Rogers white Curve 9360 dummy units arriving in stores - November 15th launch

Rogers Curve 9360 White Dummy
By Adam Zeis on 1 Nov 2011 12:28 pm EDT

It looks like Rogers is ready to go with the release of the BlackBerry Curve 9360 in white. These dummy units have started arriving in stores and are looking mighty fine. I'm sure many will be happy to get their hands on this one when it hits stores. The release is said to be scheduled for November 15th and carry a $49.99 price tag with 3-year contract (or $349.99 outright). Are you a Rogers customer that plans to pick up the Curve 9360 in white? Let us know in the comments -- keep reading for more images.

Rogers Curve 9360 White Dummy
Rogers Curve 9360 White Dummy


This may have been mentioned before, but don't the key's remind anyone of yesteryear of the Palm Treo buttons? Just saying and yes, I like it.

Jimberry Storm

Anyone know the best way to get a white curve to work on Verizon in the US?


As current black 9360 and previous white 9700 owner all I can say is FUGLY!!


I can confirm this.
Work at rogers and we have had these dummies for a week now.

Another note..the White Bold 9900 is showing up in the system :)


Has anyone actually seen this phone in white in person? I am wondering if it is a pearlescent white like the Bold 9780 or a matte finish white like the black Curve 9360?

El Platanero

I need the pink curve as a cdma device. That would drive my wife up a wall. I know there was a special breast cancer event that happened and I'm hoping that the same version comes out for Sprint.


Nice looking low quality phone for the curve and the buttons are like that because the curve keeps its buttons from since the first curve was released.. I'm still waiting on white bold 9900.. Anyone have an idea when north America (mainly Canada Rogers network) gonna release it?


Looks ugly. It looks nice at front, but sides and back is ugly


I agree, this phone is ugly


These are still not available from any rogers stores 2 days after the launch.