Rogers rolling out more LTE Max coverage

By Bla1ze on 4 Jun 2013 11:03 pm EDT

Rogers has been spending a lot of time letting folks know about their still fairly new LTE Max network that offers theoretical network speeds of up to 150 Mbps and to keep things rolling, they've now announced some new coverage areas in addition to some expansions taking place. For the sake of BlackBerry customers, if you're making use of a Rogers BlackBerry Q10 you should start seeing increased speeds in the following areas:

  • La Baie, QC
  • Victoriaville, QC
  • Expanding coverage in Quebec City and Trois-Rivieres
  • Saint John, NB
  • Parksville, BC
  • Expanding coverage in Victoria, BC
  • Halifax Expansion, NS

Even though I'm a Rogers customer I'm not currently using a Rogers device on their network so sadly, I can't speak to how fast the services are. If you live in area that is supported, drop us some comments and let us know how it's working out for you. If it's significantly faster, I may need to invest in a Rogers BlackBerry Q10.

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Rogers rolling out more LTE Max coverage


How is it theoretically supposed to compare Bells LTE ?

Also, anyone else out there with an unlimited data package for BlackBerry that wasn't upgraded to the Bell LTE network when they got their bb10 device?

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How do I get a telus or bell unlimited package?

I signed up with rogers in march and I got 4 months of unlimited, (150mb reg), 1000 min, and unlmt text + call features (incl. voicemail)

It was the $55 plan, but I got 10 off each for own phone and old account.

I just cancled and they've offered me 50% off any plan for 6 months and I'll probably take the $63 unlmt. talk + text & 1gb+1gb promo plan but is there anything better?

I live in northwest toronto (rexdale) which is near Vaughn and around home a month or two ago I tested LTE to be 20-30mbs so not bad but not the 50+ Downtown gets.

I'll test now, but if anyone could let me know.

The reason you aren't getting LTE on your BB10 device with your unlimited data plan is because, Bell's unlimited plans are not compatible with the LTE network. So no matter what LTE device you have with Bell, as long as you have an unlimited plan you won't get LTE on it.

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Just incase you have notifications turned on, how would I get an unlmt. plan or is it grandfathered?

I never turn on LTE because of the battery drain (in mar. I saw it using up the battery in 8 hours doing nothing!).

Rogers 3g is 5.5-6.5 mbs and LTE is 33-34 mbs both with upload between 1.5-2mb.

Ping is 50-70 on 3g, and 35-50 on LTE. I used Teksavvy, Beanfield, and Telus servers all around 20km away so I assume downtown.

I'm on grandfathered unlimited data, so no LTE for me right now either. Over the years Bell has tried getting me off the unlimited plan by coaxing me with unlimited calling and texting, and by charging me extra for tethering my playbook to my 9860 (which I had them reverse). On the old BB set up, compression kept data fairly low (very rarely went over 1.5g), but I knew that would change someday, and it has. To date I'm averaging between 6g-7g of data a month on my Z10. I'm on it all the time, I download and upload files over the network, stream music and videos, surf the web and basically take any opportunity to push the data to the max. Sure blazing speeds would be nice, but unlimited is even nicer for me, and as more people jump to LTE, the less people will be clogging up the older networks which should hopefully help improve seed. :)

I didn't say Megabytes, but nice try. LTE tops out at up to 75 Megabits per second or Mbps3, with typical speed ranging from 12 to 25 Mbps, LTE MAX is capable of speeds up to 150 Mbps1, with typical speed ranging from 12-40 Mbps. I said nothing incorrect.

My friend works for rogers. I compared my speed on Telus to his ultrafast lte and truth be told. We didn't notice a significant difference. Both went to the same Web page. To test speeds and the results were not massive in difference.

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Testing with a web page is not the way to compare. You need to download the app. You will NOT find it in BlackBerry World.

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Or you can put your browser in desktop mode and simply use the Web site. Works great!

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Good to know, but who would think of putting it into desktop mode in order for it to function?

They need to court to make an app for BB10.

Even just having HSPA with my Z10 is fast and I'm using almost all my data in a month (1 gig) before with 9790 I would barely touch 20% of that. Wish there was still data compression. :(

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Bell was the first Canadian carrier to test and launch speeds of up to 150 MBPS. LTE Max is just a marketing tactic. Theoretical speeds don't matter unless founded in reality. Lastly, just because the network supports such speeds doesn't mean that the hardware does yet. The hardware also has to support speed. On Bell's network, the only device that I'm aware of that supports more than the standard "up to 75 MBPS" is the Samsung GS4 with up to 100 MBPS. And even if there is one or two devices that can currently capitalize on this, I doubt the actual speed is anywhere near 150 MBPS. Lastly, the more important questions are... Which carrier has the largest and fastest network overall in Canada and what speed do you get when you fall out of LTE? Bell's entire network is 4G. Rogers still falls back on to 2G EDGE in many areas. Coverage maps help paint a picture. See and compare against

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I too, sir, stand by Bell. Even though it's overpriced. Just like Rogers. Just like anything but WIND. But at least it's fast

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Been on wind for almost three years and unlimited everything is great, I don't care about speeds since I have fast home internet access.

