Rogers turns on 700 MHz spectrum for communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto

By Simon Sage on 17 Apr 2014 03:29 pm EDT

Rogers just activated their fresh 700 MHz spectrum in a few regions across Canada. Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver are the lucky cities today, though we can expect a nationwide rollout eventually. 700 MHz has been widely described as “beachfront” spectrum that’s particularly good at penetration, so you can keep a signal in elevators and parking garages, for example. It also provides added stability to everyday LTE connections.

Rogers paid a pretty penny for this spectrum in the auction in February, so it’s good to see it going to good use. It’s just too bad the little guys like WIND Mobile weren't able to afford to get in on the bidding process. Here’s hoping Rogers starts rolling out the 700 MHz upgrade to other regions soon.

Any Rogers customers in these markets? Are you enjoying better LTE coverage as a result?

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Rogers turns on 700 MHz spectrum for communities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto


Find out soon. I hope so as I get one bar at home. - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

If you got your z30 from Rogers, it doesn't support 700. You would benefit from BRS (2600mhz)

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Bell has better overall coverage in western Canada in my opinion. Maybe this will be a start to change that

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Bell sucks compared to Telus who has the absolute best coverage in the west and the maritime. Telus is a western Canada based and they bought clearnet who had solid coverage in the east coast. Telus is the only choice and they don't gouge like bell or rogers and have far superior customer service

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He only speaks the truth. Bell piggybacks on the Telus towers out west. Telus has superior coverage, Bell is a close second, but Rogers is a distant third unless you're in a major city. With my travel in outlying areas, I would not depend on Rogers.

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Actually Bell and Telus has a tower sharing agreement across Canada. Most towers in western canada are built by Telus and eastern by Bell

So there is no difference in coverage

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True, they share towers as they both come from a CDMA background, but I have found for some reason the coverage and signal strength in outlying areas in the west are better with Telus. I can't speak for central or maritime Canada.

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Telus owns 95% of their towers and shares very very little with bell now. The old sharing days have past. Old school guys. Get with tines. And no I don't work for Telus. I just find them to be superior.

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Koodo is owned by Telus, therefore Koodo coverage = Telus coverage (and as mentioned above, tower and therefore reception-wise it also = Bell due to their MOCN) ;-)

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Telus is a dead zone in Manitoba unfortunately if you leave Winnipeg. Did have excellent service and customer support from them in Calgary though.
My experience with rogers has actually been quite good and I've been using them for 18 years with a few stints on others to try them out and been basically from west coast all the way deep into ontario.

Bell has far superior coverage in the Maritimes over Telus. With a device on Telus here in Halifax calls are dropped and coverage isn't good, while a device on Bell has no issues what-so-ever. My BlackBerry with Bell sitting on my dining room table has full bars while the girlfriend's Telus BB has two or no bars. It's been that way for years. Telus has shown no improvement since they arrived on the scene.

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Wait a minute... Bobshine says Telus and Bell share towers across Canada :)
Telus curb stomps Bell here in British Columbia.

Depends if it's CDMA or HSPA. For HSPA, Belus share the same towers, for CDMA it's a bit of a different story. So unless both BlackBerry's were HSPA and/or LTE, they do use separate towers, with fall-back on one another's towers where one is lacking coverage in the area (again, this applies to CDMA/EvDO, for HSPA/LTE they do have a multiple carrier operator network (mocn) meaning they split the coverage in two and use the same towers).

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This is rather biased. Having used all three (Bell, Telus, and Rogers) in the last 5 years, I would suggest Rogers was the best overall experience for me.

This was corporate with a $10k a month mobile bill.

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James, my experience with Rogers several times over many years was consistently poor. If you are in Toronto, you may be getting good coverage, but out west they don't cut it. It comes down to what part of the country you're in I think.

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Bell and Telus share a network and before that Bell used to suck in Metro-Van in BC at least. All three carriers gouge their customers.

Seem to be getting higher Bars at my work desk for LTE, however did a speed test and doesn't seem like its actually giving me more speed.

Usually i get 2-3 bars at my desk, now i'm getting 4-5. Guess its working to some degree.

What is the difference between 700 and 2600 MHz for the user? I recall Rogers touting 2600 MHz in combination with the Q10, for speed reasons.

