iphone flaws (no stereo bluetooth, no backspace in some cases, pecking with your index finger) however, I dont agree that storm is the best of both worlds. I am pretty disappointed with the storm. its so SLOWWW and hard to type on. SOOOO for now, I'm happy with my curve :)

good review lots of good points. The thing that i wouldn't be able to stand is not having the push notifications and the always on factor of a berry.

Kevin, your philosophy on smartphone use is right on the money. I workd for a fortune 250 company, I have no time to stop and use my smartphone. I replied to three e-mails today while lying on my back on the back massage gizmo table at the chiropractor. Try that iPhone! Were I unemployed, idle and wealthy or a student, with time to kill at wifi coffeee houses and the like, the iPhone would certainly have more appeal. But the reality is this iPhone lovers, your wonderful multiedia and browsing experience blows compared to my desktop PC with 20" LCD screen. SPeed racer looks uch better on my HD TV with 5.1 surroud than it does on an iPhone. I can't even fathom having enough time or desire to watch a movie on my phone. My [hone needs to log calls, appointments and allow me to work wherever I am. The Bold is the right tool for that job, and it can bring the fun too, when needed.

I agree totally! I recently became a Storm owner and all of my Iphone coworkers were chomping at the bit waiting for me to bring it to work. All the while, they were hitting me with left and right hooks of how and why I would be disappointed. But today was the day that I got to see their eyes widened in wonder as I unveiled the Storm and oh so graciously allowed them to sample the goods. Needless to say, they were amazed especially at the sound and clarity of the picture as seen in the pre-loaded trailer for Babylon AD. One major naysayer even admitted that he suprisingly liked the Storm. Without hesitation,I quickly finished his statement and said, "...because you just didnt want to, huh?" and he sheepishly said, "Yeah." I could tell...such haters! :)

The iphone seems to be the new Razr. It's a meh phone, but it had some good marketing behind it. Now everyone and their brother has one.

I can agree with everyone else though, when you showed off your new 8900 I was wayyy more excited. Video of that anytime soon? please :)

I owned the first gen iphone and really liked it. Had the 3g for a week and after all the freezing and dropped calls I am now on a bb bold. It will be hard to get me to BB now.

well, i got to admit that apple's apps are very deceiving. it makes you wish your phone can do the same, but then you'll be wasting a lot of time. the build quality of the phone is great too, appple's build great products.

however, for someone who is all about efficiency and functionality...the blackberry wins. however, i would like to see blackberry start it's road down the "entertainment" side. it's starting too do a better job at music and videos (however, there can be a lot of improvement). i think working together with developers to create apps that you can relax with and not have to do work...would be one of the next direction RIM must go in (first, would be the OS. something for another conversation).

i've seen many people own both phones. one for business and the other for fun. only if you can mix the two together =(

Even though my son in law wants a iPhone for Christmas, my vote is still BB BOLD. I visited both in the ATT store and loved the BOLD. The iPhone is improved but still doesn't beat the BlackBerry.

First off, hats off to you Kev for another amazing review.

As someone who owns both devices *gasp* I have to give credit where it's due. Apple did design a phone that is sleek, and sexy, as well as making the whole smartphone/multimedia device more consumer friendly. I love my iphone, it surfs the net well, it loads my music and plays them, and it draw ooh and ahhs at the table. BUT IT IS NOT AN EFFICIENT DEVICE!! When I want to get work done, I whip out the curve, I can fire off msgs faster, search the net quicker, delete a single character, take a pic and send it to friends via bb messenger, etc etc... You were right when you said one device is a stop and see, and the other is an extension.

Without ending up writing a novel I'll sum it up the same way Kev did. Get a phone that goes along with your priorities... I for one love my iphone for what it can do, but I love my curve even more just because I can get more done with it. When RIM hammers down web surfing just like Safari, and open it's doors to apps that can be downloaded... I will no longer need to carry/use 2 phones.

Hum I thought the storm was created to attract more of the fun things of a phone while having its legendary business side. Hopefully Blackberry kicks ass in the media dept when they open up the app store!

He makes very good points, and he is a really funny guy. His little suttle remarks are classic. A+ on this video. "crackberry fingers" lol.

I must admit it has a lot of cool factor to it, but I have heard a lot more buzz about the Storm from friends lately. Having had the chance to use the iPhone I would really like to play with the storm a bit to see what a blackberry touch screen device is like!

I had to rock an iphone for a couple days, it wasn't that bad but i did miss my berry. I'm glad that i'm not the only one that can enjoy some features of it.

