Rogers RED BlackBerry 8310 - Demos Are in and the Consumer Market is the Focus

Rogers Red BlackBerry Curve 8310
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Feb 2008 01:02 am EST

We said the Red BlackBerry Curve 8310 would follow its way into Rogers stores a week or so after the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 appeared, and it looks like our word is holding true. Above is a picture of the new Red 8310 in-box (a.k.a. the demos are arriving with distributors so will be available for sale very soon).

Two interesting things I want to make note of here in regards to RIM's focus on the Consumer Market:

1. They Are Trying: Check out the Branding on the Box. It's a CONSUMER listening to MUSIC on his Red Curve. I *think* this might be the first Rogers Full Qwerty BlackBerry to ever feature a consumer on the box vs. a business professional type looking person. Cool.

2. They Are Succeeding: Today I received a message from a soon to be a first time BlackBerry owner. This person is waiting for the Red BlackBerry Curve to come out from Rogers and was seeking some data plan advice. The interesting thing here - this soon-to-be BlackBerry owner is only 14 Years Old and was looking for the data plan that met her needs and her mom's approval.

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Rogers RED BlackBerry 8310 - Demos Are in and the Consumer Market is the Focus


I agree that they're succeeding.

My 12-year old sister has a red Curve.

And she's not the only one amongst her friends.

...chose the Curve 8310 from Att because it was eveything I wanted from the iPhone and nothing I didn't. I love the BB and have been searching for the BEST replacement for my Moto Q for about a year (which I mostly loved). I tried many different phones and types of phones (I even went to a dumb phone for a while...yuck!). The 8310 is awesome at messaging (in all forms), media, available software, and the OS rocks!

Should say 8110..not 8120 as much as I hate correcting people, in this case it NEEDS to be correct for the sake of accuracy.