Rogers, Telus, Bell, and others confirm February 5th availability for the BlackBerry Z10

By Zach Gilbert on 30 Jan 2013 12:33 pm EST

There you have it Canada, BlackBerry has announced the Canadian carriers for the launch of the all new BlackBerry 10 powered, BlackBerry Z10. All the major Canadian carriers including Rogers, TELUS, Bell, Koodo, Fido, Sasktel and many others have confirmed that they will have the BlackBerry Z10 available on February 5th. If you’re looking to get a head start most of these carriers will also be offering preorders starting today. Continue reading for links to the various Canadian carriers.

Pretty much if you are on ANY Canadian carrier you will have access to the all new BlackBerry Z10 on February 5th.Which carrier is on your list? Let us know in the comments.

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Rogers, Telus, Bell, and others confirm February 5th availability for the BlackBerry Z10


Already got my text message from Rogers confirming my Black Z10 preorder will be in store on the 5th :) OR I can change it to a White Z10 by replying to the message. Not sure about the colour switch though :(

My text from Rogers doesn't say it will be in the store on the 5th, rather that the Z10 launches Feb 5th (also option to change to white, etc.). Does yours say specifically it will be in the store you reserved it for on the 5th?

I got the text. When I reserved my number was around 132 and now its 113. So does that mean people are cancelling their orders or have some gotten their phones already.

Me too. They have a page to register for an email when it becomes available, not to actually secure a phone.

Judging by how quickly they got the Samsung Galaxy S III, it could be awhile...

WIND's stance all along has been that they would get the Z10 but not until after the official launch. No dates have been mentioned but I've been led to believe it could be as late as the middle of March. Make of that what you will, with the turmoil going on at WIND's HQ I'd be surprised if anyone knows what's going on right now.

I think I'm jumping ship to Koodo. Pretty decent plans and the phone's only $550 outright.

Any idea if the CDMA Canadian phones are easy to transfer to a US provider (VZW)? If so, I may have a friend in Toronto who owes me a favour pick me one up. Always something to be first on the block...

The URL is cut off and unusable. I tried searching for the article, no luck. Can you re-post it maybe with a URL shortener?

I'm rather annoyed at the MTS announcement...I've been using a Galaxy S3 (which is okay but not great) for just over a month but there are some very idiotic things about it like, where's the central place to adjust notifications?

And the keyboards I've tried are not that good compared to my 8530. Typing passwords is awful on it.

I'm with you. I was hoping we could get it on the 5th also. Now I have to wait another month.


I ordered my Z10 thru the Telus website!!!! All paid for! They said that it ships on Monday, for delivery hopefully Tuesday. It says 2 - 3 days for delivery, so that better mean Monday is day 1 and tuesday is day 2. I better not get it Wednesday!!!! That's the point of pre-ordering, so you can get it on the first day! Soooooo excited about getting it shipped directly to my house. And lucky for me...I work from home Tuesdays!!! Wooo hoooo!!!!

BlackBerry is more popular in UK than any other market in the world. Keep them happy will mean good thins for RIM errr Blackberry

when im in the US my blackberry always roams on ATT. I use telus. Pretty shur all canadian carriers are the same. So anyone is fine. Just keep an eye on the forums for how the unlocking process is done. Right now we can download an app in the appworld for older blackberries that supply the code. We'll see whats necessary for BB10

Ok, I'm confused... now that Rogers has it for pre-order, is my reserve still good or do i have to cancel that and go order online?

I honestly don't care who gets it first. I get back to Canada on the 8th, and three of these BB mofo's are going in a bag! BOO-YAA!!! Pretty pumped to say the least. I'm just wondering who to buy it from as well, My 9860 doesn't work well in New Zealand, with a sim card from the little island.... But did I mention three of those BB mofo's are going in a bag on the 8th!?!

Sasktel is little slow in updating their website, I hope there on board on the 5th, a late Christmas present for my wife, (of course I'll be on it for a while "setting it up" :))

Ok Someone please explain the process of buying one from Rogers to use here in the US on T-Mobile. Will Rogers unlock it for me to use on T-Mobile? Will the phone function the same if I do buy it from Rogers then use it on T-Mobile?

thank you in advance!

the devices sold through carrier outright are unlocked?? or unlockable easily like every other blackberry??

I just singed in a two year plan a month ago which is sweet plan that I don't wanna change, so I want to buy it outright but I like to unlock it immediately. if the device comes unlocked that's even better.

any idea??

Canadian law states that if you buy a phone outright the carriers will unlock it for you free of charge if you ask them to unlock it

Bell: why do 'existing customers" have to physically go in store to pre-order? #notimpressed. Yes I'm lazy.

For those looking to use a Rogers Blackberry on T-Mobile, here's what I've experienced. I have an unlocked iPhone I use with a T-Mobile SIM while traveling in the US. T-Mobile is re-doing its 1700 Mhz network for 1900 Mhz which is the 3G network that will work for iPhone's that are on AT&T, Rogers, etc. What that really means is virtually any phone that works on 1900 Mhz will work on T-Mobile's new 1900 Mhz network. Certain areas of the US have better coverage than others. Las Vegas for example, was one of the first markets to have the 1900 Mhz towers. So a Rogers phone should conceivably work fine on T-Mobile's new 1900 Mhz network. In areas where they haven't yet re-done the network you will still get T-Mobile, but it will be 2G.

Getting mine within the week! I feel for all the Americans that have to wait a bit longer, but hopefully all of you will stay strong, it is definitely worth the wait (and if you really can't wait, fly over to the Great White North and pick one up :)

actually decided to get the white with the B&W contrast #67 in line damn right and on rogers who woulda guessd the cheapest of all prices listed.

Not trying to be a downer on such a good day, but I went into a telus store today in Calgary, asked which would be faster to get a new Z10. Pre order online and get it shipped to my house, or come into the store when they become available. Rep had no clue what was going on, he said Telus hasnt announced anything yet, but it will probably be 3 weeks away until it comes into the store. I immediately left and went to best buy. Seriously I feel some carrier reps are an absolute joke

Oh yes and heres the kicker, he said it was rumored blackberry 10 was being launched today. (As in the event they were having in 6 cities worldwide and has been puclic knowledge since november)

Was it the Bankers Hall store? I stopped in there and the rep was clueless, and it seemed he was trying to be unhelpful and anti-Blackberry.

I am strongly considering buying an unlocked Z10, and using it on Verizon in the US. There should be no issue with that, correct?

Reservation number 75 when I switched it from black to white. Had to cancel the first reservation, then go through the process again. Shipped to the store. Delivery within 15 days.