....people on crackberry say, "I used to have the iPhone but traded it in..." etc. and the people on TheiPhoneBlog rarely mention BlackBerrys at all. I have both devices and I love both BUT some people here really have inferiority complexes. I ride a commuter train that has about 95% businessmen and techies that takes people between San Francisco and Silicon Valley.....I must admit that most of these types of people have iPhones so unlike what I read on here, even businessmen are getting used to the virtual keyboard. I just don't like people making bombastic statements that try to speak on others' behalf that make the rest of us level-headed BB users seem like BB fanboys that say things without reason.

Dude well said. I just don't get the hate that people here have about the iphone, it's a freaking phone. Funny thing is when you go to the Apple or iphone forums, you hardly hear them talking about blackberries or even saying anything about them, but on the blackberry forums, they talk more about their hate for iphones than their own phones, sad ain't it.

All the boasting and bravado here is embarrassing. The was actually very little content in this video review, just silly jokes and name calling.

Appeals to the fanatics, though.

Great review! I would love to win a bold and give it to my mom for xmas, she wants one sooooooo bad.

My boss,owns an iPhone, and I go round and round about which is better. I can't wait to show him this!!

This is a great review. Very fair. Anyone interested in buying a smartphone should be directed to these round robins...spread the word!!!

This is the best concise evaluation of the iphone I've come across & simply wanted to compliment the reviewer on a job well done. Most demonstrations simply extol the iphone's virtues & mindlessly demonstrate it's capabilities, regardless of their relevance or practicality. However, this pragmatic review objectively evaluates the capabilities with respect to their purpose & design. As a dedicated BlackBerry user, I appreciated gaining insight regarding why people choose the iphone instead.

I just wanted to commend the effort on perhaps a usually unheralded task because people don't usually take the time to do so.

Well an important lesson is to be learned here the iPhone is NOT perfect and neither is the storm, bold, g1, fuze, treo pro or any other smartphone you can think of. I chose the iPhone and I stand by that choice. But to each his own that's why competition is so vital in all aspects of life,competition breeds innovation and all of us benefit from it. we are not "one size fits all" and I am proud of that. Kudos kevin for an objective review of a highly marketed device.

The other day I noticed the iPhone has a pretty neat SMS interface, that would be cool option for the Storm. The Storm overall is a much better device on the need to get stuff done realm and definitely in the hardware aspect. Most of the stuff found in the iPhone app store seems to mostly be fun non-productive stuff. The BlackBerry Storm has the capacity to work hard and also play hard. This is perhaps the Storm's strongest asset vs other BlackBerr(ies) ;-)

It is the arrogant iPhone owners that think their phone is
the sh**.

A good friend of mine has an iPhone and he loves it. How I can tell? He has it in his hand all the time. So I get to play with it quite often. Lovely device that does multimedia well with a functionality of a somewhat faulty phone. Blackberry phones do not handle multimedia like the iPhone does, that's for sure, but they are pretty darn nice phones. In my case, I want/need a PHONE first and multimedia and some other things are secondary.

Without a doubt, RIM makes awesome phones but do I simply like them because how well it is made? Not necessarily...
It is the capability of handling calls, emails and messages. I've had a Windows Mobile phone for a while and I felt like I was missing something constantly. Now that I am back to the Blackberry world/Storm, I know what was missing the whole time. It is the legendary push email by RIM. It just makes my life so much more efficient and easier.

I think Kevin said it well about the new Storm. It hits the sweet spot where iPhone and Bold left off missing.

Nicely done, Kevin!!!

The iPhone is great. But for me, Blackberry is better. I just bought a Blackberry 8900 today, and it wasn't a tough decision. However I do believe that because of the iPhone my new Blackberry is better. Both of these devices and platforms are better than each other in some respects, and both companies are working like crazy to keep the improvements coming. The competition is great, and I'm sure my next Blackberry will be better for it.

I would totally buy an iphone if they renamed it the "ah, f*ck phone". Ha ha! It's all very well for your phone to be able to drink a beer (side note - isn't it very frustrating to watch your phone drink a beer while you yourself have none?), but if you can't write a typo-free sentence without swearing at least 3 times, then I say it's nothing but a bit of useless, albeit very pretty, eye-candy. The iphone is like the hot dumb guy you pick up at a bar - it's fun to show him and his six-pack abs off and bask in the admiration and envy of your friends, but ultimately you have to dump him because he can't string a coherent sentence together and persistent irritation trumps hotness every time.

