Rogers receiving some cryptic shipments labeled 'PlayBook Security'

Rogers PlayBook Security
By Adam Zeis on 1 Aug 2012 03:07 pm EDT

*UPDATE* - As it turns out, the boxes contain a security casing for the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G. Rogers will have live units in stores for people to try out and this will serve as theft prevention. - Thanks, Alberto!

According to MobileSyrup, some Rogers stores are receiving some cryptic shipments this week. Boxes are arriving at some locations with the label PlayBook Security. Accompanying the shipments is a internal memo for employees stating just what to do with the mystery box.

Select stores received a box yesterday labeled "PLAYBOOK SECURITY". Please store this box safely in your back room until further notice. Replacement security will not be shipped to stores that misplace the kit so please make sure it's in a safe place.

This very well cool be something geared toward the release of the 4G LTE PlayBook we've heard so much about lately, but then again, it could also not have anything to do with the 4G PlayBook specifically at all :-) 

Source: MobileSyrup

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Rogers receiving some cryptic shipments labeled 'PlayBook Security'


I would think if it specifically said "Playbook Security" then it would have to have to be something for or about the playbook itself. Can't wait!!!!

im scared.

a few days/weeks before the launch of this product, and yet no official anouncement for customers to plan ahead for this purchase? No announcement, or heads-up at an major event, or release date?

The press releases from RIM for product launches are so 2000. Where is the glamor? The attendance? The media? The bloggers?


THere has been zero official buzz about this product from RIM in the weeks leading to its release.

Hope Im wrong. Big bells and whistles right around the corner, hard release date is given, and the product is released on their website and partners a couple of days/weeks later.

Im scared too. RIM is laying off 3000 people in less than 2 weeks. The reason I think RIM is hush hush is either a media conn, or they just dont have the money for advertisement. Since 3000 employees are biting the dust in less than 2 weeks I think its the latter.
Playbook, the one and only

You want to talk about marketing and RIM? If anything... this is a great change.

Half the reason RIM has gotten so much flak in the past few years is not being able to deliver a product on time or announcing their products wayyyyy in advance.

Consumers are impulsive-if they can't go out and buy it right now when they see or view an advertisement-that's just wasting your money. I've lost track the number of times I've heard people say they've gone into a store to check out or buy a product but walked out with a different one because they tried it out and it changed their mind.

If RIM is going to bother spending money on marketing right now-at least wait until people have a chance to try it in their hands, otherwise you're just feeding people into your competitors products, IMO.

In short; No real harm in not having a marketing blitz when the product isn't even available to try out-let alone buy... but if we don't see anything AFTER it's on the shelves, well then that's a different story!

This comes less than 2 weeks before they lay off 3000 people at RIM? Maybe its either the Playbook 4g or the mythical Playbook 10 to save RIM on the cusp of disaster?

All I know is RIM needs something to save them before another 3000 jobs are cut because I for one don't want Microsoft to buy out RIM like they did with Skype. This is why we cant get a decent Skype app for our Playbooks as Microsoft won't invest in a failing company,
Playbook, the one and only

Microsoft invested in Nokia which was/is currently a failing company that is working on making a turn-around. And thus your argument is nullified.

Nullified?...I think not. The facts speak for themselves. There is NO reason for there not to be an official Skype app for the Playbook. Additionally most people in the Skype forums accept this as fact...go google it and educate yourself on the issue.

I love my Playbook and no one wants to see the RIMPIRE strike back more then I, but its not looking very promising right now.
Playbook, the one and only

"Nullified" I think so. You said Microsoft wouldn't buy into a failing company the poster pointed out that they bought into Nokia. So, they are correct in stating that you are wrong.

Listen, "right sizing" sucks those of us that have been through it know this first hand. These 5000 jobs that are being cut were added because of growth so they must be cut due to contraction.

And you think a new playbook will save them witj nexus7 and ipad as compition. Not on your life it will sit on shelves and by oct they will be 199 fire sale. Only chance they have is with BB10, thus they are screwed till January. Unfortunitly the bleeding will continue till then.

I couldn't agree more. I love my Playbook and no one wants to see RIM suceed more then me, but the simple fact there is NO official Skype app for the Playbook speaks volumes.

There is no Skype app because Microsoft will not invest in a failing company. Theres no profit in it and Bill Gates is no fool.

Only thing that will save RIM is BB10 and I hope it is not a fatal error waiting till December 2012 as it was releasing the Playbook back in April 2011 without QNX 2.0, and making us wait for that till Feb 2012.
Playbook, the one and only

Same thing posted a few times. Only once is enough. Until skype makes the app, we won't see it on blackberries or the playbook. It's SKYPE'S choice, not rim.

