Rogers prepping to launch BlackBerry Z30 in the coming weeks

By Adam Zeis on 22 Oct 2013 11:25 am EDT

While Rogers went from wanting nothing to do with the BlackBerry Z30 to realizing the error of their ways, it's unfortunately still not available just yet. Their online reservation system is actively taking orders, but customers haven't been able to get an actual device.

Of course their pushing things along the best they can, but since they only decided to offer up the Z30 recently there is still a bit of ground to cover before the device can hit the streets.

Rogers had this to say today:

“We’re working closely with BlackBerry to certify the BlackBerry Z30 on our network and prepare our sales channels. We’re prepping to launch the BlackBerry Z30 device in the coming weeks. We’ve had good interest from our customers on our Rogers reservation system and we’re looking forward to the launch.”

So prospective Z30 owners will still have to wait it out a bit longer, but it's good to know that they are trucking along and we can hope that it won't be too much longer before we see an actual release. 

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Rogers prepping to launch BlackBerry Z30 in the coming weeks


Bout to say the same thing. I was planning to buy it from ATT but I'm locked into my z10 contract so I could just pay cash from the BlackBerry site IF they have the right price for me.

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I think they missed the boat. Everyone is just getting telus z30s and unlocking them. They might have to go under 600 to make an impact

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I agree. Walked into a Telus and was able to see a Z30 in my hand. Unless Rogers can beat that, I would rather reward a company that stuck by BlackBerry.

on the other hand, choosing Rogers does let them know they made the right decision in stocking it after pent up demand. Otherwise if no one bought it after they begin stocking them they will be very wary of ever listening to our demands again..

I ordered mine Friday. I assume it will arrive within 10 business days....

I'll confirm when I hear anything.

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Ya, they had no clue the 30 existed when I visite them the other day.

All my services are with rogers but I'm seriously considering going over to Telus for a Z30 and way better cell coverage in buildings and in rural areas.

And 600!

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Yep and I've never paid for my phones. Been with since 99. Best customer service and tech support lines

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I've been on the Z30 for a day. this device is crazy good. I'm finding it to be a little big, but the tradeoff is worth it.

Called Rogers yesterday and told them they lost my family's wireless because I bought a z30 from another provider. The agent actually didn't sound too surprised.

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I've been calling nightly lol last night a lady tried to sell me a zed10 which I was calling her on lol. Just give me my z30 that's all lol

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I wonder if the obscurity of this device will help or hurt sales. You now make it a bit of a coveted jewel.



I reserved mine yesterday, and I am only 27 in line. Not like a huge swell of interest. I hope Rogers won't change its mind due to the pathetic lack of interest.

Your number in the reservation system is simply that - your number in the reservation system. I don't see how you can extrapolate that number into an assessment on demand throughout the entire Rogers system, unless you have detailed knowledge on how the reservation system works (are lists generated locally, by store, by city, by province, by customer history etc). Somehow I doubt that is the case.

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I agree with you that being the 27th person in line doesn't necessarily mean that there are only 27 people who reserved the phone in the whole system. I reserved my Blackberry Z10 back in March and was 600+ in line. If the Z10 was a flop, I hate to see what might happen to the Z30. Don't get me wrong, I like my Z10 and I expect I will like the Z30 more. Just a bit disappointed in the lack of interest in this device.

It depends, does Apple still have forced rip-off contracts with Verizon, Sprint and AT&T or did they finally expire? Though all have said in one way or another that they will be carrying the Z30 as soon as its available in the USA.

The rep in my call to Verizon this morning told me the end of October, but said it would more likely be the beginning of November. I'll see what tomorrow's rep says!

You said it Spade, Rogers definitely dropped the ball here, not only hurting there customers, but hitting BlackBerry where it hurts. Not renewing my contract with Rogers once it's due, better off to pay outright, instead of renewing subscription, save $ in long run.

