Rogers Releases BlackBerry Curve 8520 In White

By Bla1ze on 23 Jan 2010 10:40 am EST
Rogers Releases White BlackBerry Curve 8520

I don't think we have seen a device have this many colors since the days of RIM releasing the BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Curve 83xx series in a whole rainbow of colors. Rogers stores are getting geared up for the release of the white BlackBerry Curve 8520 as noted by Kyle over at BlackBerryCool.

All together that means Rogers will have the 8520 in three colors. White, Black and Lavender. Pick your color, all three are available for $49.99 each with a 3/yr contract. The white BlackBerry Curve 8520 is not currently available on the website as of yet so if you want one, give your local Rogers location a call and see if they have gotten their stock in. If not, you could always grab a white BlackBerry Bold for $99.99 on a 3/yr.

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Rogers Releases BlackBerry Curve 8520 In White


Pic of white 8520 has the "U" clip on the bottom. Is this a running change in the housing design of previous 8520's with the one-piece faceplate? Just curious......

Why couldn't they have the colour of the trackpad match the colour of the phone??!?! Instead of a black trackpad for the lavender and the white? Ruins it.

The trackpads are actually a dark transparent purple so light can penetrate it so it can lighten and dim the display as needed.