Rogers won't be carrying the BlackBerry Z30

By Adam Zeis on 3 Oct 2013 02:59 pm EDT

*Update* - Rogers will indeed be offering the BlackBerry Z30 online. Read more here.

Well, some bad news on the Z30 front. It looks like longtime BlackBerry supporter Rogers won't be stocking the BlackBerry Z30 - at all. Various reports have confirmed that Rogers is passing on the upcoming device and will stick with the current devices.

This comes as a big surprise to BlackBerry fans since Rogers has stocked all of the top BlackBerry models over the last few years. They've most recently offered up the Z10, Q10 and Q5 but sadly won't be making the move to the Z30.

A Rogers spokeswoman commented:

“We believe we can fulfil our customers’ demand for a BlackBerry device with our current lineup”

It's definitely a buzzkill for Rogers users who will now need to seek alternate plans if looking to pickup a Z30 in a few weeks. The Z30 will be available at Bell, TELUS, MTS, Sasktel, Future Shop and Best Buy.

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Rogers won't be carrying the BlackBerry Z30



I was considering leaving and that is the nail in the coffin... Time to pay out big red and never look back. Suck it Rogers.

They've done an anti-Canadian thing I suggest we all stick together and do an anti-Rogers thing....
Buh bye rogers!

Glad I'm with Telus for mobile.

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They have so much space in their stores I don't understand why they wouldn't just display a demo model, but not stock it. Sell it through their portal like Verizon does now.


CrackBerry needs to do an article on what Z30 will work on Rogers or even if there's a difference like the Q10 had

Bye, bye, Rogers.

For being total turds, everyone in our family has agreed to cancel our Rogers accounts when they come up for renewal (which are all very soon!).

It hasn't been nice knowing ya!

Out west Rogers has terrible signal. Soon as you get out of major centers it's hit and miss.

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Excellent news. Especially for Telus and Bell. I hope Rogers fades away like Nortel. Yep that's my rant for today

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Don't worry blackberry will beat rogers to it. Rogers is just backing the winning team. BlackBerry doesn't know it's asshole from its elbow. Sorry to say this but it's true.

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They do though. The asshole is where the money is pouring from. Where the research comes from. Where I'd like to jam all the unsold z10s etc etc etc.

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Fuck Rogers all my services now even cell service will be switching over to Bell. You should be ashamed Rogers you can't even support a fellow Canadian company even Sprint At&t Verizon will carry it.

CB10 - Z10 -

Interesting Indeed,

Unfortunately given the constant missteps (Screw Ups) by BB can you really blame Roger's for this decision.

It's answered by Rogers. "they have enough other BB stock". I don't blame them. BBRY sales haven't been good. BBRY is luck for any carrier that stocks them considering their current precarious position. Maybe once they have cleared Q10/Z10 stock, and see how sales go at competitors, they may change.

Very disappointing that Rogers could not show support for Canadian suppliers. I look at how long it take US carriers to approve BlackBerry devices and it makes me sick. A new (if you can call it that) iPhone comes out and is available right away....even in Canadian stores!!! Rogers is the bigger disappointment to Canadians...not struggling BlackBerry. I wish Verizon would come into Canada and give these useless carriers a smack down.

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Because people want them not because of anything else. Iphones sell whether u like it or not, blackberries don't and that is the crux of the matter.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

Lol 100 angry blackberry fans isn't enough to support rogers carrying a whole new device you people are delusional.

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Lmao. And is that how you conduct your market research/survey? Ain't you making a foolish assumption that its only 100 angry BlackBerry fan? May I suggest that you do your homework thoroughly before jumping to conclusions. :)

WRONG!!! There was nothing wrong with $1B of Z10's being manufactured because "There Was Demand".
Two Factors that contributed to slow BB10 hardware sales and caught BBRY way off guard were:
1) FACT - Announcing that the company may or may not go Private/Sale/Partnership etc..,
2) FACT - Apple has USA Carriers by the BALLS by making them sign rip-off multi-year contracts to sell iPhones and nothing more. Carriers spreading lies about BBRY's demise just to convert them to an iPhone is LOW, very Low.