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Yes there is a grammar and spell checker. Sadly you need 10.3 to activate it and it only functions on the Z50

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Preparing our sales channel???? They are selling it only on line. What do they have to do make an appointment to get it listed on their own website? And fricking testing? A complete joke!! How different can these units be? I have used handsets from one carrier on another carriers networks with no issues and more than once. This carrier testing is just a load of up of bloat ware and locking of the devices. If they weren't so set on having there crap logos and stuff on Em they would be out by now. Time that BlackBerry start to do its own thing even in Canada and sell handsets and offer OS ups area direct. Carrier support is pathetic!!!

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Yes South Africa needs some BBRY Z30 love ASAP. But still BBRY continues to dominate in sales in that country.

Just bought it yesterday on Amazon, have to wait until november 5 to get it though, but finally will have it!!! Hope you and a lot of more people (hopefully a few millions of people) get it soon.

How about the white z30??? Will Rogers be getting it? I keep hearing rumblings that Bell's got exclusivity on the white. Say it ain't so with their crazy $700 price point!!!

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I'm with Rogers, but stopped by Bell to see and hold a z30 in hand. Very nice phone. I like it much better than the z10. I'd change if I wasn't locked into a plan, but Telus and Bell don't have any service outside the city of Winnipeg.

Perhaps MTS, but I haven't looked. I wish BlackBerry would have a trade up program to move up from a z10 to z30 without having to renew a phone plan.

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The Z10 is a great device, EnJoY it as much as possible, and once your contract is up, I am sure BBRY will have a nice Z100 for you in the coming years :)

Damn! Another cryptic reply....
Suck what? How am I supposed to figure out what you mean? What is this mysterious "it" you speak of?
For the love of all that is Holy! What is "it"?


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I'm getting mine from Telus and unlocking. I very much doubt that Rogers will price less than Bell at $699 so I can get an unlocked Z30 for less that that.

The term "coming weeks" seems to be used a lot when it come to blackberry releases. Which we all know it will be a month or two months from now. I am in the US on att have the z10 and if Rogers is saying coming weeks imagine what ATT is going to say? Coming for ATT means next year for us smh

9000 > 9800 > 9900 > Z10

I ordered my Z30 from Telus yesturday, and reciving it today!!! I was with rogers before... That will teach them!!!

It's funny because when talking to a customer service agent last night I asked if unlocking a Telus phone would work on their network and she said yes (I already knew that but) I then asked if it would be better for me to go that route and she said yes as Rogers is not sure of when they would receive their stock. Not even the customer service agents have faith in their own company to get the handsets out to the customers fast.

i may leave rogers and move to telus as im growing impatient waiting for the Z30 cant they just give us a date!!!


Rogers is brutal. Unfortunately if you are stuck with Rogers and want to buy on a 2 year you have to wait.

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I'm waiting to see what price Rogers offers them at before I make the decision of a purchase at Rogers or Telus.

I still wish BB would "sack up" and sell direct unlocked hardware from their website to everyone. With the lack of carrier support I'd sooner buy direct to support carrier already makes enough money off of me.

Roger's so missed the boat on this. I am a Bell customer and bought my Z30 from Telus. Telus must be raking it in now being $100 cheaper than Bell. Smart move on their part. Sales is about catching the wave no matter how small the wave might be for the Z30.

My Z30 is an awesome mobile. I loved my Z10 but the Z30 is gorgeous and so much better than the 10.

Providers don't "rake it in" on hardware, they may make a small profit on selling it outright, but nothing significant. The money is in the monthly fees, so if you just buy on Telus on no term, then unlock and use with another provider, it probably isn't a significant profit for telus.

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At least they are doing what they need to get the device on their network, after deciding not to carry it. They listened to their customers. Let this be a lesson in the future when they ponder the idea about not carrying Blackberry devices!

Gonna hold out until November and see what choices I have and what if any news on BlackBerry future state

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I too am waiting for November, but for other reasons, one being my contract will be up by November and I am going to buy myself a shiny white Z30 early Christmas gift. My white Z10 goes to the wife, no problem, and she loves it. The iPhone was already filed under "G" Garbage.

