Rogers voice service interruptions affecting wireless customers

*UPDATE* - Wireless voice and SMS services are fully restored. Rogers is still currently looking into the root cause of the problems and suggests customer power cycle their devices should they continue to experience difficulties.

By Bla1ze on 9 Oct 2013 07:27 pm EDT

Although the news of the BlackBerry Z30 arriving on Rogers is being celebrated, Rogers customers in the CrackBerry Forums have now started to report voice service interruptions on their devices.

To be clear, this isn't a BlackBerry only issue as Rogers is now reporting voice service interruptions affecting wireless customers in Ontario and Quebec though it may be further widespread than that as even Kevin can't make calls in Manitoba.

Rogers has noted they're looking to restore services ASAP for customers, which we hope won't be too long. Not having the ability to make voice calls is never a good scenario. Are you having issues? Sound off in the CrackBerry Forums or in the comments below.

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Rogers voice service interruptions affecting wireless customers


I'm in Manitoba and no voice calls and no texting on rogers but I can still BBM because BlackBerry is awesome, Rogers has to get back at there customers some way or another after that many complaints lol

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Roger's webpage is down too!! I wonder if this is a Cyber Attack? Did they piss off Anonymous? Maybe Anonymous is mad they weren't going to release the Z30. LOLOLOLOOLOL

Good boy! Here's a cookie. LOL

In all honesty it is quite nice not to see someone say first and have a ton of other posts about bitch about it! I like to read the knowledgeable and relative comments.

No voice or text. BBM and email is good in GTA....

Hope all non BBM users don't go nuts.... lol

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This is awesome!!!! BBM still works but texting doesn't.
I am BBM'ing with my wife and it's working fine. Text no worky though.

From my Vader Zed

I'm not sure, but I think it also Telus, Bell & Rogers and their related service providers.

Can anyone confirm?

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I think it's only rogers, I tried calling my dad's phone which is Rogers and I got a service error. I tried calling my mom (she and I are on Telus) and it works fine. I call my dad's land-line, that worked fine. It's all Rogers/Fido/Chatr right now.

This was strictly a rogers issue. Because they are so my lame as crap and refused to carry z30. This was punishment to them hah. Thanks Anonymous. You all rock! And if it wasn't u. You're getting credit anyway

Only a fool thinks they know me.

My (future) mother-in-law just called me on Skype on my computer panicking because she was trying to call my fiancée, her sister and me on our cell phones and none of the calls were getting through. She was freaking out. True story.  All good though now that we know it's a service issue. 

Super weird though.. they announce Z30 support, then the network goes down.

Does BBM work for you? No text or calls here. Maybe BlackBerry should jump on this and get BBM advertised as a better solution....

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We must be living in the Twilight Zone. Voice and SMS down in Toronto since 5pm.

Let's hope their voice network is overloaded with Z30 orders ;-)

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Kevin, are you telling me your mother-in-law doesn't have a BB10 phone? tisk tisk! BBM, BBM Voice, and BBM Video all work great on Rogers right now! Why Skype? LOL

I don't know Kevin, My mother in law not having the ability to call me is a good thing. I don't have Skype because she does. :)

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Yes Fido and Rogers both (obviously) down AND in Southern Alberta too!!! Funny, data works like a charm but no text and calling.

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Kevin, ummm maybe it was the opposite.... Perhaps they announced carrying the Z30 only after the network got "zapped" by blackberry demons

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Yes experience major issues and missed dinner with a friend due to it!!!! Ugh

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!

They're getting blasted on FB....Karma's a b*tch....should be carrying the z10

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No service for the last hour in Vancouver. Luckily I have a VOIP app (ephone) installed on my Z10 so I can make calls.

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To answer your question, ..all these old dinosaure that understood that best communications ways are still verbal discussions.

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Doesn't work in Alberta either

Funny thing though bbm still works fine both send and receive to and from a rogers phone

But no calls

Posted by the Zed of rockivy

Mississauga -- fido not working... just got a new contract with rogers for my second line today and this happens...

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Yeah I have no phone or text in Victoria BC is this a national outage? Its funny cause with work we all have corporate blackberry phones with Rogers (Byod is allowed but strongly discouraged) and right now everyone without BBM on their work phone is out of the loop and can't communicate with the rest of us.

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Voice is down for me in Halifax. BBM is working fine and I was on Twitter as well.


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Anyone remember when BlackBerry was down and it was the end of the freak'n world? Looks good on Rogers....hopefully the media is all over them.

Posted via the best Keyboard in Existence my Mo Fo Z10 is down and BBM is working....come on media!

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Tip: Those of you that have WIFI calling capabilities will have service. My daughter's Curve worked for voice when I tried that.

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Sucks, glad I was selling a home two nights ago in Milton and not tonight...what a nightmare that would have been.

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Funny enough my service is working in Markham, phone and data and my gf iphone is not working and she is with Rogers and sitting right next to me. none of us are on wifi.

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Fraser Valley BV, been without calling ability for a few hours. Says "network is busy"

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So basically GSM is down which stands to reason why voice and text are out but the data is still working which is why bbm and is working.