Now that all the nonsense is over, BBRY needs to get to business.

It shouldn't matter if only 50 people want it. They should be supporting a Canadian company, particularly one that helped them build their business for years. Not turning their back. They don't even need to stock many, could be special order. Sorry if some Canadian patriotism is lost on some.

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Faster everyone wakes up and smells the coffee, the better it will be. BlackBerry is acting like a fly by night operator and it's no wonder people are wary of them and their phones.

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Surprising given past level of commitment. They must know their churn rate and potential upgrade cycle doesn't justify going with it. Buy direct unlocked from BlackBerry and let them keep all profit margin. Or go with other telco. Not upgrading for awhile so moot for me.

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This makes me sad. I will ask Rogers when they will be stocking the Z30. If everyone else does the same perhaps they will at least change their minds and sell them online..

This is very hypocritical of Rogers. They were up in arms when talks broke of Verizon wanting to enter the Canadian marker claiming it would cause a loss of Canadian jobs. And now they don't support a fellow Canadian company.

I'm happy I currently deal with Telus but this is a disappointing move by Rogers. They could at least offer it online the way T-Mobile decided to go

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So glad I left rogers long ago... but because a use of there customer service which was and I've heard is still abysmal.

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Vote with your wallet guys instead of whining on a blog. My contract with Rogers is finally up in a month. Three years is a ridiculously long time... all I got for it from them was a Curve 9300 and a decent data plan. I'll mull over whether I want to swap my Z10 to a Z30, but obviously if so Rogers will lose a customer that's been with them for over ten years. For anyone counting, that's around $5,000 I've paid them over the years.

Time to switch to FibeTV and Internet.......oh what I already have those services........well then I'm cancelling my Rogers mobile Z10 is already on Bell.

Looks like I'm all good to go! Good luck everybody! lol! :)

FibeTV is fantastic. I have fiber that goes right into my house so I get full speed.

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Everyone angry at Rogers? I bet it was lack of communication, support, incentive, information and especially confidence comming from BB. Think about it, why else would they not support the device, don't they support other BB models? Not sure, I'm in the US.

Another note, just read story "Blackberry will sell All Corporate Aircraft"

13 year customer here, time to love in, I get terrible reception at my house anyways, friends with Telus get full lte at my house while I'm lucky to get 1 bar with no data. Thanks Rogers, you suck.

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Same here. The spectrum they're using my not *penetrate* very well. As soon as you step inside, it SUCKS. I moved all 53 of our devices to Rogers from Bellus a few months ago.... NOT HAPPY at all.

Yep, my work bb7 phone through Telus always has reception, I should of switched a lo g time ago but now I have a better reason to.

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Wow, my girlfriend got her Z10 from Rodgers through her company's Rodgers rep. The rep. Actually used a BlackBerry and was excited about BB10. Rodgers advertises they are the #1 BlackBerry dealer. Ouch! BlackBerry has their own display in stores so it's not taking up anymore room . I wonder if Rodgers is just fulfilling their contracts signed months ago for the Z10,Q10 and Q5 and giving up on BlackBerry for now.

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Haha, this is funny. Nice move Rogers and a good way to lose customers to BELL and TELUS. Look, you just lost one NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BELL here I come.....

Carrying the Q5 but not the Z30. That's whack, Rogers. I'll be letting my Rep know how disappointed I am in that. The Q5 shouldn't even be available in North America. It's such a hideous phone.... How many Q5's have been sold? I'm betting not even 1000.

Wow that's surprising. I never really liked Rogers, but they're continued commitment to BlackBerry impressed me. I guess that's out the window!

