Romeo Beckham rocks the BlackBerry Z10 - What good taste the lad has!

By James Richardson on 2 Sep 2013 08:15 am EDT

When it comes to UK football, or just sports stars in general there probably isn't a name that is bigger than David Beckham. This weekend David took his son Romeo to watch Arsenal vs. Spurs as a birthday treat, but what's more interesting than that to us on Team BlackBerry is that Romeo was rocking a BlackBerry Z10

Whether the whole Beckham family are BlackBerry fans remains a mystery to me, but clearly Romeo was loving taking some photos/video on the Z10. I suspect the Time Shift feature would be the number one tool for getting the perfect shot at a sports event. 

Getting BlackBerry 10 handsets into the hands of celebs has to be one of the best forms of marketing for BlackBerry. Maybe they should have a purge and get a few more super stars back on the team. 

With Alicia Keys now on the BlackBerry payroll I'm actually surprised we haven't seen more pop/rock stars out and about with their BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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Romeo Beckham rocks the BlackBerry Z10 - What good taste the lad has!


But you wind up with a pile of photos, not just one that you can alter. It's not the same thing.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

From what I have seen the Time shift photos are lower resolution /quality. Quite a disappointment actually. I'd use the burst mode too
Not that hard to delete the bad ones.

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I was going to say the same thing. I think this is the first time I have ever seen him photographed not looking perfect.

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Alicia Keys has done nothing except have an iPhone in the background of her pictures.

BlackBerry should have just dressed up CB Kevin with a wig and sat him behind a piano.

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

Ironically, I did mention somewhere in the forum that what Blackberry needs right now is the Beckhams having a Blackberry. Burberry + Blackberry.

Thanks but in europe last report shows BB goes from 6.7 - 2.4 marketshare and windows to 8.2 in a year so BB must promote this product otherwise it will be the second market after US that goes wrong. No support at all and no ads here. Love my BB10 after 4-5 years android. BEST OS so far.

Nokia sales are just going up because nokia 520 and cheaper models. Blackbeery must follow woth cheaper smartphone and working with other brand is a GO now

Is that mainland Europe? I still haven't seen anyone with a Windows phone in the UK.

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I know one guy with a windows phone, but, on the other hand, I am the only one that I know with a BB10 phone...

I would buy BB10s for my kids if the price wasn't so expensive. The Q5 was not available when my daughter needed an upgrade. She really wanted a BB10.

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Oh no...not THE Romeo Beckham!?!?! Alas an answer to our prayers....hallelujah...amen oh Lord...BlackBerry has been saved!

If I was that kid I'd sue my parents for giving me that goofy name...imagine going through high school and college with it?!

Only Shakespeare could make that name sound anywhere in the neighbourhood of cool, and David Beckham and Victoria "Posh Spice " Beckham are not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed...

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Did you get that information from an interview Ali G did with them during a charity special? Because that's how I know that lol

Not the sharpest tool in the shed huh? You don't get to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars by being dumb just fyi. And there's nothing wrong with that kid's name.

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They are worth that much, because we are stupid enough to deem them so while we worship at the altar of celebrity...

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When blackberry have to relied on such faded celebrity as the Beckham's, you know things are really bad.

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There's a lot of big name celebrities using BlackBerry 10 the problem is BlackBerry isn't making use of them for ads.

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Victoria uses BlackBerry, so they probably use BBM.

Lots of people have two mobiles now days, some will have a iPhone and a BlackBerry, I can imagine the becks using I phones for social use and BlackBerry for privacy and personal use

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Alicia Keys used her white Z10 at the All-Star game. Then, went right back to using her iPhone. That little minx. It is not like she has not cheated before or anything. =) So, not surprising. She cannot even get her man, Mr. Beatz, to use a Z10. Fail!

I am not kidding, but I just read 2 weeks ago that lil'Romeo Beckham promotes a clothes brand (don't remember which one, Hermes or so)... and the ads with this lil kid drove the sales up by 33% (though this figure I remembered well ;-)!!!

So means, we have:
Morgan Freeman
Tim Allen
Lil'Wayne (though I don't even know who he is ;-)
Usain Bolt
Feel free to add the ones you know!

C'mon Frank Boulben, sort your head out of the sand and bring an add with the stars. Message: "We use BlackBerry because it's the best you can get right now and we want this to remain like that"...

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Can we just get a Z10 in the hands of a big time athlete of some sort? Remember that time Dre gave his Beats headphones to LeBron at the Olympics? The rest is history.

Usain Bolt doesn't qualify as a big time athlete? Lol don't forget Kevin Durant has a Z10.