Lots of press coverage, looks good in the adverts (apart from having to amend it because of exaggerated speed claims) then find out you can't do this, can't do that etc. Do people but this just because of its name?
Wish I could afford it...... or the Bold....... or the Storm........ perhaps the Curve 8900 then?

Man oh man, how I want the 8900. I think I would look pretty nice with that in my hand. Yep, I think I need that phone. I have to day I was in an AT&T store and checked out the iphone. I guess it just wasn't for me. Not a bad piece of equipment, but I soooooo love my BB 8320. But the 8900 would be a nice treat, too.

Thanks Kevin for the review. Really, a beer app? that made me chuckle outloud.


I loved this review. Very thorough and fair. The iPhone is pretty and looks fun, but for me, a phone needs to work as a phone and has to be great for messaging first and foremost. The whole having to really concentrate and tap seems redundant and irritating. I need something that I can fire away at, even if it's hidden under a counter. (*Ahem*)
In terms of call quality, I've heard the iPhone isn't that great more often than not. But then again I have heard from a couple of people that BlackBerrys don't have the best call quality, as well. I guess it depends on the person, area or individual phone itself.
What also sells me on the BlackBerry is the email. Words cannot describe how happy it makes me to see my email pushed to me immediately. I can communicate with my mom or dad easier (since they only have email and not text), and it's nice to know what I need to know in general. I am no business woman by any means, but it does help with college and I'm very active online. To live without this would be awful, in my opinion. And to that I say: Oh BlackBerry, what have you done to me? Lol. I went from not caring and not wanting to be connected to being completely hooked. Goodness.
I would kill my phone by throwing it against a wall if I have to start over because it doesn't have a back or delete button, especially if what I was doing was long or important. What was Apple thinking? Even something as basic as a calculator doesn't have a quick delete button? Think of function, not just a pretty layout.
I also would kill it if it vibrated on me when talking on the phone. I'd rather the minor notifications BlackBerry provides.
In terms of the browser, of course the iPhone wins. I've surfed on an iPod Touch, and it's really fun. But for me, I just read CNN with only occasionally watching videos on YouTube. CNN Mobile and the mobile layout of YouTube is just fine for me.
I do admit that I am rather jealous of the App store, though. I think it would be awesome to have. But in the end, not having access may have saved me from making stupid purchases. I mean, beer app? Lmao.

All in all, I think the iPhone has its advantages: It's attractive, can serve as both an iPod and a phone (I know that helps a lot of people out), has a great web browser, a cool sms layout, and the App store connection. Definitely a lot of awesome stuff to covet. However, I honestly see it as a shiny toy over something useful. I am probably one in a million that isn't creaming myself over it. (We do exist, I promise.) I am young, within the demographic they are aiming for, but I am more for function overall. Additionally, I think BlackBerry is starting to offer more in terms of attractiveness, browser experience and multimedia while doing what they do best. If Apple decides to be cocky and continues to exclude things that are necessary (a lot of which I didn't even mention), well then, that is where the perceived unsinkable iPhone will hit its iceberg.

I'm really not gonna lie. I have a confession to make here. I like the iPhone. THERE. I said it.

(please don't kill me just yet, there is definitely a 'but')
but there are so many basic things missing from it that I would just miss far too much. Oh sure, one or two things here and there don't work like they have on every other phone for the last ten years. FINE. They're just little quirks, right? However, I can not excuse said "quirks" when there's so darn many of them that its noticeable in general use of the phone.

I'm not talking little things that take some getting used to. No MMS? Well, you can always email to carrier email adresses, and have messages arrive as MMS anyway. Inconvenient, but nothing to major. No copy/paste? Terrible. But its excusable.

If the list stopped there, it wouldn't be too bad. But it doesn't! The examples shown, such as the missing backspace key in the calculator, and the lack of a convenient way to skip up one level in menus, or applications... there's just no excuse for that!

Ultimately, it's all those little things which kill it for me. Give me ANY cool phone for a minute in the store, its fun to play with. Give me the phone for a day, I'll get annoyed by some minor quirks, or missing features. Give me the phone long-term, and I could make a list of all the things I dislike about it, but seldom deal-breakers.

The disturbing part is that many of those disturbing things, yea, even so far as the deal-breaker level show up just by playing with the phone for a few minutes in a store.

Thinking about how often I switch between profiles, "Phone only" when I'm sleeping, "Quiet" during class, "Loud" at the mall, and in noisy public places, "Vibrate" on the bus when people just want some peace... I couldn't live without the ability to quickly make switches like that.

