Rogers Reduces BlackBerry Bold 9700 Pricing, Best Buy Says Our Bell Version Is Still Cheaper!

By Bla1ze on 27 Nov 2009 11:53 am EST
Rogers Reduces BlackBerry Bold Pricing, Bell And Best Buy Say Ours Is Still Cheaper!

Yesterday, Rogers took the big leap in lowering the price of their BlackBerry Bold 9700 down to a somewhat reasonable $249.99 on a new 3 yr contract. Today however, Rogers should be heading back to the drawing board because Best Buy is pushing the Bell BlackBerry Bold 9700 out the door at a more then reasonable $229.99 and will toss in a $50 Best Buy gift certificate to boot. Not to mention, the Bell BlackBerry Bold 9700 comes with that fancy new network ;)

I'm starting to like the competition we're seeing here in Canada for wireless services and things are just getting started. In any event, the Bell/Best Buy deal is on until December 3rd when it comes to the BlackBerry Bold 9700 pricing, if you been holding out now is a good time to get a deal. Seems it's an in store offer only though, keep that in mind.

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Rogers Reduces BlackBerry Bold 9700 Pricing, Best Buy Says Our Bell Version Is Still Cheaper!


I was planning on taking advantage of the deal to get the 9700 for $29.99 after contract renewal. BUT, I could not get my same plan. They wanted me to change from an AT&T $39.99 plan w/ 450 anytime minutes to a $59.99 plan with 900 minutes.

At, I was not only able to keep my same $39.99 plan, but I also got the 9700 for FREE.

They are also offering Free Activation, Free Shipping, AND a Free Blackberry Bluetooth Stereo Music Gateway. Check it out here:

Now, if that's not a holiday Black Friday special for BB users, I don't know what is......

Of course Rogers lowers the price right after I get my 9700. Thank god my friend gave me mine for 299 on a 2 year! :)

Promo expiration date is Dec 3 looks non-sense. Does anyone think BB will up its price to 249 afterward???? No way.

I foresee better pricing after, $199 w $50 GC after this.

I currently have a 9530, and was planning on waiting for the Storm 2 to come to Bell (predicting Jan 2010) but the more I have to deal with my backlight shutting off and having to twist my phone near breaking point to fix it, the more I think I should go back to a traditional BB.
Lucky for me, I've got a full coverage, money back-type warranty on my storm. I wonder if i could buy the 9700 no contract from BestBuy and still get the gift card?
I wonder how much it would be full price...
I wonder... what is salt really made of..?
Sodium and Cholrine... right...

Rogers is pretty stupid for lowering their price higher than Bell, but that just means you can call in and demand a better price, which everyone's been doing.

But, I wouldn't go with Rogers anyway.

P.S. Bla1ze...don't drink the "Canada's got wireless competition" kool-aid! ;) We're comparatively one of the WORST nations in the world, it's downright embarrassing.

Telus Storm 2 can also be had at best buy/ Future shop for $99.99 well from telus directly it is 199.99

Save 100 bucks

With their history of piss poor customer service and attitude, this new network for Telus/Bell has Rogers concerned.

I have had numerous billing issues with Rogers and they basically tell me to pay or they will report to the Credit Bureau against me. Fact is I have a 'My5" plan with them that they repeatedly fail to consider when billing me. I also pay for unlimited incoming calls that are routinely missed in calculating my bill.

Rogers has yet to recalculate my bills to reflect my actual usage and when I try and speak with a manager in the billing department I am told that one will call me back. The first of 7 requests for this was made on Aug 05, 2009 and I am still waiting.

I am switching to Bell tomorrow. The Early Termination Fee will be $350 for me and *well* worth it! My lawyer and the RCMP are now involved and we are looking at a court case that involves extortion charges against Rogers. Going to be fun!

LOL @ This Blog Post!

I'm surprised some people bought it. It's this simple...

USA = T-Mobile = $199.99 on 2 Year Contract
(convert to CAD = $215.99)

Canada = Rogers = $299.99 on 3 Year Contract

Understand that you got ripped off. I've been sending Rogers emails to tell them to understand that they are freakin' blowing up the prices compared to the competition.

The most effective form of getting fair wireless competition in Canada is to lobby the CRTC and IC Minister Clement to approve the launch of Globealive.

The data plans are going up instead of down. Since Telus/Bell launched the new HSPA networks the prices for data have increased and so have the plans.

They need to hurry up and get the $30/6 GB plan back in action :)

We in Holland we have to pay 76euros @ the begging for a 1 yr contract u hv to pay each month 19,50cents for 150mins talk time, 11.90 for the blackberry internet unlimited for a T-mobile version handset.
n if u take the Black version 9700 with T-mobile contract for 1 year.
137 Euros beginning,...n 150mins talk time for 19.50 euro n BB unlimited internet service for 11.90 Euro

I think its tooooooo expensive in America....I never keep a handset for 3 yr,..4get abt getting one on a contract.It just aint worth it.Sorry