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The higher the mhz the more data the signal can carry. The higher the mhz the worse the range and penetration. It all depends on the amount of spectrum they are using as well

700 will be the new 2600.

The band 7 network (2600 MHz) was deployed to help alleviate congestion on the band 4 (1700 MHz) network. Out of the three markets mentioned, I know Toronto is a high population density city, and I'm guessing Vancouver and Calgary are as well.

High frequency range does not mean faster data speeds. 2.5GHz. Is faster because Rogers has more bandwidth in that range.

If you are on Rogers' 700MHz your speeds will 1/4 of the speeds of 2.5GHz. That's because Rogers is only using 10MHz of the 700 while they can us 40MHz of 2.5.

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I wasn't talking from a speeds perspective, although I did not know about allocations either. BTW, do YOU know which band this network is on? 13? 17? 12?

Since this article says "700 MHz," that could be the AT&T band 17, the Verizon band 13, or the to-be-deployed-later TMO band 12. They're all 700 MHz.

Band 17 and Band 13 are the only operating band right now. And seeing Rogers didn't buy anything in the VZW bands, it means they launched B17

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Calgary here: my download speed is now up to 30Mbps from around 15.
Upload speed. 20 Mbps.
Definitely welcomed. Thank you Rogers.

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If your speed went up, then you're not on 700.

700 is a coverage band only. If you're in the city preference is given to 2.5 or 1.7. Only if those channels are congested or the signal is weak will you end up on 700. Hence 700 is used for penetration and rural coverage.

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Cut off the pen-etrator. Same (Ancient) Latin, excuse me, root of the word.

Did it to Telstra, great coverage admittedly, but prices are outrageous depending on your plan, now on BOOST (uses Telstra 3G/3G+) for coverage and Optus for lots of data.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Rogers also owns Chat-R, a front for rogers (website makes no mention it is rogers either)

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It's good to see that the new spectrum is going to be available. However, I think that the Canadian government should gave some of the 700MHz (lesser price or something) to the smaller telecoms in order to increase competition. Those 'More Choices' commercials told us there will be more competition and lower prices. However, the opposite is happening. Just recently, Bell, Telus, Rogers increased their prices for new contracts.

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If it us the same as ATT then I now have a way to get the BlackBerry phones that I want!

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Robellus has always been the same as AT&T for 3G, and even LTE for the most part. Many LTE phones sold by Robellus have supported 700 Mhz - the band just wasn't usable in Canada until now. The same applies for the reverse, at least for 3G.

Just another reason for Rogers to raise their rates and service fees.

No clue why people still use Rogers.

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Raised rates only affect new activations. People who already have plans, whether on contract or not, will not see a jump in the amount they pay. Maybe if they decide to renew a contract, they won't be allowed to keep the old plans (not sure about that), but if they buy their next phones outright they won't have to worry.

Hence people already on Rogers don't really need to switch if they are satisfied with what they get. People looking to sign up for their first data plan should definitely look elsewhere though!

One of the reasons I stay is that I don't have to worry about coverage when I leave the city. Also, I tried Wind, though it was a few years ago, and they had people in Egypt answering the customer service line. Wind also charges $25 for a SIM card, Rogers and Fido it is $10. in the UK, they are free or £1. I'd be willing to try Wind again if the SIM was free, cheap or reusable. Wind has far and away better roaming to the USA, UK and Europe. Also, if you do long distance, Wind can make it feasible on a mobile, but the others simply cannot.

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I just added a new account for Wind and didn't have to pay for the sim. Did it specifically for the roaming plan. Rogers roaming is absolutely ridiculously priced, and frankly I'm tired if counting minutes.

Also have a plan with mobilicity. Their long distance rates are cheaper than Bell, and even while roaming outside a coverage zone it still costs less than anything comparable. Very happy with both companies.

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Funny thing is when I was with Rogers my services fee went up all the time even though I was on contract. Just like Shaw does all the time.

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It's a double edged sword.

Don't buy up all the spectrum-->your competitors do-->they have a better network.

Buy the spectrum to adapt for the future-->deploy a network-->raise rates (though you don't have to, necessarily)-->get criticized for it.

Yes, it's too bad the Canadian government doesn't allow for competition in Canada so consumers can have fair choice.

