Rogers won't be carrying the BlackBerry Z30

By Adam Zeis on 3 Oct 2013 02:59 pm EDT

*Update* - Rogers will indeed be offering the BlackBerry Z30 online. Read more here.

Well, some bad news on the Z30 front. It looks like longtime BlackBerry supporter Rogers won't be stocking the BlackBerry Z30 - at all. Various reports have confirmed that Rogers is passing on the upcoming device and will stick with the current devices.

This comes as a big surprise to BlackBerry fans since Rogers has stocked all of the top BlackBerry models over the last few years. They've most recently offered up the Z10, Q10 and Q5 but sadly won't be making the move to the Z30.

A Rogers spokeswoman commented:

“We believe we can fulfil our customers’ demand for a BlackBerry device with our current lineup”

It's definitely a buzzkill for Rogers users who will now need to seek alternate plans if looking to pickup a Z30 in a few weeks. The Z30 will be available at Bell, TELUS, MTS, Sasktel, Future Shop and Best Buy.

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Rogers won't be carrying the BlackBerry Z30



Its just how business work, why add more Blackberrys when we are watching the company sink like Titanic? you guys are the musicians still playing when everybody is running.

BlackBerry isn't going to get a break. I'm a corporate Rogers client and am very disappointed. We all use BBs of some sort and I was looking forward to the Z30. Time to start considering other options.

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I'm also a Rogers corporate client. I just sent am email telling them I will not be adding new upcoming accounts to Rogers and will slowly be transitioning to the other corporate Bell account we have.

I feel like I just screwed by Rogers as I upgrade annually. My new phone was going to be the Z30. Now I gotta wait it out or buy it out.

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I mentioned on another site, by doing this, aren't they going to lose some contracts or RFPs for firms that use BlackBerry Devices?

I know we probably won't go with them if they aren't offering the best BlackBerry so far.

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WOW!! Screw you Rogers. I've been with them for years and they won't even support one more device. Great way to treat your customers.

Does anyone know if I buy an unlocked phone elsewhere could I still use it with Rogers?

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Rogers is brutal anyways, funny they claim to have the best network, yet at work I'm always seeing Rogers users running to windows and doors just to get signal. Shame they won't support BlackBerry.

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Who gives a rats a$$ about rogers or any other carrier anyway???
BlackBerry should (probably will) sell the phones direct (on line or thru their store), unlocked and ready for any carrier. Let the greedy carriers compete for our hard earned money. Pick your phone, pick your carrier and be content with the deal you made.
It's bloody time for them to stop milking us!!!!
P.S. My last ties with rogers were cut about two months ago..should have done this long time ago.

...forever BlackBerry...

And there is one more vote for yes for when Verizon or some other company comes into Canada bidding for wireless spectrum, thanks rogers for being the asses you are and screwing your country. First you support them all over your rogers sports net channel and then this? Idiots. Glad I made the switch to telus years ago. Hope others do as well.

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When it comes to coverage, Rogers is piss poor. Google wireless Carrier coverage and then you will see how useless they are outside of urban metropolitan area's.

Been with Telus since the AGT days and to me, best of the bunch. As for Bell? They can kiss my (_i_). To cancel I once was kept on my phone while speaking w/ 3 sep reps..1 in Delhi, the next in Calcutta and a third from christ knows where: 45 min to cancel ph/web/sat. Just to flippin cancel..!!

unfriggin real. I for one was hoping some real competition was going to show up..bummer Verizon bailed.

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

I'm living at quebec City and I'm proud of blackberry. Rogers tell us that others are better than us. It's a shame. Canadians can and are good at it. Help Canadians keep their jobs and let them do what they are good at.

Shame on you Rogers

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Asking same question as "RobC460"above . If I buy a Z30 outright, can I just switch the Rogers sim card from my Z10 and place it in the Z30? I really don't want to support Rogers now, but I also don't want to pay the cancellation fee.

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Wasn't the Z10 officially launched from a downtown Toronto Rogers store, with T Heins present?
This is a big slap in the face, snubbing the Z30. A true sign that blackberry is a failed company.

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I'm sure Rogers is soo worried about a few Crackberry users defecting to another carrier, eh. Seriously, I bet their user base will increase year-over-year,eh. Your living a romantic dream if you think blackberry phones will be on any carrier by this time next year,eh. You know it's bad when you have carrier's in the northern states of canada phasing out blackberry.

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That can be said about any kind of movement in history. The old argument of "i'm just one person. what can I do?".. right? The least we can do is try to support the platform that we CHOSE that fit us the best.

Probably truth, but doesn't change the fact that presonal preference is still there. As I said, I (probably others as well) try to support it because it's still the platform of choice. So obviously I want it to last as long as possible.

