Rogers Rumors: Getting the BlackBerry Pearl 8110, 8120 and Red BlackBerry Curve 8310?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Jan 2008 12:01 pm EST

Rogers Wireless Rumors

Just got wind of some interesting details from our Rogers source (who has proven to be quite reliable in the past!)... I thought I would share them with you as who doesn't loves rumors heading into the weekend?!?!

Rumor #1 - Rogers will get the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 this month! This is the GSM version of the 8130 w/ built in GPS. You can view some of the device details on the leaked Vodafone 8110 slides from last week.

Rumor #2 - Rogers will get the BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in March! This is the WiFi enabled version of the Pearl 2 (the 8120 is currently available in Europe).

Rumor #3 - Rogers will be getting the RED BlackBerry Curve 8310! Not sure on exactly when, but sooner rather than later is the word.

Now if only there would have been a rumor about a Rogers Wireless unlimited data for $30/month plan, I would have been SOOOO happy. If and when I hear about that, I'll jump for joy! 

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While I have no real interest in either the 8110 or the 8120 (Don't like the pearl form factor) I would be excited to see the Crimson curve show up on Rogers, I've wanted one for a while now but at least if it comes to Rogers I can call and force them to give me a deal on pricing for it lol :P


I agree with a lower data price... There is tonnes of rumours for more data for the same price. But what about putting the prices to something that everyone would add to their phone! Not just someone with a bucket of cash to throw at Rogers every month!

New devices are cool. But they've missed the 8320 wifi Curve!


Is rogers on cdma or gsm? Any word for sprint ?


My Rumor is that Rogers is bringing in the 8320 in February 2008, any one else heard that?


Nice information thanks. I'll wait a little more for Rogers to be a little more aggressive with their data plan.

Jackson Miller

I just got a Red 8310 on AT&T (my first BB). When I unlocked the themes for other carriers via the OS reload I saw one of the options was from Roger's.

Not sure if that means anything or not.



Why would you "jump for joy" @ $30/month for unlimited data? T-Mobile has it for $20.