Rogers won't be carrying the BlackBerry Z30

By Adam Zeis on 3 Oct 2013 02:59 pm EDT

*Update* - Rogers will indeed be offering the BlackBerry Z30 online. Read more here.

Well, some bad news on the Z30 front. It looks like longtime BlackBerry supporter Rogers won't be stocking the BlackBerry Z30 - at all. Various reports have confirmed that Rogers is passing on the upcoming device and will stick with the current devices.

This comes as a big surprise to BlackBerry fans since Rogers has stocked all of the top BlackBerry models over the last few years. They've most recently offered up the Z10, Q10 and Q5 but sadly won't be making the move to the Z30.

A Rogers spokeswoman commented:

“We believe we can fulfil our customers’ demand for a BlackBerry device with our current lineup”

It's definitely a buzzkill for Rogers users who will now need to seek alternate plans if looking to pickup a Z30 in a few weeks. The Z30 will be available at Bell, TELUS, MTS, Sasktel, Future Shop and Best Buy.

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Rogers won't be carrying the BlackBerry Z30



Telus? Oooh boy. I can't catch a break with stupid Rogers. At least Telus phones are cheapest to unlock.

I guess it is Telus for me too

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

Really? Rogers was my favorite provider. In my experience they have better services than bell. I found rogers plans more suitable than telus so not sure about telus.

Anyways.. why cant rogers just sell the z30 on consignment...

That way they can keep everyone happy...

I used to be on Rogers, then I moved out west and their coverage went downhill. While I wouldn't say and of the big 3 are good Telus has met my needs.

Why do people care? I like rogers a lot and if they don't sell it we can probably buy unlocked off of BlackBerry's website at some point... hopefully

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Well...keep liking them...
One should wonder sometimes "what do I really get for my money I pay them monthly?"
I've been with them for 12 years, there was a time when I paid the close to 3G per year...never got a call with a promotion or a discount for being such a "good customer", not necessarily for the money I would've saved, but for the simple feeling of being appreciated.
When I started cancelling my services, they suddenly remembered me, and started throwing all king of offers and deals at me..."too late" I said, and asked couple questions I knew there's no good answer to...I'm better of without them... keep liking them...until they like you back...

Yeah, I've been with Telus for 5 years now and I have had no problems. I'm satisfied with the price for the coverage I get. Plus they are quick to roll out new OS.

So can I unlock my Telus Z10 and move to koodo or Virgin? Telus is a rip off. I can get the same plan at Virgin with an extra gig of data for $20 less than Telus. I figure it out that it would be cheaper to buy out my contract with Telus 400$ and move to Virgin for 27 months. I would save $20 a month (27x20=540$) which would pay for the cost of buying out my contract and still save $140.

Anyway is it possible to unlock the phone and transfer it?


A few hundred tweets or emails isn't going to come close to the FACT that BlackBerry devices are not selling well even in Canadia. If BlackBerry isn't even getting behind the Z30, when should a carrier? Have you seen any ads in Canada for the Z30?

+1 true, you want to advertise your product before it comes out to bring the hype up. At least a 'z30, coming to rogers...are you ready?' or smthng along those lines. BlackBerry is doomed=(

Posted via Z10STL100-3/

At this point the hype method is no longer working. BB is not a consumer centric smartphone player. That is not part of their DNA, and never was, at least in North America. It was all spillover from corporate penetration. Now they are acknowledging this and doing direct sell and focusing on uptake from corporate and government. And that is what will save them (plus managing all those Android, and Apple phones...and maybe later Windows phones if corps and governments allow WP)

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If a customer doesn't voice their displeasure at this, then how will though even know? The only other way would be to leave them, but that usually doesn't involve a survey telling them why. If enough people legitimately want the Z30 on Rogers, then Rogers may reconsider and eventually offer it - not likely but at least they will know of the demand.

"If enough people legitimately want the 'app' on 'instagram', then 'instagram' may reconsider and eventually offer it"

Hmm, that doesn't quite work as you intended.

Smart move by Rogers. Keep inventory space open for devices that actually sell.

