Round Robin: TheiPhoneBlog's Rene Ritchie Goes Bold!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Dec 2008 11:16 am EST

TheiPhoneBlog goes BlackBerry Bold!

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Revenge time! Last week I had some fun in my iPhone 3G First Impressions video and today Rene Ritchie of TheiPhoneBlog gets part 1 of his revenge (part 2 will come on Monday with his full review).

This is the Round Robin video I have been looking forward to / fearing the most, and Rene doesn't disappoint. Click the image above to head on over and watch what a bonafide Apple fanboy thinks of our beloved BlackBerry Bold. Speaking of the Bold, be sure to login and leave a comment to this post for your chance to win one. You can also leave a comment over at for a chance to win an iPhone 3G.

As for me this week...I've been using the Windows Mobile-powered HTC Fuze. I'll be posting my vid on that tomorrow (need to space these Round Robin posts out so you have more chances to win!). In the meantime, you can visit to stay on top of up all action.

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Round Robin: TheiPhoneBlog's Rene Ritchie Goes Bold!


I still want a bold...oh and He needs to cut his finger nails. Those aren't crackberry thumbs..those are crackhead thumbs. I kid I kid

I am an unoriginal person. I don't even like blackberries enough to come up with a decent response to these articles. In fact, I'll probably just sell the Bold on Ebay. To summarize, "I want a Bold".

I just summed up 60% of round-robin responses.

Rene's video proves iPhone users tend to be a different, lazier breed of people than those that are BB addicts.

I was impressed with the review. Go figure! Anyone who can make me laugh while trying to pinpoint differences has earned my props. I'm still a Crackhead, but I wouldn't rule out an Ah Frak Phone as a secondary device.

I enjoyed the review that much.

hahaha great review. PING!!! you have messages. I wish the bold would come to VZW soon! If not i may have to make the jump!

A what you'd expect rather canned review. Seems to be the kind of person who likes to play on his phone rather than get some work done. iphone is perfect for him.

Lol, Kevin i think this Rene guy might be as entertaining as you... By far one of most entertaining Blackberry introductions I have ever seen..

I think Rene did a good job of an initial review. It is definitey a different animal compared to the iPhone. It will be intersting to see how he does with the Bold after a week of use. :-)

I have the Iphone 3G and i also have the curve 8330 and i have to say that i have a blast with both i love the keyboard on my curve but i love the games on my iphone.

The little pop ups were sort of annoying, that aside he didn't seem to have too many negatives. Having used the iPhone I much prefer the Blackberry experience. That is probably due to the fact that I don't use my phone for media much...

I love the Bold. I have been a proud owner for about 3 months now and couldnt live without it. I would love to win one for my wife!

I cant wait to hear how the Iphone crowd feels about the bold... maybe they will COPY AND PASTE from somewhere else...

after viewing the vid, it soldified the fact that crackberry users are true addicts! unlike iphoners whom are slittly lazier and prefer simplicity wheres crackberry addicts are effective/productive multi-taskers! I've been waiting long and hard for the 8350i to come out but would easily drop providers if i get the BOLD!!!

It was an interesting look at the bold from the eyes of one who loves the iphone. I think that in the end his biggest complaint will be the lack of touchscreen.

As much as he tried to make the bold look bad it was obvious that it was still a good product. Just admit it's a matter of preference. Type or touch.

A few off points, with the fake button comments and the lack of spell check, as I'm sure Rene realized after a lil bit of usage, but overall great review looking forward to the final thoughts, I'm betting it comes out as a classy review, will it sway him from the but I'm sure Rene will have gained a lil more "respect" for the platform.

good review,still madly in love w/ the Javelin but it could be a toss-up now cause the Bold has already been released in the US. Not sure if i can wait much longer...

But after a few months of using it it just wasn't so great anymore. The best part of it is the games and I am a gamer so if anything people could just get an iPod Touch. I'm new to the BB ways but so far my love for it continues to grow.

this guy is annoying and his review is an utter FAIL - Iphone's suck so yeah- the Snideness of apple can only be beat by Google- MABYE

The iPhone is nice and all but it has alot of groing todo. It's like a rookie runningback, he's fast and quick but he needs polish and experince to truely dominate every game. Some never do!

I went from the Curve 8310 to the iPhone 3G back to the Curve and now to the Bold. IMO, the best is the Bold, followed by the Curve, then the iPhone. I just wish the Blackberry browser was better. That's the only thing I liked better in the iPhone. Everything else Blackberry does best!

Rene is a pretty fair reviewer. I think it's really hard to dislike the Bold. It's just incredibly competent at everything you need a PDA to do. As many apps as Symbian, WinMo or even now the iPhone? No, but it comes with more out of the box than any of them. You don't need very many apps, really. The Browser is quite good. The screen is awesome, none better. The keyboard is as good as any if not better. Push e-mail is terrific of course. What really, is there not to like?

Seems like Rene is liking the Bold! He just needs to learn all the shortcuts. It took me a few months of putzing around and then reading the manual and blogs to start using the built-in shortcuts.

Children use iPhones because it's multimedia focused, and adults use blackberrys because it is business focused, but can do multimedia when needed.

Fairly typical initial impression. Every device has a learning curve when you are used to something completely different. I think he'll get the hang of it.

