Rogers White BlackBerry Z10 Unboxing!

By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Feb 2013 11:36 am EST

Having CrackBerry's temporary BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters in Toronto has its benefits! This morning we went down to the Rogers Corporate Office, where Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed and BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins welcomed the BlackBerry Z10 to Canada.

This was my first opportunity to get my hands on my very own WHITE BlackBerry Z10, so as soon as the CEO photo opportunity was over I bought myself a white BlackBerry Z10. According to the Rogers website, the BlackBerry Z10 is is available for $139.99 on a 3 year contract, or $599 month to month for new customers, or $650 to buy outright (plux taxes).

There are a few big takeaways from this Rogers BlackBerry Z10 unboxing:

  • For the first time, as far as I know, this BlackBerry box never had any sort of Rogers carrier sleeve on it. It's a straight up BlackBerry Z10 box. And it's quite a bit smaller than BlackBerry boxes of the past. Nice efficient packaging. I like it.
  • Unlike most previous Rogers BlackBerry Smartphones, no case or holster was included in the box. No cleaning cloth either. Included is the phone, battery, Micro USB cable and wall charging connector, along with a set of headphones. You'll want to head to the CrackBerry Canada store to pick up any accessories you still need.
  • For the white BlackBerry Z10, all of the included accessories are white. Hot. Black cables with a white phone just wouldn't look right.
Be sure to hit up the video above to see the WHITE BlackBerry Z10 unboxed in all it's glory. And if you're in Canada and have purchased or are thinking about purchashing a Z10, be sure to hit up this page to help get you along your way.

Reader comments

Rogers White BlackBerry Z10 Unboxing!


Good catch. I didn't notice that inconsistency there... That's interesting!

Soo... in store I paid $649.99, plus taxes of $84.50, for a grand total of $734.49.

When I was writing up the blog post though, I went to the Rogers website, and it listed the off contract price as $599 and I typed that in.

Not sure what's up there... $50 more to buy in store vs. online? Or maybe just a glitch in the matrix? 

Kevin, when you're on the Rogers site there's an option that usually says month to month (monthly) or phone only. They appear to have removed the phone only option from the site but it's still the policy in store, I believe. The phone only price is $50 more. They told me month to month is new customers only that sign a 30 day contract lol. Stupid Rogers still treating new customers better than existing.

I think the additional $50 would be rogers fee for unlocking the phone, seeing as he bought it outright?

The phone is $650 less a $50 mail in rebate. Same applies to upgrades. My upgrade cost $189 - $50=$139

So the white Z10 doens't come with a case, where as the black Z10 does? Why is that? Even with my Bold 9900 is came with a white sleeve case.

I don't think either black or while come with a case in the retail bundle. You might have been watching the unboxing from a device given out at the launch event

No, the black doesn't come with a case neither.

You're thinking of the boxes that were given out to people in attendance at the BB10 Launch events. Those were different boxes, and did include a case.

The retail carrier boxes are smaller, and looking at both Rogers and Telus, there's no case included.


Kevin,that White speaker unit that came with your BB10 Launch Black Z10 was made for your new White Z10. How cool is that?

Maybe a bit inappropriate but I wonder how you can afford all this? Do you have a cash cow to milk anywhere? I ask because apparently you all got a free Z10 from BlackBerry if I'm not wrong. With 650$ I can stay a whole month alive... :D

I would say very inappropriate! You might as well ask Kevin for his pay stubs and bank statement. Not everyone is in the same financial state that you are in. CrackBerry is a business first, let's not forget that.

It's not inappropriate to ask. Mr. Kevin has a right to just not answer. As for my opinion, I think it's stupid to pay that much for a phone to just say you have it. These devices will be all but forgotten about 8-9 months from now when BB releases something newer. I can't say I blame CB though, if there is no BB there is no CB.

Its not goona sit on his desk. I imagine this is now his personal Z10. In true crackberry kevin style every other one that was gotten for free will be given away to fans, or maybe there close friends.

I'm by no means wealthy but I can afford to buy one off contract, and I plan to do that today if there not sold out by the time I get there. For the device I use most often its worth it. Plus I got 2 bold 9900's to sell at 200$ a piece which recoups some of the cost

Do you not see the ads on the pages? Buying the device to create a post to generate page views (for which they are paid) is simply a business expense.