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Hey I like Rogers, been with them for 16 years. If they don't offer what I want, Z30, then I'll go to someone who will.

Telus or Bell?

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I'm with bell. I have bell tv on my phone.

But I think telus customer service is better. Not sure though.

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Would you buy a pair shoes knowing that it will rip in a few days. Don't like Rogers but business is business.

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Good... this is another push so can finally dump Rogers as my carrier..not that is anything better out there, but ....(-:

What I don't understand is why Rogers is out, and why the others are in.... Bell, TELUS, MTS, Sasktel, Future Shop and Best Buy.... are they charities? Why are they able to carry it? What's the difference? Unless this is some backlash from a carrier who has a huge market share and is upset about something, which is more likely. Perhaps some technical reason like radio frequencies being used, branding or special Rogers-related services which they want preloaded, but once again it should already be available because of the Z10. Somebody needs to dig into this further and higher up.

I just hope they continue to provide OS updates past 10.2 to current BB10 customers. If not, then it is decision time.

Posted via my Z10

If Bell and Telus were smart they would use this to get extra customers. Perhaps a discount for people that want to move over form Rogers....
Disgusting that they will not support a Canadian company and it's workers. Even if they didn't want to stock it they should make it available for order.

Bell was offering contract buyouts in the form of a credit a few months back. They may still be offering this, if so I will make the switch too.

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Translation we are afraid it won't sell so we don't want the overstock but if it proves us wrong we will jump on and play dumb to never carrying it before

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BlackBerry will have to pull up their socks. Market their products and sell it off the website cuz we all know Rogers sucks.

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I tweeted @rogersbuzz and @ Rogers_Chris replied, "Between the Z10, Q10 and Q5, we believe we can fulfill our customers' demands for Blackberry devices" Wow - he used the canned statement and even used lower case "b" on Berry. Tweet @Rogers_Chris and let him know your displeasure!!! Mobilize CrackBerry Army and tweet away!!!

When à company almost officially announce that they don't want to focus on "con"sumer anymore, that's the kind of expected reaction. It has nothing to do with marketing, they take the risk to break the company for personal reasons (presents, bonus, official or under the table...) at the time when a good marketing would bring at least hundreds millions of euros. it's just a shame but I don't say I would not do the same for a villa with a nice pool...

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This is pathetic from a major Canadian carrier like Rogers.

I am the IT Manager with a mid-sized company that currently runs ~1000 BB devices here in North America. About 40% of those are with Rogers. If Rogers doesn't carry the Z30 (I'm hoping they will wake up to reality and change their current oversight/blunder), I will be doing everything in my power to shift users to carriers that do (like Telus and Bell).

So long, Rogers!

Just tweeted the same thing to them...ridiculous. I will be calling an account rep to get some more details about this....

Telus here I come, if Telus was smart they launch an offensive at Rogers blackberry customers offering special deals to switch. At least Telus has an effective marketing team/approach.

Thats why never buy plans thru these carriers , I will be winding down my Rogers plan in months and ciao Rogers.

Rogers = Russia in my books !

Did any of you talk to Roger's sales rep.they are clueless on bb10 product that is as much much blackberry problem on the luck of training and Rogers's on the luck of effort. I blame them both I've been a long supporter of both companies but I am running out if patients.

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I am not in Canada and this reminds me of when Sprint decided not to carry the Z10. Seems like carriers are trying to make matters worst for BlackBerry. Down to 4 phones at least would be nice if all carriers at least offered all of them and let us decide which one we want to purchase.

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i hear Bell is offering great packages, I picked up the phone one evening and it was a Bell agent ....well after a 15 minute conversation he offered a great savings of 25%. Buy rogers Tick tick Dec 15th your done like a Goose

Yep switching as well been with them 8 plus years.only have had blackberries. Telus it is! Sorry rogers!

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!