Voice and text down for me, Rogers Z10 in the GTA. Wondered why my hub has been quiet since 5 pm.

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No voice/text in Essex County (southern Ontario). Rogers website is down too - probably a couple million irate customers trying to get their z30 orders in!

Awesome that BBM and BlackBerry Voice works! Sticking with BlackBerry and getting the z30!

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

This should never happen for a company called that has had an oligopoly on this market. Spend some fucking money robbers.

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Everything is working fine for me in the GTA on my Z10 and I am not running wifi, (calls, bbm, data, texting works for me) I don't get why some people are in the dark.

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I get no voice calls but I get lte data, my gf has the s4 gets no lte or voice calls.

Is it because I have a blackberry data plan

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For the past hour no calls can be made.... this sucks.... I'll take a z30 as compensation.

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Their website was down today as well. I guess they are preparing for the power grid drill on November 13-14 of this year were Canada, the US, and Mexico will be taking down the power grids to simulate a cyber attack on them! :D

Wasn't for this article wouldn't have even known.

Text sent at 7 has the check but yeah no response.

BBM is the best.

BlackBerry doesn't take advantage of stuff like this. Brazil is fuming about spying, network out BBM works. Cure for both. Tell the masses the obvious cause it's not.

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Rogers services were all messed up today. I couldn't get on their website earlier this afternoon when trying to switch my broken screen z10 with my new z10 and my sim card wasn't been picked up in either phone after trying to switch over. Turned out the sim card was damaged, got everything working after Rogers replaced the sim card...... except phone/text service. Had me panicking again thinking my "new" Z10 was going to have to be replaced too! Strange to say that it was a relief to find out that it was a Rogers issue and not a Blackberry one.

No worries we with can still communicate via video audio or text. Long live BlackBerry true innovation will always triumph?!

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Come on. You have an oligopoly in Canada. How can this happen. Oh that is right, you only put in enough money for infrastructure as the minimum dictates.

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Québec, Qc. I was not able to hang on my voice mail call. I thought I would have to do a battery pull but it ended up hanging up on its own.

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I'm on Rogers. My day started with an sms message saying short message transfer rejected. Then around noon three calls were dropped (never before in that location) . Then calls were going directly to voice message- finally no service. Anyone have similar experience - seems too coincidental. Must be related.

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Karma is a bitch Rogers.

But seriously. Website down too... cyber attack. - Mobile: Monitor. Manage.

So I guess iPhone and Android phones are garbage now, right? When BlackBerry servers went down a couple years ago and messaging services were lost some people decided BlackBerry was garbage and jumped ship because they lost service for a couple days. This was the start of where they are now really. Now that iPhone and Android lost service on Rogers there phones are now garbage. What are all the cool Android and super cool iPhone types going to buy now?

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Rogers blows chunks left them along time ago I know in some places in Ontario you guys have no choice due to the towers.its unfortunate

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Bbm voice and video I guess. Nope I'm not with Rogers, good to go

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Hahahaha. Awesome comments That guy. I'm just glad this isn't a BlackBerry issue, don't need any more bad news. BBM rocks, it's working fine, I was even able to do BBM video. And in an unrelated topic, I read today that the Canadian government is getting very nervous if BlackBerry is sold to a foreign country because they don't want BlackBerry's amazing security secrets to fall into the hands of anyone else. Go BlackBerry.

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Perhaps they finally got to the tipping point and outsourced one thing to much...

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Toronto here and been out for awhile. Not that anyone calls lol. At least data still works for now. Hope it's fixed soon.

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I don't make voice calls, but texts have been wonky, they are on delay and I'll get a bunch of msgs at the same time as if they all replied at the same time when it's just been held back but data is fine

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Not good! I guess e911 services wouldn't work as well. Stay indoors tonight and don't do anything tonight people! Lol

IROC-Z10 But Mostly She Rocks Me!

It's the entire country! Get it fixed people.

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Really my BBM voice is fantastic. It all depends on your network speed. Mine isn't the best but still sounds good.

Mine sounds great but when in a call sometimes the sound just dies off and the other person can't hear me.

I would assume that's an issue with my microphone but it never happens during regular 4G calls.


Wow! The only thing worse was to lose the data services. What a blunder. Some heads are bound to roll.

At least temporarily fixed. Some calls and texts making it out of Vancouver now. What a joke this was!

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Just got a text from a rogers customer sent at 458 pm just received at 831pm, timely....

Posted by the Zed of rockivy

Work in a hospital in Vancouver region and none if the staff phones work or even the land lines in the ER. Back to over head paging!

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If optional BBM goes down people sue BB but nothing will happen when essential services are down for hours including e911..

This has happened a couple of times before in the Calgary area over the past year or so.

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The same thing happened to Fido too. Soo much for Rogers and Fido competence...guess sometimes things are quite ironic...wonderfully ironic! Here was Rogers and by extension Fido, doubting BlackBerry (even though some of those doubts are well founded),and now they got a taste of their own medicine...

Cosmic justice!

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Darn good thing it happened after I made my business trip...don't know what I'd do if I can't use my cell then. Though it's bad this happened at all.

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