Role Call Tasks for BlackBerry Smartphones

By ObiGeorge on 15 Dec 2009 04:15 pm EST
Role Call Tasks

If you're like me, you have a lot of daily tasks to keep track of which can make your life hectic and quite disorganized. Role Call Tasks is a helpful program ensuring that us busy (or forgetful) people get our to-do's organized effectively. When creating your tasks, you have options to add categories, date and time, status, priority, recurrence, and the task details for each item. When in the application you can choose to view by the category, date or what's due today which really makes finding and completing these tasks quick and easy. I have found that adding my monthly bills to this program really helps remind me when everything is due, and definitely stops me from forgetting them. Role Call Tasks is a very good application for those looking to keep all their tasks and bills organized in one program. The application also integrates with Outlook tasks and the BlackBerry calender. Role Call Tasks is compatible with OS 4.6+ and is available for $3.99 at the CrackBerry App Store.

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Role Call Tasks for BlackBerry Smartphones


I tried the lite version for over a week and decided to buy the full version! Only been 1 day and its paying itself for me already!

I really hope this works! I was just saying I needed something like this. I hated constantly plugging things into my calendar that I felt were more "task list" related. :o)

First, $3.99 is DIRT cheap for an app. I have tried dozens of tasks apps and this is by far the best. I love it.

If $3.99 is too much, get the free, lite version.

I gather this integrates with the built-in Task program?

Also, why no trial? I'm don't think I want to buy this without a test drive.

Never mind, upon further research, there is a lite version of the software.

Couple things:
1) it uses the built-in Task program to facilitate syncing with calendar,
2) there is a trial; download the LITE version from App World.
3) $3.99 is a more than fair price for this app.

Great points and much thanks. My name is Mike and I am the programmer for Role Call. The app does integrate with the built-in BB Task application and that means that the tasks will show up in the Calendar Application as well. I cannot take credit, as this feature was built by the RIM engineers. Just another example of why BlackBerry phones are so much better than everything else out there. Any ideas are always appreciated on the CrackBerry Developer Forums under Blue Sky Analytics.

We have been asked a few times to port Role Call to OS 4.5. At one point, before the App World Test Center, we actually had built a 4.5 version and unfortunately we could not find enough Beta testers. We did not feel comfortable putting out Beta software at the time and decided to focus on 4.6 and upward. If you know of anyone willing to Beta test, please contact support and once we have a group of testers we will build a 4.5 version.

Hi Mike,

I do not have BB Task App anymore. (I thought it was worthless so I deleted it) Is it a MUST to run ROLE CALL? If it is do you know how I can reload Task...

Thanks! ~Heather

Has anyone used this to keep track of schoolwork assignments? $3.99 is a lot more student friendly than the ten bucks for student docket.

And if it's not that great for students, ::poke, poke:: Mike. How about giving the docket some competition...?

Hi juju705,

We have had a few students leave great reviews and positive emails so we know Role Call has found its way into that niche. Unfortunately, we are a few years out of touch with the needs of Today's student. Thank you for the props. IMHO I am not sure we could effectively compete with a purpose built student app especially if written by students. There is a lot of buzz around "dogfooding" and I believe a recent student will write the best app for this niche. Our focus is to approach the elegance of Google Tasks, but for the BlackBerry phone.

Have it, testing it, but don't use it (yet).

- Would like to be able to use a different font.

- Would like it to remember the last category selected when closed / opened. Right now the escape button switches categories to "Catalog" which is really "All Tasks". No way to close without backing out of current category either.

- Cant seem to find any web site, documentation, or basic use info. It's simple enough, I guess, but takes a bit of tinkering to figure out how it functions (not totally intuitive).

We have received incredible feedback since Obi and CrackBerry were kind enough to mention us on their site. The three issues you mention are among the most popular. We will immediately fix the font issue and we really need to do some documentation too. Some other things that are planned include a settings screen and better performance.

I've had the app about 2 weeks and love it. I've had a few questions myself so I just emailed them directly. Jill, was extremely helpful and responded right away with great insight and answers. Try it.

I have this a little over an hour and I really like it so far! Nicest task manager I have ever tried--and I think I tried most if not all of them.
One question-what is "enable shake" option for? Can't figure that one out.

The Shake feature is just a little add on for when you need help in choosing a task from your lists. The Shake feature utilizes the accelerometer in the Storm phones to trigger the random choosing of an task on screen when Role Call detects that the phone was shaken. You can use this feature when you are unsure of what to do next or just for fun, maybe choosing where to eat out.

