Rogers Releases OS for the BlackBerry Bold

By Bla1ze on 4 Jul 2009 06:55 am EDT
Rogers Wireless Releases OS For Bold!

All you Rogers BlackBerry Bold owners out there should enjoy this one, especially if you are a firm believer of only running "carrier approved" firmware on your device. On the Rogers BlackBerry downloads page you will now find that is now available for download. This release is the same that CSL put out that helped AT&T customers unlock the network selection mode on their devices, which of course is not locked down on Rogers branded ones to begin with.

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Rogers Releases OS for the BlackBerry Bold


I downloaded this version last night reboot is faster and the pictures load MUCH Faster tan the CSL Version thank you Rogers

Well i must try this out even though .282 is out form another carrier which many can use anyways like we all have done so with .266 and some with .282, but the difference here is it is a Rogers Release specfic to Roger clients which i am sure all carriers tweak the OS'es for there own software and so forth.

Yes this can also be used by other people on other carriers if you know how to do so and if it is true that the pictures load faster. Then this means rogers tweaked it out for us users which equals no picture lag loading like .266 does and prior OS'es and even .282 from the other carrier still lags.

Load times if this has been improved to be faster and more efficiant memory allocation, plus battery life. Then rogers would have nailed what consumers want the most.

Again i must try this out yet as i am a rogers customer and i will give my feedback in the 9000 forum.

I have not put the Roger's one on my phone, but the CSL Release on my AT&T Bold has made a WORLD of difference!

Network selection A+
GPS Works all the time now A+
Speed A+ apps much faster.

Come on AT&T, get on the band wagon.

Thanks Bla1ze! I'll move on from .247 then...
(This will have been the longest I'd stuck with one OS)

1. The Memory Cleaner seems to have disappeared; and

2. Someone posted this on HoFo. If you set your Alarm Volume to "Ascending", it only comes on at Low. Plus, unless I'm programming something incorrectly, I can't seem to change the Alarm tone either.

I'm running the Multilanguage version of this OS, released by Mobilink.
It works like miracle, so I recommend it to everyone!
Fixed the annoying media player bug, that plagued the .266 version.

Hi Verizon, Sprint and At&t. I'd like you to meet Rogers. Why is Rogers shaped like a big Q. Well pull up some chairs, grab a notepad and start writing.

Seems the app "Visual Voice Mail" loads... I'm on AT&T and don't believe I have this feature... How do I prevent this from loading??? Or is there a way to activate this on AT&T???

ive been trying to update this thing on my phone for the past 2 days.. its not even showing up when i go thru the process
Can anyone help?

I tried applying this through the normal process, however, it went very fast. It didn't do the usual backing up and going through all of the messages. Instead, just came up and said that the update was complete.

Was this just a refresh of Core components? How can I verify that I actually have been updated with this release, because the version and platform are the same?