CrackBerry App Roundup: BBM integrated apps for BlackBerry smartphones

BBM integrated apps
By DJ Reyes on 5 Sep 2011 10:50 am EDT

It has been about a month or so since RIM launched BBM 6 and its BBM social platform status allowing for apps to integrate with BBM. At the time of its launch there were a handful of apps that came with BBM integration, but since then the list has grown quite a bit. Doing a search on BlackBerry App World gives you a whole load of apps with BBM integration, but not all apps show in the same search. So to make it easier for our CrackBerry readers, here’s a round-up of all the current BBM integrated apps and games. Don't forget you'll need BBM 6 in order to avail of the BBM Social Platform, and not all apps are compatible with all devices. Keep reading for the full list.

BBM Integrated Apps

Free Apps

WikiTude - the app that lets you browse events, tweets, restaurants or BBM contacts nearby using Augmented Reality.
Poynt - Everyone's favourite app to find businesses, restaurants, movie times, and local weather.
foursquare - Does it need an introduction? A favourite location based check-in app.
Score Mobile - Love soccer, or football as we call it here in the UK? Download this app to get up-to-the-minute scores, stats, league tables etc.
Jingu - Create an avatar and share it with your BBM friends as well as having fun with emoticons.
The Huffington Post - news on the go. With its BBM integration it allows you to share and discuss articles with your friends.
Scribbler for BBM - Send personalised messages to your closest friends. You can also interact with them from within the app provided they have the app too.
Mobiesta - A mobile fun guide for India. Find out what events are happening in the major cities and share this information with your BBM friends to get together.
Family Shopping List - Free for a limited time only. Create, share and sync your shopping list with friends and family in real-time.
AP Mobile Word Edition - Award-winning mobile news application. Most recent update allows you to share stories with BBM friends.
RWC 2011 - If you're a Rugby fan then this is the app for you. Don't miss anything during the Rugby World Cup 2011
Gift&Take - A mobile gift app allowing you to send gifts to people via Twitter, Facebook and now BBM friends and family.
Free Chat for Facebook with BBM - Chat application that integrates Facebook chat with BBM.
GPS Logger II - An app that logs physical activity on your BlackBerry over time. You can share your location with your BBM friends and even create a BBM-Channel for non-BBM friends to join.
Screen Grabber - Name says it all. Gives you the ability to send directly to your BBM friends.
Twinkle - An app that counts down to events you set, share those events with BBM friends.
askLaila StreetSmart - Find and share local city information and events with others.
Smoothie - join the Smoothie crowd for a great conversation or to meet someone new.

Paid Apps

PowWow Premium ($1.99) - An app that allows you to create, plan and coordinate an event. BBM integration lets you plan in real-time with your friends as well as share current location information. There is a free version that doesn't include ability to check friends availability or location.
ZonaSnap ($1.99) - Multipurpose Screen Capture. Allows you to capture the screen of your BlackBerry and then send to Twitter, send to BBM Contact, save, send as Email and send to Photobucket.
Picture Puzzler ($1.99) - Send your own photos to your friends scrambled for them to put back together. Compete with each other for the leader board top spot.
EdShot ($0.99) - Simple screenshot that now enables you to share with BBM contacts directly from the application.
Greeting Cards Maker ($2.99) - Create greeting cards for all occasions and share them through social media platforms including BBM.
myProfile ($0.99) - An app that allows you to change your personal message, avatar and set a status message (busy/available) for BBM.
Buku Reader ($1.99) - eBook reader, ability to add DRM-free epub files. Discuss books with friends, even invite them to read books with you.
Mundu Radio Plus ($0.99) - Radio app. Includes a 30-day free trial.
Beer Buddy for BBM ($0.99) - No one likes to drink alone, so quench your thirst in the company of your beer buddies.
FunText ($0.99) - Generate texts with original characters, copy them in your MSN, BlackBerry® Messenger, Facebook, Twitter status.
FileScout ($4.99) - A file explorer for your BlackBerry. Now allows you to share files with your BBM contacts. Includes a 14-day trial.
5001 Amazing Facts ($0.99) - A great app full of amazing facts. Now you can share the facts with your BBM friends from within the app.