Disappointed. Tweeted about it and got this reply:

Chris @ Rogers
@maranr hey Rick,we have a longstanding relationship with Blackberry and continue to sell and support their devices

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There is some good noise on rogers facebook page right now too. Drop a comment..i did. They are dropping this same comment you mentioned over and over to us BlackBerry fans :)

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if rogers decides to not carry blackberry's anymore(this is just a question)and i decide to buy e.g a Z30 which they won't be carrying,if i get it from a store and not through rogers and i get it unlocked,will i be able to get updates for that phone, usually the updates are controlled by the like i said...say rogers decides to never deal with blackberry and they don't carry any of there phones,can i buy one unlocked and will i be able to get bb os updates?

Rogers had no problem taking millions from BlackBerry for the entire Toronto Blue Jays season.

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Wow...Now even Canadians are not supporting BlackBerry....TH should resign..the destruction this guy has caused.

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Oh well, then I guess I buy an unlocked one and leave rogers when my contract is up

Too bad it has come to this.

I agree with most here that the problem lies within BlackBerry management.

But the carriers should really understand they will be better off if there are more companies for customers to choose from, otherwise it will be Samsung and apple calling all the shots

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I'll be switching carriers awful fast then. Rogers can suck it for not supporting BlackBerry.

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The Late Ted Rogers is spinning in his grave , we need him back and stop the nonsense ..bring the Z30 Mr Rogers !1

Z30 or not, I don't think there's anything Rogers can do to keep me anymore. Screw you Rogers. Always pushing some damn iPhone down people's throat like it's the best thing on planet Earth. You're a sad example of patriotism and should be utterly ashamed of this decision

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I really think that everyone should send emails to Rogers stating our displeasure at them not carrying the Z30 and requesting that they reconsider. If enough people speak out, they'll change their minds.

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Even regional carrier MTS will carry it in Manitoba!
Fyi, if you're in Manitoba, the Z10, Q10 and Q5 are all Unlocked by default from MTS.

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Called them today to tell them if they don't have it by December, I'll be transferring everything. 5 grand a year for all my services.

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I'm not overly patriotic but when BlackBerry started having trouble I switched from my iphone to a BlackBerry Q10. I've used iphone for ages but I started thinking, why am I supporting an American company when we have our very own tech company here in canada. For rogers to be unsupportive of BlackBerry, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially when BlackBerry are trying to make a come back and are cutting cdn jobs. I'll be canceling my rogers service as soon as possible.

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I'm a Telus user myself, and my experience so far has been awesome. I was on MTS but their service was not very good. They were very expensive and couldn't even get service in many parts of Winnipeg downtown.

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Sounds good I will be switching from rogers, especially if they can't back up a fellow Canadian company. Forget them

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We need a statement from TH as this is unacceptable. Just supporting current devices is a bad choice as other carriers will benefit from carrying the z30.

This is a stunning approach from ROGERS and has clearly caused a divide with BlackBerry.

WTF Ted?

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Bottom line? Rogers SUCKS! I have upgraded to every single BB since 2002. I too will be moving on. Goodbye! Its been good while it lasted.


Ha ha ha ha.."canadas largest wireless provider"....they wish, they hold 3rd pretty stable!t service, sh!t reception, and now sh!t reputation from fellow Canadians as well.

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App ecosystem is actually pretty good now. I feel sorry for the app developers. BlackBerry is basically giving up in middle of a fight and it is because the CEO is too fat.

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Looks like will be buying and unlocking. Sad part is besides the die hard fans will become a bottom of the bucket choice for a phone so can't blame them. Still enjoying my Z10 and Q10. And my iPhone lol. Cell whore!

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I prefer Virgin plans, they also use the Bell network so excellent coverage also.

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I find it funny that the president of Rogers says he is "perplexed" by the negative backlash toward his decision. Really? Wow, is he really that dense? Hahaha

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That's what the Canadians get for making fun of us for not getting updates or getting phones later them. Seems like there not so exclusive after all! Lol

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I guess I'm going to have to change providers then just like everything else I've with rogers cancel it!

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There are over 500 comments in here. Why get mad at Rogers? If all of you go out and buy one from which ever company that sells Z30, perhaps Rogers will reverse it's decision. No company will turn down sales.

Yep, go to Rogers Facebook page. Not many happy campers. I know it won't change the outcome, but it's fun to complain to a thieving Un-Canadian company. I've always hated them anyways.

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I'm curious if AT &T is going to carry Z30? The z10 and q10 are near hidden in all stores and the workers just steer peeps away from them. Would not surprise me if no BlackBerry at att display. Best buy has done the best BlackBerry display so far in the states

Posted via CB10 with Z10

7 years @ an average of $3600 / year for my phones. Too bad, that $$ will no longer be going to Rogers

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Why is that a "buzzkill"? Have they sold many Z10 and Q10? If not, why should they offer the Z30?

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Another reason I don't like rogers... they usually get the cool phones but has no coverage...