Posted using my Z10... soon to be Android or Apple

You are going to Android or Apple after owning a Z10? WOW, talk about back peddling in technology and OS advancements. Going from a Z10 to a Android or Apple is like going back to Windows 95. Good Luck,

They have probably never even touched a Z10

I wish CB would do something about all the trolls around here these's starting to look like BGR

Posted via CB10

I have all three operating systems. Your argument is wrong and closed minded. You certainly haven't tried anything new in the new flagships outs there. every os has its goods and bad.

Posted via CB10

As much as I love my Z10 I must agree with this statement. With that said... I've used all of the operating systems that are available and the iPhone falls to get bottom of my list.
They are moving the slowest on the innovation front.

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Is there no way for someone, anywhere to have an opinion.
Yes the z10 is brilliant.....for me.
But if Blackberry keeps on sucking, anyone has the right to feel like it's time to abandon ship and go to another phone.
HeyyySleepyyy has an opinion as much as anyone and no he is not trolling.
Z30 is not picked up by rogers.....not a good sign.
Companies like then one I am with are also considering going be it.
BlackBerry is maybe better but so is not may be going private...things are not well.
Open your eyes people and enjoy the best days you have using what could have been great.....from my z10

Posted via CB10

By that logic, they should get rid of Windows Phone devices as well.

Posted via CB10 via the BlackBerry Q10!

My preference would be none of the big three. BlackBerry, please sell the Z30 directly from your website!!!! We are prosumers now! We don't need the carriers to get our hardware fix!!!

Rogers just sell it thru your site get the Roger Expert Wireless up to speed for issues and forget about your store reps. They will probably think Toast Notification is some Google App and sell a S4. Lol

Posted via CB10

I'm sure Rogers is soo worried about a few Crackberry users defecting to another carrier, eh. Seriously, I bet their user base will increase year-over-year,eh. Your living a romantic dream if you think blackberry phones will be on any carrier by this time next year,eh. You know it's bad when you have carrier's in the northern states of canada phasing out blackberry.

Posted via CB10

I hate to crash your private party, but there are no northern states in Canada. LMAO.

Sent from the future on my Z10.

I don't even know what street canada is on... Seriously, it makes little difference, the northern states of canada is useful only to provide me with furs, not phones.

Posted via CB10

Yet our government continues to run...guess the US Government hit Wallstreet and didn't know where to go from there EH!

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8 months ago, Thorsten Heins stood in a Rogers store in Toronto to proudly celebrate the arrival of the Z10 amongst great fanfare. The Canadian tech icon appeared to have turned a corner and had a bright future ahead.

Now Rogers passes on BlackBerry's first 5-inch touchscreen while Thor desperately searches for a buyer for the battered company, motivated by a $55 million windfall.

How times have changed. Amazing.

+3 I'm with the Rogers is kinda garbage and disappointing group to now, looks like MTS might might get a couple more customers and I might get unlimited data

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

Don't go there! The carriers are trying to play god. The Z30 is now the top BlackBerry device. How could they not offer it to their customers?
At least T-Mobile is offering it on-line but not in-store. Rogers isn't carrying it at all.

It's not much better here in the UK. When I went to get Z10 in February, carriers were advising me to stay away from Blackberry and were pushing Samsung - needless to say they are the biggest sellers at the moment. Most consumers unfortunately listen to the sales people - even though they are idiots!

Posted via CB10

If Samsung pays commission to the sales guy on each device sold , they will definitely tell you to stay away from Blackberry and this is the reality :)

Posted via CB10

Yep same in Canada.... Sales staff only support Samsung and iPhone !!! From my perspective BlackBerry should have thrown in cash, provide training to the carrier sales staff and even give out free testing devices... After all they are the one selling the devices !

My buddy is in sales and they sell industrial equipment. They deal with quite a few manufacturer but one in particular always provide them training on there newest product... so in the end which one does he sell ????

Posted via CB10

This is so true! I had completely sold my partner on a Z10 but when she walked in the store she was pushed into getting an iPhone 5... 2 weeks before the 5s launched.

CB10 on my Z10

Don't try using logic with the natives. Their brains just don't work that way. They'd rather companies like Roger and Sprint order devices have shown no interest outside of their encapsulated view of world.

You have more luck trying to teach quantum mechanics to a Goldfish.

Then be disgusted by your feigned indignation and sanctimonious bullshit.