I'm getting 4 or 5 bars on my lte outside which never happens. I also just left a place that because of the type of room, data signal is week and browsing is extremely slow. Tried browsing now and it's as fast as it is outside!

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Check the specs on your device everybody. The way I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong) but if your device does not support 700 Mhz LTE then it's of no benefit to you.


I have a Q10 SQN 100-1 which supports 700 Mhz. I am with Bell so once Bell activates 700 Mhz I will benefit from it. But my Q10 does not support 2600 Mhz which Bell has already activated.

However my GF has a Q10 SQN 100-3 with Rogers which supports 2600 Mhz BUT does not support 700 Mhz. So she will not be able to benefit from the 700 Mhz band.

The Z30 STA 100-5 supports AWS (1700/2100) AND 2600 Mhz. But again, no 700Mhz support.


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What devices can use this frequency?
I assume there aren't too many yet because it's so new.

Going to test this out. I'm on Telus and my girlfriend is on Rodgers. We can do side by side Z10 testing.

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I believe u will find that they will behave almost identical. Rogers Bell and Telus all that the same model Z10. Any difference would be on signal strength in you location.

I did this type of testing with a Rogers Q10 and a Bell Q10. I found consistently that the SQN 100-3 on rogers was always slightly faster with 2600 Mhz than a SQN 100-1 on Bell which uses the AWS (1700/2100) Mhz. Not by much, but def faster website renders.


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That's because the band 7 network was supposed to be the less strained of the two networks. IIRC, it was deployed to alleviate congestion on the band 4 network.

Will this help my z30?

If this helps my Rogers released device then I am a believer. If not, then it is useless to me

Yes it's a BlackBerry. If you have something bad to say... speak to Easton!

Won't it help indirectly? If the congestion on band 7 and especially band 4 networks is alleviated by this 700 MHz network picking up some traffic?

Hope they bring out a multi-band device with the new superphone and get rid of that awful device fragmentation.

Would also help the sales channel, supply fewer devices and get them out quicker.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Man, I really really want to use Wind. The big 3 prices are just atrocious. But even in Mississauga / Brampton there are spotty areas and I just cannot deal with that. I'm off contract month to month on Fido on an older plan from Christmas 2012, unlimited Canada and 2GB for $57 a month, but compared to Wind that's still nothing!

Canada's telecommunications ministry is really a joke when it comes to consumers.

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My dad has the same plan, for $56 :) He actually signed up when it was $57 for 1 GB, then when Fido updated it to 2 GB, my dad went on Fido Live Chat and got changed free of charge. Then a month later, Fido updated it to $56! (still 2 GB). Another 5 minutes on Fido Live Chat = get to pay $56 starting next billing cycle.

I'm on the $39/month plan with 600 MB. Like you, I want to try Wind, but coverage is the main barrier. Wind has ok reception at my home, but absolutely 0 at my workplace :(

700 MHz is like five bands. Which one have they actually deployed a network on? That's key information I wish this article would have mentioned.

It really pees me off that this 700 MHz auction was meant to open up choice and lower prices for Canadians! Who are the real winners? Rogers, Telus, and Bell.

The little companies can't even compete because of the deep pockets of the big 3 (after gouging people for years)


Definitely an improvement in downtown Vancouver. Went to lunch at the food court in a "basement mall. Normally I lose LTE and drop down to 4G with 1 or bars. Today I held onto LTE and had 3-4 bars.

I'm getting an extra bar now but that's it. But it's not full bars. LTE drains my battery like crazy so I keep it on 4G and I have full bars. Did a speed test and I got same speeds as LTE and 4G. So I'm on 4G until Rogers can keep full bars on LTE.

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Agree 100% with comments re: Telus. Coverage - excellent in W Canada and N alberta. Best cust service by a landslide.

And no I do not nor ever have worked for em - welding inspector in the Oil Sands...where the real coin is.

Bell sucks balls with THE worst ignorant/stupid Cust servive I've ever had the mispleasure of dealing with. Rogers has dick all for coverage anywhere outside the big cities

Cheers n have a great weekend folks!

