ROK TV UK Beta Now Available - Watch Free Mobile TV from Your Device

By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2010 01:29 pm EST


ROK TV UK has released a beta app that allows users to view free TV streams over a mobile device. The service currently offers BBC One, BBC Two, E4 and Rok Tube with more channels to come in the future. ROK TV is currently only available in the UK (US service is coming soon) and works with your standard data service and/or Wifi. The free viewer is available for download at If you try it out be sure to leave a comment and let us know how its working for you.

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ROK TV UK Beta Now Available - Watch Free Mobile TV from Your Device


Seems to support 9500 but not the Storm 2, I did try but a NO Go!

would be interesting to see if any Storm 1 users with OS.5 get it to work......

After having selected the free package, I tested a few channels.
Maybe it didn't know how to use my wifi connection and used the gprs connection instead, but it's totally unwatchable. It keeps buffering content, it's blurry and pixelated.

Been trying for the last half hour getting this to work, keep getting 'An error occurred while updating channels, please try again' which is not because the service is too busy (doesn't even try and connect) tried calling their customer service team on - 0870 898 8995 - number is just ringing out, not even a message to say there business hours................mmmmmmmmmm if any 8900 curve users get this working then please post your comments here. In fact any any bb users get this running

i get the error message when i am trying to buffer the video, 'an error occurred while buffering player, please try again'

i read o the website it might be due to too many people trying this app out at once, but so far it doesnt seem to work.

and irvysan your problem is probably as u didnt finish the application process, i got that erro as well, went back on the website, finished the application about the fact that i have a tv license and it let me go on.

anyhow so far not working

"irvysan your problem is probably as u didnt finish the application process, i got that erro as well, went back on the website, finished the application about the fact that i have a tv license and it let me go on."

Thanks for the help, already selected that (its got a tick) :(

This looks like a great 'app' in principle but even users who "got it to work" have reported its very pixelated (i know its beta), shame

SPB TV here in the US and it works great on my old Curve, my new Storm2 and my wife's Tour! Tons of channels and works fine without Wifi.

For a second there, I thought ROKU had released a streaming app for Netflix. That would be a wonderful thing given Netflix's streaming library.

after following all steps to download i got an error stating "an error has occurred while updating channels please try again"... to which i have tried many times but still doesnt work......annoying

installed app but just hangs on 'updating channels' get half way there then stops.. guess its due to server load will try again tomo

Liked the look of this - especially with it being a UK thing! so, i fill out the registration form and it's giving me greif already! My username must be 6 to 12 characters including numbers! which it was, but it took me several attempts to finally find one! (i don't know if the ones i had chose where already taken, but it didn't say)
The next step was to get the link sent to my e-mail, which i could then acess on my phone...3 re sends later and i still haven't gotten it! so i had to copy and paste the link myself.
The app loads up as usual, i update my channel...error: username and/or password incorrect! so i change it (case sensitive lol) i then get my channels. I go for Channel 4, there is a slight delay of about 4-5 seconds (you hear the sound but are left with a black screen) when the picture arrives it is VERY pixelated (which i suppose is to be expected) and the sound is a tiny bit muffled (again, to be expected) but then when there was a lot of laughter it sounded TERRIBLE! like thunder! lol which wasn't good.
I also couldn't flick through channels (unless i am doing something wrong) i had to exit Ch4 then go back onto my list of channels to choose the next.
So, to round things up - a bit trickier than it should be to set up, not the best picture and sound quality (even on the 9700) and i would definalty NOT watch/us this without WI FI (heck knows how much it would cost and how slow it would be!) but it's not bad, there was no buffering problems - it ran nice and smoothly.
I would rate it 5/10

....on my 9700 in the UK. Doesn't recognise my username/password or fails to update the channels. Has potential but failed at the first hurdle.....

Congrats to those who have got it to work. It won't even let me enter my password on the settings screen. Oh well....

You're forgetting this is in Beta, therefore will not be up to standards. This is available to UK residents only who hold a UK TV licence.

I've downloaded this for my Bold 9000, and I am unable update the channels as yet.

I can't connect using GPRS or Wifi, but I will keep trying.

I'm not complaining about a free app to watch free tv, and hope it takes off.

The app will be available to US residents shortly according to their site.

Seeing the comments above I think I'll save myself some grief and frustration... (what a poor launch!)

for some reason it wont let me download the app, ive completed registration and i have a 9700 on orange.

anyone got a link to the ota?

Does anyone know if TopGear is on any of these BBC channels? I mean even as repeats? Something cool to watch on my phone.

Got it to work quite easily, maybe because I tried this in the middle of the night. You do have to enter the username and password manually again, as they told you on the website.
Anyway, i connect it with wifi, picture not sharp, and pixelated at time, even in the middle of the night, it stop for a second or two every 40-50 seconds for buffering. Sound is quite muffled, watching bbc 2 and i cannot understand what they were talking about, other programmes sounds better, but not great.
As a free trial, an app with potential, will I watch tv on my mobile? Even with a big screem like storm? I doubt it, unless with a lot better quality.

Eventually got it to work on my Curve 8320 after encountering some of the problems listed above. Not sure whether the following will help but here goes:

When entering the username and password on the BB, make sure that the first character is lower case. My curve always puts the first character in caps by default and I couldn’t log in.

Go to Options>Advanced>TCP and enter information on the first line. For me it is OrangeInternet (not Orange Internet as stated on

Finally, try one of the less popular channels like ROK Tube

All I can say is it worked for me! I agree that the quality needs to improve but it’s a good starting point.

So far I have been anble to register and download ok but keep getting the error message when trying to update the channels.

Really hope they continue with this app because it could be fantastic once it's fully up and running and is fully released!

Seemed to accept user name, e-mail, and password but asked me to enter something that should have been visible in black into box for security. NOTHING there to see! Only a download for flash- that couldn't have worked on the BB! Where was there any small print to say I had to set up from a PC? I'm on wi-fi connection so should have been able to do everything from handset surely?

I guess I have to wait for the whole enchilada to be US operational couldn't even download the player. It does look really cool though.

First of all, read the post gdisel13, the answer to your question is right in front of your eyes.

Well, I got it to work finally (yay go me) (Bold 9000) I didn't have the APN settings stored for O2, which is what the instructions tell you to do BEFORE downloading.

Once I did that, I was able to update the channels and watch a grainy film which was airing on BBC1 at the time (Airforce One)

Here's some pics.( , . , , , . )

If you're having issues connecting to the wap site on your BB go to the wap site from your PC/Mac browser! enter your username and password, you'll get an error message saying the browser isn't compatible, once you see that message, copy the address and email it to yourself on your BB, when received, click on the link and it should install without issues.

Go careful using APN settings on O2 in the uk! I pretty sure that O2 are the only company that charge you for using them!

Fully installed and 'ready to go' - however I have never been able to get beyond 0% Buffering no matter which of the 4 Free Channels I choose. Total waste of time.