Rogers Quarter 3 Hardware Line Up!

Rogers Q3 Hardware
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Aug 2008 02:11 pm EDT

Following up on yesterday's Rogers 8220 Info, here's a shot of Roger's complete Q3 hardware line up. It seems Rogers doesn't even know what to call the 8220. On the image above it's still referred to as the KickStart (click image for bigger version), yet on the fact sheet after the jump it's all about the BlackBerry Pearl 8220.

Also new - the WiFi equipped 8320 will be arriving at Rogers - which I'm assuming will support Roger's rebranded TalkSpot UMA calling service (since the Bold doesn't support it).

BlackBerry Pearl 8220 Smartphone details

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Rogers Quarter 3 Hardware Line Up!


Early August for the Bold, eh? I'd say that time frame is slipping away quickly so I'll start rubbing my hands together in anticipation right now!

Through our org we got an evaluator that was assigned to me today. Pretty cool device but large and heavy when compared to the Curve.

Talking about the BOLD, The only time I will post anything else about it is the day that Rogers gets off their asses and releases the device!!

Has this been confirmed 100%? The Corporate Account Exec at Rogers that I have been work with to get the Bold as soon as it is available stated that this is the first he has heard of it...

ok. i know that there have been a lot of speculation with regards to bold release date, but I did want to mention that the last rogers guy I spoke with said that August 15 was the date. A girl from Marketing have mentioned that beginning August is still in the cards.


1.) Look at where it says RAZR V3 people. Rogers only carries the RAZR2, and the image is clearly that of the V3x, not the V9.

2.) They have the 8220 named the kickstart, and we all know that is only a codename.

3.) Look at the LG Shine in the photo. It is not the TU720 model carried by Rogers. That one we have has a small joystick button. That one has the european scroll.

4.) There are no Rogers perfect fonts. That is a big way to check people! Rogers always has their nice little fonts and that looks cheaply done through photoshop.

5.) Rogers does not make big documents with just pictures of all their devices. They release individual notes for new phones, but not a huge color document. Someone is just piecing together existing news, and making this document with the info, and calling it real.



I agree, everything we've heard and seen even on self-proclaimed credible websites is bogus until an official press release is put out. Whatever anybody says about "insider contacts" is also bogus and it has been proven to be.

So you know what your talking about?

how about I actually saw this document yesterday in our store!

This is a page out of the Q3 Planogram. This is an information book which displays new products but most importantly how they should be showcased in the store. They tell the store which posters to put up and take down, and show which phones are supposed to go next to eachother.

It's true I have noticed that they often use the wrong models for the pictures (Mot V3 for one), but this is something which is sent to each store leading up to a new quarter.

You may be a "corporate account executive", but you obviously haven't a clue what goes on in the retail level.


I find it hard to believe that a "corporate account executive" is using poor grammar,
misspelling words, and typing with ALL CAPS LIKE THIS SO IT'S REALLY ANNOYING!!!

Yeah. You're a fake.

a little off topic but how many times is motorola going to (re)-release the f`in same phone! they have not seen a good device in a while and beating the razor to death is not helping this failing section of motorola.

a little off topic but how many times is motorola going to (re)-release the f`in same phone! they have not seen a good device in a while and beating the razor to death is not helping this failing section of motorola.

Actually this is entirely real, though it's sadly completely understandable people think it's fake. Every retailer has seen this as our Q3 planogram. The team that constructs these quarterly updates is notorious for merchandising incorrect phones (non-Rogers versions) and mislabelling phones as well. They do utilize the Kickstart codename, but in all other documentation it's referred to as the Pearl 8220.

Other exceptional errors in this edition of the quarterly planogram refresh include labelling the TU720 as a UMA phone approximately five times, displaying the FIDO RAZR2 image on planograms and completely forgetting about the other big quarterly launch, the Sony Ericsson W760, which is not referenced once throughout (40+ pages).

Now you all have insight into what we retailers see every quarter: if you're shocked Rogers could allow so many simple errors into a training guide, don't be. We sure aren't after all this time!