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Response from @Rogers_Chris "We have a longstanding relationship with Blackberry and continue to sell and support their devices."

Apparently just not the newest one..

I've been with Rogers for 10 years but I'm seriously rethinking my loyalty to them. Although they didn't carry the Q5 right away either.

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Finally Bell is better than Rogers for once :))))

BlackBerry Z10- I use it for a phone and a computer :)

Contract is up anyways .... so it's time to head to Telus.
( Their prices are a bit cheaper anyways )

So I'm guessing Fido, which operates as a separate division, but is owned by Rogers, won't be carrying it either. Does anyone know anything about that?

This is just further indication of the waning fortunes of BlackBerry. Its not that they don't want to carry the phone, but seeing that BlackBerry hasn't seen fit to advertise the previous models and promote them properly they don't want it!

Rogers, which I can't stand for the thieves they are and the poor customer service, does not want to be stuck with the inventory of a model that won't sell from a company that might not exist in the near future, and for that I can't blame them!

After the dismal to poor sales of the Z10, Q10 and Q5 the fate of the Z30 has been sealed before its launch...

The blame for the Z10 's failure and now the apparent premature demise of the Z30 can also fall squarely on the Q10 and Q5, models that I saw and still see as supped up models of previous Bold and Curve models. To me those two devices don't represent a step forward and certainly DO NOT stand as the best representative devices for the BB10 OS.

Those numbnuts over at BlackBerry must now be kicking themselves for not doing what many customers and techies counselled them to do, namely to come out with the Z10 and Z30 first. Releasing only two all touch models and promoting them first and foremost might have helped them have better sales numbers and broaden their user base by attracting new customers instead of primarily catering to their established customers.

BlackBerry also miscalculated their estimation of how many of their long time customers would adopt a new OS and upgrade their devices. Obviously they didn't, not in numbers large enough to make a difference. I've heard this again and again from many BlackBerry users, I like the Q10 and Q5, but they are almost the same as my Bold 9900 or Curve..
whatever. They could have still made the Q10 and Q5 available for those who still want their devices to sport a full QWERTY physical keyboard. They could have made those models available first online to see how much demand there was actually for those devices.

The launch of the BB10 OS should have been a new beginning and a break with the past. Risky, but better than what we ultimately ended with. Unfortunately the Q10 and Q5 don't represent that, instead they show a company still stuck in the past. As a relatively new BlackBerry user, upgrading from my first BlackBerry device, a Curve 9360 to a Z10 was pretty natural. I wanted that, I saw the Z10 as a step forward. I had the PlayBook as a kind of transitional device, so by the time I got the Z10, I was pretty much familiar with BB10. I had no qualms leaving BB7OS behind.

Now imagine how I and other Z10 users feel, when we hear that the Z10 is being downgraded to an entry level device and dumped like yesterday's dinner! PlayBook deja vu anyone!

Imagine that the Z30 was released in January, before the Galaxy S4 and the IPhone 5S and C. It might not have set any records, but at the least it may have been better positioned to net better sales figures instead of the news we are getting now...

Honestly, the question is now, why would I buy a Z30 at this point in time when there are soo many devices and so much choice outhere? This is the question BlackBerry has failed to answer again and again, not only with the Z30 but also the other models. Guess what...the customers noticed that!

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If you paid attention to the fact that this device is more of a computer on the go, you might not be so disappointed. Soon enough this device will be projecting itself on any computer like it bridged to the PlayBook. That is where BlackBerry wants to take us. 1 device on the go. No need for 3 different devices all fragmented. I can see why Apple wants an end to this company and its forward thinking. Honestly if we lose this tech, we will be losing a great experience. Apple wants every dime it can squeeze out of every consumer.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I don't want BlackBerry to fail or it's devices to bomb, and I don't really care about Apple nor do I like them and their IShit, but like it or not, they are doing something right because their devices are selling like hotcakes, while BlackBerry can barely unload the Z10 inventory they've accumulated, thus this repositioning as an entry level device?

As for the Z30, it might be a wonderful device, but it's coming to little to late. If this is your flagship device, your main workhorse and best representative of the BB10 OS, shouldn't you have release it first?

I paid full price for the Z10 I have and there is just no way for me at this time to upgrade to the Z30 only after a few months since I purchased the Z10.

Besides, I won't even have that option since my carrier won't probably have it on sale or display...

If I had the choice earlier this year I would be holding a Z30 in my hands. But BlackBerry in their wisdom saw fit to deny me and countless other consumers that choice.

Instead I have the Z10, a good device, which is reliable for the most part, but it's quickly loosing its shine...and will soon dumped like the PlayBook ...