Check what plans they have now. Most of them sucks compared to the old ones. I'm buying outright.

This is good news, wish Rogers was in USA. They listen to customers and provide products they want. Canadians spoke and Rogers listened.

If I were a Canadian, I'd be buying the $600 Telus STA100-5 phones and selling them on eBay at $150 mark up to American's. Pretty sure you could sell as many as you can get your hands on. Right now, only the STA100-2 is on eBay, which does not work with LTE and most HSPA in the US. The Telus STA100-5's would go fast.

Hopefully since daddy Rogers will start sporting the Z30, my carrier and Rogers's special needs cousin, Fido, might also do the same. One can only hope. Come on Fido, don't let that ride on the short bus go to waste!

PS Was just watching CNN The Situation Room and props to Wolf Blitzer, he was discussing today's Apple launch with a "techie" (read paid Appletard) who kept blabering about the prowess of Apple and it's products. And all of a sudden the "Blitz" whipped out his BlackBerry Q10, to which the "techie" replied "Oh I know what that is!". To which the "Blitz" replied "This is a BlackBerry...let's hope Apple can come out with something as sophisticated..." (mind you I'm paraphrasing here). At that, the techie looked like someone took a giant dump on her day...Uhhh snap, that was an Apple slaaaaaammmm! LOL.

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Lack of retina display for my sight, and low IQ aside, to me it seemed that Blitzer was sporting a black Q10...but don't quote me on it, could have also been a Bold 9900, they look soo similar...however I can fantasize that it was a Q10!

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I woke up on launch day on a mission for the Z30. A "severe OCD" mission. No jokes or games. I was even like, sweaty n sh!t. Anyways, found one and got it at about 8:30pm the following day. Was a nightmare actually. I couldn't believe how lackadaisical every store was towards the launch of this device.

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I lost sleep during the launch of this phone. Seriously. LoL, that's how much of a BlackBerry fiend I am.

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Lol!! You are not alone. :) That's why I couldn't resist the temptation on Oct 15th. It's really a thing of beauty.

This is really good news, sounds like rogers is seeing a lot of demand for the z30 even.just from the website

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I cancelled my contract with Rogers 2 years into a 3 year contract. When asked why I was moving to Bell, I told the agent it was because they originally chose not to carry the Z30 and not supporting a Canadian company.
I went into the Bell store which had demo and live Z30/Z10's on display, great discounts given when I called into Sales... made it more than worth my while to switch carriers.

Been waiting for the Z30 since the 15th I'm giving Rogers till end of this month to get me my Z30

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Rogers just emailed me 15 days until my Z30 is in things are looking better

And look for
Google device trade-up offer
From Rogers I did and here's what I got
For my z10 It includes the following devices:
BlackBerry Z10 Rogers/Fido - $200 device trade-up offer has been saved in our system as offer number. Just got the email get looking it should be over but I got in

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If I order online, can I purchase outright or do I have to sign up for a new plan? I am only part way through mine and don't want to upgrade my plan as mine is better than the current ones.

Can't wait for Roger or Fido. Ordered z30 at Telus. Can't go wrong with $600.

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Called Rogers customer service today and was told it would be another two to three weeks before the Z30 becomes available. I've already made up my mind to get from Telus because I can't wait that long but I still called out of curiosity.

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Well I'm still #4 on the wait list and the reservation status is "open" still which means they still don't have stock from the your 2-3 weeks may be right. Rogers = slow.

I read somewhere saying that this ROGER announced they are not going to sell Z30.
On line selling is also selling, right?
Why did this ROGER make ppl confused?

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Rogers reversed their position after pressure from social media. However, they are only selling it online via device reservation or through business purchases. You can't walk into a Rogers store and buy one. In fact, the sales people probably won't even know what a Z30 is if you ask about it in-store.