I tried to download the app, but after a few moments of downloading to my Bold, I received and error message: there was a problem with the download. I pressed "OK" (the only choice), and did not received the app. I was, however charged for it. Any help or suggestion is appreciated.

Here are some differences:
1) The first difference is you will always see categories in the top right. You can filter by date AND category at once. If you have a category called "Personal" and you want to add "Personal" tasks for next Wednesday, just click on Wednesday and select "Personal" from the category list.
2) You can cut and paste from Category mode to Date mode, not limited to just category screen or date screen.
3) More task data is shown on screen in the paid. You can see status, category, due date and time, whether recurring, whether overdue, whether high or low priority.
4) The ability to automatically extract time from description text and adds time to due date, i.e., typing "Meeting at 1:30 PM" will create a task named "Meeting" with a due time set to 1:30.
5) The ability to automatically move overdue tasks to "Today".

what makes this different from BB Task, the only noticable difference I see is the Category drop down and showing of the Date next to the task. Everything is pretty much the same, BB Task allows setting reminders into the calendar, setting custom categories

We feel Google Tasks is the ultimate task manager and we have a ways to go before we reach their level. The only reason Mike mentioned Google Tasks is because we were working on Role Call when Google Tasks was first released in their labs. We wanted our software to mimic the process of list making on paper and we already had our single screen entry in place. Then Google released their tasks and created the experience we were after, especially with their data entry. I think we have a good app, but we are not as good as Google Tasks.

I buy and try a lot of different apps. I have Role Call on my Storm1, but I am not sure if I have the Lite free version or the full purchased version on my Storm1. How can I tell?


Hi gstar,

The title of your App should have the word "Lite" in it if you have a free version. If you do not see "Lite", then you have the paid version. Your paid app should look just like the screen shots in this thread. If not, please know that Role Call upgrades are always free and you should be able to upgrade the Role Call on your phone to include all of the latest features.

Is there any way to have the program take over the built in shortcut (press "T" to bring up tasks)?

I know that a shortcut key can be set for an application, but I am not sure if the BlackBerry defaults can be overridden. I will make "r" the shortcut for Role Call in the mean time and hope that the shortcut does not collide with many other Apps.

Huh? As far as I know, only the side buttons can be assigned to application, not the keyboard buttons.

Sorry if I was confusing. The programmer of an App can set a shortcut key to launch their App. I will need to test on all of the phones, but it looks like "r" will be able to start Role Call.

Great looking app that I am considering purchasing. What is the difference between this product (Tasks) and your reminders Beta? Are they complimentary products or do you use one or the other?

Thanks much

We apologize because this is confusing. Basically we put out a Beta app named "Role Call Reminder List" which was a task manager with the ability to email task lists and the ability to create tasks from messsage on your Messages screen. Based on feedback, we decided to split the reminder features out into a small free app named "Role Call Reminders Lite" which is available through the CrackBerry store. The "Reminders Lite" app is meant to be a complimentary app to Role Call and any other applications which utilize the built in BlackBerry Tasks application.

This is a very good programme. It is quick, nicely laid out and great for reminders. The calendar is fine for appointments at set times but this is great for daily routines. I have the icon at the bottom right and I flick it open every morning to view the daily and upcoming to do's. I love the text style despite what others might say.

Liked the lite looked good enough to just jump straight to the full version. Liking it so far but +1 to a different font.

Is there any help available.
I bought it but its not clear how to do some things.
Rather than ask lots of questions can anyone point me in the direction of a user guide or some such document.

for some reason, post upgrade to 5.0 os, my tasks app is missing... therefore the role call lite that i downloaded will not run... any advice for a solution...

Really enjoying this app! I live by my task list, and this is by far the best! A few upgrades I can recommend:

1. I'd like to see a single click feature for opening the 'category' button when creating (or editing) a task. The original RIM software makes clicking this button impossibly difficult. Using the BB key works fine, but anything that eliminates clicking through menus is a bonus in my book.

2. Find. This surprisingly helpful in the native Tasks app, as I often forget if I've already entered an item, and sometimes end up deleting a newly added task when I see it has been duplicated.

Overall - outstanding!

i would like to receive a free copy of this app. i debating on deleting reqall for something else. maybe this is it. i even downloaded got-2 again.

this is the app i have been looking for. i put everything in my calendar and it just doesn't suit as well as this app would!