Rogers posts full length BlackBerry PlayBook demo video

By Bla1ze on 6 Dec 2010 07:46 pm EST

We've already had a chance to look at one run through of the BlackBerry PlayBook demo from the Rogers Tab Life event but now, we get the full monty from the event. Rogers Redboard, the official Rogers Wireless blog has posted the complete 17:40 demo and interview with Research In Motions David Neale, Vice President of Special Projects that offers some more insight to the development of the BlackBerry PlayBook itself, it's target audience and how Research In Motion feels about the device. If you missed it the first time around, this will be the better version to watch.

Source: Rogers Redboard

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Rogers posts full length BlackBerry PlayBook demo video


I love how he didn't take a stab back at Apple about that 7" remark. He simply said, "There's room for all shapes and sizes". What a diplomat. Good job.

i love how people always use the `appworld costs too much` line and blame RIM for this. RIM do not set the price (and neither does any other storefront on any other platform) the developer does.

and i totally agree with the `dont need apps` arguement in the context of `if its a website, why ya need a launcher?` sure on a phone or small screen device then it`ll be usefull because of screen limitations, but on a larger screen device, with a full web browser theres no need for such items.

liar.. you can write a comment WHILE u watch a video on iPad... the multitasking on it wont allow you......


Sent From a Future PlayBook Owner

You're like hating someone, but keep on coming back to see that person, what's with these hater commentators, if you don't like blackberry pack your bags n get the hell outta here

I am hoping that TAT brings some very nice looking icons and UI because those OS5 icons don't look good at all in that beautiful PlayBook.

Different things to different people. I'm sure TAT will/has made the playbook interface nice, but I have to tell you that I like the icon set on my Torch better than the icons on iPhone 4.

As I wrote to the guy that did the iBerry theme: Great Theme but can you use native BB OS6 icons instead.

I'm sorry. This is a classy looking device that makes ipads look like something produced by Fisher Price. And you won't need a suitcase to carry it around.

I second that. This is exactly what I thought the first time I saw that at an airport. In meetings they look dumb too.

I tell ya one type of thing about this that gets me excited....the HDMI out. Every now and then i toy with plopping my laptop/netbook next to my TV and connecting to run Hulu, CBS Video, etc....more often than not, that's a pain having to run two cables for video and audio.

One single HDMI cable.....nice. Though I would still need a second if I wanted the audio passed through to my receiver....

This is going to be a beast!

Get a receiver with HDMI in/out so you'll just have to plug the PB into the receiver. Plus it will help pass the time until this thing gets released.

It just occured to me that I will have to ditch my 8900 so I can work this thing properly. Hopefully 9780 prices will drop on ebay by then.

Good interview. You have to respect the fact that Neale stayed on message and didn't fall into the typical arguments comparing Playbook to other competitors. He simply stated the focus of, benefits of and where he believes RIM can capitalize.

Looking forward to seeing the release version and possible peaks at handheld version of QNX based Blackberry

Things I've noticed:

He says "Successive generations will have 3g/4g". I have to assume bu this statement that we won't be seeing 3g or 4g until the Playbook 2. Maybe I'm misinterpreting his statement, but it doesn't seem like the 3g/4g version will be coming anytime this year.

If you don't have a BlackBerry, you can't tether.

There will be other form factors (QWERTY Keyboards, sliders, etc....)

16/32/64 GB versions.

Micro USB and HDMI out.

This discussion starts about 8:15 in. The interviewer originally suggests 3G/4G versions would be later in 2011 to which David Neale acknowledged that as the current plan. I think generations was a poor choice of words then. Perhaps revisions would have been better.

i like that there's micro usb but I was hoping to hear them say micro sd or some other popular format like that.

3g totally over rated. 4g as well as far as I'm concerned I spend 90, not 95% of my time at work, at home, in a hotel or at places that have public wifi.