Rogers teams up with the Blue Jays for a sweet BlackBerry promo

By Adam Zeis on 21 May 2013 03:29 pm EDT

If you're a Blue Jays fan and have yet to pick up a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10 - this weekend may be the time to do so. Rogers has teamed up with the Toronto Blue Jays and, beginning Friday, will give out a new Jays jersey (in white or blue) to anyone who purchases a new Z10 or Q10 on a 3-year term. 

As a reminder, the Z10 is available as low as $99 and the Q10 for $199.99, both on a 3-year term.

Also on Friday, Blue Jays pitcher Brandon Morrow will be on-hand at the Rogers store located at 10 Dundas St. signing autographs from 12pm-1pm. 

It's Blue Jays/BlackBerry love galore at Rogers, so if you're a fan of either then you won't want to miss out!

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Wow, nice promo. Mr. Boulben in full effect!

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Damn... this would be awesome. My gf wants a Lawrie jersey and I want a Buhrele jersey... Oh well, we both have our Z10s anyways


Why the heck do you want a Buehrle shirt...? :/


I'd be ashamed to wear a Jays jersey...

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Rayed Siddiqui

Agreed. Jays, leafs, raptors.. I need to move....

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I would guess so.........We all know you are not worthy. ;)

Another personal attack.

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U should be ashamed of your profile pic haha. Sorry, too easy. Go jays

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Personal attacks...yes, too easy.

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Add me. 24BE3FDE

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John Pawling

I wonder how many Blue Jays use a BlackBerry? Of course it doesn't really matter to me as long as they know how to use a bat and glove. ;-)

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I know Jose uses a BlackBerry at the same he is one Instagram unless he side loaded the app probably has more than one phone.

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Johnny Crack

That's a sickkk promo! I would have probably been all over that

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Two of my favorite teams! Team BlackBerry and the Blue Jays. Next BB should partner the my beloved Maple Leafs!

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Don't know blackberry is coming up from behind to win. Something the Leafs have no experience with. :p

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the brother

Dundas and where?

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Yonge Street just north of Dundas Street W/E ... on the East side same block as the AMC but just north of the Adidas store. And that address is far from "10" on Yonge.

Adam, please double-check the address and update the article


BlackBerry been berry berry good to me! ... - Chico Escuela


SO a B!
I didn't get squat!
Let's see if a call to retention can fix this!

Speedy McKrash

Let us know what you find out from retention.

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I found out that they're more than happy to let you pay your termination fee and walk away so that you're free to buy another zed for the jersey.
Theyre not budging on this one.
There's a first time for everything I suppose.


Love it.

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Great promo, I've got my Z10 and a new Jays jersey already, but I personally would definitely be interested in this.


the Blue Jays have some of the worst fans in baseball. The way they treated the former jays players yesterday was despicable. Nuff said.

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Forget giving out jerseys. How bout winning some ball games!

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R Field

Damn can't get it on Fido and already bought one :(

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Remember 1991 and 1992? LoL

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It was 92 and 93

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Not an incentive to get one.

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Rogers owns the Jays! After the way the season started you'd think they would throw some tickets in too!


10 Dundas St. East or West man?

jojo beaconsfield

Go Rodgers Go!! Come to Montreal ,buy the Olympic Stadium and bring back the Expo's,we want freebies too!! I hope the Jay's win this year.


What if you are less then 30 days. Just signed on rogers 3 year got the Q 10 days ago.??

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Too bad I upgraded to the Z10 two weeks ago, otherwise I would've gone for it. Not that I'd have much use for the jersey, but it wouldn't hurt.

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I thought it said 'porno'...

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BlackBerry should team up with the Argos , they are the only thing winning in TO and they go all over the country ! Leafs, May not win but at least their seen. The baseball team like the basketball team, are a big "who cares" outside of TO.

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I'm in love with the game but not a specific team fan, so anyone who does not want their cool Blue-Jays jersey can send one to me :D


The Jays should make an official app first.

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This! For a team with such a prominent BlackBerry sponsorship, how is there not an official Blue Jays app?

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I have a ZED. I still want the jersey!

ZED-10 For the person on the move!


I don't care what new app or game blackberry introduce to their customers, if they don't fix the little problems, the complaints will slow the growth. Don't they understand that negative comments spreads faster than positive comments. I want the latest and greatest too but, I want the alert notification to work first. It doesn't work on the Z10, (US version). Im talking about the alert notification you are supposed to get while you are on a call and an email or text is coming in. If I'm on a call and my child text me I won't get the text until I get off the call or look down at the blinking LED. A parent should never have to worry about losing contact from their child. We worry about other things. Fix this problem blackberry. I'm not the only person that is experiencing this issue

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How about rewarding long term customers as well?

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The jerseys aren't even worth $10. Crappy team should be giving away those jerseys with a free BlackBerry to make this worthwhile

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