Rogers Targets Heavy Data Users

Rogers Targets Heavy Data Users!
By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2009 07:44 am EDT

Ok, so maybe the title is a little misleading as it does not indicate where Rogers is targeting these "Heavy Users" but quite clearly it's their wallets. Our friends over at TiPB have posted some interesting news coming out of the Rogers camp via iPhoneInCanada.

According to the information, Rogers is intending on launching a new $150/15GB data plan which needless to point out is just insane considering their other offers such as the somewhat reasonable $30/6GB plan (still available but only for Android users now although people are trying to add it BlackBerry devices). I'd like to say they are targetting businesses with this plan as they are offering tethering with it, but Rogers past performance indicates this is something they would push on the average consumer as well. In any event, I'll be sticking to my $30/6GB plan. I still can't believe that for $150/mo they can't just say unlimited already but still need to cap it at 15GB. Any CrackBerry abusers out there gonna jump on this one?

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Rogers Targets Heavy Data Users


That's awesome! Considering I pay $15 a month for unlimited data on my blackberry through telus.. way to go robbers!

Wish telus would get into TV and internet so I could have all my services through them :-D

i pay $25 a month for unlimited, and that was grinding their gears hard to get them to budge from $45!...educate me!!!!! educate me!!!

Hey teeno not sure if you will see this but here it goes anyways... Call up telus and ask to speak with a representative from the 'loyalty' department. Basically these are the folks that have the power to give you services not already set out on a platter for consumers (although I imagine you may have already spoken to them if you convinced them to give you the $25 unlimited plan already).

Anyways, I have found the best approach is to inform them your friend is getting a deal that you would like too (this is what I did). Say that he has the $25/unlimited plan but with a $10 good will recurring credit, bringing the price to $15 a month. They will often ask if they can have your friend's phone number so they can look up their plan and check if this is true. Send me an email, and I can help you out further if you like.

Keep in mind, I did all my bargaining before signing a new contract. The deals they gave me were dependent upon a contract renewal. Not sure how it differs bargaining mid contract.

Rogers' "Cost Certainty" program states that regardless of how much domestic data you use, your monthly service fee + overages combined will not exceed $100.00 per month.

They won't every go down the "Unlimited" rabbit hole because inevitably there will always be that 1 jerk-off who decides to use his rocket stick for bit torrents.

As an employee/share holder/user of Rogers network, I don't want that jerk-off abusing the network I own/use.

Rogers executives and people who decide pricing are jerks. Whats so bad if someone bit torrents? They use bandwidth they paid for? They abuse the network you own/use? How is using the bandwidth that they paid for abusing their network. If someone pays for unlimited, it better be unlimited not Rogers style BS unlimited. Rogers is the one abusing people.
Just watch this Rogers commercial: :P

for you guys, our neighbors to the north. I am always reading about how bad your service providers are up there, Rodgers being the worst of 'em. Are they all this bad? Whenever someone complains about their wireless carrier here in the US, I tell them to shutup, they could have to be on a Canadian one.

i've heard horror stories about rogers, even saw my boss wait on hold for 45 minutes!!!! i've heard countless stories of dropped calls on bell, but telus??? sure i've had a few problems, but LITERALLY EVERYTIME something goes wrong, be it as serious as my handset is damaged, all the way down to a dropped call, i call in and complain and there's ALWAYS something they can do about it....i've been with them since '02, complaining at least 2 or 3 times a year, and the result....a phone plan that i almost guarantee they lose money on for the next 3 years...and all just to keep me as a customer. telus treats their clients exceptionally well, you wait longer than 5 minutes for a rep, and they credit your account, you're unhappy with something, they fix it asap...and credit your account! GREAT SERVICE, and not a bad network either!

Alot of people don't understand that your 'UNLIMITED' $30 plan is capped at 5GB Verizon,T-Mobile, Bell, Telus so go ahead tether and get your auto cancellation bill from Telus with a giant middle finger.

and @sheesh your $15 unlimited data is actually unlimited email ... so please

Right now they Rogers caps their data (if you have a data plan + no int. roaming) to $100 so I really don't see why they would be doing something like this.

Don't even bother defending rogers, there is no cap for the other carriers, unlimited means unlimited.

We just pay a lower rate period.

I jumped on the "promo" when the Canadian iPhone users were up in arms over their data plan costs and got the 6GB data plan @ $30/mo for my Curve... and I still feel taken advantage of!

How are you supposed to use any of the multimedia features without going broke? RIM and Apple should push back on the carriers to let our people go! In Canada, we can only dream of unlimited data plans.

Actually jeeverz u r wrong I have bells unlimited data for $30 and yes I've gone over 5gb quite a few times actually. 6-8gigs and not a single peep from bell at all so no 5gig cap
Also the other person could have telus $15 unlimted data that at one point they had so as u can see all the plans are better then robbers

I have T-Mobile and last I read there is NO CAP on their unlimited. I have gone over 5GB many a times with my BB and tethering. Even went as far as the check to make sure I wasn't going to rack additional charges. They have no cap.

For you Rogers people...I feel you. The stories I have heard...

The "Heavy" plan will be targetted at people who abuse the "$100 data usage cap" by thinking it means unlimited usage for $100..

I currently have roger's 500mb BB plan, and my bill is no more than 40 a month for data and voice, I can confirm that telus does have unlimited for 15, but that is an old promo that you had to really complain to get, now they do unlimited for 25. I was going to go for that if they would drop it to 20 at least, but they wouldnt, and 40 a month with rogers seemed a better option.

not to mention the only phones telus had at that time (and still I think) worth having was the bb storm, and the old curve.

I reluctantly signed up on a 3 year plan with Rogers and obtained a cell phone through them. Not even six months later, I cancelled the contract (OH YES).I had my son's phone number migrated to another plan and that was the best thing I could have done for my sanity.

On (2) separate occasions they out of the blue changed my son's cell phone number and when I received the invoice had the nerve to charge me for the two new numbers, including the monthly charges.

Needless to say, paying the $400.00 cancellation fee this month is heaven. I'd rather get them off my ass now then have them around any longer!!

They are an inadequate, half-assed company, that does not give a damn about their customers.

I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, gave them a chance, but they failed and failed miserably.


P.S. I also wished Telus would get into the internet and cable industry !!!!

On the subject of Rogers and data, they have been constantly phoning my house and cell, to try and sell me one of those stupid Rocket Mobile Internet Sticks (x-treme).

Is the data consumption on the iPhone and BB different? Because I'm with Rogers, have a BB Bold and only have 500 MB. I am CONSTANTLY on my Bold using various web applications and find it near impossible to even reach my 500 MB limit. I constantly send picture MMSs too. 6GB just sounds crazy. 15GB? Insane. Am I missing something?!?

thanks for the headup,but omg its nuts 150/15GB.
I m so glad to b with Telus having unlimited Data.
Good luck to all Rogers heavy Data users.

I dont have the option of using Rogers, since i use verizon...but i would complain more about their math...If 6 GB cost $30 why cant 15GB cost more like $80?
I just feel bad for whoever buys this...

This sucks for you guys. When it comes to that 5GB thing, I'm pretty sure that is only for wireless data cards. Those have a 5GB cap.