RoundRobin: AndroidCentral's Casey Chan Goes BOLD!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Dec 2008 05:22 pm EST

AndroidCentral's Take on the BlackBerry Bold

[ This is an official Smartphone Round Robin post! Every day you reply to an official Round Robin blog post or forum thread on, you automatically gain an entry ballot for a chance to win a BlackBerry Bold, Spare Bold Battery, and Case Mate Second Skin! ] 

I had Casey's T-Mobile G1 last week and this week he's using my BlackBerry Bold. On the first Smartphone Round Robin Roundtable Podcast Casey voiced a bit of skepticism that the Bold's display would be as impressive as everyone was making it out to be. But once he finally got his hands on the device... well... you'll just have to click on over to Android Central to hear for yourself what he had to say!

You can leave a comment here for your chance to win a Bold or better yet, you can also drop Casey a comment for your chance to win a T-Mobile G1 (spread those odds out!). Keep in mind, if you win the G1 you could probably sell it/trade it in for a new BlackBerry :-)

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RoundRobin: AndroidCentral's Casey Chan Goes BOLD!


I could use an unlocked Bold as it seems the 8830 I use now will never have an upgraded OS that would help my business run better.

I'm a longtime treo user, but I am mighty impressed by the screen on the Bold. Someday I hope phones will become like PCs, where you can sort of build your own depending on what features you want. In the meantime, thank goodness for these round robins to help us decide!

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I just got my storm about two weeks ago and im totally in love with it. Its amazing. I totally get why people call them crackberry's. I'm sure the Bold is amazing too, but I'm happy with my storm =)

If Verizon carried the Bold, I would have gotten it but i had to "settle" for the Storm :)
I really like the bold, a friend of mine has one and it seems like a really good example of how kit should be made

I could use an unlocked Bold. T-Mobile hasn't gotten around to hooking us 8820 owners up with an OS above 4.2. Maybe Crackberry could help me out.

Frankly I have to say I'm really stoked on the round robin idea you guys have in play. Helps give a bit of a more well-rounded view on what it's like to use a multitude of devices, too bad I don't have a plethora of friends that use fancy phones. ;)

This whole having to choose my carrier based on the devices they support thing is getting old, though.

I like the Bold but as a loyal Verizon user I will have to trade it for a Storm. Either way I get rid of this Treo 700p.

All this talk about the Bold's screen! Dang, I've never seen one in action. Here's hoping I'll be able to win one and report back.

I went to 2 different At&T stores to play with this phone. The screen is like a mini HDTV. If I don't win one I will be buying this phone for Christmas!

He sure does like the Bold's screen! But why wouldn't he? It is amazing when you watch a good movie or video on it.

I'll never understand the facination, and preference, for Gmail over any version of BB email. It's one of the biggest reason I'm back to crackberries instead of my iPhone 3g.

this is by far the sickest phone out right now. i am a verizon person and i wish i could get this phone for my network.. i am going to be stuck with the storm... doesn't that sound like a bummer... either way blackberries are the best smartphones and i would take a bold or storm over anyother smartphone any day!

The Bold really is a nice device. If it were on Verizon I might have opted for it over the Storm since I'm generally not a huge fan of touchscreen. I do really like the Storm too though, despite having to constantly clean the screen! :)

Now that I'm on a Blackberry (Storm), I'm very happy with the Blackberry UI. You can keep your android...

From my experience with the g1 (and I'm typing on it right now), I have this weird feeling that a bold would knock my socks off and leave my g1 to rot. Or maybe the other way around but it would still be cool to win one!

All I have to say when I saw the Bold's resolution is, WOW!! I didn't think that it was possible to fit such a good image into such a small frame. Bravo BlackBerry, Bravo.

My beloved Curve just came to its' untimely death.

A Bold would be a perfect replacement.

Please pick me!


I'm happy with my Storm, but would take the Bold I win, and give it to the iPhone fanboy that I work with just to convert him!!!!!

I've been keeping tabs on the round robin all along here and it seems like the other people are really searching to find things to criticize. Obviously I, along with a lot of the people here, am biased towards Blackberry but it seems like the other sites complaints have little foundation to stand on. Bottom line is while the Storm is meant to appeal to the mass Iphone crowd, the Bold is the flagship BB and sets the benchmark for all smart phones to strive for. The brilliant screen, the physical keyboard and the rollerball are used because they work and are proven. While the OS took me a bit to get used to, I can't imagine using anything else now that I have it. The e-mail features, the applications, and the functions on the BB OS are the way things should be.

Boy, can Casey put you to sleep with this monotonic lazy sounding voice or what? zzzzzzzzzzz........let's get someone more upbeat next time? hahahhaa

my contract's up in March, but I wouldn't complain one bit if I got my lucky contest-winning hands on a Bold sooner than that!


hate to say it Casey but umm...they all told ya you;d love the screen lmao!! Nice review man, I knew as soon as I listed to the podcast you'd be quickly pulling back on any skepticism.

I like his review a lot. I didn't feel like he was being completely biased and had decent reasons for why he didn't really like something. He also really complimented the Bold with what he did like. He did a good job.

I loved how much he flipped out over the bright screen. Lmao. It is beautiful to behold, and I love that he doesn't hold back on that. :D

I can see why he thinks BlackBerry isn't as "open" as most phones. It certainly is a transition. But really, once that transition is made, it's so hard to go back. It just... works. I hope he sees that in his final review.

bold goodness...
fascinating how everybody raves about that screen.
its really something, huh?

Damn right the bold has got the best screen going around!
imagine when he gets his hands on a magnum next year...!

