Role Call Tasks Contest- 200 Copies to Give Away!

By ObiGeorge on 28 Dec 2009 01:09 pm EST
Role Call Tasks
Recently I had posted on a application called Role Call Tasks, an app that places all your to-do's into one organized spot.  This app is great for organizing monthly bills, items to purchase, or for the person who just has a lot to keep track of and is a little forgetful like myself.  Due to positive response, Blue Sky Analytics has decided to give 200 copies to the CrackBerry Community. They have made some great updated from your feedback, and are fixing up the app even more in the future.  As a reminder Role Call Tasks is compatible for all devices running OS 4.6 and up.  It is available for $3.99 from the CrackBerry App Store.

Contest:  We have 200 copies of Role Call Tasks to give away.  Just leave a comment on this post to enter.  Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.  Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

Role Call Tasks Contest- 200 Copies to Give Away!



This would be cool to have as a last ditch reminder app to pay the bills. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Hope I win. ;-)

i have been eyeing this app since it was featured in the blogs a week or two ago. it looks sweet-thanks for the contest!

when i first saw this i thought i could use it. then i forgot about it. if i only had something to remind of things.

Would love to try out this new app... need all the help I can get keeping all of my to dos organized.

This is exactly the kind of app I need on my bberry. I'm so focused on everything else at work right now that I spend my time writing very important stuff on my wrist so that I don't forget...And there are too many things on my phone, not organised...

I was going to check this out after I read the original blurb but forgot because I don't have a way to efficiently keep me connected with my things to do.

This sounds like a great app! Being a college student and always having to go go go makes it hard to keep track of everything. Having this app on my blackberry would really simplify life since I wouldn't need to worry about remembering every little thing I have to do or take care of.

Good luck to everyone!!

This app was developed just for me - and forgetful folks like me - that could use a helpful hint every now and again LOL

This would help me lots, rather than setting alarms and such all the time.

I will graciously accept your offerings.

Thank you.

This sounds like a great app that I would not mind having, but Christmas has left me drained. How long is the sale? Would love to get it free, that would be even better.

this would make things so much easier and more organized for me in my work. please consider this as my contest entry.

This would help me with my 2010 be more organized...thru my BlackBerry Tour.


Line'em Up. Complete the tasks in order to stay organized and in control. Sounds like a BlackBerry Soldier's dream come true.

I create to-do lists all the time. This is a cool application that would be great to have! Please add me to free give-a-way winners.

Many thanks!

I would love to win this! I have been late on two payments now to best buy because I just plain forgot! How I could really put this to work for me!! Thanks for the chance!

I tend to forget to pay the bills until I get my paycheque then I'd remember that a chuck of it has to go to bills, especially to my mortgage! Please pick me as it totally would help me remember which bills are due. Plleeaassee have me as one of the 200 copies given to!! pretty please?

I've been looking for a decent BB Tasks application for a while and have tried dozens, including Slick Tasks. Role Call seems like the one that fits my purpose. The user interface, view and the categories are all superbly thought out.

Would love to try this app as I'm still using a notebook to keep track of my monthly bills. This would be great on my 9700.

The app is great as an upgrade from the BB built-in Tasks app. I like to see a future updates which includes the ability to expand and collapse groups. Thanks.

hiltitech here!!!! This app would be great since I always forget stuff all the time. And I use my blackberry for everything like everyone else so this would make it complete for me.

I have your lite version and just love it!! A task/list maker exactly the same way I would do it on paper, all on my BB... what more can I ask for? Thanks for helping me simplify my life!! =)