Via what's really, a BOLD X....on X.II.I

Hopefully they'll get some coverage across Nfld outside of St John's.... brutal

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Havn't noticed much really... I live in Vancouver. using Rogers. Who knows maybe i'll notice something. If so I will let you know

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I'm looking forward to checking at work since inside the building is a dead zone for Rogers. Telus has a tower on the roof so those guys are taken care of.

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As a project manager for a major telecom construction company, I can say that Rogers has squat. I can't speak for every contractor out there but, what I can say is that building the new 700 overlay system for Rogers is my project for our company. And I'll tell you, they don't have the radios to put on the cell towers yet. I was on the phone with a rogers coordinator this afternoon asking them when I would receive the 700 radios for the 30 sites I'm currently working on. They have no idea is the bottom line.

Have we begun building the 700 network...yes.
Have they been able to provide my company with any 700MHz radios for installation and

Now I'm sure the radios exist, and they may have been installed at a few trial locations around Toronto. But I'm quite certain this is very much like when I saw the Bell ads for LTE saying that they had LTE first, when I can tell you they didn't. Just remember to take everything The Big 3 put out there in the media with a grain of salt. Have one radio powered on in a trial allows them to say it's been turned on.

All this being said, the 700 band is a great band. It will provide further penetration into buildings and elevators. It will cover more ground uninterrupted. It has a larger wavelength and has the ability to go over things and through things much easier. The higher frequencies are much easier to block and slow down since the wave length is smaller. Also, the frequency bands we test the RF cables at, for most of the carriers, is only 10MHz wide in the 1 700MHz band

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Im on rogers in T.O. And ive had really bad signal the last 2 days for some reason. Struggling to get a 4g/lte signal everywhere it seems. Resetting hasn't helped so far. Side note, my bell turbo hub lost signal from the nearby towers for over 24 hrs the other day. It uses bell 3g network.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

A carrier that doesn't gouge? This must be in the same area as the Abdominal Snowman, Bigfoot and the Easter Bunny!

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That was fast getting to market. Now if only it would help the prices.... I'm tired of paying more to get worse service when compared to the USA.

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I also haven't noticed a big difference yet!? Im not sure if my device supports that bandwidth, I use version 3 of the Q10 for the 2600mhz LTE coverage. Can someone chime in which devices supports the 700 mhz LTE bandwidth!?

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The -3 you have doesn't have this band. The -1 does.

If you have a Rogers Z10, that too supports this new band. But it doesn't have that 2600 MHz band 7.

Oh yah. Toronto Vancouver an other big cities. They screw you everywhere else poor poor service I will be looking when my contract is up. Too expensive and bad service....but I live in the country!!

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Just be patient. 700 is for rural and penetration in cities.

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Can someone fill me in on how both Bell and Rogers have >1 LTE networks (Rogers with three now,) and Telus has only one? Are they not seeing congestion?

No thank you, i'll stick with what I get on windmobile. I couldn't care less if my blackberry doesn't get signal under the ground (parking, subway), when I get back up to ground level, that's when i'll use my phone. It's certainly NOT worth paying a hefty price for half or less than half of what I get on wind. Plus, they won't price-match when it comes to data, period. I'm on a shoe-string budget, often running flat broke a few times, life isn't easy.

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How about rogers can screw them selves hate rogers with a passion :). All they manage todo is charge ridiculously high prices and people are ok with it for some reason. I rather go service less than to sign up with them ever.

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Can the, 700 mghtz be added to the Z30.,?? We get 4 gsm and often less. LTE doesn't exist in the country. All we get is poor service and big bills

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I am with Telus and yes they have the best coverage and I find their customer service excellent. Any issues I've had have been addressed promptly and effectively.

Beamed via my Z10.

Why did all inmates ran away from Bell and Telus prisons... because their cells had no bars. Go Go Rogers.

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I'm a little sad that everyone forgets the massive ad campaign that rogers ran against Wind and other small companies because they had first dibs on the spectrum. Now everyone acts like that was forgotten and rogers is amazing for having 700Mhz spectrum. Don't forget.

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Turned LTE back on after i heard about this on the weekend on Z10. I quickly realized why i left it off. BATTERY DRAIN. Every few minutes i'd turn on my screen and see a 1 or 2% drop. Ridiculous. On LTE, my phone will last 4 hours, with 4G, I get almost 2 days.