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Rather unfortunate for Rogers, what are they thinking.
Telus currently have a few nice corporate plans just in time to steal customers from Rogers. If the other two carriers are smart , they should jump on this and offer some good deals to get all these new customers. Looking around town and in my workplace, there are still a lot of BB users here in Canada

Kind of ironic, is not Rogers? Was just a few months ago and Rogers could be heard all over the air waves blasting the Canadian government for allowing foreign companies into Canada and stealing Canadian jobs. (i.e. Verizon) in this case. So much for wrapping yourselves in the Canadian flag. Rogers hypocrisy at its' best. Can't wait for the competition to come in and take care of all the big three!! You are a complete joke Rogers!!

Yes you are absolutely correct and I believe Verizon is going to carry it.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I understand them not wanting to stock the phone at the stores. The last Q10 that I picked up had sat in their vault so long that the battery was completely dead and unchargable. But to not at least have them available for order is wrong. They should be partnering up with BlackBerry to provide a complete exchange (e-mail, contact, calendar) and communication package including BES10 for small businesses. Add in a hosted pbx. Bundled with TV and Internet. MONEY$. They are capable.

via CB10 on ZED10

This is why I thought Rogers might try to be part of a takeover. They have all the resources needed to turn things around and they could use BlackBerrys networks for their own. Plus with BlackBerrys future in mobile computing, the devices could really add to their all-in-one packages.

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rogers sucks big time. They want money for nothing. They would rather support international companies then our local boys. Bye rogers. your name doesn't deserve a capital letter.

Blackberry needs to focus its advertizing away from being cool (walking around on fire...) and hip (Heinz awkward interactions with Alicia Keys...) and spend more time educating people on why their BB10 os is so much better. BB does not need to win the hardware spec race when its QNX os is a more optimal system and its battery life is way better because its display does not have to supply power for a resolution that far exceeds what the eye can see. Enough people do not understand sideloading. BB needs to make this easier and also explain that BB10.2 now emulates Jelly Bean 4.2. At the same time BB needs to explain how unsecure other devices are. Bring this all together by making BB10.3 have full access to play store apps (no more sideloading) and watch them get back market share. With the Z30 BB is poised to do what Apple did with the "I'm a PC and I'm a Mac" campaign: "Hi. I'm an Apple, and I'm a Blackberry. I can lift your fingerprint, and I can secure your data. I am super slim, and I can power you all day long. I have fancy colours, and I get sh*t done." A similar "I'm a Droid, and I'm a Blackberry" campaign could simply run with "I've got lots of toys in my sandbox *big grin while distracted by Google Glass*, *BB steals toys* and now so do I"

I hope Rogers changes their mind after they see all the people they upset. Their Facebook page is crawling with posts from ppl that are unhappy with their decisions.

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People on The Rogers Facebook page are calling them unpatriotic for not carrying the Z30. BlackBerry is going through some hard times but it would be nice if they could get all the support they can from their home country.

Posted via CB10

If you put all the negative BlackBerry news aside, the phone itself is looking pretty good. I don't see why they would not want to sell it

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Keep slamming Rogers on Twitter & Facebook. If you don't have an account, open one up and give them heck.

Probably won't help but it sure feels good.

This is pure arrogance by Rogers, and hopefully they get kicked in the teeth by customers that want the Z30.
There's loads of differences between the Z30 and Z10, for one the Z30 screen is superior Super ALOLED.
Both Z10 and Z30 are remarkably sexy looking phones. Just that the Z30 has more horse power, 5" screen and a nice large battery. That alone is enough for me to buy it. Can't wait to pick up a nice white Z30...

Maybe some good news will come out of this. If we keep letting rogers know how we feel maybe they will change their mind. If we make enough noise maybe the media will run a story about this. Although they will still find some way to make a negatively comment about BlackBerry.

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I love the huge number posting here. We need to really let Rogers know how angry we all are. #strengthinnumbers

Posted via CB10

Not sure why anyone would want a contract with Rogers. Worst customer service and least competitive plans price wise.

I would recommend Fido( yes I know they are the sister company of Rogers) to anyone. They give their customers much more attention.

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

I do think BlackBerry would have been contacted by Rogers prior to the press release. BlackBerry sold issue their statement tomorrow which should be quite lame I bet. Grrrrrrrr

Posted via CB10

Wow, it's amazing the backlash against Rogers. This is a positive because it shows the support for BlackBerry. Way to go guys, way to go. Long live BlackBerry.

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Heard even wind mobile will have. Well maybe I will have to leave rogers cause of a no stock phone. It's to bad for them

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Sure is. I just cancelled my home phone and told the agent it's cuz no bbz30. Told her when my cables up in November that will be cancelled too. She offered me the world but all I asked for was the z30... rogers is as good as dead to me. let's hope bell will treat me well. #longliveblackberry

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Guess we will have to go to Telus. Too bad Rogers I have been with you since 2001

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Even Canadian carriers are turning their back on BlackBerry!? Other countries I get it. This is like getting kicked out of your own house by mom because you've been sitting on the couch doing practically nothing. But hey, your close-by relative Telus or Bell might have some extra beds for you, who knows for how long.

