Rooted BlackBerry PlayBook is able to run the Android Market, check out how to do it

By Jared DiPane on 8 Dec 2011 11:54 am EST

Market on PlayBook

Rooted your BlackBerry PlayBook but were left wondering why exactly you did it? Well as developers continue to hack away at fun things for us to do with the new found root we know one thing you can do -- install the Android Market! The instructions are a bit complicated, and probably not for everyone but if you are feeling brave today be sure to hop into the forums and check out how it is done, and let us know how it goes for you!

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Source: Android Central

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Rooted BlackBerry PlayBook is able to run the Android Market, check out how to do it


First! ;) .. Question now is how much of the content in Android Market is usable on the playbook's andriod player??

Ick, fragmentation and inferior hardware - pretty sure I will pass. I like keeping my personal information to myself.

you can install OTA from android market without doing BAR conversions. The downside is you will need a launcher to run the programs; they will not be on your playbook homescreen where you can run them directly.

There is the possibility that there is more compatibility from market vs APK converted to BAR. i have tweetdeck running from android market, but according to the APK/BAR google doc, it does not work directly from the android player. mind you, i've not tested it by installing the BAR itself into the playbook, so i could be wrong on this and perhaps it does run.

Why not... I own a Bold 9650 and an Android(Froyo) tablet, am I not allowed on here now? People like you sound like idiots, "BlackBerry Rules!" "No, Android Rules!" "No, iPhone Rules!" Gimme a break!! I browse all of the mobile nations sites, just to see what's going on.

I don't understand why on earth you want to root a playbook simply because you want to run android apps, why not just buy an android tablet? There are plenty of cheap ones out there much cheaper than the playbook! I run the 2.0 beta with more than enough android apps installed that i never use. Is there ever going to be an actually useful reason for wanting to root a playbook?

I think its very useful! I can go back and forth have a Android tab one week and go back to  the next. What's not cool about options? I love it and more is to come. Awesome. Thx dingleberry. O does anyone know if angry birds work?

Lol some people are scared of Android. Face it, having great hardware, QNX and Android apps is a killer combination.

Now if they could dumb it down and make it easy to do. But I guess that's kudos to RIM in how secure its not for the average joe to root. Where as jailbreak an iPhone any idiot with access to youtube can do it

This doesnt necesarily have anything to do with RIMs security. Its nearly the fact that rooting of the PB is new and has a long way to go, your mearly looking at the beggining of whats to come, you got to give it time to devolope. If you go back to the beggining of apple jailbreaking you'll see it wasnt any simpler than what you have here

Sent from Blackberry Playbook

So let me understand this correctly - Dingleberry allows root access to a secure device. Among those accomplishments is now the ability to run the Android market.

Wonderful. For those of us who don't have the Android player, or OS2, installed, what good is this?
Someone, please, tell me, what is the point of having access to OTA programs that are not designed for the user interface you are accessing it from?
Isnt there a reason RIM chose to use the BAR process Yeah thats right, to make sure the application/game will actually function on the device BEFORE you put it on there.

So, to sum up what I have read, we have now access to an entire marketplace of additional applications/games that may or may not function causing loss of money because people will buy Android based software that isnt designed to run on the PlayBook.

Good thinking guys!!!