That alone is enough to warrant my extreme disliking of the iPhone. Oh sure, plenty of people will say those minor problems are "unimportant" to them. Give them a while, and they'll find that one little thing which is just a step too far. They'll turn, they'll hate, they'll come running to another platform (BlackBerry?)

And to all those people who never hit that point, who never notice the apparent lack of basic features in their iPhone:
1) Get over your apple fanboy-ism
2) Get Steve Jobs' Head outta your ass.
3) If you didn't take issue with the lack, you coulda done a lot better with a regular "dumphone" why are you pouring out so much green for a smartphone where you'll probably never use half the features it DOES have?
4) If you're female under the age of 17, disregard all prior questions. Clearly you got sucked into the sheepish mentality of buying it as a fashion phone.

Anybody else agree?

Speaking of which... I am a smartphone user who absolutely couldn't live without my 'berry. Why? Because I actually DO use all the features; all the things smartphones were intended to do. I would absolutely LOVE to win that Bold that's up for grabs tho.

I agree with all four of your point at the end...

People generally just want to say they are a Smartphone user, so the get the iPhone!

My roommate has an iPhone, and some days all I hear him say is "Ah-Fuch"(Hahah, thanks Kevin) my push email BLOWS!

But, beside this point, he is standing firmly by the iPhone, though I can proudly say he likes the BlackBerry for the more than amazing phone that it is.

Loved the repetitive "Drives me nuts" comment while describing the phone, funny stuff!

I've played around with the Ahh Bleep phone for a bit and my main concern is typing on the thing. I prefer the physical keyboard, although the Storm is the only touchscreen device that I was able to just pick up and type well on.

Good honest review without the fanboyism, and I agree with what you said about the iPhone. I personally have an iPod touch, and Macbook, and have played with many iPhones but the BlackBerry is still the phone to have for me. Now if only the Bold's brower could be a Safari-esque experience...

Had two iPhone 3Gs, sent two back. Says it all really. It's a great toy, no doubt, but as a phone it's dogsh1t. Neither of mine would hold signal for any length of time and I live in the middle of the city (with supposed 100% coverage). Want a fancy iPod? Get the really IS amazing! When Apple added phone software it was a step too far.
*Prepares self for much impending fanboy abuse*

Really, its okay.
This is crackberry.
You're safe here.
We're a community of cracked-berries, not hate-filled apple fanboys.

Don't make me laugh, you guys are worse than the Apple fanboys, go and see how civil the Android users were after they were done reviewing the iphone and you want to talk about fanboys, ha.

There's more hate on these boards than just about anywhere - and it's not Apple fanboys who are responsible for it.

Pot, kettle, black.

I can definitely see the iPhone's appeal. From "playing" with one, it has some very nice features, great media capabilities, nice gaming, and a very nice web experience. I can see having an iPod Touch more than anything.

My BB fit my needs, which is a communication tool. Easy phone access, immediate message notifications, easy access to multiple e-mail accounts - it is defintiely a communication device first.

Very good review, Kevin. :-)

You're right there is no back button in the calc, but if you make a mistake you can press clear and then retype the number you mistyped. ie. You type 30+90+ and accidently hit 13 instead of 12, hit clear then type 12 and you'll get 132.

iphone, bold, storm, 8900 so hard to decide what to get. My problem with the iphone is that since it's all software they should spend time fixing some of these gripes like the back key. I bet it wouldn't talke long.

My friend Dan has a iPhone 3g and after he played with my Storm he is going to switch. Can't say that I blame him, i did the same thing.

I think the iphone is amazing,it definitely sets the standard for all new smartphones the only competition for this beast is a blackberry but rim still comes up just a little short.

Kevin- Nice review. Glad you got my email- I was pleasantly surprised to see my name on the iPhone during your demo!!!

I played with one once and as far as games it was fine but I can't see this working for me at work. I need a work horse like the BOLD! (hint hint Kevin)

... that the i-phone is exclusive to ATT, then I may have given it a try. I spoke to an i-phone user just the other day, and he said it sucks that the i-phone doesn't have push e-mail. This is the major thing that I probably can't live without on my BB...

Your video column was great. Nicknames are aahful sometimes.

Its cold here in Minnesota. I use double layer gloves. I use the phone waiting on public transit and walking. If I am driving, I stop and shutoff my car to use my BlackBerry Bold ATT. At sub zero (Fahrenheit) things cool off rapidly if I crack the window or door.