...yet you'll always have a place in my heart. Love BlackBerry!

At times like this the more we need to support a Canadian company that have bring it's brand to the world stage. Rogers move give the impression they drop BlackBerry when they are in trouble. I may not be a Canadian but I support BlackBerry and believe Canada need to support a company that have once bring the made in Canada product to the world.

Posted via CB10 using Z10

I guess it's time to say goodbye to rogers because I definitely want a Zed30. Must have a Zed30 in my hands before Christmas or else life will be a bit sad.

I'm saddened but not affected. I'm stuck (happily) with my Z10 till a couple of years time when my next upgrade comes. I can't afford to buy the phones outright - and who knows what will be out there in two years?

Damn, son. Rogers is a monopoly anyways. I was with them for many years and all they ever had were ridiculously overpriced phone plans and poor customer service. Many time they tried to keep me with them with really lame promos. Why do we support them? I guess it's cuz of they're somewhat nationwide coverage. Get the Z30 unlocked and you may never regret it.

Posted via CB10 / Z10 SR.4181 OS.4633 / Playbook 16GB

You folks are absolutely nuts!! Selling the Z30 in this climate is as bad a business decision as attempting to sell ice-cream cones at the north-pole! Good thing Rogers is level-headed enough to realize the Blackberry brand is poison and are quite ready to dump this dead-weight of a company

Marketing manager here......

Let's email tweet Facebook Rogers to show we are not happy. the way, I am not a real marketing manager but marketing manager for cb and bb. I think I can do a better job than BlackBerry for marketing.

Together to make BBRY succeed ~Team BlackBerry

Who knows what this means exactly. I for one plan to get a z30 any way possible, including switching from Rogers who I have been with for 10 years.

Posted via CB10

Everyone is blowing hot and cold but only 617 comments so far. Only 617 blackberry customers in Canada? If so them rogers is doing the right thing. No point stocking what u can't sell.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

You may be surprised to learn that many Canadians aren't so obsessed with cellphones that they frequent Crackberry.

One or two of their friends do though so I wouldn't be surprised to see a significant revolt against Rogers. 4,500 people are about to lose their jobs, many in Canada, not the best time to be withdrawing support. (If that's what they're doing).

Marketing manager here....
Suck my a** Rogers
Wow, I never swear and today I did to Rogers....
Suck it Rogers....

Together to make BBRY succeed ~Team BlackBerry

I was just about to get a new phone plan for my better half and it looks like Rogers has been taken off of my list.

The same in Europe, no announcements, no adds, nothing ...
BlackBerry devices are not selling, even in Canadia.
If BlackBerry isn't even getting behind the Z30, when should a carrier?
iPhone is selling like cup-cakes especially the 5C who is a great device who surprise me a lot.

What, why, when, who Rogers, another Sprint. What the ...k. Rogers of all, I thought they were BlackBerry babies. No more kissing ass. BlackBerry must have pissed them off. Too bad for BlackBerry. BlackBerry, sell your own gadgets. To hell with the carrier BS. :)

“We believe we can fulfill our customers’ demand for a BlackBerry device with our current lineup” - A Rogers spokeswoman commented...

Translation: "Nobody is buying it"...

Posted via Z10

That's nonsense. The Z30 is the BlackBerry that always should have been released first and they know it.

The Z30 could well be responsible for changing BlackBerrys fortunes. The fact Rogers isn't carrying it is interesting, because it suggests either BlackBerry didn't offer them the device, or that they have some other commercial reason for not selling the phone.

Even if they were not going to stock the device, they could always allow online pre-orders or take the phones on consignment, so it's nothing to do with inventory.

There's another reason. I wonder if we'll ever know. Come on Rogers staffers, let us know why...

I have a Z10. I love it. Z30 would be an upgrade for me, so even better. I want it. Rogers will not have it. Lame......and unprofessional.

Posted via CB10

No one wants to get sucked into a rogers contact. IMO they are the worst provider and their customer service sucks. I got a call from rogers a few months ago for a $400 overdue bill from $2003. It's my fault for not paying it and I completely forgot about it, but 10years later they decide they want to collect! Seriously. Idk I paid it, but I vowed to never be in the debt of Rogers again.

Unbranded , unlock version is probably way better. You get direct support from blackberry and updates is not carrier dependant

its funny cause BlackBerry and CrackBerrys (see Kevin's phone) been sucking up to Rogers all these years

Can you really blame them?

I'm by no means a diehard fan of Robbers Wireless, but if the devices are just going to sit there, they are basically paying BlackBerry to store their phones on their shelves.

Design a device people want and market it accordingly. I love my Z10 but the people have spoken. You're a day late and a dollar short.

The could offer the online order only, so no stock but at least provide their customers the ability to obtain them... it's called service!