Rene, there are also keyboard shortcuts for scrolling! Check out the BlackBerry Help function. It's actually....helpful! ;)

leave the apple fanboys to their device. They're just concerned with playing movies and music, right? They dont want to be productive =)

wanna win that bolddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd crossing my fingers!!!!!!!!

I gotta admit I had a big kick out of his random message inserts..

YOU HAVE Laundry..

Hes not a fan of a keyboard...

I think after a weekend of use he will like it more then he does now.

I'm certain its not a button at all but rather a contact point for charging the battery in the cradle. Does Rene know this or does he actually believe that data and power should only move via an oversized proprietary usb?

I love the fact that one of the most important things to him (like other iPhone users) is games. Cause thats why people get smartphones for the games!

cool.. I love the sarcasm. it's the most entertaining review I've seen yet.

seems like the initial criticism is 'it's not an iphone.' that's ok... one of the main reasons I like my bb is that

it's not an i phone

his review was definitely one of the more entertaining reviews!
"ahhh let me go, let me go" HAHAHA apparently he's not used to just a

"A what you'd expect rather canned review. Seems to be the kind of person who likes to play on his phone rather than get some work done. iphone is perfect for him." Really, what more needs to be said?

"A what you'd expect rather canned review. Seems to be the kind of person who likes to play on his phone rather than get some work done. iphone is perfect for him." Really, what more needs to be said?

i don't really got anything to say since i am new to the bold and everything, but so far i am liking the phone

I can't wait until the final review. I didn't get much from this one. I hope he gives it a fair chance. The Bold is a truly amazing device. Oh, how I wish I had one. *Sigh* (No offense, Curve. I still love you.)

Nice review. He's a little quirky, but far more entertaining than the treo central trick. You have to be really animated in this videos or else they can drag along real slow.

I don't think he hammered it too bad so far, he could work the phone better if he knew more short cuts like hitting R to reply to messages! The iphone does tend to lean toward the fun side with all the apps and stuff, the blackberry is still a bit of a corporate device. I still wouldn't give up my curve for an iphone!

Hey Listen there is a hidden comment that was made on that video post. It happens from time period :19--> :22, I've tried to listen to it but i have crappy speakers.

I have to admit, the iphone is a fun toy, but when it comes to getting business done, gotta go with a blackberry.

The iphone is great for games and "time-wasters", and honestly I wish RIM would implement a few more fun things into their devices, but 9 times out of 10 when im looking at my Curve its to check business emails and texts.

I work for a major video game company thats even developing games specifically for the iphone, yet when my company gives out a corporate phone, it’s a BB Curve 8310. I think that says a little something.

And I also agree that all you people just saying, "give me a bold" on all these round-robin posts aren’t real Berry fans. At least say something relevant to the article

Wow!That Bold sure did have a nice clean screen not having to put your fingers all over it every time you wanna do or type something on it, haha. I liked the blackberry claw/Bruce Lee comment, kinda funny, but make all the jokes you want, you'll never pull me away from my Crackberry.

I'd like to see what a fellow iphone user has to say about the Bold.. I've been wanting to switch back to the blackberry.. but there have been some barriers in my decision.. such as being able to type in korean, large screen browsing and movie watching.. but the bold offers me my bbmsg again.. and keyboard.. and push..

If i have both!!! hrm..

1.the ultimate keyboard.

he said he "liked" it. I don't see how anyone could like to type on a screen... well maybe at an ATM.

2.the back button.

he wished for on on the iphone.

3.the flash.
he addressed Jobs on the flash that has some how been left of of the iphone.

blackberries are the shiznittle!

but he is right about the PIN messenger... you can't say "i didn't get the message."

My favorite part is how he makes fun of BlackBerry's push messaging capabilities--as if getting messages right away is a bad thing. With the iPhone, you get messages ... eventually.

And if you'd rather dig through all your different inboxes to figure out whether you had a new e-mail, SMS, Facebook notification, missed call, voicemail, chat message, or appointment notification, you can always turn off selected alerts on your BlackBerry. On the iSmudge, you don't have much choice.

Just goes to show yet again that the iPhone is for people who want to use their communication device primarily for playing Mario Kart...

Entertaining review but I have say that after using both phones extensively and waiting months before making a decision on a phone I went with the Bold. A month later I couldn't be happier. If all I wanted to do was play games all day then the iPhone would be a no-brainer. Bold makes so much more sense on a day to day/productivity standpoint. Both are great phones but for very different reasons. I say let the kids have their toys--I am sticking with my Bold.

I've used both.. the iPhone 3g and the Blackberry Curve. I'll take the Blackberry any day. Your video first impression was that of any new Blackberry user. Before knowing all the different shortcuts and such the device does seem awkward. But the very fact that the iPhone cannot accept a backup battery or expandable memory.... ??? Why would anyone choose the iPhone for day to day business/personal use?

I've been so big time disappointed that TMO is not getting it and then I was going to settle for the curve but now......maybe I'll get it :)

I love this thing, but due to the economy and being in the military I had to return my Bold. For anyone who wants a great phone, this is it! Wish I had mine. USA all the way!

Though the iphone is a cool device it is not a great phone. Blackberry is still the best! I'm an 8310 user for about a year and its time for a Bold!!!

so fed up with palm treo 755p (been using palm since palm V). desperately fighting the temptation to get a curve 8330 and wait for the new bb niagara for sprint!

not sure what was up with the popups.. one thing is for certain, blackberry is a serious phone with excellent capabilities.. iphone is a toy for kids...