Using a friend's iPod Touch and iPhone I had a keypad impairment. I could not use them even without liner gloves or use one hand or touch touch type.

I have waited years for a fast 3G+WiFi phone. Smart phones were not speedy and Microsoft Office documents are unavoidable. Please do a column on that Office connections to BlackBerry.

At the end of t-Mobile contract I tried use Android and even a Behold. In Saint Paul is low signal on t-Mobile networks. I wanted a Femtocell at home as a local cell repeater to avoid standing outside my home (Brrrr) to avoid dropping calls. ATT came through with a BlackBerry Bold and stronger signal.

What is still lacking on my BB is easy transfer from iTunes on a non PC. I am a devoted Apple Mac user. Because the advertised transfer program is for PC only I have to transfer files to an inserted Micro SD. Thank heavens there is room for a 32Gig microSD card. I listen to many audio books on the move.

Conference calls on speakerphone with simultaneous web viewing are fantastic on the BB Bold mobile machine.

My mother has the iPhone and I've tried to find the fascination with it as a mobile personal information & communication manager but it was more for play, I couldn't use it for anything other than an mobile entertainment player.
My mom hangs up on me all the time when her friggin phone was in her pocket(grrrr) anyway.
Blackberry Bold rules!!!

Checked out an iphone the other has some nice technology, but I wouldn't trade my blackberry for it.

While I do like the iPhone's accelerometer and slightly slimmer than my Storm, my company does not support iPhone so Blackberry still is a must for me.

As the owner of a Storm and an iPod Touch, I will say the iPod has a great interface and having the power of a darwin under the hood leaves it quite scalable (I've enjoyed quite a bit of hacking with mine), however I just don't see it as a serious smart phone.

I have to admit though - web browsing on the iPhone is very, very slick and easy with the multi-touch screen. I could take or leave most of the bells and whistles, but that's definitely one area in which I'm a little bit jealous of iPhone users.

I love my Blackberry, and can't wait to get the new curve! or Storm, whichever comes to tmobile first!

I agree that the iphone is the ahhF*** phone. I have used friends Iphones as well they alot of fun to play with, I don't like that its not phone for people on the go.

The best quote used to describe iPhone vs BB is heard in this review:

"The BB is a 9am-5pm phone. The iPhone is a 9pm-9am phone"
That pretty much sums it up for me.

This is the part of the Round Robin I was waiting for. Can't wait for the final review overall review :-)

I love my BlackBerry, but I have to admit some of the apps that are being made for the iPhone make it REAL hard to not give it second thoughts. There are some pretty nifty BlackBerry apps but some of those iPhone apps are just plain genius.

C'mon can it be anything other then the mePhone. Because you know, when it comes to mephone owners, it's
1. All
2. Look

There are a lot of great things about both the Storm and the iPhone. The fun part is fighting with my iPhone friends about which is better. (The Storm, of course!)

What an excellent review. You're opinions are balanced and realistic without resorting to biased comments. Fantastic work.

I have the ability to sell the iphone and I really hate people coming in to purchase it only because of a commercial on TV or they saw one of their friends using it. It's a horrible phone and has poor battery life. Lame, lame, lame.

There will come a day, and I think it is soon, when Apple will have to attest for selling products based solely on their name. When will they become driven by what their customers actually want, instead of filling their pockets by putting out rather ordinary devices with a tweak here and there? Their getting to be like Madden, a little bit of new every year, but charging you incredulous prices for it.

Right all the people who purchase Apple products are all idiots who purchase on Apple's name and Blackberry purchasers are geniuses who are buying into a quality product, lol.

The iphone "looks" cool and I wish I had the money to have both a bb and an iphone, but since I don't. The blackberry is the only way to go, in my opinion.

The best part of the video is when the 8900 appeared, with that said i think you an i share the same oppinion on the iphone Kev, its a great fun device but it could never be my everyday mobile companion.

the device is sleek looking, no doubt. but I will never go back to AT&T and that is the first of a few reasons I won't get an iPhone.

I've had this puppy for close to three weeks and I love this phone. I never thought I would say that about a gadget, but it's true. Dang,...if I could have some sexxy time with it I would! (Hey is that a usb port?)

The iphone, while nicely packaged, will never compare to a blackberry. Media and tech sites list the Blackberry Bold as their most researched and desired phone. Word is getting out on the efficiency, quality and styling of the bold. It's to be taken seriously. When I need to play a game or listen to some music I'll use my Touch. Actually...scratch that. My Bold can satisfy me there as well.