Via Z10

Online orders or not, Rogers would still have to buy the handsets and store them...somewhere. They won't have every single order shipped directly from BlackBerry's warehouse. Although that would at this point be more cost effective, it's just simply not the way it's done. Rogers is a business, and there's no use spending the time and money to convince people to buy a product when it's much easier and quicker to sell them an iPhone or Android.

I'm not saying I like the decision, but I understand it.

Why doesn't BlackBerry offer direct orders to consumers who reside in Canada? Wasn't there a news article a few days ago regarding how they have done just that but only if you live in the US? I'm all for Canadian companies helping out other Canadian companies; but how about Canadian companies catering to the Canadian populous? I would hope they reason they aren't doing that is because of some legal reason and they simply can't. But if they're just not offering that service because of their own reason than it's don't one more poor decision to add to the ever increasing list.

They sit there because their own sales people steer you to iphone first followed by Android. They do not support BlackBerry. They tried to steer me and my company away from BlackBerry and BB10 to iphone. I refused and am very glad I got to use BB10. It's stable, fast and better period. It just needs time. Even if BlackBerry doesn't make it in the long run, I want a z30, I am going to have one and Rogers just lost a $20,000.00 dollar per year account.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I agree with you.

If I walk into a store and I want a product, don't try to sell me something else. I've already made my decision, it's an easy sell. Of course, I don't know the logistics of it, but I'm assuming commission has something to do with it.

Money makes the world go round. Multi-billion dollar corporations want your money, and sometimes they give staff a little more incentive to make as much as possible. The conglomerate wins because they sell more devices and the sales rep wins because they get more commission off those devices.

Happy capitalism.

Just read an article and they ranked Q10 15th outta 15 and Z10 12th. #BBRY4ver #ichooseBlackBerry10

Posted via CB10

uhhh I'm with Fido, which is owned by Rogers, so I guess I'm leaving Fido? Who wants to give me a free Z30 - I'm down to sign a new contract! =D

C'est vraiment un coup bas de rogers moi j'étais près pour le bbz30 je pense que je vais aller avec Telus pas le choix

Posted via CB10

I am very sad and disappointed with Rogers as may others are as well. We just want the option to buy a new Z-30, even through online order. Rogers was a huge supporter of the Fair for Canada campaign when Verizon was considering moving to Canada. If Rogers actually believed in that campaign, then they would support BlackBerry now, when the company needs them the most. BlackBerry is Canadian, employing Canadians and Rogers should be supporting them now.

Rogers is just being realistic.
I suspect that Roger's largest customer is the Canadian Federal Government.
Most Government departments haven't switched to BB10 and, as far as I can tell, don't have plans to switch any time soon.

That's just silly, the government isn't popping into Rogers stores to buy a cell phone O_o

Via Z10

Well they were all Canadian when it came to keeping Verizon out. Rogers pushes the iphone fine. Then they won't mind when they help snuff out BB and force me to use an iphone if I want to get it from another carrier, even if it's American and it's using their towers.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

It is shameful that Rogers who complained about Verizon coming here, waved and wrapped itself around the Canadian Flag has the unmitigated Gall not to distribute the latest and best spec'd phone from Blackberry one of the leading high-tech Canadian companies.

In fact their sales staff have been brainwashed into selling everything else first IMHO

Posted via CB10

As a Canadian carrier, Rogers made a bad move. It should carry Z30 even it barely profit from it. The perception is so bad.

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Why Canadian government would not allow Verizon come? At least Verizon is gonna carry the most recent product from the greatest Canadian technology company.

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Been a customer of Rogers/Fido for over 10 years. If they won't offer the Z10 then I will switch to Bell. I will have my Z30! Simple as that.

good....i haven't used any rogers services for the past 15years and this is another reason to keep not using them.

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Thanks Rogers for the public reception of BlackBerry. Plastered all over the radio stations
with reports like this " How low has BlackBerry fallen in Canada, well Rogers will not carry the new Z30 device, because its not a business device " Nice job Rogers consider yourself Canadian and to the radio media.... talking about bad press and mis-information. The Z30 is not a business phone ...please !!

Looks like Rogers will lose some customers over this!
Hummmm what the heck are they thinking?

From my amazing Z10

the late Ted Rogers is spinning in his grave, his son Edward is still around , hey Ed balls up I am a Prosumer and want the Z30.

BlackBerry needs to start selling their phones directly via their website. Relying on the carriers is killing them.

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Problem is, the majority rely on the carrier as they can't afford to buy an unlocked BlackBerry for hundreds of dollars. Z10 is free from Rogers on a 2 year and the Q is $49.