Rogers suck anyways. You get no signal or weak at best in Rogers Centre in Toronto, and they own the stadium. Lol

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Can I cancel my contract on my Z10 due to this? I want to upgrade to the Z30. Will also take my Internet/Cable business also.

This is ridiculous to not offer consumers the choice.

Wow! I'm really dissapointed by this. I have an unbeatable Corp rate with rogers so my question is how do I get an unlocked z30 on their network? I'm not planning on spending 40 more a month just to have a z30 on a different network. I will be complaining to rogers for sure though!

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The wife and I ditched Rogers for Bell earlier this week.

Bought out and unlocked the S4 and the Z10 and are month to month with unlimited calling and 2 G of data for a lot less then with Rogers.

We switched to Bell Fibe about 3 months ago and I am very happy with both decisions.


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This is hardly Rogers fault! It is your fault! How can Rogers support Blackberry when its customers don't buy Blackberries? Why would Rogers want to go through the hassle of ordering Z30s, only to send them back when they don't sell?

It never ceases to amaze me when I see people on the street with Blackberries that have track balls and side wheels. Why don't BB users upgrade a little more often? Because BB users only care about texting, emailing and voice and their old BBs do this perfectly well.

BB missed the boat on apps and creating a quality user experience. BB users who wanted more from their phones are now on other platforms. BB users who don't care about apps are walking around with 8000 series Blackberries and have no need to upgrade.

BB brags about the billions it has in the bank. They should have thrown some of this money at developers so that they could have the most popular apps on their phone.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

"How can Rogers support Blackberry when its customers don't buy Blackberries?"

I'm a Rogers customer and we have four BlackBerrys.

And we'll be Telus customers in a few weeks. This is the final straw. Rogers have already lost my TV and internet and now they'll lose my phones.

"They should have thrown some of this money at developers so that they could have the most popular apps on their phone"

They did. Their new platform has been out 6 months. I suggest you look back in history and see what apps were on iPhone or Android after 6 months.

What are you talking about they sell well here in Canada. All the other carriers EVEN SaskTell FFS is carrying it. They said they broke the best sales ever for a BlackBerry with Rogers on opening week. Sorry I don't buy the excuses. I'm with Fido and a bunch of my other friends with BB10 devices are with Rogers as well.

FYI - not stocking the Z30 guarantees it won't sell. Anything else is speculation.

And I'm on rogers and I bought BlackBerry.

It took me months to get rid of all things Bell about 13 years ago. Time to look at them again.

I'm very unimpressed that my carrier is attempting to dictate which BlackBerry I can buy.

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Of course not. I could see the other major carriers not selling it either. Just the reason of BBRY's shoddy financial and corporate foundation should be enough for them to make that decision regardless that it's a sub par, mundane device with nothing else to offer that other platforms don't other than the BB10 OS.

Posted via CB10

You've obviously never used BB10 (or maybe just for 10 minutes but you realised it was too much of a learning curve for you because it doesn't have the back button)

Posted via CB10

I think he/she is saying that BB10 is the only good thing about the new devices.

I would disagree, but that is personal preference.

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I thought rogers was big supporting Canadian companies and a level playing field, I guess that is only when they are threatened with competition.

Long time Rogers customer, since i was 16yrs old and now i am 29. Will be switching, this is the device I have been waiting for.

If blackberry becomes a niche product than so be it. I would rather have a product that gets the job done throughout the day then struggle to read, send, open an app, or whatever on a device like I am currently having with my iphone and IOS7. So what the icon that sends an email does not "PULSE/FAD/WHATEVER" like android and IOS. DOES the damn email send? YES! Well there you go! Works for me! Gets the job done and I'm onto the next task at hand!

I need a functional phone. Blackberry provides that. Drives me nuts all these stupid programs like SNAPCHAT. NO PEOPLE, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU STICKING OUT YOUR DAMN TONGUE OR MAKING A WEIRD FACE. I have better things to do during the day than go, "OOOO LOOK A THEM I"M GOING TO POST THIS PIC!" Give me a brake.

