Rogers is Ready for the Holidays!

Rogers Holiday Berries
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Nov 2008 01:07 am EST

Back before Halloween we dropped some pictures on the blogs (thanks Treatz!) of the Pearl Flip and Rogers 8320 "dummy phones" hitting Rogers dealers, and on November 3rd brought official word from Rogers of the Pearl Flip's debut.

Since then, we've now seen the BlackBerry 8320 launch, which isn't a huge deal if you're waiting for the Curve 8900, but is exciting if you're looking RIGHT NOW for a full qwerty smartphone with a camera that supports Rogers' UMA TalkSpot service. Also in time for the holidays, our pal Treatz brought us word that Rogers has launched the Pearl 8120 in another color -- sandstone -- which I'm sure will be appreciated by many. Hopefully it'll have the Pink Henna artwork... every girl I show this post to falls in love with the phone immediately. My head has been up in the (storm) clouds the past few days though, so if you're reading this and have more details feel free to drop them in the comments. But if you're starting to make your holiday BlackBerry wish list, head on over to!

Speaking of wish lists... I haven't picked on Rogers in the blogs lately, what with their rate reduction on data plans and device pricing (Pearl Flip, Bold) that actually rings in lower than US carriers... so in the spirit of the KEVIN SMASH let me just say this... I HATE ROGERS' website. It's slow, confusing to navigate, updated after the fact and often has inaccuracies (which I guess some days you could argue those same points against but we'll pretend that's not the case!!). So Rogers, All I want from you this Christmas is a re-designed website! I've been a good CrackBerry Addict... Promise! :-)

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Rogers is Ready for the Holidays!


I'll have a nice xmas when Telus gives me a new OS update for my Curve 8330. I have a feeling the Storm will be sold out this holiday season.

I agree with your comments on Rogers website. It is only useful for finding my monthly billing. It never has my current services available to list; of course that makes it impossible to order changes via the website. And I cannot see how anyone could reliably and confidently order new services and phones via the website.

If Rogers is looking for a way to reduce costs and increase revenues, they would replace whoever is currently in charge of it with someone who actually understands navigation issues and does usability testing.

Currently it only results in many additional phone calls to their customer service reps, often for issues that can be easily resolved on most websites of this natures.

And the same goes for the handling of tech support via the website. Usually I have to call a rep.

Recently the website popped up a customers survey; we'll see going forward if they are listening. It's probably a six month project once they get someone responsible for it who understands and can address the issues.

Rogers site gives me a headache...the reason their CS wait time is always so long is because people keep calling to do things you SHOULD be able to do on the website! I've never had a good experience with Rogers site. They need to hire whoever did the Koodo website to do a redesign! My brother just signed up with them and everything is SO EASY- he's going away for a month and he changed his priceplan right down to their cheapest one in about 10 seconds...when I asked him what he'd do when he got home he was like "just change it again"...WHAT?! I could never do that with Rogers!

And don't even get me started on their MY5 management system...ugh!

I'd love to win a bold or a curve but how can I as a Deaf person make a recording?! Being deaf has never been easy in life! I rely on my bb big time for communication purpose, etc. I'd love to win a bb but the recording idea is ridicilous especially when it comes to Deaf people!!

I waited on back order for over a month and a half for a Curve. They then told me they had the Bold in stock so I upgraded and was told it would be at my doorstep within 5 business days. Apparently rogers' new inventory still sucks out, since now I'm on back order for the Bold. I'm damn fed up of seeing these advertisements and I can't get a g.d. phone. thaaanks rogers!

I have been waiting on a Curve since the start of October! I called today and was told a red 8310 won't be available until Nov. 30!! It's crazy, I might as well wait for the Jav.

Yeah I talked to rogers resolve dept. today, apparently 18,000 Curves are on back order, 10,000 are coming in on the 20th of november, leaving 8,000 still waiting. They have no idea about the Bold so I'll be waiting a while.
So good luck with that.

Does anyone know when the Javellin will be available on Rogers?? I have to agree with you guys about the website...I rarely go on it because it's just too confusing and I never get my questions answered...very frustrating!

I ordered a BB Curve 8320 last Friday, was told the usual 3-5 working days, I called Monday, was told there is a 7-10 day delay on all shipping. I called track and trace today and was told the phones aren't even in the warehouse and that there were 1200 people waiting for the same phone!. Track n' Trace has the authority to knock off $25 for the wait. I cancelled!

Rogers is going to be the Biggest Grinch since, well, the Grinch himself.