BlackBerry Since 2006. Z10 Rogers, Halifax NS

Perhaps Rogers snubbing Canadian Technology is good. I haven't seen this much unified support for BlackBerry and it's Canadian Technology in a long time. Getting the z30 no matter what Rogers does. Hope they go under. See what it's like having the consumer wave go against you. I think all Canadians should turn their backs on Rogers and it's affiliates. They are theives at best anyhow.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

They have till Dec 15th and my 3 phones go on a new plan probably Telus or Bell and if the cell phone goes what's next !!!!!! Tick tick

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That is the sad thing is that the fucking iPhone is just so so. But hey, instead of the mobile site, I need a fun king app that can do less than the mobile site. I just don't get it. I really like the iPhone circa 2009.

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The faster this Gong Show privatization of BlackBerry comes the faster we start talking actually about thé phone.

Every time I show the integrated Hub, the sharing features, type and Go, Q10 short keys, story maker, BBM and toast notification people say...hang on to your boots this is the response " that's awesome but isn't BlackBerry bankrupt " so off goes an iPhone being sold.

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That us just too bad that Rogers won't carry the Z30. Hopefully they will continue to support and upgrade the Z10, which is the device I have. I truly hope that BlackBerry will recover because people believe in the company.

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Somebody at Rogers said this " if your a Prosumer and have the cash then we will sell you the Z30 on order list price probably in the future " i said that's nice what was my ROI as a long-term Rogers customer ? Today I am treated as some rich stupid spending consumer ? ". Bell offered me a 25% discount tick tick tick !!!!

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I also quite recently discovered (off topic) Rogers now have discontinued visual voicemail with their current valuepack but is now only supported with iphones and previous users with a value pack that had visual voicemail. Big bummer!!!

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And to add Rogers is Ultra stupid in not carrying the Zed30. As customers loyal to the brand will jump ship to Bell or Telus buh bye R.

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19 years. 19 f**king years with Rogers. Well good riddance Z10, you had restored my faith in BlackBerry devices and service, but Rogers had to ruin it. Hello Galaxy Note 3 and some other carrier! Unless.... you change... your mind...

Lazer etched post via my Z-10 super duper BlackBerry mobile device!

I'm not done my rant...
Screw all Telus and Bell also!

Lazer etched post via my Z-10 super duper BlackBerry mobile device!

It would make sense if nobody carried the Z30 but for them to make a point of kicking BlackBerry when their down is puzzling. And their bs statement is missing the point that the Z30 is unique - first phablet to BlackBerry and a competitor to the blotted S4. Looks like I'm getting my Z30 from bell.

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This is so hypocritical. Rogers didn't want Verizon here because American company was going to cost the Canadian economy and jobs but yet they are promoting IPhone and shunning BlackBerry. Not only should we cut our services but pass the word around to all family and friends

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Our sales rep for Rogers with our corporate account told us they wouldn't carry the Q5 either, then a few days later, we ordered one. Unfortunately with Rogers you have to threaten cancellations before they actually do anything so call Rogers and speak with the Loyalty Team or go to their website to complaint ( They're going to sell them unlocked so if you can afford it, buy the unlocked one.

Robbers is trolling for interest in the new Z30 so they can forecast potential, future income. Wow, what a concept; using social media to determine business cases. The Z30 will be supported by Robbers...

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So I called Rogers and the customer service agent told me that they are not carrying the Z30 because blackberry is going out of business and won't be providing any support.
Apparently Rogers has inside information that BlackBerry is going out of business.

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Was then transferred to customer relations. The agent said that they have no official word that Rogers is not stocking it..i told him to read the news.
Bottom line, I will be cancelling my service with Rogers and switching to bell or Telus at the end of my next billing cycle.
We can all make a difference.
Call Rogers and ask for customer relations and voice your disgust. This show of ignorance towards another Canadian company is totally disgusting and unacceptable!!!

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Rogers may well have inside information, their CEO is on the Board of Directors of Fairfax Financial !

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Thnx for posting. I got my 1 second of fame, LMAO. "Is it time to leave Rogers?" asked a user with the Twitter name (at)M_L_Titan. I said a lot more but it wasn't posted.

And they didn't acknowledge that I also posted a link to this page on their FaceBook page. Oh well. At least we tried.

Thanks for the link:

did not expect this reaction from Rogers though !!!
Rogers president Rob Bruce said he was surprised and perplexed by the reaction, but that the company wouldn't change its decision.

"Part of our success is choosing a portfolio of devices that's a winning portfolio for our customers," he said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

Bottom line for me is that this was supposed to be my gift to myself. First ridiculous splurge of my life on myself seeing as I just bought my Z10 on contract Feb/March ish? I too called rogers to confirm it and sent a tweet and a facebook message. On the phone they told me they didn't see it lsited Buuuuuuut they usually don't see new devices until a few days before. I asked her how long she knew about the Iphone 5.... long pause... exactly.... Then on twitter it took all of three seconds to get that stock response about customers only want these other models.