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David Beckham. Not at all a big name in football ( soccer for Americans) anymore. Today there's only place for c.ronaldo and Messi....
But nice z10

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More football players, known as soccer players if you are American, should have a BlackBerry 10 device in hand posthaste. Not sure why that is not happening. If it is, I apologize. However, I do not think Messi or Ronaldo are rocking a BlackBerry. I could be wrong.

I think more than the celebrities they need to get it in the hands of kids and grow the market from there.

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Alicia Keys doesn't even have an official App for BlackBerry 10, how come it is possible?

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I would love to see a commercial that does nothing except show celebrities one after another saying they love their BlackBerry . Twenty second commercial played relentlessly and occasionally mix it up with new celebs.

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A washed up footballer's kid is using a BlackBerry. This deserves to be blogged about?

Has it come to this?

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Washed up? Adidas, Pepsi, Marks & Spencer, Vodafone and yes, Samsung, et al sure wish they knew what you do before they signed him to endorsement deals :P

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Last 31st August as in Malaysia's independent day....the prime minister 'Dato Seri Najib' rock the Q10.

Looks like he's having a blast using it for recording the fireworks...
Shame I didn't get a chance to snap a picture of it.....

Another free publicity for bb!!!!!

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A picture of me using my z10 would do more to save the brand . . I'm pretty freaking popular

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Has anyone seen any key BUSINESS heads using the Z10 or Q10? I know the POTUS is a user.... but any other KEY influencers on board with BBRY that can be pointed out? Who is BBRY's target market with these models because I don't know from the commercials or advertising or lack thereof.....

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If someone like Lord Sugar or MP's used the Q10, BlackBerry would have more clout.
BlackBerry need to decide who their target demographic is and market to that.

Doesn't matter if the Beckham's use BlackBerry this week or not, they'll be using something different next week.
The Z10 probably was loaned to the kid anyway.

We need to get a lot more celebrity BlackBerry sightings. It used to be something we would see all the time. I'm sure there are still a lot who use them.

Anything to get the word out...

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Instead to burn the BB-money for a Frank "French Roll" Bourben and Alicia "GlobalCreativeBimbo" Keys BB should act like pros and ought to hire Beckham or similar popular Advertising-whores to get a broad attention and rebrand itself. There´s no need to impress the business (government/Coprorate) section anymore- the younger consumers must be reached by advertisment... But if you recognize an Alicia "civil-servant-on-limited-appointment" Keys in context of Boulben (damn- WHY I associate always a "burp" with the Name of Bourlpen...Boulben?!) I cant help- it looks like the visit of the bugged granddaughter in the retirement home...

Leonardo do Caprio has one.

Britney Spears has an old Curve but I think BBRY should send her a brand new Z10 or Q10, we all know Britney is the most photographed woman since Lady Diana.

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It's a UK thing...when I lived in the UK it seemed one in every household has a blackberry.

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I bet Time Shift would be great if he were taking the photo while in center of the field. No zoom in Time Shift = rarely great for sport shots, ironically.

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Christina Aguilera has always been a BlackBerry fan, her latest picture shows her with her Bold 9900!!!

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seriously breath of fresh air pic,makes my BB lover heart say,this is we want,more positivity.
In India i would have called Nirvana for me.....

They really need to get them into some movies and TV shows along side people out in the public. I would love to see a character pull out a blackberry phone to use for what ever purpose.

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It would definitely pay to have TV ads using celebs. Social proof is crucial for Blackberry. They needed to make BB10 THE cool must-have gadget.

The likes of Usain Bolt, David Beckham, Gareth Bale, Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga would be awesome and throw in David Guetta and Avicii and maybe Simon Cowell, or maybe that last one would not be cool ;-)

And then follow that up with TV ads of what the phone can do, i.e. the differentiators. Nobody, except for BB10 users, knows what a cool piece of kit it really is.

Damn bro you can't expect all those celebrities to rock a BlackBerry 10 smartphone... would be amazin tho

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Celebrities are fine if you actually use them somehow. How about a commercial or two. I have given up any hope that BlackBerry will actually hire a marketing company that relates to people of today. Such a waste of breath saying anything now. They just don't get it.

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They need big names that's for sure.
Big name professional players,
Canada- NHL
Europe - Soccer (football)
India - Cricket
Asian - I don't know, what ever they do.

BlackBerry should have had a contract with Alisha Keys so she would be breaching the contract if seen with a different brand of phone.
Way to think it through BlackBerry.

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I believe they all using Blackberry Z10 and Q10. Son using Z10 and parents using Z10 or may be Q10 so they can chat with BBM. I don't think Beckham are using iPhone or Android phone.

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While we are heaping praises in David Beckham's brood...Microsoft has just bought Nokia's handset division...we are truly fucked now....

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