I'm new to the blackberry world and I bloody love the Bold! I can't decide whether to cancel my order for the storm and change it for the bold... aaah!

I always said to myself "that Storm is pretty sexy" and "that G1 is a hot device" but i always thought if i had a choice i'd go with the Bold this review proved it would be a wise choice. it is a beautiful device so smooth and slick i pray one day i can call one my own.

This may well be the best Blackberry, no, the best smartphone out in the market right now. I need to go play with one. Off to the AT&T store!!!

Btw, round robin is great! I get to hear honest reviews on other phones that I may never own.

In every Test i love the Time, where they talk about the Screen and how unbelievable it is. :-)

I would love to have a Bold!!

I actually have tried out a G1, it is pretty good as far as speed, but the cleff chin form factor is... different. haha.

of course he fell in love with the bold, it gives the g1 a big "how's ya fava"! anyone seen using a g1 should be arrested and sent to rehab for suckie smartphone addicts.

I've been a long time Palm user, however after my provider had to replace mine three times, I gave in to find out what the whole "Blackberry" craze was. I was very nervous about the change, however after a couple of weeks of getting used to it, I LOVE my curve. I won't ever go back and I can hardly wait to upgrade to either the Bold or Storm, I
haven't decided. Since I just discovered the crackberry website, I am loving reading these postings. Keep them coming!!!

of course he fell in love with the bold, it gives the g1 a big "how's ya fava"! anyone seen using a g1 should be arrested and sent to rehab for suckie smartphone addicts.

I tried the Bold & the Storm on the same day, bouncing between shops in the mall.

At first glance, I thought the Bold's screen was almost the same size until I compared both phones to my Curve.

All I can say is WOW! The screen is SO sharp it looks much bigger than it is.

I kept trying to click the screen also. It would be an interesting thing to have touchscreen on the Bold V2.

Bold wins hands-down over Storm to me.


If I win...the wife will get my Storm and the Blackberry users will expand yet again. I kind of miss a real keyboard and being able to type qwerty in portrait.

Come on....ugly G1 vs. sexy Bold? No comparison! The only thing he complained about was that the Bold had no touchscreen! What does that tell you? The Bold is a superior device, hands down!!

Seriously i cant beleive he called the trackball inneficient, with the exception of web browsing the trackball is more eficient than a touchscreen, i dont understand how most reviewers fail to see how you can do everything much faster on a blackberry, i mean there is a reason the g1 has a trackball right?

My sixty-year old dad that can barely type on a keyboard and speak english, Loves the fact he can read Chinese webpages and navigate his BlackBerry in Chinese, not yet Android.

I have a bold, I tested a lot of phone before it like iphone, iphone 3g, N95, a lot of HTC... but the bold is for me the best smartphone of the moment. You can do very thing with it.

I already have a BOLD and absolutely love it. My wife however does not have one and I would love to win one for her so we can be a BOLD DUO! Corny I know. :) Her BBRY Pearl isn't doing so well right now.

0o0o! Me wants a Bold even though I looooove my Storm. I could always convert yet another "smartphone" wannabe over to a being a Crackberry addict my sis. :) All my friends that have Iphones laugh at me and my Blackberry love. Whatever.. At least my phone doesn't drop 3G crazy like the Iphone. :)

Seemed like we had a potential crackberry convert after seeing Casey's full review, he really didn't have much to pick at all. I mean the software challenges he mentions are stuff that the dedicated crackberry user/abuser would never have noticed (i.e. icons appearing the "same" when in fact they are quite distinct).

Glad to hear another positive review for RIM's flagshio device!!!

But after waiting for so long for the Bold to come out, I lost interest & now am waiting for the Javelin (8900).

After reading engadget's most excellent review of the G1 (found here: and all of the in depth info I've seen about the BOLD there's absolutely no surprise that Casey is impressed with the BOLD. I understand there's a lot to complain about with the G1 and as cool as a google phone is, it's just not worth it to lose all my BB functionality. I'm still happy rockin my t-mobile pearl 8100 from june 07 than to upgrade to a whole other can of worms with the G1. I'll wait until they get some of the glaring drawbacks worked out to even try an android device. I would sooner spring for the new pearl flip than the G1. My options are still way too limited with t-mobile right now. Where's my BOLD or STORM t-mobile and RIM?

my friend moved from the curve to the g1.. he likes it.. but misses the bbmsger.. as do I.. I have moved from the 8700 to the iphone.. (its RIMs fault for delaying the Bold so much)

now time for this Bold to be mine..

i need to win this contest so bad my lil girl put my phone in the toilet because she was trying to clean, pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee PLEAAASSSSEEEEE


Hey guys just wanted to say I love my BOLD and always looking to get my dad a new one Christmas. He has worked all his life and is needing a upgrade. Well I wanted to say I love my BOLD and Merry Chistmas to ALL>

I will have one of these in january. Gonna break my Tmobile contract to get it too.

Same thing ive been saying for weeks though... A Bold with a touchscreen would be AMAZING!

Get on it RIM.

Poor Casey really wanted that touch screen. Me? I wouldn't want to get fingerprints on that beautiful screen!

They just officially released OS 4.5 which might I add is the latest build available but not for the 8310. Uhhhh am I the only who's scratching my head wondering why they decided to release it for the 8320 on AT&T instead of the 8310 which majority BB users on AT&T with Curves have the 8310. Yeah, that's just sad. Thus, that just makes me want to get the BOLD even more. BOLD here I come!

The BB's are the best everything else i hate i use mine for work and fun and they way i switch back and forth its amazing. Now my space is up on BB'S my page stay posted with whats poppin I'm crackhead what about you !