That person's usage of the word "natives" is contextually sound and employed in a justifiable manner.

um... because they are already taking a bath on the Z10's they have sitting in stock that have been written down.. I'm unhappy two, I really wanted to upgrade a Z30 but what sense does it make to buy what most consumers will percieve as a slightly bigger Z10 when they can't even sell the 10's they've got...?

For your information, Rogers sold the most Z10's in Canada versus all Canadian Carriers. So the Z10 is there hot seller, as for not carrying the Z30? That alone is a bad business move and many that want the Z30 will leave Rogers.

Then that should make it even more worrying as they can see more facts about BlackBerry sales then you can

Posted via CB10

It's not a hot seller though. Even for Rogers.

Why do the fanbois push back on this particular 'business decision' when they were ok with the PlayBook 'business decision'?.

Like... where do you think the 4500 job losses will come from? This org will look and operate very differently soon... finally.

Posted via CB10

I'm joining you! Let's dress up like wizards and shout expelliarmus every time we throw someone.

Posted via CB10

I don't allow you to dress like a wizard and make a fool of yourself. We have good reputation and want to make it.

Posted via CB10

There is nothing Anti-Canadian..Rogers is a business not a charitable organization..why carry a device that will not sell in any meaningful numbers?

I'd wager it was the same intelligent but silent person who knew you stood a better chance at a meaningful existence had you remained a stain on dingy linens.

Probably because Rogers has bragged to Business customer for the last 10 years about their oh so close relationship with BlackBerry. Point and proof that Rogers treats their partners as well as their customers.

Yes they are anti Canadian. I own a business and this is so anti Canadian. Apple and Samsung are calling the shots now.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I hereby demand proof you are not the result of a dirty petri dish left unattended, as not a single thing you stated was related to anything else you were foaming at the mouth about.

Tell me, dumb-dumb, how does owning a business in any way go show Rogers has taken an anti-Canadian stance?

I left the nickel and dime you Rogers years ago and it was the best mobile decision I ever made. Rogers sales reps are clueless and I don't miss the continual service fee hikes.

Posted via CB10

Type in the link on PC and it works. Link not found when clicked in the app.

Not sure why

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

Thanks for the link (worked on my PC but not on my Z10 through CB app)
I have a family plan through Rogers. Two Z10's and a 9800 that was holding out for the Z30. I've been a Rogers wireless customer for 14 years. This is having me question my loyalty.

I sent them an email expressing my disappointment. I'm shocked Rogers is not going to carry the Z30. Looks like I may be jumping ship to Telus.

Posted via CB10

How's Rodgers being anti NSC (northern states of canada)? Rogers is not anti NSC for recognizing the fact blackberry is a losing horse, eh?

Posted via CB10

Misguided loyalty? Perhaps it's BlackBerry that should be blamed. How many z and q's are carriers sitting on due to the continuous mess that BlackBerry creates?

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

What does it matter? He wants a Z30, Rogers won't carry it. Nothing to do with misguided loyalty.

Posted via CB10

Perhaps my wording was off. But if someone is looking to punish Rogers and cancel their services due to a lack of z30 then the real target of frustration should be Rogers.
Of course we are all loyal BlackBerry fans... we are posting on crackberry, I'd love to get a z30 at some point, but in no way does my blame lie with Rogers.
If the brand sold, carriers would be falling over themselves to carry the phones. They don't sell and this is the reality.. no availability at all or direct sales as has started to happen in the US.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

While I understand what you are saying, the flip side of the equation is now Telus and Bell can differentiate themselves. I vote with my dollar, my dollar will be moving by the end of October to either Telus or Bell, depending on who has the best offer. Many others will be locked into contracts, maybe Rogers is counting on that. No bad mouthing required, just a single purchase.

Posted via CB10

I think both are to blame, Rogers may have picked up too many Z10's, Q10's and Q5's and are now worried about clearing the inventories. BlackBerry's bad PR is causing more fear on the minds of all consumers and is now driving more away from any BB10 device. The BB10 has potential but is currently surrounded by so much bad PR, nobody is thinking straight. Rogers can't officially admin they messed up not because they don't want to support BB10 / BlackBerry, they are fully supported but they have TOO MUCH inventory to clear and can't take on additional quantities until they clear their current inventories.

