Root Mobile For Blackberry Now Live And Ready To Map Your Carriers Coverage

By Bla1ze on 22 Mar 2010 10:13 am EDT

We got the above sneak peek of Root Mobile from CES this year and launch was promised to be soon. Here we are, just a few short weeks later and Root Mobile has now gone live and is certainly ready to track the coverage offered by your carrier.

“No one carrier is best everywhere, but everyone can find the carrier and phone that are best for them,” said Root Wireless CEO Paul Griff.  “It’s encouraging that thousands of smartphone enthusiasts have pre-registered to help map wireless network performance and we expect that, as the effort is more widely understood, the data provided by crowdsourcing consumers’ phones will provoke fundamental changes in the way that people evaluate and purchase their wireless service.”

Intially, Root Mobile was US only but that has since changed. US and Canadian carriers are now both supported. So, if you've ever questioned your carriers' true coverage areas, Root Mobile can help you put your coverage in comparison to others around you. The application can be downloaded, run in the background and then you can view the data as you see fit. All devices with GPS are supported with the exception of Storms running OS 4.7, so give it a shot and help out.

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Root Mobile For Blackberry Now Live And Ready To Map Your Carriers Coverage


Supported BlackBerry models include Bold, Curve, Tour and 8830.

Models not currently support include Curve 8320 and 8330, all Verizon Storms, all Pearls and T-Mobile Pearl Flip.

That means they don't support most of the phones out there. Come on, you should at least be able to support the latest handsets!

Hopefully carriers like Sprint will take notice and start adressing their coverage. Especially on the legacy Iden network. Hope it works for all the 8350i users. Maybe Dan Hesse will put it on his. LOL

So.. apparently Root wireless isn't that bright. They specifically state they support everything, but the Storm on 4.7...

Tried to download via Storm 5.0? Nope. Not supported.

So, is VZW blocking it? Can anyone confirm it works on another VZW phone? When I try to open it on the BB browser on my Storm, it won't even load the page. Anyone else think that's weird? Just curious...

I had the same issues with my Tour, but this fixed the problem. You may have to register to get to see it.

If you can't see the post, this is the fix.
"I finally got my phone to register. I cleared my cache but that didn't seem to fix it. So in my browser options, I changed from the Blackberry browser by default to Internet Browser and made sure Javascript support was enabled. (Not sure if the Javascript part was really necessary but I've had script issues before so I just made sure it was supported). I left the Browser Identification set at Blackberry.
I was able to go right to the registration web page and complete the necessary actions."

I dont know where the 2nd poster got the support info but I have a vzw 8330 curve and am using the service. its kinda cool to see where your dead zones are

I've got a Storm 2 and i couldn't get to it right from my device so I had to get the direct link from the site (even though it was dl'ing from a folder which seemed to be labeled for 4.3.0 devices :S). I managed to sorta get it to work but year its not working with any storm device by the looks of it.

I did the same thing. Even with the app installed, it just won't let you enter your username/password. :(

After registering on Root Wireless website and successfully log in in over the web site, I downloaded this application to my Bold 9000. Installation went fine. I also rebooted, however I'm not able to log in what so ever over my phone in order to use this application. I constantly get "Failed to authenticate. Please try again"......I know that I'm inputting my credentials fine and without error, however it does not let me authenticate........I guess software is not matured enough...will go of my phone ASAP....not wasting my phone memory on apps that don't work.

I couldn't get it to work on my Curve 8530. It kept telling me that the GPS antenna was turned off, even though everything was turned on.

Installed app on my BB 9630 (OS, authenticated with server , and ran check my network. For some reason my coverage reports are empty on the Root Wireless web site even though their server says my device was recognized and activated.

Anyone else seeing this?

It gave me an activation code and when I typed it in it told me it didn't exist, although it did have a supported device listed in my account. When I chose check my coverage it didn't do anything at all, and it didn't show any activity on the computer or my phone. When this is perfected, maybe I will try again, but until then, I am not wasting data on this.

i was a beta tester just to let everyone know it will take up to 24 hours for your first mapping to show up. then after that it should only take less then an hour for new coverage that you take so stay with it.

I already deleted it. Does that mean if I wanted to reinstall it again that I would have to register with a new email and password and all that? And why didn't the activation code work? It wasn't recognized.