Yes there is a learning curve. SURPRISE people, you actually have to use your brain in this world and not get everything handed to you on a damn plate.

I'm done my rant! If you can read it great, if not just know I'm pissed off. P-Man out!

Is there a difference between carrying and not having the Z30 in stock? Im on Rogers, in two days i will receive from UK a brand new unlock Z30. I plan to transfer my sim card from my Z10 and Q10 to my beloved Z30. Am i in deep shit again with that carrier who took so much money from me during those 22 years of active business ?

Posted via CB10

It's a good thing my contract is up with Rogers. I guess I'm making the switch to Telus then.

Posted via CB10

Don't know that carrier as I am in England. Z10 is my fourth blackberry. My teenage son was gonna upgrade to an iPhone 5 until he saw my z10. He's now getting a z30. I think BlackBerry should start to advertise again as people should realise it's still a good choice.

Z10 Better Than Itoy and Robot UK

So the chairman of Rogers sits on the board of Fairfax and Rogers wont be selling the Z30? Hmm will they offer it after Fairfac owns the company?

Currently I'm with Fido (Rogers), but it seems I will be changing carriers soon.

I need a GSM phone for international travel. If I switch to Telus and get my phone unlocked, then can I use it on GSM networks internationally?

Please let me know.

Here's the published radio specs

Quad band LTE 3, 7, 20, 8 (1800/2600/900/800 MHz)
Quad band HPSA/UMTS 1, 2, 5/6, 8 (800/850/900/1900/2100 MHz)
Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)

Looks fine for most GSM bands

So when the day comes that BlackBerry is not carried by any carrier will you all then go completely without cable, phone and internet???

I mean that seems to be the running trend
" oooooooh im sooo angry they wont carry what i want
Thats it im cancelling my service...."

Too funny.

Posted via CB10

If a cable company doesn't offer the channels you want, do you stay with them? It's a service industry, if they don't provide the service you want, you move on.

Posted via CB10

Do you remember boycotting all South African products until they freed Nelson Mandela - no you are probably too young! It's called sticking to your principles even if it causes you inconvenience!

Posted via CB10

Rogers not carrying the Z30 is like the deal with Mandela. I am so ashamed that u even think that way. If u don't know what it meant u don't even deserve to be as old as u claim urself to be. For shame.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

I'm merely stating that some people do things on principle - other people couldn't give a shit

Posted via CB10

It does not surprise me one bit, Rogers does not want to be stuck with inventory -Inventory cost money. The Z30 seems to be a great phone but the timing of its release is questionable.
I would of waited till the company had more definitive outlook, right now we are not sure what will happen, sadly we might have a bunch of bricks on us
I am angry I love my z10 this is not the greatest news to hear

Posted via CB10

" the timing of its release is questionable"

Are you serious? It's timed to coincide with Black Friday and the run up to Christmas.

It's perfect timing. BlackBerry isn't dead yet!

I can understand why. I just think there is something else going on here. Rogers was the company that started the whole BlackBerry craze. A friend of mine worked for Rogers when they gave out the very first dev units for the employees to test. This whole thing seems strange?

Posted via CB10

That's odd since our new cell list from Rogers is showing Z30 coming soon. What the hell?

Posted with BlackBerry Z10

I was hoping to upgrade to the Z30. Do you think they will let an unlocked phone on their network?

I'm disappointed. I was planning to move my wife to Rogers at the end of October. Maybe WIND mobile is a better option.

Posted via CB10

No cool at all but I guess I won't be using my upgrade and buy off contract from some other carrier. Boourns to that

Posted via Zed10 using CB10

I gotta say...carriers really don't have a good relationship with BlackBerry. first all the delays in testing the new bb10 phones in the US and now this. Seems to be a two horse race between apple and Samsung and everyone is along for the ride...BlackBerry is just getting run over. but I still think the z10 is an awesome phone. I love mine!