ROGERS - start selling the Q10 and Z10 at reduced rates (fire sale) AND off contract so the rest of Rogers loyalists / for those who want them can get them off subsidy, this will clear your inventories!!!!

BlackBerry - make the Z30 available online for anyone on the Rogers network to be able to buy directly from you. Give us what we want!!!! Give it to us only on a discount and you can then prove to yourself and Rogers there is demand on their network. Gotta KEEP MOVING!!!!!

I sold my Z10 recently in anticipation of the Z30 on the Rogers network, I LOVE my Z10, I wanted the larger screen and better specs. Rogers's news on a Friday was NOT what I wanted to hear!

maybe they will pass it on to Fido. or maybe they aren't seeing enough BB10 sales to justify carrying a 4th model

F-U Rogers!

Just cancelled my cable, phone, and internet....I suggest everyone do the same.

Posted via CB10

Rogers stopped sponsoring Sarnia Bayfest...enough said.

Pass out the PITCHFORKS!!!

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Iron Maiden was the last Bayfest show...excellent concert...Seventh Son of a Seventh Son redux.

Love the concert tour shirt with Eddie riding a demented moose with Canadian landmarks in the background...especially love seeing the Blue Water Bridges prominently in the scene.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Thinking about it...I guess Maiden wasn't the "last" show(they were the last Bayfest headliner)...concerts on Sunday.

The Offspring would probably have been the last Bayfest concert. Man sakes alive ...Bayfest got BIG.

One year listened to Kid Rock concert "on a boat" in Sarnia Bay...good times.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7


No matter what happens to blackberry, I will never ever give rogers my business again regardless what device I use.

Posted via CB10

AWWWWWW, did you just take your ball and go home. So cute, maybe you and my 11 year old nephew can have a play date together.

Internet tough guy? I live at st Clair and dufferin. No keyboard hiding here. If you wanna say I'm keyboard hiding, pm me and I have NO prob meeting up.

If you wanna act like a baby saying I'm cancelling everything because my carrier refuses to pick up something that WONT sell, then you will be called out for it.

Great area. It's changing for the better now. A lot of new restaurants and some new condo/townhome construction.

No it's called boycotting a company if you don't believe in something they do - happens all the time.

Posted via CB10

What exactly is your problem? He made a decision to speak with his wallet and you're ridiculing him for it? And then you're trying to confront the guy in person?

Talk about childish 11 year old behaviour. It just oozes irony and hypocrisy all in one.

Posted via CB10

Why should Rogers carry something if its not selling? Would you keep buying from a supplier, if all their products sat on a shelf for you?

Why else are they not carrying it? To be different from the rest? To watch the others sell millions of them while they sit on their hands? Or because out of 6 million devices sold this quarter only 1.1 were BB10 phones worldwide

I never liked Rogers. Maybe they wanted exclusivity on the white Z30 and didn't get it. Anyways its Rogers' loss. The march continues...

I will be switching to Bell from Rogers if they are still offering that contract buyout deal like they were a few months back. I'll grab the z30 and sell my z10 on craigslist for whatever it's worth.

Posted via CB10

Just sold my wife's Bold 9900 on Kijiji in one day for $200 so she could upgrade to a Q10 so I'm guessing that a Z10 would sell for something more than that. I have had a Z10 since February 5th and I still love it. My next phone will be a Blackberry and I hope the one after that is too as long as they keep making a top notch device. BlackBerry has a black eye in the public view, their products are the best on the market

Posted via CB10

I did the exact same thing. Not because of the Z30, its because they did not treat me right. This just cements my feelings on this company. Screw you Rogers! Wreck the jays, snub the Z30. Never a penny to you again!

Posted via CB10

Clearly you don't follow baseball.
Rogers didn't wreck the Jays.
They had a bad year. These recent acquisitions are all star players who happened to have bad years all at once.
This doesn't happen often but it does happen. They will be in contention next year. You wait.
Until then, maybe study up on the game and the histories of these players.

