Rogers sold more BlackBerry smartphones yesterday than any other day in Rogers history

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Feb 2013 03:55 pm EST

BlackBerry let us know earlier today that yesterday, February 5th, was a record-setting sales day in BlackBerry history with the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 in Canada. Now Canadian carrier Rogers has followed up with their own statement letting us know that it was also a record-setting BlackBerry day for Rogers as well.

Via Rogers: 

  • Sold more BlackBerry smartphones on February 5th 2013 than any other day in Rogers history (Rogers was the first carrier to launch BlackBerry services in 1999).
  • Rogers BlackBerry experts activated thousands of BlackBerry Z10 smartphones yesterday, and provided customers with in depth training and support.
  • Some stores have temporarily sold out of the BlackBerry Z10 and additional inventory has been shipped to Rogers retail locations across Canada.

All good things and it's great to see the BlackBerry Z10 is off to a great start in Canada! Now we just need to bring it to America and the rest of the BlackBerry 10-waiting world. 

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Rogers sold more BlackBerry smartphones yesterday than any other day in Rogers history


Yeah, I'm a big fan. I love the Z10 in both black and white. I'd say in photos I was thinking the white Z10 might not be as hot, but in person it's freak'n sexy.

Hey Kevin,

You mentioned in the unboxing video that the back of the white one is not the same soft touch back from the black Z10. Does it still feel good, though?
I'm torn between the two.


It's likely to keep the back and edges from getting dirty and discolored. The soft touch material is wonderful, it's on my playbook and my 9900, but I'm positive that if it were any color than Men In Black, it would get discolored from the various material it touches.

I have a White Z10, and i love it. I think the only thing that would make it better is if the Black frame around the glass was White. It currently looks like the design team got lazy and just used the Black Z10 screen.

I disagree. I think it's that Black/White contrast that makes it such a BIG statement. It sets it apart from any other phone. I'm purposefully getting the White JUST to make people say, "what's that?" And trust me, I'm the WRONG person to ask that question when it comes to Blackberry. LoL

lol, not the droid your looking for.
Loving the whole Empire Strikes Back theme that's been going on lately.

Has a previous launch day sales figures been released? 9900, 9700, 9000? Would be nice to put it in some perspective

One Word - AWESOME
Now lets here from BELL and TELUS. From the people I've spoken to, the Z10's been flying off store shelves at both locations. BELL has shipped out via pre-orders more BlackBerry phones than they ever did in history according to one Bell sales rep in Toronto.

Best day in history for BlackBerry sales but I am a little curious how it stacks up to iPhone launch days. Being Canada I suspect it would be pretty close.

That is great news, but to play devils advocate I am not sure if they are counting iPhones, if you go to Rogers or even Telus's site they do not categorize the iPhone as a smart phones. Even though that is what they are.

Hey Cottrell, I think you might have mis-read the title. It compared it to other one day sales of Blackberry devices, and not all smartphones.

They are only comparing it to BlackBerry Smartphones. Basically if this didn't happen, the BB10 launch would have been a complete failure. That being said, this is good news considering the launch is at the very least, go as well as needed for the launch to not be disasterous.

I would love to here some numbers here, but I'm not expecting it. Not sure if it would really matter anyways considering I have no idea what is good or bad for Canada.

Anyways, I just wish I could get my VZW Z10 right now. The constant waiting is getting very very old and I'm not sure how much longer I can handle it!

Why are you so god damn negative? You said the launch had it been compared to all phones would have been a complete failure. I'm not sure how you can make that statement you don't know any of the numbers. And either way if you are only comparing BlackBerry to the iPhone and lets say the sg3 then BlackBerry probably "failed", however at this stage of the game for every ONE customer they sell a new phone to, or (gasp) a customer switches to blackberry that is a success. BlackBerry doesn't need to best android and iPhone to succeed if they take 10% market share back, would give them roughly 15% global they will be succeeding and making money hand over fist.

You're a dope who thinks there is only one way to do things in life. If you were a business owner it would fail. This isn't footb...err hockey ( do i know how to play to the home crowd or what?) where at the end they give out a big cup. BlackBerry is here to make money, and they do not need to top apple or android to do so. Ultimately that is thei goal, but not now, not right now. Right now its about survival and every customer is a good customer. As the old saying goes Rome wasn't built in a day.

Oh and just so you know likely ( unless crackberry wants to buy me a new bb10 phone) for the next year messages like this will be sent from my HTCEVO4G. I love BlackBerry but even I jumped ship. So while I am awaiting to come back to black I am not just some fan boy who never left bb and refuses to at least look into the competition. I personally like this phone for the record.

Best sales of any blackberry launched in history, this is good. We just need the media to report this to the folks down south (USA)... Create lots of hype for the USA launch. Success breeds success. Make the Z10 software like a smooth red wine, better and better day by day... Have all the key missing apps there for the US launch and we have a recipe for major success.

No, In Canada and Britian (and I think in all Commonwealth countries), it's pronouced "zed". As it's a Canadian product, it's the "zed ten". We don't call ZZ Top "zed zed top" in Canada, because they're an American band.

I was going to say, it must be a Canadian thing. Sounds strange though. Oh well, whatever you want to call it - can't wait until the USA release!!!

