Rogers will announce new BlackBerry devices tomorrow but check out this promo material!

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2011 08:10 pm EDT
Rogers Blackberry lineup

Rogers has already confirmed they will be announcing the new BlackBerry devices tomorrow -- hopefully alongside some release dates and pricing. Until then, the rumors of an August 9th or 15th launch date for the Bold 9900 and Torch 9810 stands but the Torch 9860 date has thus far been missing, giving us the impression it will arrive later.

Hopefully, we're wrong and Rogers will roll them all out as soon as possible but we'll wait and see what tomorrow brings. In the meantime, we found the above advertising for you all to get a sneak peek at. The Rogers red looks quite sexy. Thanks, anon!

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i want to see prices....


I'm going to guess $199 on a 3yr. Now, I hope bell announces something too :)


I think that would make it the most expensive 3 year term phone rogers has ever had if it was 199.


No, I'm pretty sure the Torch was ~$250 on a 3/yr term with Rogers when it first came out.


iPhones are usually $199 on 3 years for Rogers...


they're 159 at the present


I've just found the Rogers Torch 9810 prices which are $549.99 outright and $199.99 on a 3 year which in my opinion is overpriced for a refreshed device.


Nice find. With that being said the Bold 9900 is sure to be sitting at a $649.99 price point. Time to crack the pig!


Damn, they look good.


Yeah that picture is sick!!


Very excited, hope the 9th is the drop date, would love to beat my friends at Telus


Can't wait!!! Hmmmm which one to pick eh:p even though I will get the 9900 once it come out, but need a new bb toy to play with in the mean time:)


Very excited and thanks to a Crackberry member looks like i will be getting me a Rogers one to run on at&t :) so excited


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe....


+1. I have trouble deciding between the 9810 and the 9860. God damit lol


Common Rogers do it up for me man ill be there release morning day what ever


Hmmmm, now how do you get to Rogers' retention department again? We're gonna need to chat.


Aww, I have to wait until the end of December. Can't wait though for my 9860!


Gottt dammit I was hoping Robbers wouldnt physically brand the Bold :(. Robber sure do know how to ruin devices


Scratch it off. Then in a month buy a new blank part from eBay to replace it.


Gottt dammit I was hoping Robbers wouldnt physically brand the Bold :(. Robber sure do know how to ruin devices


Bell seems to be the only company that doesn't brand the phones (well virgin too, makes sense though they're owned by bell)


I agree the red wallpaper is sexy but there are ppl who disagree. At least its better than Bell's white screen with two blue lines


I'm one of those that like the red background. I'm often going back to their stock theme just to get the wall.


At least the people who disagree can change the background really easily :)


I think some of you took my statement wrong. By Branding I meant the physical branding on the device, the "Rogers" by the mic was hoping Rogers was done with that nonsense.


August 15 is going to be the date.... Spoke with a friend of mine whos a Rogers manager...


These phones are a year to late and DOA. The specs are fine but hold the phones back from running flash content. They also will not be updated to qnx which will launch early next year. Nice advertisement but a waste of money.


Flash is good for nothing but eating battery and bragging rights. Have had several phones with it and never really used it. Uhh unless you need some porn sites or shitty game.


Thats funny seeing how they love advertising about flash on the playbook.


Besides flash, is there something that you think that QNX will provide that the 9900 can't do already?


Honestly, how is this DOA? What the fcuk do you want these phones to do? These new devices are going to crush it.


I'm looking forward to the 9860. Here's hoping for August 15th.


Rumor has it that t-mobile is releasing the bold at $300. Lets hope this is just a rumor and is not a representation of what Rogers will do with its pricing of these new devices.


Rogers will have a huge price differential between a 2 year and 3 year contract. I see 499 for a 2 year, and 199 for a 3 year...just a guess though.


Willing to spend 650 on 9900 but damn it's expensive!


Hello folks, the pricing is not out of line. Just go and see what an iPhone (that has been on the market for some time) is priced at for both on and off contract. I've used the 9900 already and this phone is not the BlackBerry of old that you are used to seeing/using. People who actually try/use this device, won't be able to say it's from 2005 and maintain their credibility.


I know they did it for balance in the photo, but I would have put the Bold in the middle as it is the "flagship" device of the line.


Am I missing something? Did you move the Playbook section? Or take it away? That is the only section I read.


Still being told the the phones will launch at the end of the month with rogers.

Rogers corporate reps in training next week on the devices.


So these get released and 6 to 8 months later qnx bb's come out and your stuck with a outdated os and a 3 year contract. Phones look ok but they are running on outdated hardware.


We are now today and nothing was announced yet :(.