Rogers has over 9 million subscribers ish. Lets say 1% divided by three (old contract cycle) chose a Z30 over a year cycle. At 700 bones a phone that's what? 21 million in sales? (I know that's different than profit... thanks tips) but really how much expense is it to throw up a splash page and do a few links via the web for support? Warranty cost is manufacturers to bear with a bit of shipping? Sigh... What's the cost of not offering the phone? well... lets say just 10K people leave and like most they have 3k in services a year with them (that's me... internet, phone, cable, home monitoring) that's 30 million loss of revenues.... I'm just an accountant so I'm not that good with numbers but really??? Judging by the twitter activity and facebook stuff I have seen that's a safe number. Just Have it online only so the stores don't have it sit in inventory.

I have been nothing but pleased with my z10 and look forward to using the Z30. Since it's a service industry I have the right to take it wherever I please and I guess that means Rogers loses out on my measly 3k a year.

If you're buying the device full up without a contract you won't have to unlock it. The device is unlocked until a SIM card is put in and then it locks to that carrier and the "bloatware" is pushed to the device.

Rogers won't carry the Z30? Seriously, no loss.

In most of Ontario Bell/Telus have a stronger combined HSPA & LTE network than Rogers does. Do a search on YouTube. The Rogers speed tests are embarrassing.

Add to a great network the pricing and service of Koodo and it's really no loss at all.

If you're sticking with Rogers because of pricing give Bell and Telus a call. They'll easily match or beat your current offer.

Personally, I just wish the price of the Z30 wasn't so ridiculously high. I'm not looking for a fire sale but common $700?!?

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I'm usually against Rogers, however, I can see why they would decide not to carry the Z30. If they can't sell the Z10 or the Q10, why would they think the Z30 would sell? Also, with the future of the company up in the air right now, why would any carrier offer any new BlackBerry device?

I understand this is a hardcore BB fan site. First and only BB I owned was the Bold 9000. At some point you have to look at reality and see the situation. Blackberry is pretty much finished. What Rogers is doing is a sign of the times for BB. People have moved on, the sales (lack of) tell the story.

I just sent Rogers customer service an email explaining my disappointment and if they do not change there mind I will be switching to Bell.

This probably is the last nail in the coffin for me. I've been ridiculously loyal to Rogers like BlackBerry for as long as I can remember. I've embraced pretty well every possible service including home monitoring and in addition they have my wife and kids. They have made a killing on all my upgrades. I look at my Z10 like it is a solid gold brick. Rogers is a beast and so are my BlackBerrys. Hard for a non Rogers customer to understand but bottom line Rogers service is the best period. Yes their CS is brutal but I wouldn't trade them for anyone else. You'd have to take my right arm to go to Bell and my left to get an iPhone. I am a blind and deaf soldier marching forward with Blackberry by choice and by passion. There is not a good enough reason that I have read for Rogers not to carry this new Z30. Yes it's not the gazillion dollar seller they once were but BlackBerry is Canadian! They just can't catch a break. Shame on you Rogers... shame on you!!!

Especially with the BS Ads they and the other Royal Canadian Cell companies were calling out and on Patriotism. Lets get every facking world wide cell company in here for real competition - just give them basic rules like no stealing our maple syrup, hockey pucks and toques, and no body gets hurt - oh, and dont even think about our beer! I just thought that was a given but better to make sure ;)

I am a loyal BlackBerry user. I will go with the provider that carries BlackBerry z30. If Rogers wants to carry the products of none-Canadian manufacturers, then you will not get my service.

So much emotion...but little common business sense. Be glad that Rogers isnt taking an incentive agreement to stop providing any BBs.

1) Patriotism=Protectionism
And that us doomed to failure when products dont meet std. That said, I like to support the hometown team but the ave. Canadian is out of excuses?!
2) Worldwide the OS10 phones have zero % sales. (The Apple 5s sold more in Day 1 than all OS10 end-consumer sales to date.) Even in BBs backyard of Canada, OS10 accounts for

Been with Rogers for a number of years with no issues but I am also disappointed with this news. Happy with my Z10 and would be interested in taking a look at the Z30 but guess I will just have to buy unlocked direct from BlackBerry.
Rogers could have at least offered it online for direct order.

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Why couldn't we order the z30 online through Rogers. I'm sure company wide they would sell tens of thousands,for customer's ready to upgrade,Hell I'm not even due for an upgrade yet but I will probably splurge .What would be the big deal in satisfying current customers. I think Rogers miscalculated on this one.

I imagine Bell execs are having big pow wows right now about this, they most certainly want our business Blackberry or not !!!

Been with Rogers since it was Cantel AT&T old days! I'm on a crazy retention plan and I am willing to give that up because of Rogers poor lack of support for BlackBerry Z30. My contact ends this November can't wait to tell these hypocrites that I plan on leaving them. Can't hold me back with your retention deals anymore Rogers! Their principals on supporting Canada has back fired on them

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