On the topic of touch.....where'd I put my Bold?

Kevin, I am new to the site but love all the inforamtion you provided. I have decided to go with the 8900 once T-mo USA decides to release it. Thanks.

I actually found this video to be lame and superficial. After some silliness about lack of a back button on the side, and some snide remarks about feng shui - there was actually very little of content here. No, we looked at the clock, and the stock app. Kevin couldn't find a back button in the calculator, but also failed to spot the "clear last entry key" - so he burbled a few more "Drove me crazy" comments. Then we're off for a whirlwind tour of the app store; 10,000 apps, but do we get to sample the several thousand eye-popping games and hundreds of productivity apps and utilities on offer? Oh no, instead we're treated to two novelty apps: zippo lighter and iBeer, .

On the whole, not very informative and merely playing to the prejudices of a partisan crowd.

I agree. Especially the part where he gives the iPhone the ahh-#### nickname. When Kevin's storm review comes out I hope he gives a similar nickname to the Storm with all its typing issues. I make way more mistakes on my Storm than on my Touch. Otherwise I'll attribute that to fanboyism.

tha was a great review kevin! i was thinking about getting an iphone but instead i would like to get a bold now. this site has helped me out a lot and i now i know a lot about blackberrys! the review was really funny though too, lol calling it the ahhh BEEP phone hahahaha. that was awesome

I think Kevin is on the money with how the iPhone and BB differ. I will say that there are many business people who are turning to the iPhone from the Blackberry. Will they stay? I don't know. Several sales people I spoke with love it. They usually have several stop and use moments, waiting for a customer, in planes or trains, at airports. It has Exchange support, so they can handle e-mail as well. For them I see the tradeoff. For others like me, I often use my BB at HOME to do work when I don't have my work laptop fired up. The last thing I need is multimedia, when what I have at home is so much better.

i have tried the iPhone myself .. i had it for 2 weeks before i gave it away and came crawling back to the CB world ..

Hi guys

You cant be more true in the words you've used in your article.

I'm a manager in the cellular trade. I cant count on my two hands and feet how many endless problems we've had with the iphone. I'm not trying to put the iphone down, just wanted to tell you my feelings on the the two products.

I've been made a BB Expert by RIM. I know my BB well and also iphone. But you dont have to ask me to choose between the two, because you can guess the one i'll be happy with.

BB had been my chosen device for almost the past 8 - 9 years, and i doubt it would change anytime soon.

I really cant wait to get my hands on a Bold or possibly a Storm. At the moment I'm still using my old faithfull 8310 supplied by RIM.

Thank you for your good reading material, i really enjoyed it a lot.

Henk Badenhorst
South Africa

In my estimations the iphone does not compare with the bBerry. Blackberry just has so many darn great features about, not to say iphone doesn't but blackberry's are just so damn simple in being able to check your messages of receive them, being able to open a program, or anything of that regard. I personally prefer a Blackberry over its ease of use and its many great things it has to it and its of course the great lineup that RIM has which makes them an unstoppable force.

If the iP'uck is so bad at business, why do I see so many in the hands of professionals? But after Kevin's somewhat biased review, it sounds like the Storm might a good compromise. I'll have to check it out.

It doesn't matter what Apple does, it still just can't compete with RIM's email capabilities. The IPhone, 3g or not, still has so many flaws with setting up email accounts and efficiently getting an email, that even IPhone enthusiasts complain. Any businessman interested in a "smartphone" just can't do without the Blackberry. Now that the Storm is released, depending on how user friendly people find it, the IPhone is smoke!

Judging by the reviews, this "dud" has been receiving, I say the iphone has nothing to worry about.

I was recently in the market for a new MP3 player and ended up going with an Ipod touch 16gb, the Iphone's slimmer, younger brother. I love an MP3 player, couldn't imagine having to use it as a everyday smartphone. Granted the applications are great and can be a lot of fun, but this review was dead on when he mentioned that it feels like the phone was a secondary thought on this device (not referencing my Ipod touch, my friends 3G). While he claims typing on the Iphone is tolerable, I can't imagine having to use this for any type of communication for more than a week. We may look stupid with our thumbs bent over our KEYBOARD, but at least we don't have to poke our keyboard like were checking a cake for done-ness.
Bottom line is the Iphone is more of a exercise in fashion than in utility, and for everyday practical use I'll stick to my BB.

Hmm the iPhone, I can agree, there are things I love and there are things I hate. On the whole an excellent device but I am just not sure if its for me.