I am unlikely to buy another Playbook until the rumored larger form factor, so the Playbook 4G isn't of immediate interest to me, other than if its release presages a global update of the Playbook OS. Given the peculiar poster RIM finds itself in, "normal" marketing of a release like this (assuming that's what we are talking about) is as likely to trigger a fresh round of "Where RIM Went Wrong" articles as it would produce objective reviews.

I'll tell you exactly where RIM went wrong. On April 20, 2011 they should have released QNX 2.0 with the Playbook instead of waiting till February 2012. That was a FATAL mistake and is where they went wrong. The Playbook is a fast machine but without the right software it became a sitting duck for all the Androids and iPads out there. Hope RIM can come back from this idiotic mistake.
Playbook, the one and only

Thanks for the vote of confidence my friend :-) I further wanted to add RIM is severely mismanaged. Now they are making us wait for BB10 till early 2013? RIM needs to have BB10 out NOW, not in early 2013. The only thing thats gonna save this once great company is bb10, and till it's released they will be bleeding sales away.
Playbook, the one and only

Nobody's going to steal a Playbook. Don't get me wrong, I love mine... but nobody even knows what it is! ;)

Umm, as a Playbook owner and supporter, the truth hurts. Your response shows an old, outdated, RIM way of thinking by Laughing Your Ass Off when someone makes note of the Playbooks poor market saturation and poor consumer knowledge of the device. I understand that "NO ONE" is a bit exaggerated because obviously SOME know about the Playbook, but all-in-all, when I have people ask me if my Playbook is an iPad, or Kindle, and I tell them its a Playbook and the look on their face is one of confusion and disbelief, its pretty clear that consumers don't know enough about the device, and the limited marketing and "expert" advice at retail chains is highly disappointing. Don't even get me started on the situation Playbook owners are put in when they are asked "Does your Playbook have "said" App, or how about "this" App?" I wish that instead of laughing at Playbook criticisms, and having pissing contests with one another, Playbook users would demand change and answers for why a product WE love is underperforming and underwhelming the tablet space.

I just love when people in forums & comment on these threads say "well Im not going to buy one" and THAT in itself will be the downfall of RIM. There are many people who would by the 4G.

So let me get this straight...when RIM "does nothing" they're a doomed company and when RIM "DOES SOMETHING" they're a doomed company.

Why bother posting? Ugh....Hating the internet a little more each day! :)

I feel you. You can't please anyone these days. Either we are for RIM or against RIM. Atleast they are attempting to role something out that not only BB faithful wants.

This is fake. A friend of mine who's a Rogers franchisee has not received any such memo from Rogers, nor has Rogers posted anything on their systems which is only privy to franchisee's. I feel the same site who duped you over the Bell memo of that launch on July 31st is doing the same thing again...

Avoid them at all cost!

It's not just this site (this tends to be one of the better ones), I find blogs in general are getting to be a complete waste of time. While there is still some good information to be found on some sites, there is a lot of copying and pasting going on with very, very little being done to substantiate anything. But the most disheartening aspect of Blogs is definitely found in the attending comments. Any attempt at intelligent discourse is usually lost in the flood of inane, puerile gibberish that seems to know no limit and this would seem to apply to the mobile tech industry more then any other. It just seems to be the same old BORING gibberish over and over again. The funny part is, whenever I see someone with an Android, or an iPhone, I tend associate them with all the drivel being spewed on these sites - not a good thing for potential applicants to have an Android,or Apple device while I'm around. Now I tend to look for interesting articles, written by good writers and ignore the associated comments. Thankfully, CrackBerry has some very good writers whose opinions are usually well thought out and articulated.

So where is that guy from yesterday's news, that hated on me about the PlayBook 4G LTE/HSPA+?!!

I specifically mentioned details and well nobody believed me about the Rogers delay. This news proves I was on the money, specifically about the contractual issues Rogers had with RIM (Rogers, not RIM was the issue here boys & girls).

Look to next week for PlayBook 4G (LTE/HSPA+) 32GB unit.
Also look for an TI OMAP 4460 cpu.

PS: I don't blog anymore, not worth it (though I'm honored a few visited and engaged on my posts). Twitter is just the universal BBM for those of us on PC's or other platforms.

I STILL think RIM should've made BBM for the PC/Mac years ago!! That would've locked me in for a LONG time. Now we see iMessage on Mountain Lion and iOS devices, so clearly someone thought it was a good idea.