Posted via CB10

+1 if you go to any of the carriers in the UK they will be pushing Samsung and iPhone - think it's because the idiots that work there don't know how to use any other phone!

Posted via CB10

Quite the contrary. I've gone into a hand full of Bell stores in Canada and I've never been pushed one way or the other.

Reps will always sell by example and devices they're familiar with but as soon as I mentioned I'm looking at a BlackBerry they change their focus and say ya they'll just fine too. BlackBerry's are just as good.

They even have the Z10 and Q10 on their own pedestal with the likes of the iPhone and Samsung S4. It's because in Canada the reps are taught to consult, look at all the services as a whole and not to focus on just one line of business or devices. They're coached to maximum out on every sales opportunity across everything the company sells. That being sad, some are of course natural better at performing these tasks.

In the US, it doesn’t sound as though the carriers run the same or similar format. So I tend to hear a lot of used car salesman approach to selling.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

By the way Rogers customers. You could always tweet @rogershelps and ask when they'll be carrying the Z30

My first BB was an unlocked T-MOBILE with a Rogers SIM card. It's been done before and it can happen again.

On the other hand, maybe the new carrier Eastlink will pick up the Z30.

WTF Rogers I was counting on a Rogers / BlackBerry trade up program or something. I Guess I will need to switch over to Bell

Posted via CB10

What! Darn Rogers!

BlackBerry needs to sell their device directly from their website AND ship them globally, not just in the US.

Now I need to find out how I can get an unlocked device to use on a Rogers network. ):<

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

If you want you can write on Rogers facebook page that you are disappointed that Rogers is not carrying z30.

Man am I pissed. I planned on adding two new contracts to rogers and now I guess I have to move to Bell. What really pisses me off is that I have to wait 2 1/2 years yo upgrade whereas I normally do it annually. Eff me

Posted via CB10

Did anyone at CrackBerry actually contact Rogers to confirm? Just want to make sure the story is real and not just posting rumors that need to be retracted a day later.

I am not seeing any official Rogers release stating they would not be carrying it.

BlackBerry Since 2006. Z10 Rogers, Halifax NS

If Z30 sells at some reasonable rate for competing carriers (or god forbid, blackberry gets the marketing RIGHT and it becomes a hit) Rogers will probably carry it. This is really on BlackBerry now. They clearly got this device right. Time to put up or shut up with the marketing.

Posted via CB10

Well when My z10 contract is up. It's bye bye rogers.

Posted via my white Z10. LG banter- blackberry bold 9900- Z10

I have 3 phones with rogers 2z10s and an iPhone. Cancelling not an option, will buy one full price I guess from BlackBerry,

Rogers should carry the Z30 even if it's just in small quantities. Not carrying the Z30 at all just doesn't feel right, doesn't sound right, it's just not right. It's Weird.

I really want this phone i was willing to buy it out right but now I can't from my carrier

Posted via CB10

Everyone is blowing hot and cold but only 280 comments so far. Only 280 blackberry customers in Canada? If so them rogers is doing the right thing. No point stocking what u can't sell.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

I just checked with Rogers and it's true they won't be *stocking* the Z30. But it's supposed to be available via their website at some point.

I want to purchase an unlocked phone directly from BlackBerry.

Posted from my Zed10 via CB10, follow my channel C00121C1B

Having waited 3 months for a Z30 upgrade from my Z10 which I love I will be moving me and my team to another Canadian provider as soon as Z30 launches. SHAME on Rogers.

Posted via CB10

It's time for the BlackBerry Kiosk staffed with one Guy and one Girl and must know the phone inside out

Posted via CB10

What does that mean for BlackBerry? What does that say that a Canadian based carrier and long time BlackBerry supporter passes on a BlackBerry such as this?

Posted via CB10

Ill take this as a rumor for now. Until Rogers comes forth and makes it official news that they won't carry the Z30.