So quick question, I'm with Fido, and now that I saw that I want white, does anyone know if you can just put a rogers sim in the fido phone and have it work or are they all locked to rogers/fido seperately? I know with some phones its hit and miss.

Hey Kevin,

I am huge fan of BlackBerry, I have used BB 9300, BB 9360, BB 9810 and BB 9900 since 1.5 years.

I was waiting for BB10 since the day it was first introduced in Jam. I am with Wind Mobile, can you please let me know when Wind Mobile will launched BB10, I cant go with another network as I am in tab with wind.

Thanks Kevin,
Keep Posting, CrackBerry Rocks.

I did notice that the speakerphone clip on that was part of your media event BB10 isn't in the carrier boxes. I was curious if Crackberry will be carrying these and a review of it would be nice to have.

So anyone in Canada that wants to help fellow CrackBerry and not looking for profit (or small profit) wants to buy & sell BlackBerry Z10? Will pay for customs, tax and shipping. =] Please please please.

you need a sign off catch when Cronkite used to say, "And that's the way it is."
Or Edward R. Murrow's "Good night....and good luck"

Use the Blackberry Desktop software and synch from your PC. It allows you to port all SMS's, e-mail, and configuration from old devices to your new one. Plug your old device in, sycnhronize, and backup, and once done, disconnect and plug your new device in.

Like some one mentioned, at that price it knocks the s**t out of our 3rd world salaries. I would have thought that BB would be into more aggressive pricing to help get back some of the market share they have lost. IMO it is not enough to sell a hot phone with the REAL competition out there, ie Samsung and Apple.

I went and took the bb customer course and am now a qualified Z10 customer/user LOL.
But will not likely have the financials to have one. Like WTF, it is a beautiful phone and I have been holding out on upgrading hoping to get one of these... or the Q10 but with these prices how is this going to work. The un-boxing of the give away phones showed much more for the user including the sleeve/case, an extra battery with a cable to connect to the phone, headset, and the famous screen wiping clothe... This skinny box is miserly.

I know it was un-boxing why didn´t the you show the inserting of the SIM and battery and turning it on. Mention of the micro SIM could have been nice as well.

Well anyway, I have to win if I am going to have a new BB... otherwise .... well ´nough said.


It is nice to see that after all of the phones that you have opened over the years you are still enthusiastic about each element, although I think this phone is very near and dear to your heart.

My torch seemed to continue to freeze halfway through when I attempted to sync it via "Link". Tried a few times.. I just did bluetooth contact transfer.. and not worried about anything else. pictures and all were on my sd card. Be careful if your one of the guys with "Hidden" Files, cuz they will show on your Z10!!!

Considering verizon has an exclusive on the white z10..I might need to get a white one from rogers instead of waiting for att if they ever get the white z10. Or the z10 in general.

Just another comment... off topic for sure but... Hasn´t anyone at Crackberry noticed that Mercedes-Petronas Formula 1 cars now carry BlackBerry logo on the side. BlackBerry is now Technology partner and sponsor of the team.

So we will see the logo running around the different venues of the F1 races starting in March... especially at Montreal

Video ends too early. Would have liked to see it boot up. Of all the videos I've seen only one showed the boot up. Hope they're not hiding something.

Great review!

I walked in to Telus today and they have this offer where you can trade in your old Blackberry phone for the new Z10 but there is a catch to these things!

I entered 5 contests for the Blackberry Z10 online+ radio!!! With ZERO luck!!! I hope & pray that I can win the Z10 on I've been following this blog for a little bit over a year. I hope I can win!!!

Good luck to all!

Well nice to see Kevin follow-up on my suggestion to get BOTH black and white Z10's. First World Problems Solved.

I can't believe that buying from Rogers is $50 more expensive compared with Fido. Did you have to pay a hardware fee on top of the device Kevin?
I bought my phone outright from Fido yesterday and it was $600 + $72 Tax (12% HST) and then $25 for the hardware fee on top of that.
The downside is, the phone is STILL locked to Fido, so I will have to pay more money to get it unlocked. So either buy it on contract or off-contract, both options, the phone will still be locked to Fido.

Nooooooo!!!! You peeled off the front screen protector!! I never peeled off mine when I got my 9900. I just used nailclippers to snip off the tab and kept it on as long as it would last, which was for 6 months, then I had to get some screen protectors for it.