Rogers UMA Details: "Home Calling Zone" Coming May 6th?

By Kevin Michaluk on 30 Mar 2008 05:54 pm EDT

Rogers Wireless

More information has emerged on Rogers' soon-to-launched UMA Service. We posted on it earlier this month, but details were few... we basically knew that it was in the works and that it could be soft launching sometime in May. Since making that initial post, more information has presented itself (multiple sources - thanks tipsters!), and there is now no doubt UMA will soon be a reality for Rogers customers. As best I can tell, here's where things stand as of now:

  • The Service will be called Rogers Home Calling Zone
  • It will initially be offered to Consumers, Not Corporate/Business Customers
  • Launch date is currently targeted for May 6th
  • Fido should be getting a similar service, around the same time
  • Price: Rogers will charge for the WiFi/UMA access - $15/mo for local unlimited calling and $20/mo for unlimited long distance (within Canada) and "competitive" international long distance rates
  • Device Availability: Likely to initially launch/be available on the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 and a lower-end Nokia phone

That's what I've got! If you login to your account at Rogers, you can actually sign up for UMA updates, and some of the info above is already fact (it's coming and pricing as listed above). We'll keep the other info under the "rumor" hat still, as I wouldn't be suprised if some of the details change/become more clear as time goes on. Add it all up and it spells spells good things for Rogers consumer customers. 

And it can't come soon enough... I just paid my Rogers bill this weekend and was over on my data by 13 megs - $91 surcharge! I had to pay $151 for a measly 38 megs of data ($60/mo for 25 megs + $7/meg for each additional over the allowed amount). Apparently Rogers overage protection only applies to business customers, not consumer accounts and we're still waiting for the rumored reasonable tiered data plan to take effect (my thought is if/when those do launch they will be for corporate while consumers get UMA).

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Rogers UMA Details: "Home Calling Zone" Coming May 6th?


I see NOWHERE on the Rogers site that says data overage protection only available to business customers,I think i'd address that with rogers Kevin...especially since it links from a CONSUMER a business webpage...when you look at the plan it's on a consumer based page that advertises overage protection..only when you click on "Lean More About Data Overage Protection" does it take you to a business page...but once again...nowheres does it say you need to be a business customer to qualify.

I was on the phone with Rogers Customer Service yesterday morning for over an hour walking through this with them. I had a very nice lady and I have lots of patience (thank goodness for speakerphone - can work while I talk):

a) she had never even heard of Overage Protection. I actually had her open the website browser, go to and click through the links. She was in shock to see it. BUT..maybe more importantly, my bill should have automatically reflected it. Instead, it was calculated at the $7/meg flat rate. She said she was going to look into it more, but from what she could tell it was a business thing.

b) I agree with you - if you go to Rogers' site the actual Overage Protection plan does reside on a "business" url, but they do link to it from the "consumer" side - to me that means it should be available to both. If not, that's a mistake they should clear up asap.

c) Another issue with my bill. Rogers charged me $50 cents for each MMS image sent (like images via BBM). No idea why that happened - she saw that I had full data and dropped those charges, but seems wonky that Rogers somehow added that to my bill.

d) I was sad that they couldn't give me any info on data usage. My bill summarize the daily amounts - which average 400kb to 600kb per day, but on this bill I had a few days where usage really peaked. I somehow used 11.5 megs on Feb. 13th but can't for the life of me remember what I did that day that would have sucked back so much data. Had a couple other "peaky" days. It's too bad they charge soo much for data, but can't tell you where it actually goes in terms of detailed billing. With unlimited rates it's not an issue, but when I'm paying in a month for a cellular bill what I could pay for a car lease, it would be good if they could track that at my request. I know there's Mini Monitor out there to use, but still..I wish the carrier could do this.

e) I paid the bill in full before I phoned Rogers, but the lady I had was really nice - she ended up crediting back have my data surcharge (which isn't THAT nice when you think about, as the next step up is $100/month for 200 megs).

f) THEN..because I'm going to suck back a ton of data in Vegas, I bumped up to the $100/month for 200 megs of data plan, and she gave me the first 3 months at this new rated as Unlimited Data vs. the 200 meg limit.

So yeah..not sure what the scoop is on the overage protection and who it applies to. Hopefully some Rogers peeps can chime in here and straighten it out. But push come to shove I'm now rocking 200 megs of data per month, so I guess I can start getting a little crazy!!!

With all those issues, I know for sure I will be looking at my bill once it drops to be certain, I'm almost positive that I have gone over this month so it will be interesting to see how I am overall bill each months rounds out to about $500 for 4 lines of service...I have to say I'm pretty much fed up with Rogers, the past 6 months with them has been nothing but hell...messed up bills...messed up phone packages "magically" disappearing off of accounts...I could go on..but i'll chalk it up and just say that I'm waiting for Telus to launch a CDMA curve then I may be gone...and I'll be taking my $5OO a mnth with me.

Wow can't believe rogers has such terrible data plans...

Telus still has the their unlimited ones

15$ gets you unlimited BIS emails and IM (BB messenger only)
30$ gets you all the above PLUS unlimited web browsing as well as ALL applications (facebook,pocket express,weather updates,maps etc..etc..)

Tethered modem isnt included and its 8$/meg...

pretty lame of telus to try and control HOW a user uses their web data tho. my canadian carrier has 1GB and i can use it however i want tethered or not and its $60