Posted via CB10

They already did with the Rogers spokesperson who said they won't carry it in the Globe and Mail article

As long as i can get it from blackberry im straight, adverts i could care less cuz i dont need them to tell me about phones, i do my own research! Most pple have a smart phone for fashion anyway, hence iphone users lmao

Posted via CB10

I'm with Telus now but I have two buddies who were waiting for the Z30 on Rogers and now they are switching in January to Telus or Bell.

Posted via CB10

I am very happy with my Z10. I am going to purchase the Z30 when it comes out.It looks like I will be dumping Rogers as my company and family service provider.

We gave rogers the boot years ago, that such garbage Canadians should support Canadians, but that seems to be the Canadian way, support products for other countries. I will buy BlackBerry till the end. Thanks for reading this

Posted via CB10

Pretty crappy when your own Canadian Carrier won't carry a Canadian built phone and support a Canadian company obviously in trouble. Coming from an American I think you should boycott the F*%#ers ;).

Canadians must now support BB!

If 1 canadian over 10 buys a BB phone, + me in France, and some others; everything will be better; for Canada, for BB, and for all BB fans.

Rogers sucks this time; but as it always was a big support...

BB, give us a direct sale option, worldwide!

BB, we can save you; just help us!

Lol at everyone saying they are going to cancel services. As a former Rogers employee that won't do dick all. Even if everyone in this thread posted they were cancelling and you all got 3 friends each to do it. It's not enough for Rogers to even care aboutit . If you can maybe get 10000 people you may have something.

For all the hate you guys have maybe you should learn how these big companies operate. Instead of blowing hot air on a o line forum.

In disappointed like many of you also, but save the stupid posturing for your moms.

All of you are a minor blimp on a report at the end of the month.

Posted via CB10

Uh... ya. except lots of people on this forum, like me, are bosses in their companies. I will now cancel my Rogers account and will never use them again in the future. Posturing? Oh I don't think so.

Posted via CB10

Rogers seems to be playing it "smart" if u will. I think they will be sitting back watching on how good the device is and sales from their rival seeing how BlackBerry has been have a bad year with all this "For Sale" headlines. If the Z30 does good, I can see Rogers supplying it to the consumers. Just my $0.02 n 1/2

Posted via CB10

So for those who can't figure this out for themselves...

Simple and easy way to move on from Rogers for a Z30
1. Call Rogers and ask for cost of cancellation of plan.
2. Sell current phone online i.e. Craigslist or even Crackberry
3. Use said money to pay off debt owed to Rogers


So you don't have a phone, you want the Z 30.. go shopping!!!

Always get quotes of plans and talk to both Telus, Bell ect. And be sure to get what works for you.

Also some companies will give you better deals knowing you are coming from another company so calling ahead before you cancel can benefit you.

Posted via CB10

Rediculous. How can Canada's largest wireless provider not support Canada's largest and most iconic tech firm. They should be ashamed.

Posted via CB10

Me and my Z10 are with Rogers. Out of curiousity if I bought a Z30 from could I simply move the SimCard from my Z10 to the Z30 and use the Z30 on my Rogers plan?


I must say I am truly disappointed at Rogers decision. I for one will be calling to request some serious discounts as I now have to buy a phone from their competitor. This may lead to me moving services. I believe it is important to voice our displeasure. So please get your voice heard. Tweet to @rogersbuzz or try to contact them directly. It probably won't change their decision but they have to know customers aren't happy.

Posted via CB10

There is some good noise on rogers facebook page right now too. Drop a comment..i did

Posted via CB10

This is a story that continues to show up. I guess this is the direction BlackBerry wants to go to become a "PRIVATE" company so that the only way to get BlackBerry products is to order online. BlackBerry won't be the first or last company to do this.....I hope anyway

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Hope BlackBerry sells the z30 outright then as rogers must be on crack to not carry it.

Posted via CB10