You mean in this day and age when it's instant gratifaction or else, that it could take a DAY to get you first map and then an HOUR to check new coverage? Really? thanks, but ummmm, no. Sorry.

We understand the immediate gratification of non-critical information but this type of data requires a lot of process from server side. However if instant gratification is needed, you are welcome to view the data within the history page in the client.

For the personal page at, we display your data in really cool looking hexagons that contains all of the key performance indicators that are collected from your phone. In fact, it is even really amazing to think that with the type data we collect and the analysis we perform, we are able to post within 1 hour.

Again, feel free to join us on our community forum at to talk with us and understand how this data is collected and being displayed.

Kevin Hasley
Product Manager

what i care about is the fact that you don't support the storm and some of the newer bb models... its all about the now not the old models.

why Root cant display the results immediately? i just ran Cellumap and my data was immediately vizible on their map?

IMHO, I think that the menu choices are bit confusing, and may not be consistent with other BB apps. For example, exit closes 'closes' the window.

Here is a suggestion. Rename "Exit" with "Close" (i.e. to close the window), and replace "Suspend Service" with "Shutdown" (i.e. shutdown down the application). Not sure why someone would want to suspend the application. Just let them shut it down. If they want to run the app again, then the user can start it.

I emailed their support team telling them to update their website to include All Storm devices with OS 4.7 & 5.0. I also asked when the app would be available and if I could sign up to become a beta tester. (The link to the beta testing program is broken so I sent an email to their support) All you Storm owners should write to them asking for an app. Maybe they will speed up development.

BTW - registering on my Storm was painless. Didn't run into any problems until of course I went ot download the ap and my 9550 is unsupported.

Going to the site on your desktop PC or laptop will be 100x's faster and magically work.

When I did it on my Bold's browser it had a problem with the captcha for spam bots and sh*t. But, I had the PC in front of me anyway. Worked easily. Then it allowed me to authenticate on the app.

Oh, I'm sorry then :(
Interestingly enough, I received an activation code in my e-mail but I don't even understand where this code is supposed to go. In the bb app, there is no "register" just asked me to login using my e-mail and password, nothing about activation code.

Quote "US and Canadian carriers are now both supported."

Yet when you go to "Compare carrier coverage in your area" it asks you to select your carrier. Only US carriers are shown.

It would seem their reality hasn't caught up with their enthusiasm.

Won't allow me to type in my password. Deleting now.
Why do we have to register to download a free app anyway?
I'm getting tired of RIM anyway. They are so content with staying in the Dark Ages.
Android seems like the way to go nowadays. Seriously considering getting one.

Registered for account on PC then downloaded app with phone and installed no problem. Entered username/password I created on PC and authenticated fine. Never saw any "Activation Codes" that I read about in the comments.

App says 6 reports made so far, gonna wait the 24 hours mentioned to see if they show on my account on the website but so far been smooth sailing.

I tried downloading this but it failed. It said that my device and OS wasn't supported. I've got the Storm 9550 w/ OS :-(

So sorry for the very few of you that ran into issues with activating. The process was sort of confusing but has been fixed.

Regarding Storm, we are working on that now and should have an update out there soon. Thank you for your patience.

Any other questions or concerns, feel free to jump on our community forum at

Kevin Hasley
Product Manager

I first was on my notebook and then downloaded on my BB
set my account up online and it is downloading fine now on my BB
this is cool seems to be fine on my Tour

I was so ready to install this and get my fair share of signal data out there, but no dice. Storm owners get the shaft.

Wonder how long "soon" means to this company. They all vary in their definitions. lol

It baffles me how "software" companies create applications with nice, rich graphical interfaces and then don't bother to make a version for the BB with the best screen. Whether you like/dislike the storm, it's hard to argue that it doesn't have the better screen of the bb's.

Its like building a BluRay player that only connects to a 26" tube tv.

downloaded the file, registered, let it run for a little while and noticed I was loosing memory more than I ever did before. Deleting the app, maybe the bugs will get worked out soon and then retry it.


Have done a few checks and when I open HISTORY I see the following info FOR EACH TEST:

AVERAGE DOWNLOAD IN kbps (I.E.,-291.423kbps)