As usual people on this site showing their inferiority complex towards the iphone, when the Android guys reviewed the iphone, you didn't read such drivel posted on their site.

How come the facebook application icon in this video has a red circle next to it? Does this iPhone have the push notification service working on it?

I have used an unlocked 2G iPhone for a long time as well as a BB Curve. The only real item that I envy in the iPhone is the screen size. I just upgraded to the Bold and it is awesome. RIM certainly improved the product line when delivering the Bold. I actually love the Blackberry and the iPhone. Problem solved in that I use both whenever I feel a need. In a pinch...I rely on the Blackberry.

I hope the Stor, continues to improve RIM's position in the marketplace.

Thanks for reading!!

Sweet review. I love the BB Bias, but most points made were still very valid. It shed some light on some flaws in the iPhone that I had no clue existed.

I think this is a pretty fair review and I think you avoid what appears to be a current trend in reviewing devices. Everyone tries to be either HOT! or cold for something. No one ever really lays out even judgments letting you decide on your own. Like the thing I wrote up last month about picking a device and the Mobile Device Interest Scale on Nov. 6, people really have to decide what they want and how much they care about their phone before they buy.

The review was decent, however I found that, as a person who owns a Blackberry but likes the iPhone, it seemed a bit biased. When saying that the iPhone is for "fun" and Blackberry is for "getting stuff done" is labeling unfairly. I find that while I love my Blackberry, it is often slow and clunky (even after doing resets and checking memory) and has its fair share of problems. The apps currently available don't always work - even popular ones like Facebook. I have an iTouch and its Facebook app is light-years beyond the BB version. For a solid month, the app didn't deliver notifications even though everything was in working order. That's productivity? I felt the iPhone was given a fluffy review. "Oh it's nice and all...cute and for your "stop and use"...but it can't do anything! Just stick to a Blackberry."

Silly review. Nitpicked on a few details, got some stuff wrong. Glossed over the iPhone's strengths - instead, focussed on a couple of novelty apps from the app store. This was a caricature rather than a true representation of the iPhone's capabilities; still, it seems to appeal to many of the closed minds on

Fear is the driver here - and both RIM and diehard Crackheads really, really fear the iPhone. What other excuse could there be for the (ugh) Storm?

The IPHONE is the equivalent of a portable Playstation 3! If your a gamer grab one if your a grown tax paying adult 8320!!!

the iphone while a nifty device, lacks in so many areas, like lack of bluetooth, awkward keyboard and shallow interface...

vivla la blackberry

I can't deny liking the iPhone. However I would choose the Bold over the iPhone any day.

Gotta love a well thought out video. I use a lot of your points when selling phones myself. having a bold would definetly lean my sales one direction.

Mad funny video dude. For sure you made some great points too. I really like the iPhone's OS a lot, but as a messaging device I don't think it's quite ready for primetime.

I always enjoy your reviews and benefit a great deal even in devices I would never own but am able to learn the basics. I'm a total Blackberry addict.
Thank you.

People are so caught up in trying to say one phone is the best. NEWSFLASH - one phone CANNOT do everything for everyone. I'm a Windows Mobile user so I'm not taking sides here. People pick a phone depending on what they need it for, or what they think they need it for. Blackberrys are the best for emails/communication. I want an open platfor with options and the ability to customize so I picked Windows Mobile. When I want to listen to music or watch some podcasts I go for the iPod Touch. Yes, I'll happily carry 2 devices to get the best of both worlds.

I hope you sterilized your hands after touching s%*+
the curve going down the line bold-storm all way better than the "i" phone

My hubby just went to the dark side & gave up his curve for an iPhone. I hate it! You gotta offer more than pretty graphics to impress me.

No cut & paste????????? Puhleeeeeeeze!

Blackberries kick ass!

I've seen the crazy scratch tests for the Storm. (Still not sure I want to go without putting a screen protector on. Oppinions?) How does the iPhone hold up to scratches?

Iphone is on its 3rd year i believe and the storm is on its 3rd month. I will wait to have a phone that can due both aka the blackberry storm. Other than that great review its the same points i say everyday to people that have the Iphone as i am way more effective with my BB

My best friend constantly says that phrase every time he emails and sends text messages. It makes me laugh!

I think the iPhone is a great device, and would have probably bought it if I had AT&T.

I am happy with my 8320 for now, until I make up my mind on the 8900 or to switch carriers for the Storm.

I have just upgraded from a curve to a Storm, but then changed the storm for the Bold - just did not cut it for me.

so I am obviously biased, but my cousin uses an iphone and told me how fantastic it was - he has over 50 apps so I asked which were his best and the ones he used.