At this rate probably never! Manitoba will probably be bumped back down to 3G....
3 weeks ago I talked to the Rogers Rep in Brandon and he said right around the corner. Obviously the corner is pretty far away.

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are you kdding me that they added victoriaville and la baie, before montreal o.O
please someone tell me i am wrong!!!

do you know if bell's ersion of lte max goes to montreal?

Rogers Q10 here, in Burnaby I hit 68.88Mbs, at home in Delta its usually around 40Mbs,Vancouver I usually get around 50-60Mbs all tested on So no where near where Rogers claims around 150Mbs, but super fast none the less.
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I get pretty much identical results as you on same averages, same max...

- Telus LTE in Calgary on Z10 10.1

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Rogers is the worst! They sent my gf the wrong phone and she's been waiting over 3 weeks for a new one. They've been promising LTE In Winnipeg since last summer. They have the worst service and I've been stuck with them for 6 years.

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+1!! They said they would launch it summer of 2012 yet still there's nothing. This is ridiculous. I think you should have a few words with Nadir or one of the higher ups of the company and ask them why it's taking so ridiculously long to launch LTE in Winnipeg. Right now we are last major Provice in Canada to have LTE from the Big 3. Even them Nuffies are on Rogers LTE before us!! Start contacting your connects Kev!!

Kevin should pay rogers to get lte in winnipeg.

Little old Sault ste marie has LTE now since a few weeks ago or so.

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They probably were expecting MTS to let them piggyback on their LTE network because they partnered for HSPA, but MTS must have pulled a fast one on them and changed the deal. Long time Telus customers are used to those tactics by MTS.

Unfortunately LTE is only as good as the towers bandwidth capabilities which isn't very good in a lot of places. Very little different than the 13mbs down that I get off the 4g tower in my little hometown.

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Rogers z10 in Victoria, I generally get about 48mb down on speed tests, just about as fast as my shaw at home!

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What about the Z10 Im on Rogers and in Toronto, Can I take advantage of LTE max?

mind you I wont use it often because LTE is killer on battery life

The Z10 doesn't have the same Band frequency's as the Q10 :/ i believe its the 2600 and 2100 bands are needed for LTE Max

I have used lte on rogers in Calgary for over a year now and it's far faster than my home Internet connection. Very good service.

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I have Rogers in Victoria and ya, LTE seems pretty fast but I never have it turned on because it murders my battery. So if you don't have it in your area don't sweat it because once you do get it chances are you will just stop using it after the first day.

Just a mote to all. One of the best bandwidth speed test sites there is is called It actually uses the browser to test real world speeds from different servers. You get to choose which servers. Based on proximity. Most other test sites tend to use flash which honestly is unreliable in speed test claims. This site is mobile friendly however if you want to alter the host server just switch to full version. That's my golden tip and secret of the year I share with you since its relevant to this article. Yes I'm not just a professional dj/producer. I'm also a tech freak. I reside in Mississauga and i get around 65 Mbps as an average on Telus network. With my wonderful unlimited data. Sad that the loss of data compression because I'd be breaking my limit every month :).

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Yes, Z10 gets LTE service on Rogers.

In some areas, Rogers has a so-called LTE Max network which is different band and even higher speed potential than the already very fast LTE.

Rogers carries a Q10 variant that works on LTE Max.

This is how you CB10, son!

That's great but I'm hoping they haven't forgotten regular LTE because there are many areas where it is not available.

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Don't you need a "special edition" Q10 that uses 2600MHz to see LTE Max speeds? Also for those waiting in Winnipeg ... Rogers can only move as fast as MTS as the two now share networks in Manitoba. MTS dropped their partnership with Bell during the transition from CDMA to HSPA. MTS wanted GPRS/EDGE with their HSPA because of the incremental revenue from data centric devices (transportation, locators, parking, portable POS, etc) and only Rogers could offer this (though now HSPA versions of the devices are available existing installs are unlikely to upgrade soon) and of course Rogers must have made them a sweet deal. Since then Bell/Telus have had to build their network in Manitoba from scratch.

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I'm in the same boat as home Internet is 5-6 meg dwld speed wtf I have been complaining to bell about this for a while it's kinda sad how my phone is 10 times faster than my least I have unlimited data in my home

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Live in southern ontario with LTE. Yes it's extremely fast because I'm coming off a 9900 with 3G to a z10 with LTE

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You will never see 150mbs unless your the only person ever to be on the network in your entire city and you have to literally next to the server tower like so close you could kiss it.

The average I get on my z10 is 22mbps download and 8-12mbps upload.

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Turned off LTE within a week of getting my Z10. Wastes my battery. Just tried switching from 4G to 2G on Rogers. There is a HUGE difference in speeds.

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LTE Max with Rogers and Bell is LTE UE 4 AFAIK. But there are no devices on the market supporting that. They're all Category 3 (100mbps). Even the Sierra Wireless 330 aircard is UE 3.

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How about the z10, will it be supported by the new LTE Max? And if this is true will this set work be faster than Shaw cable?

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Rogers has the worst coverage in Ontario and qc I live Ottawa and i get 4g about 80 percent of the time. If you can get LTE it's fast but only if you can get it.

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