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Rogers soon to release the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in white, along with the BlackBerry Bold 9790

Rogers soon to release the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in white and the Bold 9790
By Bla1ze on 7 Nov 2011 01:37 pm EST

Looks as though Rogers is gearing up on devices for the holidays. As shown in the image above they're getting set to release the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in white along with the BlackBerry Bold 9790 that has already been leaked oh so many times now. No word on pricing for the Bold 9790 as of yet but the white Bold 9900 should remain the same as it is now -- if not further discounted for some holidays sales.

Source: MobileSyrup

Reader comments

Rogers soon to release the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in white, along with the BlackBerry Bold 9790


You know what would be nice, Rogers?

A software update.

You know, like the ones most other carriers released weeks or months ago. Come on, I know it's not hard. Yes, you'll need to do a little testing work, but it has to better than people jumping ship because you can't or won't fix issue updates to fix problems that the device manufacturer addressed half a year or more ago.

(And no, this isn't a BlackBerry-only problem, not by a longshot)

What's wrong with updating it yourself? It's not like you gain anything by staying with a rogers-approved OS.

I can do that, but it's not an option available to non-technical users (much the the Android "just root it and run Cyanogen" isn't).

Plus, it lets the carriers off the hook for being lazy and makes the whole platform look bad.

Not offering updates and bug-fixes, in an era where Apple's devices have a 30-month support window, isn't acceptable.

I'm on sasktel, and sasktel gets their phones from bell. Sasktel never releases updates, but I'm pretty sure a bell update would work, considering its a bell phone, supported by bell

Why can't RIM just release it in white and Black instead of having to wait 4 months to get the color people want. Or is it just another way to get some more sales out of the same hardware with a new color?
I sure hope RIM can turn things around next year, just seems like disappointment after disappointment. So glad I didn't buy a playbook and have to be told I have to wait until at least the following year to get email and calendar with other basic functions. Shouldn't they be releasing the Playbook 2 by next spring? Sorry to hate on RIM, just hard to see a company I loved for so long completely fall apart the last 2 years.

There's "smartphones" and then there is "blackberries". Anyone wanna guess, out of the phones listed on that picture, which ones are going to be the top sellers and which ones are going to be the poor sellers. LOL

There's "Darlaten" and then there is "true Crackberry" supporters. Anyone wanna guess, out of the Crackberry members above and below this comment, which one is the only buyer that can't keep poor comments to themselves. LOL

Nice. I bought the black one. I like the stealth look to it and especially the carbon fibre battery cover.
But the white one will make a real nice addition to the lineup.