He managed to get it down to 4 all of which I have on my bold which are just as good and he said that email was a little flaky on the iphone.

However he still loves the iphone.

I think Kevin was right in his review - it is about what you do - I would love an iphone but only as a toy - might consider an itouch, but I prefer the ipod classic as I can turn it on, change tracks and turn up the volume while it is in my pocket without taking it out - try that with the ipod touch!!

All in all - the iphone is a great phone (toy) but it is very different to a BB - not better or worse.

Comments have been made about iphone people not talking about bb's and that is becuase the truth IMO is that BB owners would love the play value of the iphone, but iphone users dont know what they are missing - they would if they tried a BB.

The BB is much better at doing stuff - the iphone is better at playing and not really doing anything.

The BB does games but is not great, the iphone does business but not great.

As Kevin says you have to be clear on what you main driver is when choosing a phone.

Mine is the diary, email and contacts - the rest is un important to me. (however, I would still like to have an iphone for fun - thats why I tried the storm - I am waiting for the Stom 2 - that should be the product I need)


I used to be a bb user.. Now gimme that bold so I can go back!.. otherwise I'll have to buy a bold this holiday.. :(

I like your breakdown regarding "on the go" vs "stop and use" - that's a great way to describe the device when people are trying to decide which one to buy. The lack of stereo bluetooth is amazing for something that prides itself on being a music player.

While I like the snazzy graphics and overall hipness of the iPhone, I could never use it as my primary phone. I'm definitely an on-the-go power user and need my keyboard to remain sane.

Nice review. Still not sure if a Bold or an iPhone is for me when my T-Mobile contract expires. If I win a Bold that will make my decision easier!

Kevin, you always compare your round robin phone to other blackberrys, but not to the other round robin phones you have reviewed. Are you going to have any final ranking and comparison?

I wish some of the apps that exist for the iPhone would exist for BlackBerry. I like some of those time killers. haha.

Overall the iPhone is not that bad, pretty sweet for a mulitmedia device...oh yea it's a phone too. I'm a die hard BB fan, but when it comes to touch phones, the iPhone destroys the Storm. RIM dropped the ball on several aspects of the Storm; aspects that you would expect to be standard since it's biggest competition is the iPhone.

In the end the Bold is the device for me. I miss out on some of the really fun apps, but my iPod Touch keeps me happy for now.

I really want a Bold - would prefer to win one rather than buy it myself.

Wow, so many comments and many bad feelings but not much substance. I'll have to check out the other site to see if they are as virulent.

Can BB work on having the phone and it's app's work better. To help restore the faith in people who want a BB that will last for many years.

I text a lot, but the media features on the iphone still tempt me, The GSM storm can't come soon enough, not that any blackberry can

Great!! Kevin, best video review so far for this year Round Robin. I have nothing to say at this time I 100% agree with you.

I was hesitant to view your review because I thought it would be the same old blah blah every says about the iPhone. But I was wrong, it was enlightening, entertaining and fair.


Hate the no keyboard. This is a "Smat-Toy", my BB is a "Smart phone".

I want a BOLD!

and in the future, a Bold with a touchscreen and a keyboard.

I say that it's overrated. When I made my switch from my Sony Ericsson k800 I came to a fork in the road. It was either iPhone or Blackberry, Thank God I chose blackberry.

I like the idea of having two devices - an itouch for fun and a real smartphone for work (and making actual phone calls). Twice the battery life, half the frustration! (Twice the price too, but a girl can dream...)

Even when I'm a blackberry user I recognize that this phone is awesome. What I envy the mos is the screen size and the web browser. But I really like my phone with keyboard.

The annual Round Robin uber-review is fantastic, but how about adding the following for 2009:

After each uber-blogger has reviewed everyone else's smartphone, return the smartphone to the original blogger and get them to critically review their own platform, letting them praise what they love about their phone, however also get a bit critical and let them say "I'd prefer if it did things more like company x". After seeing all of the ideas from other platforms, recraft their own platform with the best of the others that is appropriate for their own platform. (I'd respect a reviewer that can take a critical look at their own item more than one that says "my smartphone is the best, it's perfect")

Let's face it, there isn't a perfect smartphone out there - each one has it's advantages and disadvantages, just like they're each suited to different types of usage and different types of people. Let's grab the best ideas together, and even use this recommend to each of our respective smartphone makers to say "these are the ideas we want to make it better".

How about that?