+10 my friend. Canada is a wonderful country for expansion. Right now, the expansion of American culture is a little scary. I live in Kansas and it's not fun to see how the world thinks of us :P and I kind of feel like an islander when it comes to BlackBerry. Me and a handful of my colleagues are Crackberry's, and everyone else hates on it! However, the Z10 is changing that surprisingly fast. I've been advocating BlackBerry for years here, and I've made quite a few converts as of late.

Excellent!!! this is the type of news that BlackBerry and BlackBerry fans have been waiting for for years now. The engines have started, and its time for BlackBerry to take the lead.


Fernando zuniga
Hey kevin I have a question on the z10 what's around it is it plasic or metal ? Nd how does it feel cheap or good ? I don't know if I should get the z10 or wait for the q10 instead , I need help , please reply or send me and email at thank you

Based on my experience of driving to four different Rogers locations, they could've sold a LOT more as well! I stood in line and a lady in front of me got the last one!


one interesting data point ... i asked the guy at the Rogers Plus store where i got my Z10 how many devices they had left, and he said "one or two". so i asked how many they got in total, and he said 12.

granted, this is a tiny little rogers plus store in a part of town that doesn't see a lot of foot traffic, so most of those were probably pre-orders (like mine), but it's still interesting.

i'm really curious to know the actual numbers even though the news is great!

Can't really tell from the video but is there any carrier branding on the phone?

Me being with Verizon, I know they are going to try and slap that damn check mark everywhere they possibly can on the phone!!

No carrier branding at all.

There were some carrier installed apps but those can be easily uninstalled (Hold the icon 'til it shakes, hit the X, gone).

I called 6 stores until I found one that still had some in stock. When I got there I got the very last one. And this was pretty early in the afternoon, so they could have no doubt sold a lot more if they had more stock.

I could never get a white phone but I have to give Props and Credit to BlackBerry for keeping all the accessories themed in white thats just awesome. I cant tell you how many times manufactures make a white phone and give you a black accessory or the reverse.

BlackBerry was really paying attention to detail on this launch !!! Awesome :o) !

Picked up my Z10 yesterday at a Telus store in Calgary. Persons ahead of me and behind me were also talking Z10, though not sure if they bought. Staff said there was three people lined up when the store opened -- not a lot, but they had never seen it before. I found it funny that the only ones in the store talking about iPhone was an elderly couple!

Having used it for 24 hours now, I love the Z10, and am rooting for BBRY. But the lack of published sales numbers is really, really, suspicious! But maybe it is indeed the best way to play the media that is so ridiculously polarized one way or the other. I do not -- and never will -- understand marketing.

Honestly, I wouldn't call the lack of numbers "suspicious". Nobody else publishes first-day sales numbers anymore.

It is absolutely possible to game the supply-side to engineer scarcity. Nintendo did it with the Wii and pretty much every tech launch is planned to allow reports of sell-outs, even if they're only isolated ones.

In this case, it looks a little better; widespread sellouts in multiple, high-traffic locations. It may not have been an Apple-like launch with people lined up for three days, but even Apple doesn't get those anymore.

This LOOKS promising.

I believe it, when I went to Fido at 10 am, i came back to grab a case for now until the RIM ones become available, the lady thank me for walking her through how the phone and told me each customer who had pre-ordered picked up theirs.:) I believe the Rogers headline...somewhat.

It will be interesting to see the numbers but I think it does say something that Thorston Heins came out and mentioned how well they were doing. Think about it, yes its bb certainly wants to make people think the phone cures cancer but they can't do that. The numbers will come out, if it appeared bb misled people about sales they open themselves to lawsuits, like from shareholders. The number will be relative but the number doesn't need to be astronomical to be a success.

I'm not trying to be negative, but the 'statement' doesn't surprise me. The original launch in 1999 the cell phone was popular, but not everyone had one, and certainly not a smartphone! Every launch since then has been introducing a new phone but not really a launch of a new platform. So most people with a Bold 9700 wouldn't jump necessarily to a 9900 when both were running similar os's.

I'm now kicking myself for getting into a contract 8months ago with my 9900, but in my defense, BB10 was delayed several times (or maybe it was thePlaybook) so I decided to upgrade and wait a yr and a half for the BB10 (or 11). Regardless, I'm happy with both my 9900 and my PlayBook!

I don't think day one sales are going to tell us much. The launch was well hyped and it was to be expected that there would be good demand on day one. However, what if most of the people who decided to get a Z10 got it yesterday? What will the sales be like today? tommorrow? etc.

Got my hands on a z10 today at Future Shop. Was anxious to try out the "awesome" keyboard. Very disappointed. Would never trade my 9900 for that phone. Look forward to seeing the Q10.

I had the same feeling at first. But now I'm getting into it. One has to trust the keyboard. Hitting the space corrects 98% of miss types. Getting faster with every email. I'd say two weeks is the minimum before making a final judgment. Imho

I had the same feeling at first. But now I'm getting into it. One has to trust the keyboard. Hitting the space corrects 98% of miss types. Getting faster with every email. I'd say two weeks is the minimum before making a final judgment. Imho

SIM: No, it's a micro-SIM now, different SIM than the 9900.

Keyboard on Z10: IT'S AMAZING!!!! I never thought I'd love a virtual keyboard, but the flicking of words is totally addictive!!

The rest of Europe is still waiting for the BlackBerry 10 devices. I don't understand why BlackBerry isn't hurrying up the release to rest of Europe. We don't mind if it has bugs, just bring it on, those can be handle latter.

Wait long long ......... in Asia

I will update the signature if I have received my Z10 :P

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