So stupid. This is almost a sure sign BlackBerry will be stepping out of the consumer market. Really curious to see their plans for BB10. :(

Join the Surge Co. BBM Channel! C001213C9

well...what you probably dont know is that rogers has a subdivision company for consumers (fido) the main branch really dont care about consumers, they make most of their money with businesses so your point dont stand.

Already done - "Guy Laurence, 52, will take over in December as the top executive of Rogers..." "The chief executive of U.K.-based Vodafone Group has been hired as the new president and CEO of Toronto’s Rogers Communications Inc."

You know they all suck right? I'm having a rough time with Bell right now to the point I want to buy out my contract and switch to Telus. I've heard the good and bad of all Canadian carriers and truthfully they all suck.

Your comment at least has some rational to it, so thanks for that. Do your homework folks to find out what service provider best suits your needs. But seeing as Rogers is out, Bellus is the only alternatives left.

If Rogers is passing this up you likely will not see the Z30 pass down to subsidiaries.

I actually like Telus. I left Rogers after 5 years because of poor reception (they suck in Nova Scotia) and have been with Telus for 11 years. I have no major complaints with them so far.

Posted via CB10

You should try Virgin or Koodo. I know Virgin is Bell and Koodo is Telus but they are better at customer service since they are run as seperate companies.

Or Fido, a subsidiary company oof Rogers.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

Looks like I'll be switching carriers once I'm eligible for an upgrade. Shame on you Rogers. To think all that empty space in your stores...

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

I've been with Telus since day one when they were Clear-NET. Great company and have given me a wicked business plan on my Z-10. I will be definitely buying the Z-30 from them. Rogers has made a grave mistake by ignoring carrying this device.

Posted via CB10

That's cheap.

I paid $800 to get out of my Vodafone contract, that was cheap!! There was only a few months left.

BlackBerry & Nintendo Alliance. Bring Pokémon to BlackBerry 10.

Been with Telus since Clear-NET too. :) Clear-NET had excellent customer service. Telus has always offered great service. I'm very surprised Rogers will not be offering BlackBerry's Z30 really, after all, the Z30 is BlackBerry best phone to date. IMO. No doubts Rogers will lose some customers over this. As they should.

I hearted Clearnet! Not as much a fan of TELUS but still better than Rogers.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Of course every Cdn news agency is just reporting this negative. Not one is reporting the Z30 being a premium device with best battery run time in its class or the awesome oled screen etc. Just the negative. No wonder BlackBerry is struggling.....every media outlet in North America is out to sink the company.

Maybe BlackBerry should spend $1billion and by a news agency!!!

Posted via CB10

BB does it to themselves. This company is so arrogant, I bet this is news to them, they probably assumed the device would be supported at home.

U know what when I bought my Z10 they were telling me it was a premium device. Now they are telling me it's entry? BlackBerry deserves this. They need to shut this company down for screwing it's customer, shareholders and loyal fans. Been with blackberry for 7 years but my Z10 is the last. Screw u guys I'm going home.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

Yup. This is no one's fault except RIM. They have made numerous 'business decisions' that have negatively impacted their stakeholders and now it is happening to them.

It's almost like they screwed a number of relationships when they were the dominant player in the industry and now that hubris is biting them on the ass. Hard.

Posted via CB10

Where is home? The Z10 Is a premium device, cost more to make than the iPhone 5 did. The write down is why it will sell as an entry level phone. I wish they would give them away, they need to get the phones out there. Just a reminder, the Z10 has duel core 1.5 Gb processor and 2 Gb of Ram. I phone 5 had 1.3 Gb duel core with 1 Gb of Ram. Even the 5s only has 1gb of Ram and no one Calls it an entry level device.

Posted via CB10

If I tell you your device is a time machine would you believe that as well? The Z10 is the best entry level phone there is, and it beats the top tiered phones of the competition. FACT. ( unless your one of those people who think scrolling with eyeballs is top shelf innovation).

Sent from the future on my Z10.

If people actually care about BB as they claim here, they'll stop whining like little bitches and leave Rogers for another carrier.

I switched from Rogers to Koodo years ago. I'd rather send smoke signals or carrier pigeons than deal with Rogers.

Posted via CB10

Hate rogers. Bell isn't any better, but at least it's not rogers. They even ruined skydome by calling it "rogers centre".

Posted via CB10