Rogers rolls out LTE to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal - getting ready for an LTE QNX BlackBerry SuperPhone!

Rogers LTE
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Sep 2011 05:32 pm EDT

Rogers launched LTE service in Ottawa back in July, and today they rolled it out in three more cities including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Of course, there are no LTE BlackBerry Smartphones available yet, but earlier this week I did post an article suggesting the first QNX BlackBerry SuperPhone will support LTE. Now I just need RIM to follow through with that and for Rogers to add Winnipeg to the list of cities with LTE service and I'll be a happy CrackBerry addict. And if you're reading this and scratching your head asking yourself what is LTE? be sure to check out this post in the CrackBerry forums which explains it well.

Question of the Day: How important a roll will LTE support play to you in your next smartphone purchase assuming you live in an arera/are on a carrier where it's supported? 

Source: Rogers via Android Central

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Rogers rolls out LTE to Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal - getting ready for an LTE QNX BlackBerry SuperPhone!


Actually, according to the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), 4G is anything 100 MP/S or above, which LTE, HSPA+ or WiMax promise. So really, as of right now, 4G doesn't actually "exist".

LTE has no effect on my next phone purchase, as data speeds dont mean shit if you only have 5 gigs to use.

Besides why would i pay 80 bucks a month for a 6 gig data plan and 300 min when i can get unlimited everything at wind mobile for 40 a month?

Honestly, my new Bold is so fast as it is. How quickly do I really need to download something wirelessly? For websites and apps, it'll make NO difference because your phone will still have to send a signal, wait for response, request data, get data, etc.. For small bursts of data (a few kilobytes) you won't notice any difference. Even when I stream videos on my Bold, it's super quick. How much faster do we need? 1.2 seconds instead of 1.4? Pointless.

LTE is a big difference in speeds. If your cool with 3G, thats 1 thing... Personally, im not cause i have 3g & 4g products (on Verizon). Their LTE is significantly faster than 3g, which helps with the phone browsing, apps usage, updating. 4G makes it all a TON smoother.


The article stated a 10 fold increase in the demand for data.. This will definitely slow down the networks we're currently using and a better one will definitely be need. So like the name states, this is a Long Term Evolution..

LTE has EVERYTHING to do with my next phone purchase...Limited or Unlimited. (Thank god Verizon allows you to keep your unlimited data package)..... i bought the new Blackberry Bold 9930 (& its great) but as i run it on my Verizon 4g LTE MiFi via Wifi... it runs sooooo much better ! with so many new Androids running LTE & next year a possible iPhone that runs LTE ... i will NOT purchase another smartphone that is NOT LTE capable!


It will haev a huge impact.... depending on battery life. Remember the impact 3G had on batteries when people were so used to EDGE?
Also, I had no idea you were in Winterpeg Manisnowba Kevin

TO be honest at this moment im Happy with my 9810 and H+ but maybe lets say in two years lot's of things could happen to the current bandwidth and how we surf the web.

Yes LTE is a huge thing for Users who like to stream media in HD or watch a movies on their devices...but hey i REALLY like my couch and 52" TV ;).

So for me it will not be a huge impact or something im gonna purchase in next year or so...ONLY if im forced but no i dont think so.

So Rogers will be charging extra to use LTE. I won't be taking advantage of this new technology, then.

I thought I'd heard that Telus would not change their pricing structure to use their future LTE? Was I misinformed? Can anyone confirm?

Given how corrupt the Big 3 are in terms of pricing, I wouldn't be surprised if all 3 carriers charges the same rate for LTE.

They're getting ready for iPhone 5. Rogers wants to be sure the have LTE in at least the biggest Canadian cities prior to iPhone 5 launch. Yes, iPhone will be LTE.

Nice !!! hope it is a good one this time cause my lats Iphone4 i dint like it at all :(. Proud owner of 2 torches 9800-3G and 9810-H+ ;)

LTE is useless until the new less power consuming chips come out sometime next year. Right now the battery consumption is a complete joke.

Useless? How many LTE phones have you used? Obviously, you haven't. The only people killing their batteries are the ones that need 5GB a month on a phone. I haven't used 1GB in a month and am constantly playing on it.

With the speed LTE can perform we can finally see the end of these mobile network changes. Soon people will be able to surf faster on their mobile devices than they will at home. I'm already planning to switch to the QNX phone when it's released. Break out the multiple batteries and chargers and increase the mobile data limits.

I use a Droid Bionic. I run speedtest on my phone and I got 22.56mbps down and 7.13mbps up. My home internet is 8mbps down and 1mbps up. So, LTE is 2 1/2 times faster than my home service. My extended battery is going on it's 16th hour straight with 30% charge left. My 9650 BB with seido extended battery would be about 60% with same usage. My BB on speed test would usually get 1mbps down OR LESS.. some pages I would give up before it ever rendered. The Bionic will do it in 10seconds or MUCH less.
The fact I gave up my berry for a droid says how i feel about LTE. I would be willing to live with less apps, not the speed and specs. Hopefully, QNX will alleviate all these issues, start with android apps until BB can develop App World.

A quick point to add...
To run LTE on a Device, you Need a LTE SIM, LTE Capable Device, LTE Plan, and a LTE Network.
You need those 4 things to be able to Have LTE on your device.
The 9900 or any new bb out right now will never suport LTE.
Even with the LTE SIM and LTE Plan, you will not get LTE Speeds becuase the 9900 handles only 14Mbps Speed. Where as LTE is 21 for my understanding.
So that being said, whether you do get a "LTE" Sim or stick with the one you will only get max speeds of up to 14mpbs until a BB device is released that can go up to LTE Speeds.

I am still happy with my 9800 I got just last may and don't need to jump to an OS7 device right away like most ppl did with the new bold and stuff.. Rather hold off and see what the qnx blackberry have to offer

I agree with khmerboy I have the 9800 as well & I am comletely satisfied with my bb . The 3g is fast af & the phone its self is an all around high end bb . No need for the os7 when its gonna be outdated by next year . Better to just wait & see what's up with the qnx coming in 2012

Does anyone know that the minimum cap for Rogers and Bell is 1.5GB @ $45/month? And Rogers just released a "promo" 10GB LTE data for $50/month. Who's willing to pay that for data alone, I wouldn't even pay anything over $30 for data. Just not worth emptying your pockets for..

I'm with you here. I'm not sure what my price point is, but my wife and I have discussed going back to dumb phones.

LTE is going to make a huge difference in my nxt phone purchase. Having used a LTE droid charge, and now using this 9930, there is a huge difference in the data speeds. Its really a noticable difference on VZW.

Please, I BEG of you, don't call the "Superphones"! This term is getting out of hand, they're just newer smartphones!

By the way, Kevin, I hear that MTS is rolling out their LTE next year, so that could be your solution.