Free Games

Pocket Ants - You are king of the ANTS - feeding, squishing, burning, electrocuting, marching, zapping, exploding, fighting, moving, and racing your ants! BBM integration lets you invites friends so you can feed and squish ants with your mate. There is a paid version that is ad-free for $0.99.
Backgammon King - Name says it all. Now be able to play backgammon with your BBM friends and not just strangers. This app is free for a limited time only.
Caro for BBM - Love Tic Tac Toe? This is a version of the game that uses a 15x15 grid. It allows you to play against your friends on BBM.
Battles for BBM - A version of an old favourite Battleships. Challenge your BBM friends to a game and make sure you sink their ships first.
Penalty - Penalty shootout game. Challenge your BBM friends.
GameMachi - Gamemachi games consist of WAP games, In-Chat Games and Client Games.
Word Poker with Friends - A fun word game with a Poker twist to test your vocabulary.
3D Rollercoaster Jurassic 2 - Play 40 exciting 3D action-packed rollercoaster tracks with the highest peaks and biggest drops. BlackBerry 7 only.

Paid Games

SeaBattleSE ($0.99) - Another version of the game Battleships.
Nic Nac Noe ($0.99) - A version of the classic Tic Tac Toe games that includes ninjas.
LS Reversi Deluxe ($1.99) - Reversi or sometimes called Othello is an interesting, fun, and great board game for all ages. The object is to flip and turn opponent's discs over to match your color.

Reader comments

CrackBerry App Roundup: BBM integrated apps for BlackBerry smartphones


Great post.. i really didnt know what was out there as far as bbm integrated apps..

.320>.428>.713 + iPhone4 + 64gb PB

We are sorry about your poor experience with the application. We are working on updates to the application to make it even better and are doing out best to push it out to the public and get more users. With applications like this, you have a slight chicken and egg scenario where the application gets better as more people join, but people might share a similar view as yours and not join because of a lack of people. We hope you can be patient with us and try the app again soon :) There are a lot more people using it now, and more join every day!

I don't know how you haven't done a full article on this app yet - it's the best thing that has come to blackberry in awhilte. The fact that it's last on your list is embarassing. It's part of the wave of the future of social interaction.

It is good to see devs are jumping into the BBM API... But I don't really have any use for 99% of those apps. :/

Its called fragmentation. Desktop OS started it, Android popularised it and RIM's BB OS 7 introduced you to it.

Actually it is a little of both. RIM has a dependency checker needed by all bbm integrated apps for the older phones that don't come with bbm 6. However, they only have this for java developed apps, so any developers using webworks are out of luck until RIM gets one out there for the webworks platform. That is why a lot of bbm integrated apps are for os7 phones only, since they come with bbm6.

Meh I have BBM 3.0 for this. Has anyone gotten backgammon to connect to BBM? I haven't on my 8520 curve.

FileScout, a full-featured BlackBerry® file manager, allows a user to transfer files or screenshots to BBM contacts.

+1 for FileScout, it is one of the very best apps for the BB ever and now with BBM integration it is even better.

Thank your for this post. Easy links, current list, easy to break down by category. Good job guys.

Crackberry is an awesome one stop resource for anyone with a Blackberry.

um, not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but on my torch (9800, im not that lucky) 5001 amazing facts shows up as costing 99 cents... any thoughts?

How come Battles for BBM lists BlackBerry 9000, BlackBerry 9300, BlackBerry 9780, BlackBerry 9800 but no 9700 so i cant DL even though im eligible except for that.

How exactly does the free Facebook Chat application integrate with BBM??
I downloaded it assuming that it did but I can't see any way that it does. Maybe I passed judgement too early but for now, FB 2.0's integrated chat is just fine.

In addition to my prior comment, I think you're missing perhaps the best BBM integrated app, BBM Music. Of course, it's by invitation only at this point, but it's stiill worth mentioning.

The pure reason that BBM Music has been omitted is because it is by invitation only. But thanks for noticing 

ShortcutMe actually allows screenshots to be sent via bbm, kinda.

After the screenshot is taken, it's displayed to the user, and pressing the menu key allows it to be sent via BBM, WhatsApp and any other app that adds it's self to the system menu... It's truely the greatist of screenshot takers imho

Thank you - this article has saved me the time and effort of working out what's BBM integrated and what's not.

The facebook application does not work keeps saying before you use the application,,,have must connect to facebook....
Have done that